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One way to maintain secret rolls, but allow the player to roll, is take a selection of rolls at the start of each session from each player, and then use them as the game needs, save any unused rolls, and keep this up, allows for both sides to be satisfied, just let them know ahead of time, what you're doing etc.

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How do you pronounce Spivey?

I keep mixing Spee-vay, Spy-V, and its driving me and the players a little mad :P

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James Jacobs wrote:
Earthbeard wrote:

I trust the day finds you in better spirits?

I’ve a question dilemma in regards to Jade Regent, specifically the Brinewall section?!

** spoiler omitted **

So far the day's pretty good, but that's mostly because I'm just starting it and still riding high on a lovely dinner with friends from the night before! :-)

As for your Brinewall question...

** spoiler omitted **...

Good to hear about the spirits and mood, hopefully the holiday weekend for you folks, was relaxing?

This is by far my favourite thread on the boards, always come back every few days to read you replies, and you've put me onto some kind film and music, I'd have put off otherwise.

As for the Brinewall incident, we do use hero points as a daily resource, with only a slight reduction in the bonus provided to the dice, but the party had been hit with a black tentacles trap/spell, that almost killed a good portion of them (a little bad on my behalf, I failed to do the due diligence and assumed most would be able to avoid it, but that was not the case).

So I was feeling a little more charitable than I normally would be in the above scenario.Far too casual abuse of fireball has left no possible allies inside the keep.

Another alternative, could be some Derro who live deeper under the keep (it was there Black tentacles trap that they'd triggered), arrive and kidnap the unconscious party, prompting a desperate and hasty rescue attempt.

Thanks for answering :D

I trust the day finds you in better spirits?
I’ve a question dilemma in regards to Jade Regent, specifically the Brinewall section?!

Long story shot, I’ve used Brinewall as the source of an adventure side trek, rather than following it as part of the Jade Regent storyline. The group have cleared the Keep, of all the enemies bar Rokuro Kaijitsu (wraith), after finally defeating nindenzago in a tough and close fight, half the party retreated to rest and recover, while the other half decided, with both keys to the vault, to proceed with looting it. I played up Rokuro as a more defensive spirit, that would only attack if they tried to enter the secret chamber. The party failing provoking Rokuro, then got into a fight, I left Rokuro as written, though I changed his CHA drain back to con, as the three who got into the combat, had low cha scores, and I was feeling a little more generous. The party all 7th level, versus a standard CR wraith, then made lots of errors, and provoked many AoO, before they tried a tactical rout, I had Rokuro chase them to the stairs, and halt his pursuit, returning to guard the chamber, but 2 of the three had fallen to his attacks, the third fleeing back to the resting group, abandoned their friends to the wraith.

My dilemma is, would Rokuro, slay the fallen adventurers to create spawn, or do you think, the small measure and nature of his being/damnation, would allow them to lie where they fell, no longer interested in the neutralised threat?
Any advice?

p.s My players loved Brinewall especially Kikonu who I hammed up, they did not fall for Zaoibe ploy, turning on her as soon as possible, she escaped to warn Kikonu.

Long story short the party of 6 lvl 7 pc's had split, and only 3 of them entered the sun/moon vault under brinewall, to loot any possible treasure, the rest had retreated to the village, so are not any help or assistance in the fight that broke out.

The 3 to enter included the gnome sorcerer, dwarf warpriest and half elf barbarian, a little down on hitpoints, and spells, but otherwise pretty good for the coming fight.

Well a general panic and lots of AoO saw a full rout from Rokuro, as the wraith layed into them, he chased them to the top of the stairs, and that was as far as I intended to have him follow, but the sorcerer, was knocked unconscious, and the war priest soon followed, they both told the Barbarian player OOC to flee, so she high tailed it, and left them, unconscious with the wraith standing over them.

I've only just noticed the wraith targeted CHA, not con, but outside of the sorcerer it only would have hastened the unconscious state, the sor con is the same as his cha, so it made little difference to his fate overall, and the dwarf would be down from cha drain, rather than hitpoints, so the result is still both unconscious with the wraith.

The advice I now need is would the wratih continue to attack the fallen enemies and of course turn them into wraiths? or would he return to his lonely damned existence guarding the vault?

I've played him up more as a reactive, and defensive foe, rather than an overly aggressive one, and for the one of the first times in my GM life time genuinely stumped as to what to do? Wraith them?, or leave them for the eventual rush to save them returns?

2 Years in March, mostly newer players, almost done with Book 2 (A hell of a lot of sidequests) the group averages 6-8 players typically.

Play fortnightly, for about 3/3.5 hours in the evening.

Chief Cook and Bottlewasher wrote:
Earthbeard wrote:

The problem with any real world analogies, is that we have vast swathes of information and education available to ourselves, that, in a faux-medieval style magic world, they probably don't.

The reason we all know silver vs werewolves, is purely down to pop culture (or a Common monster DC, i.e 10 or lower).

Trolls are such a menace to anyone, without the correct knowledge to deal with. That fire kills them should be fairly common knowledge, imho, or at least the common ways to deal with regeneration?

Other stuff is nicely and decently dealt with via various Knowledge checks, though revealing pure rules versus fluffier aspects, is one I've always felt a little uncomfortable in siding for one side or the other! I feel it cheapens the game or story by flat out stating a save mod or AC, but agree that using a fluffier message can sometimes lead to massive problems in interpretation.

They still had bards and story-tellers and singers and such, though. For example, a lot of myths and fairy tales were oral, and only survive because someone wrote them down before they disappeared. We watch telly and listen to the radio. Pre-radio, everyone would to any (live) performances that were on.

I don't doubt, but look at a lot of Mythical creatures from real world lore, most are chinese whispered style monsters at the best and worst!

The best method really for all involved, is just have a open conversation with your players, on how you wish to utilise Knowledge skills and player vs character information.

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The problem with any real world analogies, is that we have vast swathes of information and education available to ourselves, that, in a faux-medieval style magic world, they probably don't.

The reason we all know silver vs werewolves, is purely down to pop culture (or a Common monster DC, i.e 10 or lower).

Trolls are such a menace to anyone, without the correct knowledge to deal with. That fire kills them should be fairly common knowledge, imho, or at least the common ways to deal with regeneration?

Other stuff is nicely and decently dealt with via various Knowledge checks, though revealing pure rules versus fluffier aspects, is one I've always felt a little uncomfortable in siding for one side or the other! I feel it cheapens the game or story by flat out stating a save mod or AC, but agree that using a fluffier message can sometimes lead to massive problems in interpretation.

Major difference is it doesn't break on a 1, I thought? Unlike the standard Macauhuitl (terbutje be damned)

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Zhangar wrote:

Yeah, I like the game, warts, oddities, and all.

I play in other systems to, but only really as breaks from Pathfinder (and those breaks are more for the rest of my group than they are for me).

Most other systems only have enough substance to them to hold my attention for a few months. After which I'm just sort of done with them.

Pathfinder has a enough going on with it that I could easily continue to play it for years, even if Paizo went out of business tomorrow.

Sums it up for me!

Background Skills
Wound Thresholds are currently about to be tested.
Poison and Disease are also going to be utilised!

Looking at removing Iterative attacks and auto bonus progression on items, will allow spell power ups, wild magic, skill unlocks and stamina if players wish.

Unchained classes are all used now, though aside from the summoner original classes can still be taken if the player wishes.

I like it, lovely little book.

Stone, Marsh Giants. Skum / Aboleth, Lamia, Dark Folk are some of my high list of stuff.

Derro, gotta be some Derro!

I'd like to have gander at what you've done.


Daethor wrote:

Achaekek looks incredible. One of the best pieces I've seen in a while.

Azathoth's favored weapon is warhammer...interesting. It's not a bad fit, I'd just like to hear the rationale behind it.

I like the think it's an easter egg, related to his holy symbol and a certain game :P


This is a Great Book, well the parts of it that're correct anyway!
Non, no this is no fluff or setting issue, but a Major printing one!

My Issue
Pages 17 to 32 are missing completely.
The Bestiary starts at page 40 as it's printed, and gets to the first page of the Lilitu then jumps back to page 33 and continues all the way to the bestiary at page 40 again!, which is correctly printed, up to the end of the book.
So in summary I have pages 17 to 32 missing and double printing of pages 33 to 48.

What can I do? return to the store and wait for another copy (this one has taken since release day to get to me already), send to distributor or return to paizo and get one re-shipped to me?

Any help

One thing that is important is that a lot of the other areas of the Inner Sea, are much more focused on specific settings or archetypes.

While it would be great to have Linnorm Kings, Taldor noble city games etc, the appeal for these to me, would seem to have a more limited market. As the staff have a repeatedly said, they consider the AP very carefully, as they want more buyers not less for that whole 6 months afterall.

I'm a great fan of the Varisian area to be honest, so I approve of even more stuff.


Makes me hunger for it even more now.

Gorbacz wrote:
Vic Wertz wrote:
Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
Varthanna wrote:
Adventurer's Armory. :P
I liked the Adventurer's Armory.
It's the best selling Companion we've printed to date, and by a wide margin.

That's exactly the problem - it was perhaps the most sought-after Companion book, as everybody loves gear books.

And as great the expectations were, so big was the letdown - errors, poor layout, bad design choices (reprinting stats for CS items without reprinting their descriptions and my pet peeve, level 6 expert NPC that takes two pages in a GEAR book) and finally the fact that the erroneous material got quietly reprinted in APG with fixes included (Brass Knuckles, anyone? From "yet another craptacular monk weapon" in AA to "wow, finally somebody fixed the monks!" in APG).


To be fair, all of the companions suffer from the utterly uneeded npc stats blocks, at least imo.

Lanx wrote:
Shizvestus wrote:
Now all we deed is the Varisia Sourse Book :)
... followed by the Azlant and Thassilon Source Book!

I'd jump on those faster than well a really fast thing, something my dwarven shaped body has difficulty with normally.

Heymitch wrote:
Daniel Moyer wrote:
I would've loved to see more thematic druids that don't rely on 'printed monsters', after all that was their goal I thought. Provide a a simpler to use, generic bonus so players don't cherry pick through the bestiary (or MM). But what I'm thinking is probably more of what Paizo is calling an "archtype", plants, vermin, elemental, etc. Pretty much along the same lines as the Sorcerer Bloodlines.
I would also have liked to see Vermin as a type that (at least an achetype of) Druids could Wildshape into. It just seems very thematic, especially for a creepy archvillain Druid.

Vermin shape etc is in Lords of Chaos book :D

I'd love to see some more books of the damned, the series gets better with each release imho.

Nerfherder wrote:
In my game the mechanical stuff..stats, feats classes plus dice rolls for combat spells, tactical movement are the owning player's responsibility. As DM I handle the role playing side of the intelligent cohorts, animals pets etc as npcs, I also police "stupid" decisions that players might make with their charges.

Pretty much how I do it too.

I've already got a heap of stuff to do, don't need the extra hassle of messing around with your summoned monsters etc.

James Jacobs wrote:
For NPCs: I always point buy the stats. For PCs, I MUCH prefer to roll the dice.

Always How I've done it too, I find the group always prefer to roll for stats, it's part of the ritual of character creation, if I have to use point buy, I somehow always feel somewhat less than if I rolled, not due to any statistics, just on the chracter as a whole.

While I use some of the maps etc, I tend to buy them more for completist reasons than practical.

Though I always appreciate city/tavern/town/castle maps more than other types.

Exciting news, hope the layout goes to 1 page per, or split, like aniamls etc in PF, the originals are some crazy layout at times, including blank space.

Is new info being added, or is it merely going to be updated stat blocks and everythign else a copy & paste job?

Monsters are always worthwhile :P

Sara Marie wrote:
Earthbeard wrote:

I seem to be missing the Core Rulebook download, can someone confirm if it's a bug or if my old age is tricking me into thinking I had it, when in fact I didn't.

My HD died, so just getting the files back and trying to salvage the RotRL campaign :(

I'm not seeing the Core RuleBook under your purchases or downloads for your account. You did have the Beta version, but since we released the Core Rulebook, we have no longer had that available for download.

sara marie

I'll chalk it up to age :P

Thanks for checking for me.

I seem to be missing the Core Rulebook download, can someone confirm if it's a bug or if my old age is tricking me into thinking I had it, when in fact I didn't.

My HD died, so just getting the files back and trying to salvage the RotRL campaign :(

Got Mine form the FLGS today in the UK.

Very nice book so far, disappointed the equipment guide section seems to be a copy and paste from the adventurer's armoury.

But it smells good.

James Jacobs wrote:
We'll be offering some new options regarding races and customization in the Advanced Player's Guide. I'm not sure exactly HOW that stuff'll work out, but I do believe we're trying to avoid what happened in the Forgotten Realms with so many different kinds of elves and dwarves and halfligns. We DO have subraces like drow and spriggans and duergar and svirfneblin, but these subraces are different enough from their primary race that they're much closer to being their own race.

Thank the lords themselves.

Never do I want to See something Like the FR Wild Elf again!

Set wrote:

Now I'm reminded of that 1st edition Cleric I played who used a Lucerne Hammer, because I had no idea what it was...

I remeber all the polearms being like that...What the devil is Voulge and what does it look like.

A friend said recently polearm names are stupid and if it's got a 45 degree hook than a 90 degree hook it gets a different name, but it's almost the same thing!

His rant made me chuckle.

James Jacobs wrote:
Grundinnar, Kols, and Magrim should all grant proficiency with warhammers.

Slightly off topic, is this the ruling on the feats as well?

Or does "hammer" literally mean any type of hammer?


An Interesting previous few posts indeed.

Just finished reading this little beauty - I love the Companion's and the players invested in this and the dwarf/elf ones throughly enjoyed reading them.

My one major grumble with this is the near whole page devoted to the "Achievement Feats" I'm not a fan of them, and them being fairly "optional" anyway, doesn't really imho warrant them having a large fonted full page. Especially in such a small page count product.

If it's the intention to try out these things more often, I'd side on the Nay side, but if you do continue to use them at least make them small font sized and sidebar'd like the regional feats format etc, that size is much easier to digest with them.

It almost comes across as the printed NPC's from wizards complete books straight after the prestige class write up - FILLER.

Sorry if this comes across as a little too critical, but it somehow fired me up so much, I came and posted after reading the dratted things for the third time....

Fraust wrote:
It's not something that would keep me from buying the companions per se, but them having stat blocks is a check mark in the consection for me. I redo just about every NPC in any supliment, so it doesn't matter that my players find out that Betty Boop is a low level rogue, as by the time I'm done statting her up she'll likely be a bardic psion. My issue is space. I would rather have a few more paragraphs of background and description of her than a hard and fast stat block.

I'm with Fraust on this too.

I'd even settle for a Prestige Class for the crunch part as opposed to NPC's, tbh I was a little miffed the dwarves didn't get one.

Just feel the space taken up by full statblocks could be taken up by better things overall.

Any in Uk or EU got the print book for this yet?

I like me some dwarves and it just seemingly never wants to come out overhere?


Gorbacz wrote:
Hi Scott, are we in a 4ed thread ?

I know it's wrong, but that did make me laugh.

You can always do the conversion and then destribute to people interested via other means?
Not sure how that stands up in association/legal areas or paizo guys comfortable zone?

The playtest forums, remind me a lot of character/class forums from MMO's a lot of the time.

I enjoy them, but you have to mentally filter out a good half, as with any internet text.

Disenchanter wrote:
GeraintElberion wrote:
The obvious solution to cursed equipment is surely that the Eidolon does not shake off the cursed item, it stays with the beastie and is still there when it returns.

No matter how you handle cursed equipment, it makes the Eidolon the perfect "detect curse" spell.

"We just found these new items... Summoner, give them to your pet and make sure it uses them next combat. When we camp for the night, dismiss it and resummon it tomorrow. If the items aren't 'stuck' on it, then they aren't cursed!"

But this would be a good way to stop the obvious way to get money since cursed items don't detect as such (normally).

"Okay Summoner, we know this sword is cursed because your Eidolon can't get rid of it. Dismiss your Eidolon and carry the sword into town. We'll sell it to a mark, leave town, and then you can resummon your Eidolon. Rinse and repeat as needed."

I'm glad somebody else pointed this out as well.

I like him.

KI-Arrr as a friend would say!

Kor - Orc Scrollkeeper wrote:
I'm just doing one last check on regions to be included in my list.

It could be useful to list the continent for each home region too, just a suggestion though!

hogarth wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
One point that was made was that using 3.5 splats with PF pretty much negates all the nerfs. The wizard actually comes out ahead if he can use the Spell Compendium spells unmodified with his PF class structure, because plenty of those spells were just like the PHB spells with different flavor text. So he gets the same game breakers along with more hit points and extra class features.

Most 3.5 games I've played in required the DM to at least look at non-Core stuff before allowing it. I've played in a couple of "anything goes" games, but in both cases the DM ended up unhappy because someone ended up being more powerful than he suspected.

So I imagine Pathfinder will be the same way: the players will ask "can I take XYZ?" (whether "XYZ" is from a 3.5 splatbook or a PFRPG splatbook) and the DM will say "yes" or "no" accordingly. So basically I won't see much of a difference from 3.5.

My thoughts exactly.

Plus if my players show a strong interest in certain things, it enables me to bump that up the TO DO list in regards to converting to be 100% compatible.

W E Ray wrote:
Heathy wrote:

The planet "Earth,"

Notice the spelling: "e" "a" "r" "t" "h,"
Not to be confused with the planet "Oerth."

Hmmm, I've always pronounced Oerth as "orth"

Is the correct pronunciation subjective or have I been saying it wrong the last few decades?

I've always used O-earth myself.

Xyemox wrote:

They broke into my car and stole all my Role playing gear, everything I owned including all my Pathfinder stuff.

Talk about speechless, who would have thought someone would break in just to steal gaming books. They didn't even touch the money in the center console. Worst thing is now I have to tell my gaming group its going to be while before we can game again and find the money to replace everything.

Just goes to show how popular the pathfinder game is I guess :)

Ouch, best of luck getting them back.

Tharen the Damned wrote:

The game is in layout now, so it will take some time before it hits the stores.

I was playtester for thi, so I will offer some insights without invalidating my NDA.

The Dragon Age RPG is a fairly old-school game. It is, as Chris Pramas put it, the bastard Child of D&D basic and Warhammer FRP

- It is a boxed set.

- This set, like D&D basic, offers only rules for the first few levels. Later sets will cover higher Levels (like it was in BESM)

- The rules are easy to understand for newbees but complex enough to model most situations. This holds true for combat and non-combat. There are a few Twists in the Rules that are very cool new ideas.

- The Setting is Grim & Gritty like Warhammer. But where Warhammer has a "baroque" feeling, Dragon Age is more "early middle ages".

- No Cards for Powers needed or any other fancy equipment (like for WFRP 3). Dice, Pen & Paper and off you go.

Can you reveal is it's a D20, d6 or % system or a hybrid of them?

Dark_Mistress wrote:
If the GM assigns X amount for magic items and you have the feats. Then i don't see why not.

Agreed, Can't see any real valid reason to penalise a player who did choose Item Creation feats.

Of course you'll always get some crafty so-so who tries to abuse it like an old forgotten toy.

Kolokotroni wrote:
Earthbeard wrote:

@ OP appreciate the effort.

But from my own perspective, this kind of "MMO" number crunching just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

I Mostly DM, but when I do rarely play, I choose a character based on a concept as opposed to an abstract 1.35 rating better than something else.

My own group follows this pattern too.

Whatever just happened to the honest I'm playing a Dwarf Wizard or Gnome Barbarian and be damned if it's sub-par. Or heaven's forbid a character you would just like to play?

Don't mean to derail or deride anyone elses play styles, it's just this kind of number crunching and A is better than C and anyone who plays C is an idiot is becoming all invasive recently.

Even if you dont take this into account, its a worthwhile excersize from the perspective of looking for balance. I look at it the other way, a player should not be penalyzed if they want to play the gnome barbarian and things should be as 'fair' as possible. No race should be strictly better then the other, or at least each race should have the thing they are good at. Looking at the numbers can ultimately produce a better game where elan may not be as good as V but at least he is capable of contributing enough to the party for what appropriate CR encounters expect.

There are those that prefer the numbers aspect of the game, after all it is a Roleplaying GAME, not just roleplaying. I think its disrespectful to just post in a thread you have absolutely no interest in saying only 'you are playing the wrong way, my group does X Y and Z'. Adding a comment saying essentially no offense does not relieve you of that responsibility.

There are more number crunching discussions on the boards here because there is not an independent system to talk about. Prior to PFRPG there was far less 'crunchy' things to talk about. But after months of playtest, and more coming up, number crunching the products paizo puts out is perfectly valid.

As I said in my opening post I APPRECIATE the effort the OP put into this, just because I don't play that way, doesn't mean I don't have a valid interest in such number crunching.

But why does everything have to be "exactly" balanced within a very small % variance, it's about team play, not BATMAN esque escapades.

A lot of people in Bestiary threads are complaining that a goblin is weaker than a drow, it's been this way since the beginning of both races introduction, this balance seems to put blinkers on the fact that something doesn't have to be same comparable power as something else. But I'm meandering away from the basic topic.

ON TOPIC - Why not allow the "lower" powered races an extra background trait as opposed to a feat, they often give nice characterful bonuses and are often seen as a "Half" feat in power/design, helping to mitigate some of the more powerful feats compared to less potent feats.

As I've said a player chooses a halfling etc knowing it flaws and boons, granting them a boost due to a statistical flaw, would lead many other people to look at other races and ask why they don't get a boost as well.

It also brings into immediate thoughts that each player of the game has a slightly different thoughts on how to mitigate the "lower" power balance of certain weaker classes, perhaps in the process granting a more unjust balance by creating certain "fixes" to help balance them.

EDIT - Personally I'd give Elf Weapon Familiarity a higher boost than the other races, maybe just by a 0.05. As they gain extra weapons for free ontop of "elven" racial ones, still very situational, but as a Prof - Martial usually costs a feat, surely the automatic granted ones for elves at least simulate this in way? Any thoughts on this?

wraithstrike wrote:
Xum wrote:
wraithstrike wrote:
Xum wrote:
I think it's fine the way it is now. They do not provoke as per the Grapple rules, they just don't get to do it for free with their every attack, that's fine by me. Most monsters got some new neat abilities and bonuses, so, I think this is a good thing, and makes sense to me.
What did they get? I have not looked over the book in detail so I may have missed some things.
Take the Dragons for instance matey, now they are really fearsome. As is the tarrasque and i'm sure several others that were kinda lame before.
Dragons were always scary, and considering that I have one coming up in a few weeks I guess I should check to see what they may have gained. The tarrasque finally got a ranged attack, but I still think its AC is to low.

You could be extra mean with the Trrasque and make a "Chosen" of a god, like half the forgotten realms npc's :D Can;t see any reaon why old Rovy wouldn't like one of his maniac children that much "nicer" for civilisation :D

Velvetlinedbox wrote:
so barbed devil would have to to do a normal grapple check, and provokes an AoE. Why would you even want to us this ability?

Fluff wise it's Devil covered in Barbs it likes to do it, who cares if mechanically it's not perfect at doing it.

Besides most Devil's probably don;t fear things the same way we do with res/dr etc.

Purple Dragon Knight wrote:
Question: why do most Huge (4-legged) dinos have a reach of 15 feet???

I'd imagine it has a little to do with James description for the Tyrannosaur a few posts above.

Pesky climbing adventurer's, Besides a lot of the Dinosaur's attack with either long tails or necks, so could be another reason?

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