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Unfortunately I will not follow the PF2e.

Very very exciting!!

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I am a happy owner of the ACG. I have already spent hours and days enjoying it. I admit I am not a rules expert and I really don't mind if there are some mistakes in a document. At the end if I found something I don't like in the rules I would change it on the fly. The rules just support the campaigns. We are not talking for the rules of an abstract boardgame. I like the ACG product as it is and I definitely won't spoil my good mood waiting for the "perfect" product. :)

I always enjoy Pathfinder art! Thanks Mark!!
I would like to see some pictures of places like the Iadenveigh, page 62, adventure path #87, the Torch, page 62, adventure path #85 and others.


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Rob McCreary wrote:
JoelF847 wrote:

1) Will there be a section of the adventure that involved a dwarven outpost/cit, such as Janderhoff?

2) If so, will there be a gazetteer entry for that city?

Sadly, no for both, but primarily because I don't want to steal any thunder from the Dwarves vs. Orcs AP that I eventually hope to do.

"Dwarves vs. Orcs AP that I eventually hope to do"

Yes please ! :)


You could also check the link

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I'm very very excited for this AP .. :)

Hi! :)




James Jacobs wrote:
Messaging between regions varies by region. For Sandpoint and Magnimar, though, messages are generally delivered by hand, whether via messengers traveling on foot, horseback, or carriage. There's daily traffic between the two towns, in any event.

Thank you very much James and all who responded to my question.

Ok. A good option too.

I think that the sourcebook writers should mention something about it in the future. Just to mention that such a service exists (we could assume that the cost isn't high).

I also saw a message in an old thread nICThread/gameplay&page=36#1773

where the GM says that the carrier pigeon service costs 1 gp.

And another one

Could we suppose that the standard way of sending messages is the carrier pigeons? Is there a more exotic kind of homing bird?

I can't find something written in the sourcebooks.

Concerning the standard communications, e.g. between Sandpoint and Magnimar, do we have any official information in the sourcebooks?

For the teleportation I remember James said the following (and I definitely like this level of magic for the world).

The communication is also a crucial aspect we have to define for the world in order to keep a realistic feeling.

Could we suppose the use of crows or something similar?


The elves have a network of fixed-location portals called elfgates that they can use to quickly move from location to location, but that's not the same as teleportation from the 5th level spell.

While Golarion's "level cap" (if indeed it has one, which it doesn't really) is more or less at 20th level, it's actually relatively rare to see characters of 9th level or higher. They certainly exist, but don't confuse the fact that for adventures and supplements things skew toward higher level stuff that that means they're super commonplace.

In Golarion, teleporting is not common. Even at its lowest level, getting a teleport spell from a wizard will cost you 450 gp... one way. Most wizards, i suspect, will try to charge you 900 gp since they'll probably need to cast the spell at least twice, since they have to go back where they came from. And that only gets a couple of people teleported. Shipping a huge number of people or goods via teleportation probably needs the more powerful teleportation circle spell, which runs 2,530 gp to cast.

Compare those prices to, say, the price of a ship's passage for 100 miles—ten gold pieces.

Teleporation in Golarion is for the very rich and powerful, and as such is not all that common at all. Which is by design, because having ships and long shipping routes they sail on supports a LOT of really cool plotlines, after all!

Also: Teleportation is a crazy impressive magical stunt. If it were common, it would become dull and ordinary, and that's not the type of world we want Golarion to be.

Thank you. I'll see what I can do with my local store but they order the Pathfinder products from Diamond just for me (my retailer is a comics shop and Diamond is mainly a comics distributor), and as far as I know Diamond doesn't maintain a stock. I never managed to get a Pathfinder product from them that I hadn't preordered. Thank you for your help.

I just got mine but a lot of pages are missing 9-24 (they have been replaced by a copy of the first pages). A mistake in the assembly process. :( :( Did it happen to anyone before ? The products reach me through the European distributor Diamond in England. I wonder if PAIZO could replace my copy ??

I have got it in Greece.

Hi James,

are there any future plans to publish an AP placed in Taldor or Taldor and Qadira ?


Very nice .. !

nightflier wrote:

I think that Taldor is more based on the Byzantium than on ancient Greece. And it's hostility towards Qadira is a reflection of Byzantium's wars against Persia.

That said, Taldor is tragically underdeveloped. If it can in any way be compared with Byzantium Empire, than there is a lot of material that can be "ported" from our world's history.

Now, the question is - is there an interest for a Byzantium-like country in the USA, which is primary market for RPGs?

The struggle between Byzantium and the Arabs, I think it is a better description. I would like to see an AP around Taldor and Quadira.

I am not asking PAIZO to change the way the APs are designed. I am happy they decided to go with 1-15 levels in Pathfinder, instead of the 1-20 (like the first three APs in Dungeon magazine).

1) In general I do not like the zero-to-hero campaign. I am a simulationist-type GM. I cannot see a character to fight rats in the beginning and archdevils after a few months. It is too gamist-type campaign for me. The only way to accept it in my campaigns is to include large down-time between chapters or include a good explanation of what power or rare event let the characters break the caps at e.g 6th and 10th levels.

2) 20th level archvillains or monsters are unstoppable. As a simulationist I think that a lot of the great details of the Pathfinder world I enjoy the most (social structures, political balances, culture, economies ) are without meaning if such monsters walk around.

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Me too. :) This is the way I prefer the game. I don't like the super-hero levels. I feel very uncomfortable with levels above the 8th-10th, so the last two parts of the APs usually are beyond my reach. I would be very happy with a more "believable" campaign (6 parts but for levels 1-12 maximum).

I am really happy with the Pathfinder Miniatures product line. I am definitely in. Hopefully, I will purchase them in the greek FLGS, otherwise I will order them on-line. I like to play the game using miniatures and I can't wait to enhance my DDM collection with the Pathfinder Miniatures. :) is becoming a very good database of rpg games and rpg items. Pathfinder has already got a good position in the charts.

Check the RPG Geek Ranking Project and join the project if you like it.

The excellent "Howl of the Carrion King" has got 9.67 but only 3 votes for now. :(

Erik Mona wrote:
Dimitris wrote:
In Greece, there are two distributors of RPG products. They don't bring PF products because they don't expect demand. The 4e is not selling. Getting some figures from many shops in Athens, I am positive about it. If PF products were available in these stores I believe they would be sold at least equally well as the 4e. It seems that there is a demand for Warhammer 40000 RPG also. Being involved in the Greek RPG forum I say that there are several customers of PF, buying their books from Amazon, from comics stores that could bring PF from their distributor in England (I am using this way) or directly from PAIZO.

Can you provide the names of these distributors? I'd love to drop them a line.


Hi Erik!

The first one is "Kaissa" (19 shops in Greece with their brand name).

A direct contact point you could use is (he is not the owner of the company but he could fwd your message to him).
It is the main distributor of WotC catalog.

The second one is "Fantasy Shop". There are 15-20 shops with their brand name too.

It is the main distributor of White Wolf catalog.

Almost every hobby shop in Greece belongs to these two brand names.

I have discussed it with the owners of "Kaissa". There is a major decline in demand of RPG products in Greece and they are reluctant to invest into a new line of products.

Best regards,

In Greece, there are two distributors of RPG products. They don't bring PF products because they don't expect demand. The 4e is not selling. Getting some figures from many shops in Athens, I am positive about it. If PF products were available in these stores I believe they would be sold at least equally well as the 4e. It seems that there is a demand for Warhammer 40000 RPG also. Being involved in the Greek RPG forum I say that there are several customers of PF, buying their books from Amazon, from comics stores that could bring PF from their distributor in England (I am using this way) or directly from PAIZO.

You are welcome. :)

Sorry for the interruption. F. Castor, I replied to your post looking for Pathfinder players in Greece. :)


Pathfinder players in Greece could join us in the discussion

Hi everybody.

Greetings from Athens.
Yes there are a lot of interest in Pathfinder in Athens. :)

You could follow the discussion in the Greek RPG forum.


I would like to see the Pathfinder Society scenarios in hard copies. :)

Another idea is a hardcover book presenting the excellent Pathfinder artwork.

When I first show the Wiki, a few hours ago, I was shocked.
Its quality was excellent. But what was shocked me was the material. I never thought that something like this could be ever allowed officially.

Then I read the blog in PAIZO, and I was shocked again.
My warmest thanks to PAIZO. I consider this as the best proof you do care about your costumers. I wish you the very best.

Congratulations Yoda8myhead and I will help in the best way I can.


I like this idea very very much. :)


James Jacobs wrote:

AP = pre-made campaign set in Golarion. This is the 96 page product.

Companion = Booklet for players and GMs interested in Golarion. Usually has a fair amount of crunch. This is the 32 page product.

Chronicles = Booklet about Golarion itself, skewed toward the GM. Usually has a fair amount of flavor, with about 1/3 crunch or less. This is the 64 page product.

Modules = adventures set in Golarion. 32 pages

Player's Guides = short, free PDFs that players use to get ready for an AP. 4 to 6 pages

Perfectly clear. Thanks.


Greetings from Greece.

I am really happy that PAIZO will keep on focusing on the PATHFINDER series. :)


In Greece, the hobby stores don't expect to sell PAIZO products, so they decided to stick with WotC and 4e. Fortunately, we could get Pathfinder from the comics stores. Pathfinder is in the PREVIEWS catalog of the major distributor of comics in Europe. :)

Of course this is good for us that we already know of the Pathfinder but it is not good for the product, as it is invisible from the vast majority of RPG players.


What concerns me most is the distribution of Pathfinder products to the hobby stores. I don't know the situation in US but in countries where the market is relatively small, the hobby stores are depending on WotC products. In a small market they see the 4e as the grand new attraction. They possible don't want to distract their customers with 2 lines of products.

Personally I support the OGL and the PRPG all the way. Many years ago I identify the opportunity that we could anchor the system of D&D-type worlds to 3.5 because of the OGL. I didn't expect WotC to make the move towards a 4e because of the obvious opportunity another OGL company could take the lead on supporting the OGL and WotC will have to fight in two fronts: promote the 4e to new customers, and convince its 3.5e customers. I was wrong. They are trying to move to 4e, ignoring the real needs of their previous customers. Lets see what will be their success. Fortunately PAIZO got the lead. I hope for the best.

As a customer breathing the free air of OGL I don't want to be in WotC's pocket (or in any other company's pocket) again (I remember the years when TSR was hunting web sites because they were using the term THAC0 etc).

Of course WotC people are not blind. The risk they take is not so big. They are based not only on the brand name D&D and their distribution channels but also on the brand names of their worlds (FR, Dragonlance, Ravenloft, Dark Sun etc).


I am not saying that a product like this is, doesn't worth its money but I would like to see the free pdfs of the maps and artwork for free like in Dungeon supplementary downloads. It would help us to run the adventures even if we don't want to buy the special product. Let us decide to get the fine maps for their quality, not as a necessity.

In the current way, you are not only make the pathfinder more expensive but also more unaccessible. For example, I am purchasing Pathfinder from a hobby shop in Greece where I could get the Pathfinder issues but the rest of your products are not available. Your policy is like "get a subscription for all of our products or buy nothing at all".

For example the maps and artwork of WotC adventure products are available for download.

best regards,