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Do mundane spell-less Disguise roll effects have any duration? For instance, say you make an extraordinarily good Disguise roll that stumps every NPC's Perception. Can you just maintain that Disguise indefinitely for the rest of the game, or would you have to reapply your makeup (aka roll Disguise again) after a certain amount of time?

Realistically I would assume that you'd have to roll again once a day at least to represent you putting back on or adjusting your fatsuit, mask, makeup or whatever, but the rules seem to say nothing about that.

EDIT: I believe I accidentally put this in the wrong forum. My apologies if that is the case.

I know its a bit late but I figured the forum the tradition should be continued anyway.

My game hasn't started yet but I'm thinking about playing a Archaeologist Bard with the Accidental Clone trait.

Basically what the subject title says. With the new edition being a thing, it seems like a great opportunity to talk about changes that could be made to flavor of some the core deities.

So far it seems many of them more still pretty much exactly the same, but I think that some could use an update. Like Erastil not only caring about rural communities and being mad when adventurers go out to fight
baddies out in the world. There's also Cayden Cailean portfolio probably needing to focus more on being a god of adventure and freedom instead of just drinking. And making Irori just Neutral now that the Monk restrictions to only lawful have been removed. Oh and Torag not being so genocidal would be nice too.

Those are my pet peeves anyone else have any ideas or suggestions?

Paladin Codes, and paladin's in general, aren't everyone's cup of tea but I thought it would be neat regardless for us to come up with our own Paladin Codes for deities and empyreal lords who haven't had there's written up yet.

Damerrich, the The Weighted Swing
- If I am willing to pass the sentence, then I should be the one to swing the sword. If I cannot bear to do that, then I must question whether the guilty deserves death.
- I will ensure that even the most evil of creatures receive a clean and painless death. No one deserves needless suffering.
- I take life not of vengeance or hatred, but because circumstances have left me with no other recourse.
- I must always keep in mind that even the cruelest of tyrants and murderers have friends and family that once, or still do care for them. By taking their lives I am depriving those people of a loved one.
- Honor and decency demand that I give the damned one last chance to repent and seek redemption. Only those who stand by their vile acts deserve the Final Swing.

Lymnieris, the Auroral Tower
- The men and women of the night deserve protection and respect like an other innocent. I strive to protect them whenever I can.
- Youths are our future. Thus, they must be taught be the rules of courtship and mutual respect. If I see a young adult ignorant these virtues then I will ensure that they learn.
- Rapists and cruel flesh-peddlers are my enemies. I will reveal their abuses and see them brought to justice.
- I am not callous or judgmental when it comes to matters of the heart. Instead, I will be a sympathetic ear and guide those who put me in their confidence to venues that can safely satisfy their desires.

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Basically what the subject name asks. Should Sargava, a colonist nation where Chelexian colonists rule over Mwangi natives who are treated like second-class citizens and a labor force, be Evil-aligned (likely Lawful Evil to be specific) instead of Neutral? It's just kind of hard for me to understand why Cheliax and Razmiran are labelled as Lawful Evil for being brutally authoritarian and Sargava isn't.

Thoughts, feelings, opinions?

Oh, um, this will probably be impossible but could we keep discussions on IRL colonialism to a minimum. Pretty sure that will get the thread locked.

What the topic title says. Does anyone know whether the robots on Aballon have a native language?

Alright, this is mostly just for and brainstorming but what gods do people would be popular in their home countries and the real world as a whole?

As a Canadian I'd imagine (and hope) that Cayden Cailean would have a major following, along with Erastil being big in the prairies and maybe Gozreh having a couple followers in the maritimes. Abadar and Iomedae (which is sort of fantasy Christianity) would likely be popular throughout the country and probably the most worshiped. Toronto would probably have very god from Daikitsu to Sarenrae represented.

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Alright your probably asking yourself why does this exist?

To that I say why not?

There's been a lot of discussion about gods going on by the time of this post and I figured having a thread discussing which of them would make interesting pairs (be it of a romantic or platonic variety) would serve as good parallel to the "how would you change the Pathfinder deities" thread. Also, I firmly belief that any decent fictional pantheon of gods needs plenty of interesting interpersonal relationships to really make itself come to life and while I think the Paizo has done a good job so far having the community throw out their own ideas wouldn't hurt. So, here goes;

Erastil and Gozreh are said to be cordial friends in Inner Sea Gods but I think having the two major nature gods be a bit closer than that would definitely spice up two deities who, if the "Least favorite gods" thread can be believed, aren't exactly popular. Perhaps in some ancient age the two were a family of sorts, ala Torag and his brood, which is how Erastil gained the portfolio of family in the first. Having their union be broken up because of philosophical difference in regard to how nature should be treated would also add some dimension to both of their faiths and could explain why Erastil is LG while Gozreh is N. Also, having Erastil the so-called conservative god be in a romantic relationship with a deity that's a man half the time would probably put to rest claims of him having a socially regressive mindset.

Iomedae and Apsu. Iomedae gets a lot of criticism for being boring (which I don't necessarily disagree with) and I think that her reputation could be improved upon if other aspects of her paladin identity would be expanded upon. Paladins are heroic crusaders sure, but they're also traditionally supposed to be chivalrous icons of courtly romance as well. Making Iomedae be something of a romantic softy that tries to court a dragon (weird I know) would give her an added dimension that would likely humanize her in people's eyes. Make their epic courtship about Iomedae showing mildly racist Apsu that humans are indeed worthy of notice and that perhaps he should get involved in mortals affairs that don't relate to preparing to fight his son Dahak. I mean, come on, Inner Sea Gods already hints that Peace Through Vigilance is their son. Expanding upon that just makes sense, right?

Shelyn and... well everyone. Seriously, why is that Cayden Cailean is the only god that actively tries to hit on her? Desna, Sarenrae, Iomedae, Abadar, and Calistria should all have mentions in their myths about how they tried in their own unique ways to win her heart. Desna tries to win her over with interesting stories about her travels, Abadar creates a perfectly symmetrical city in her name, Sarenrae does an amazing dervish dance...

That kind of stuff would be great!

Anyways, that's all I got for right now so throw any ideas of your own, people. Go crazy.

Anyone else really feeling appreciative of this game's political commentary and even-handed ideological discourse nowadays. The treasure trove of quotes from this game was inspiring to say the least.

Anyone had a favorite that they remember? Or a favorite faction?

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I've thinking about doing an intrigue game for some time now and I figured that Andoran being a parliamentary democracy would be a perfect place for such an adventure. Then I actually read both of the sourcebooks for Andoran and realized that neither really had much information about any competing ideological/political parties in Andoran's People's Council or whether there were any in the first place. So, I've decided to throw out some ideas of parties here and see if anyone else has some of their own that I could use. Any help would be appreciated.

Liberty Now: Built around the idea of protecting the little man from the dangers of unelected bureaucracy and the potential of centralized power going to far. These guys/gals would be focused on ensuring that politics start from the bottom-up, with the individual communities in Andoran having their personal freedoms, identity, culture, and economic prosperity protected by, and from, the People's Council. Most it's members are from the lower and middle classes (which they are very conscious of) who sometimes struggle to not turn their noses up against the perceived privileged status of many of the members of Andoran United. Much are Chatoic Good who worship Cayden Cailean and Milani, but other deities and empyreal lords are proudly represented in their membership as well. The majority of halflings, half-elves and elves in Andoran are members.

* Anti - Increased Military Spending
* Anti - Lumber Consortium
* Pro - Glorious Reclamation
* Pro - Verduran Fey
* Anti - Offshore Colonies
* Pro - Twilight Talons Transparency
* Pro - Set Limitations to Supreme Elect Terms

Andoran United: Wishing to make Andoren a stronger, more homogeneous union, this party believes that for Andoren and democracy to prosper in the Inner Sea its power and culture must stand as a united construct supported by a decisive centralized government. They also hold that individual communities can be selfish and misinformed about the real priorities of the nation and that personal freedom comes second place to wider collective good. A lot of its members are upper class from major cities like Almas and Augustana, but those of lower status are never turned away. Usually. Many are Lawful Good who worship Abadar, Erastil, and Iomedae. The majority of dwarves in Andoran are members.

* Pro - Increased Military Spending
* Anti - Lumber Consortium
* Pro - Glorious Reclamation
* Anti - Verduran Fey
* Pro - Offshore Colonies
* Anti - Twilight Talons Transparency
* Anti - Set Limitations to Supreme Elect Terms

The Egalitarian Party: Basically a middle-ground between the above two parties who think that too much individualism or collectivism is a bad thing. Strives to uphold the early idealistic philosophies of the People's Revolt and hopes to respect the diverse opinions of the opposing parties while at the same time trying to get them to stop arguing and get stuff done. Currently their leader is the Surpreme-Elect (Codwin I) and their party has traditional been the most successful at getting its members in that position. Members come all walks of life, classes, races and religious beliefs, but a slight majority are Neutral Good worshipers of Shelyn.

* Anti - Increased Military Spending
* Anti - Lumber Consortium
* Pro - Glorious Reclamation
* Somewhat Pro - Verduran Fey
* Anti - Offshore Colonies
* Pro - Twilight Talons Transparency
* Somewhat Anti - Set Limitations to Supreme Elect Terms

Free Verduran: The newest and weakest party in the People's Council, these people are pretty much a bunch of angry agrarians outraged that all the other party seem to have turned a blind eye to the Lumber Consortium actions in the Verduran Forest. Most of them just want to have their concerns heard and see action taken, but more extreme members want to separate from Andoren entirely and form their own nation in the northern forest. Many are Neutral or Chaotic Neutral farmers, rangers or druids who worship Gozreh, the Green Faith or the Eldest. A surprisingly amount of them are also fey who want recognized citizenship.

* Indifferent Towards - Increased Military Spending
* Actively Hates - Lumber Consortium
* Indifferent Towards - Glorious Reclamation
* Very, very Pro - Verduran Fey
* Indifferent Towards - Offshore Colonies
* Indifferent Towards - Twilight Talons Transparency
* Indifferent Towards - Set Limitations to Supreme Elect Terms

So, what does everyone think? Good, terrible, mediocre. Anyone else have ideas?

Figured I might as make some guesses while we wait for it to come out.

I think it's going to be;
Adowyn: She's actually from Nirmathas so I figure it would make sense to see her here in this AP than perhaps any other.
Lini: Um... She's a Druid and Nirmathas is mostly forest. Oh, it also has a town run by Druids. Yeah, that's all I got.
Shardra: I think a dwarven stronghold is going to be involved in this AP and I think Crystal Fraiser is the one whose writing it. So I'd imagine she'd want to have one her creations saving the day in the artwork.
The Fourth (Wo)Man: I have no clue, but I'd wager it's either Lem, Valeros or Harsk. That said, I want it to be either Yoon (that little pyromaniac is too awesome-cute) or Hakon (the last time I've seen him depicted in any artwork he was being used a stool. Poor fella needs a chance to redeem himself).

*Piss! Is there any way to edit titles?

Noticed that the Player Guide's Noble Born trait doesn't cover any nobles that were related to or formerly served the missing Rogarvias and wondered if anyone made one for their campaign or found one outside the AP that thematically fits.

Not sure if changelings were even a race when this AP came out, but I'm wondering why only humans can get it. I mean, changeling are all pretty much technically much bastards by the circumstances of their birth so you'd think they'd be a prefect fit for this trait. The same goes for half-elves and half-orcs. I'm I missing something in the fluff?

Quick, and hopefully simple, question.

What exactly happens to a male's sex when they reincarnate into a changeling? Do they simply become the first male changeling or does their sex change along with their race?

Been thinking about running this adventure path because of the interesting kingdom building mechanics and just want to know what people's opinions were on which classes best fit each of the kingdom roles thematically. Treasurer especially has me stumped.

With Ultimate Intrigue now out I wanted to ask what were the top 5 political/intrigue-y roleplay heavy APs. I haven't done any of them yet, so like to have people's opinions on this before I go pick up one for my game.