Wrapping Up the Mummy's Mask

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I know what you're thinking. "Another Mummy's Mask blog? We're totally in Iron Gods mode now! Show me robots, darn it!" And you're right. We released the final chapter of the Mummy's Mask Adventure Path a few months ago now, and this month are releasing the second chapter in its follow-up AP, Iron Gods. That's why now is the perfect time to release a bunch of art from Mummy's Mask. We now have the entire AP to go through in search of the best pieces of art to release to the public, either as potential desktop backgrounds, or to use in a publication or on a website using the Community Use Policy.

Here are some of my favorite images from Mummy's Mask (and a couple from People of the Sands). I have it on good authority that the holy symbols of all the gods in the Ancient Osirian pantheon will soon be added to the Community Use Package, otherwise I'd have included them here. So enjoy one last trip through the sands of Osirion!

Illustrations by Ekaterina Burmak and Florian Stitz

Illustrations by Johan Grenier, Vicky Yarova, and Damon Westenhofer

Illustrations by Johan Grenier and Jared Blando

Mark Moreland

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Excellent! I should really post my original sketches of the cycle of souls here sometime...

Paizo Employee Developer

You totally should.

Sovereign Court

What's a Zizzira when it's at home?

Very good.

You're forgiven for the lack of art in yesterday's blog, Mark.

Silver Crusade

Thanks for showing this cool art work. I'm playing in a Mummy's Mask campaign right now and having loads of fun.

So I'm not saying "We're totally in Iron Gods mode now! Show me robots, darn it!".

My character is still poking Sarcophagi with a ten foot pole hoping not to get devoured by a scarab beetle swarm!

Some of us are in "Mummy Mode" not "Robot Mode". So thank you for this art work. I'll point it out to my GM tomorrow night. Maybe that will save my character from a pit trap or a "lurker above!"

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"Weasel" wrote:
What's a Zizzira when it's at home?

A Thriae.

Oh that's cool, didn't notice somehow, just thought those were boots and a weird skirt from the thumbnail.

Soldier or seer?

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she is a Seer:)

Coolness =)

I can hardly wait to get the pawns!

I will never get into the robot-mood, so I love these kind of blogs! Be my guest and show much more of the desert!

Lantern Lodge

Can someone explain the river of souls artwork?

Is that a human souls ---> Demon on the green circles

and a souls ---> demiplanes on the red ones?

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Secane wrote:

Can someone explain the river of souls artwork?

Is that a human souls ---> Demon on the green circles

and a souls ---> demiplanes on the red ones?

Okay, here's the TL;DR version, hidden behind spoiler tags for people who would rather not know the mysteries of the universe for whatever reason. The full description of the progression of souls is in the sixth Mummy's Mask module, and it's a lot more interesting and poetic than I'm making it sound. I'm just laying out enough of the process to explain the image.

The swirly thing at the upper left reflects the souls of dead leaving/passing through the Material and Ethereal planes (mostly) until they come out through the Elemental Planes and out into the Astral Plane (which is the swirly thing in the middle). They're eventually collected and brought to the Boneyard (the castle-looking thing left of center) where they become a petitioner of their appropriate planes.

The red represents the path of a soul who becomes a petitioner, who will one day meet a final end or simply merge with their home plane. That material is eventually broken down by the Maelstrom (the very colorful swirly thing on the far right side) like erosion on the beach.

The green represents the path of a petitioner who becomes an ascended outsider, who will also meet a final end and either become one with their home plane (where the material will eventually be broken down by the Maelstrom, again like erosion on the beach) or be swept into the Maelstrom directly.

All of that material (quintessence) is eventually swept up into the Antipode (the white circle next the Maelstrom) where it becomes something not unlike a spiritual primordial soup and it streams back to the Inner Planes, passing through the Positive Energy Plane and becoming fresh souls again seeking out mortal vessels on the Material Plane.

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Mummy's Mask had some seriously cool artwork. Worth getting for the pictures alone.

my daughter is reading The Red Pyramid right now so i might be able to get her to play and yes the artwork is f%*%ing awesome!


Incidentally, I saw what you did there.

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