Let's Make Some Paladin Codes!

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Paladin Codes, and paladin's in general, aren't everyone's cup of tea but I thought it would be neat regardless for us to come up with our own Paladin Codes for deities and empyreal lords who haven't had there's written up yet.

Damerrich, the The Weighted Swing
- If I am willing to pass the sentence, then I should be the one to swing the sword. If I cannot bear to do that, then I must question whether the guilty deserves death.
- I will ensure that even the most evil of creatures receive a clean and painless death. No one deserves needless suffering.
- I take life not of vengeance or hatred, but because circumstances have left me with no other recourse.
- I must always keep in mind that even the cruelest of tyrants and murderers have friends and family that once, or still do care for them. By taking their lives I am depriving those people of a loved one.
- Honor and decency demand that I give the damned one last chance to repent and seek redemption. Only those who stand by their vile acts deserve the Final Swing.

Lymnieris, the Auroral Tower
- The men and women of the night deserve protection and respect like an other innocent. I strive to protect them whenever I can.
- Youths are our future. Thus, they must be taught be the rules of courtship and mutual respect. If I see a young adult ignorant these virtues then I will ensure that they learn.
- Rapists and cruel flesh-peddlers are my enemies. I will reveal their abuses and see them brought to justice.
- I am not callous or judgmental when it comes to matters of the heart. Instead, I will be a sympathetic ear and guide those who put me in their confidence to venues that can safely satisfy their desires.

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