Changelings and the Bastard Trait


Not sure if changelings were even a race when this AP came out, but I'm wondering why only humans can get it. I mean, changeling are all pretty much technically much bastards by the circumstances of their birth so you'd think they'd be a prefect fit for this trait. The same goes for half-elves and half-orcs. I'm I missing something in the fluff?

Just use Adopted to get it.

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Personally, my preference would be custom traits that all tie in well with kingdom-building, suggest a role you would be exceptionally good at, etc... but if using the default traits, I personally would let anyone with at least one human parent take the trait. So also aasimars, tieflings, ifrits, etc. The idea of the trait is that you're the illegitimate child of a noble of Brevoy, so, while all the nobles of Brevoy are human, that still only accounts for half of a character's parentage.

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Half-elves and half-orcs nearly always qualify as human, and there are now alternate racial features that let aasimars, tieflinga, sulis, oreads, ifrits, sylphs, and undines qualify as human.

The problem with this trait for changelings is that changelings rarely have any idea who their human fathers are, but a Bastard in a Kingmaker campaign generally has a known human parent of noble origin that his other parent (not necessarily of human origin) is not married to.

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The Bastard trait can easily work for a changeling; they could have been "left on the doorstep with a note" in classic fairy-tale style. They could also have a strong resemblance to their father.

One other thing to keep in mind: Their father may not be aware that the character's mother was a hag. Especially with a green hag mother, the "game" may still be going on with the father.

It may also be worthwhile to replace one of the encounters in Rivers Run Red with the character's mother.

The Dancing Lady is probably the most straightforward choice. However, if you want to pit the party against an entire coven, you could replace the cult of Gyronna; holding off until near the end of the adventure installment.

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