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Very interesting. Would you say that there seems to be a problem with improvement for martial classes not keeping up with the exponential curve?

Mathmuse wrote:
Sadly, most of Hornet's improvement came from features that all classes receive: level to attack proficiency, level to defense proficiency, and hit points per level.

The more the improvement comes from options that the player chooses (ie. feats) the better, so this is a little worrisome.

I guess an alternative solution could be to decrease the improvement for all classes to doubling in power every fourth level, making it easier for martial options to keep up. However, then the improvement per level is only 19% and thus close to the 15% that you argue is bad.

Thanks! ;]

Also, in the GM survey there's a question regarding the number of players in the party, so there should be no problem providing meaningful data.

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Look in the Bestiary, p. 21 for the guidelines to scale encounters to different number of players.

Bestiary,p. 21 wrote:

Different party sizes

For each character in the party beyond the fourth, include additional creatures worth an amount of XP equal to the Character Adjustment value for your encounter on Table 5. Don’t adjust the actual XP the characters each gain for defeating the encounter. If you have fewer than four characters, use the same process in reverse: for each missing character, remove creatures worth an amount of XP equal to the Character Adjustment on Table 5 from the encounter, but keep the XP that the characters each earn the same. It’s best to use the XP increase from more characters to add more enemies and the XP decrease from fewer characters to subtract enemies, rather than making one enemy tougher or weaker. Encounters are typically more satisfying if the number of creatures is fairly close to the number of player characters.

On page 23 there's a "weak adjustments" section if removing creatures is not doable.

I played The Lost Star with my wife as the only PC (+1 GMPC) and it went pretty well, since the number of creatures in most encounters could just be halved.

Oh right, thanks for the reply.

I'm also confused by this.

rulebook,p.64 wrote:

Spell Repertoire

At 1st level, you learn one 1st-level occult spell of your choice and four occult cantrips of your choice. You choose these from the common spells on the occult spell list in this book (see page 200) or from other occult spells to which you have access. You can cast any spell in your spell repertoire by using a spell slot of an appropriate spell level.

This seems like a bard would have 2x 1st level spells and 3x 2nd level spells in his repertoire at 4th level.

Also, is the bard preview blog still correct regarding the comparison to sorcerer?

Bard Class Preview wrote:
As before, bards are spontaneous spellcasters who make up for having not quite as many spells as the other spontaneous caster, the sorcerer, by having special bardic performances. But this time around, bards don't have a delayed spellcasting progression. Instead, they have one fewer spell in their repertoire and one fewer spell slot per day at each spell level, compared to the sorcerer.

@Usmo Ah, ok then. That makes more sense. ; ]

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Usmo wrote:
I think a lot of people are overlooking just how restrictive spontaneous heightening is.

Really? It seems to be the most voiced complaint/concern.

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I hope this doesn't break any rules, but for easy reference I screen grabbed the sheet from the twitch stream here and put up a sharpened version here.

Grand Magus wrote:
So, in gaming, just what is math?

It could e.g. be probabilities and statistics.

TwoWolves wrote:
The Giant Sentinels are the last encounter before entering Xin Shalast, Encounter D.

Updated in the pastebin template so it'll be correctly indexed in next update.

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I took the liberty to update the pastebin and put the different chapters in spoilers to avoid a wall of text. Link to updated pastebin.

General Sandpoint Maps:



Murder Most Foul

  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Exterior. by Terry Dyer
  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Interior by Evil Lincoln (This one could use a rework. Does not match description in module.)
  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Interior and Exterior combined
  • Sandpoint Sawmill by Hero339

    The Thing in the Atic

  • Habe’s Sanitarium by ThreeLite
  • Alternate Habe’s by TalesfromtheTabletop (not sure of Paizo Username)
  • Habe's Sanitarium by Hero339
  • Habe's 2nd Floor by Hero339
  • Habe's 3rd Floor by Hero339
  • Habe's Basement by Hero339

    Walking Scarecrows

  • Farmlands 1 By Tintagel
  • Farmlands 2 By Tintagel
  • Farmlands 3 By Tintagel
  • Farmhouse By Tintagel
  • Farmlands Day by Hero339
  • Farmlands Night by Hero339
  • Hambley Farm 2nd Floor Night by Hero339
  • Hambley Farm 2nd Floor Day by Hero339
  • Hambley Farm 1st Floor and Barn Night by Hero339
  • hambley farm 1st Floor and Barn Day by Hero339


  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 1st Floor w/ surroundings by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 1st Floor by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 2nd Floor by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings Attic by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings Basement by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings Caverns by Tintagel

    Chasing the Skinsaw

  • Foxglove Townhouse by DigitalMystic
  • Alternate Townhouse Map by Peet

    The Seven’s Sawmill

  • The Seven’s Sawmill by ThreeLite
  • The Sevens Sawmill and Foxglove Townhouse by Dom C
  • The Undermill by GustavoMalek
  • Ground Floor by GustavoMalek
  • Seccond Floor by GustavoMalek
  • Third Floor by GustavoMalek
  • Fourth Floor/Workshop by GustavoMalek
  • Rookery by GustavoMalek

    Shadows of Time

  • Shadow Clock Tower and Roof by Dom C
  • Shadow Clock Roof by Tinalles
  • Shadow Clock Tower and Roof by barry lyndon

    Many of these links are from THIS thread. I have linked the super high resolution versions. You may need to resize them to make them work for you, or you can download the lower res versions in the thread above.

  • Paradise Barge - The Deck, First Floor , Second Floor by Hythlodeus

    In the Hooks Shaddow

  • The Graul Homestead Ground Floor by BWatford
  • The Graul Homestead Upstairs and Basement by BWatford
  • The Graul Homestead Barn and Field by BWatford
  • Graul Homestead by Threelite

    Retaking Rannick

  • Hook Mountain Exterior and Caves by Digital Mystic
  • Fort Rannick 1st Floor by BWatford
  • Fort Rannick 1st Floor North by Riding Bull
  • Fort Rannick 1st Floor South by Riding Bull
  • Fort Rannick 2nd Floor by BWatford
  • Fort Rannick 2nd Floor by Riding Bull
  • Below Fort Rannick by BWatford
  • Below Fort Rannick by BWatford
  • Below Fort Rannick by Riding Bull
  • Fort Rannick (116x88 Split into 4 parts, each 58x44) by threelite
  • Fort Rannick: 3 levels except the outside (grid size 70x70) by Philly

  • Alternative version of Fort Rannick: 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor, 5th floor by Peet

    Down Comes the Rain

  • Saving the School Children (Just add boat) by Digital Mystic
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga by Digital Mystic
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga by Tinalles
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga /w Grid by Tinalles
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga by Miikka Autere
  • Top of Dam Ogre Fight by Digital Mystic
  • Skulls Crossing Western Caves by BWatford
  • Skulls Crossing Skulls Watch by BWatford
  • Skulls Crossing Grazulls Domain by BWatford
  • Ferry crafted from the shell of giant turtle by GustavoMalek
  • Skull's Crossing - Encounter with the Ogre Demolition Crew - 20x20 by GustavoMalek
  • Skull's Crossing: Skull's Watch - 20x20 by GustavoMalek
  • Skull's Crossing: Grazuul's Domain - 20x19 by GustavoMalek

    The Haunted Heart

  • Mysterious Derelict (25x25 units, 70 pixels per unit) by threelite
  • Heart of Sadness by Digital Mystic
  • Heart of Sadness by Miikka Autere

    Harrowing the Hook

  • Hook Mountain Clanhold pt1 by BWatford
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold pt2 by BWatford
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold by Miikka Autere
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold - full map (72px - 106x68) by GustavoMalek
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold - divided in 2 parts of 53x68 each (better resolution) by GustavoMalek

    Stones over Sandpoint

  • Sandpoint North Gate by Digital Mystic
  • Sandpoint East Bridge by Digital Mystic
  • Sandpoint Garrison and Town Hall by Digital Mystic
  • Sandpoint Scarnetti Manor by Digital Mystic
  • Mill Pond - 32x30 by threelite
  • Two Knights Brewery - Beer or Death - 25x25 by threelite

    Journey to Jorgenfist

  • Ogre Cattle Rustlers - 35x35 by threelite
  • Storval by Digital Mystic

    Into the Valley of the Black Tower

  • Longtooth’s Lair by Digital Mystic
  • Wyvern/Deathweb Caves by Digital Mystic
  • Jorgenfist by Digital Mystic
  • Black Tower 1 by Digital Mystic
  • Black Tower 2 by Digital Mystic
  • Jorgenfist - One huge image, 78x96 by threelite
  • Jorgenfist - Split into 4, 39x48 each image by threelite
  • River Caves - 45x29 by threelite
  • Longtooth's Cave - 44x13 by threelite
  • Watchpost - 30x30 by threelite
  • The Black Tower - 16x31 by threelite

    Under Jorgenfist

  • Under Jorgenfist by Digital Mystic
  • The Pit and Caverns - Split into 4 for Roll20 upload limit. 46x34 each, 92x68 total by threelite

    The Ancient Library

  • The Ancient Library by Digital Mystic
  • Jorgenfist Library - 61x37 by threelite

    The Scribbler's Rhyme

  • Sandpoint Scribler's Lair Entrance by Digital Mystic
  • Lamashtu's Shrine by threelite

    Seeking Runeforge

  • The Scriblers Lair by Digital Mystic
  • The Dragon's Lair - 59x22, did 2 maps; one showing the hidden ramp and another without by threelite
  • The Dragon's Lair by Digital Mystic
  • The Sihedron Circle - 29x20 by threelite
  • The Sihedron Circle by Digital Mystic
  • Frozen Cathedral - 34x19 by threelite
  • Frozen Cathedral by Digital Mystic
  • Xin's Stairway - 29x23 by threelite
  • Xin's Stairway by Digital Mystic

    Runeforge and the Abjurant Halls

  • Runeforge - 52x33 by threelite
  • Runeforge by Digital Mystic
  • Ravenous Crypts - 30x22 by threelite
  • Ravenous Crypts by Digital Mystic
  • The Vault of Greed - 50x34 by threelite
  • The Vault of Greed - by Digital Mystic
  • Iron Cages of Lust - 69x44 by threelite
  • Iron Cages of Lust by Digital Mystic
  • Shimmering Veils of Pride - 49x33 by threelite
  • Shimmering Veils of Pride by Digital Mystic
  • Festering Maze of Sloth - 39x27 by threelite
  • Festering Maze of Sloth Drained - 39x27 by threelite
  • Festering Maze of Sloth by Digital Mystic
  • Halls of Wrath - 80x129 (rotated so that north is up) by threelite
  • Halls of Wrath by Digital Mystic
  • Halls of Wrath by Riding Bull

    Whispers in the Wood

  • Vekker's Cabin - 33x41 by threelite
  • Vekker's Cabin Environs - 31x37 by threelite


  • Lair of the Hidden Beast - 28x20 by threelite
  • Ghlorofaex's Lair - 101x64 by threelite
  • Heptaric Locus - Half Size, extend to 100x74 by threelite
  • Krak Naratha, 40x60 by Zhyth
  • Giant Encampment, 40x40 by Zhyth
  • Abominable Dome, 50x50 by Zhyth
  • Spolarium, 30x40 by Zhyth
  • Temple of the Sihedron, 30x30 by Zhyth
  • Shahlaria, 50x40 by Zhyth

    The Pinnacle of Avarice

  • The Pinnacle of Avarice by Philly
  • The Pinnacle of Avarice - 92x98 by threelite

    The Eye of Avarice

  • The Eye of Avarice (34x23) by villadelfia
  • The Eye of Avarice (33x23) by threelite

    Maps that I don't know where they are from:

  • Giant Sentinels - 56x40 by threelite

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    muklowd wrote:

    Hi everyone - looking at this forum and it's very excellent list of resources ... I am not far into running RotR for my group and am looking for a combat map for Thistletop. I see one listed in the main list but the link doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have a working link where I could get hold of this?

    Thanks very much :)

    All of the following links work for me:


  • First Version of Thistletop by Unknown.
  • Second Version of Thistletop. by Askren
  • Bunyip Lair by Tintagel
  • Thistletop Dungeons 1. by Askren
  • Thistletop Dungeons 2. by Askren
  • Thistletop by Hero339
  • Thistletop Grotto by Hero339
  • Thistletop Top Level by Hero339

  • Paulicus wrote:
    One problem is that rolling can make for very strange weather patterns. In reality, weather can be slow to change, or at least relatively predictable, given the area.

    You can make it conditional. Simple example:

    1 - Sunny
    2 - Clouded
    3 - Rainy
    4 - Same weather as yesterday

    jon dehning wrote:
    If you check out the previous threads linked in the first paragraph, there is a thorough explanation behind the name. And yes, some of us (waves!) have Scandinavian heritage.

    Aha, thank you (waves back)! I missed that when it was first posted (even though it's usually quite easy to spot a danish/norwegian "Å").

    Is there a story behind the name (SkålCon)? Are any of the people behind it Scandinavian by any chance?

    The Only Sheet wrote:
    May I inquire if there is a site which contains *all* the links presented here, maintained to the latest versions of images/handouts/etc?

    Not as far as I know. As long as I've followed the work in this thread, there has been an update of the general status every now and then, which contains all (or most?) of the maps. Last post of this kind was back at page 22.

    The template for that post is kept and updated over at pastebin.

    Orfamay Quest wrote:
    Drive away some of the paying customers while doing literally nothing to prevent spam? Yeah, that's a great idea! <rolleyes>

    I'm sorry if I somehow offended you and therefore is deserving of your sarcasm.

    However, on sites where I've tried the reCAPTCHA it has worked great, since I as the user only have had to click a confirmation button and not solve a normal captcha. It is my understanding, that the risk analysis part of the method makes it more difficult for "suspicious" users (whether they are bots or not). Of course, it does work best against bots.

    Regarding the captcha discussion. An alternative is google's reCAPTCHA.

    Very nice. I look forward to seeing them on your website.

    sadie wrote:

    I finally got round to throwing up a first stab at the Unchained classes:

    The Monk was the time-consuming one, because I had a lot more to try and fit onto the sheet. The other three classes' sheets barely changed in the end (though I still had to go through them with a fine-toothed comb in order to establish that).

    Feedback of any sort welcome.

    I tried out the monk sheet. I recently started playing, so my feedback might reflect that:

    - Why are there 3 boxes for the Dodge bonus feat at Level 1?

    - Putting a tick box for Endurance and Trap Sense under Saves doesn't really make sense to me...

    - A tick box for Level 4: Still Mind under saves (like Evasion) would be nice.


    You might wanna take a look at the Anniversary Edition.

    EDIT: Out of curiosity I found a viable Why We Don't Reprint thread.

    Riding Bull wrote:

    So here is my take on:

    Sins of the Saviors - The Halls of Wrath

    Looks very nice. Thank you!

    Orbis Orboros wrote:
    The rogue ability that only works when you're by yourself at a location is flip-flopped - the rogue ability in 5E requires either surprise or an ally next to the foe (apparently this is part of the reason the devs didn't name powers - if Merisiel's ability HAD been named the same, people would bring misconceptions with them).

    I always interpreted that one like this: The rogue has an easier time sneaking around a location when no other party member is with her (since she probably has a higher stealth skill) and thus more likely to catch enemies completely off guard, which can either give the surprise bonus or something even better.

    So for me, the PACG power totally makes sense for a rogue (also when compared to normal pathfinder).

    Very nice work.

    I've done something similar myself and since I use my laptop when GM'ing I've found that producing pdf's in the right aspect ratio (16:9 in my case) makes it easy to see the info when using full-screen/diasshow view, even from a distance. An example can be found here. (Ignore page 2 - it's a danish translation of some flavor.)

    Just a suggestion you can choose to use or ignore. :]

    Chalice wrote:
    I am not finding a map for the route to Jorgenfist. Is it only a description in the adventure or am I simply not finding the map?

    In the hardcover it's only a description. It's marked on the map at page 7, however.

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    "straight moms optimal feat order"

    I giggled. :]

    Kamicosmos wrote:
    How are you guys arranging them? I grabbed them a couple of times to 'look up' a rule, but....took me too long to find anything. I'm thinking I will put them in alphabetical order to start out. I'm not quite sure how they're organized initially...kind of seems like combat stuff up front.

    I sorted them into stacks of skills, general combat, combat maneuvers, other combat actions, magic, and misc., all in alphabetical order (so rather close to the original sorting). I've removed some few cards that I'm pretty sure I won't need. As a GM I mostly use the maneuver and skill stacks.

    Karolina Dean wrote:
    The group got the three rings and immediately headed up to the Spires of Xin Shalast. They reached the field, and tested the rings. I had all players, regardless of if they had a ring or not, make the will save against the field to play up/foreshadow the influence of Leng in this area. Two players crossed the field, one player carried two rings, the other only had one. The player then put the two rings on his fingers, and crossed only his two fingers over the field. There were no rules in the book to address this, so I had the field solidify when the rings were removed, cutting his fingers off from the knuckle. (I did not want the problem to be solved TOO easily!) I gave the player a reflex save to avoid this, which he failed. The player simply had his fingers repaired with a Regenerate spell, which the party had a scroll of, so no downtime occurred to repair the problem.

    I haven't carefully read about this in the book yet, so please excuse me if I misunderstood something.

    It sounds to me like the person handing the rings back could just have gone back with 2 rings to get the third person through and then rinse and repeat for the last person left (it can even be done in just 2 steps if you further optimize it). Is there something that prevents doing this?

    Anyways, given how your players wanted to deal with it; the way you handled it was very nice.

    keyafay wrote:

    After talking to Drop Box, I concluded it was inevitable at the download rate. I also thought of going with a free upload company but I hate things like AD Fly and websites where you have to navigate like a maze. Because I hate things like that, I don’t want to force others to go though it. I want it simple; Click and Download.

    Thanks for the suggestion though. :)

    Just to be clear, my suggestion was to change the compression, not the hosting site. It might of course be unnecessary, since you changed to the Pro version of dropbox.

    In any case, I very much appreciate your decision to avoid "mazes".

    Aranna wrote:
    Hmmm... this is going to get old if it keeps crashing during cut scenes.

    Try playing in Windowed Fullscreen. I haven't crashed since I changed to that.

    keyafay wrote:
    keyafay wrote:
    Looks like my Drop box has been overloaded, I will be looking to updated the download link as soon as possible, Please be patent in the mean time.
    I have purchased the pro version of Drop Box so the links should now work. Thank you for your patience.

    You could also use 7zip that applies a more efficient compression algorithm to reduce the load.

    In Foxit Reader there should be a snapshot tool called "Marquee select". The symbol looks like a small camera. If it's not on the toolbar, you can access it in the Tools menu -> Snapshot.

    With the tool select you just select the area of the pdf you want copied to the clipboard. Then you can paste it into Gimp.

    Well, mainstream support for windows 7 SP1 will end in January 2015.

    archmagi1 wrote:
    So my Herald is totally male but the plebes in haven refer to 'her' and 'She'. First boss fight took me three tries, tpk on first and DirectX crash on 2nd. Liking the mix of style Bt origins and 2 for combat. A bit more tactical, but still has the action feel that I like in games. Not past the redcliff mission, but the war table thing seems very cool.

    Concerning the DirectX error. If it's similar to the problem reported here using the advice found in the same thread fixed it for me:

    Control panel -> Time, Language and Region -> Region -> Administrative tab
    Change Language for non-Unicode programs To English(US)

    MannyGoblin wrote:
    What about The Keep? I want to try that but heard it is still in beta.

    It has been in open beta for a while - I would highly recommend to go and set your world state (remember to export it to DAI when you're done). It's also a very nice way to remember the highlights from DAO and DA2. Note that you can set a lot more options on your "tapestry" than the choices you can alter while viewing the story.

    I also started GM'ing Pathfinder with RotR. In the beginning I made spell lists with only the relevant part of the spell descriptions and with the precise numbers for that NPC (so I calculated e.g. 1d6 per level before hand).

    Now I got two approaches: When an enemy got a statblock in the book I use small postit page markers which I place close to the spell or feat I need some details on. Then I just write directly on the page marker. When an enemy is not directly in the book, I copy the statblock to a document and make small notes after each feat or spell that I need more info on and usually highlight (by making the background yellow) the stuff I think will be the most important.

    When I get in doubt about a feat or spell which I only got few notes about, I only look it up if it's very important; otherwise, I'll just wing it and look it up after the game, so I hopefully get it right the next time. One thing which I find rather annoying is that the type of save for a spell is not stated before the DC in a statblock. Anyhow, just picking the one which feels right usually works (will for mind-related stuff, fort for sickness/health, and reflex for getting out of the way).

    My group also moved on from the BB. To be fair, I did more or less only get the BB to see whether we wanted to get into normal Pathfinder or not.

    el cuervo wrote:
    I'm not flagging you, but you may want to edit/take down your post. Stat blocks aren't copywritten but Paizo does hold the rights to the characters and the tactics/morale text, as they are not covered by the OGL. I'm not sure of the rules (they must be on the site somewhere...), but you may want to check. I don't actually know how it works. Just giving you fair warning, someone might take offense.

    Oh, ok. Can I still remove/edit it after so this much time has passed? Otherwise I hope a moderator will be kind enough to help me out.

    I have seen stat blocks of some of the custom monsters from RoTR on d20pfsrd so I thought it was ok, but I didn't think about the morale/tactics stuff.

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Here's what I got - haven't taken the time format it so much yet, so don't know how much of a help it is. (Also I hope it's allowed to paste into here).


    Male middle-aged human ranger 8
    CG Medium humanoid
    Init +3; Senses Perception +13
    AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +3 Dex, +1 dodge)
    hp 72 (8d10+24)
    Fort +7, Ref +9, Will +4
    Speed 30 ft.
    Melee mwk longsword +1 0/+5 (1d8+1/1 9-20)
    Ranged +1 shocking composite longbow +1 2/+7 (1 d8+2/x3 plus
    1d6 electricity)
    Special Attacks favored enemy (dragons +2, giants +4)
    Spells Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +7)
    2n d-borkskin, cure light wounds
    1st-animal messenger, speak with animals
    During Combat jakardros's strength lies in his archery. He trusts
    (and depends) on his all ies and his animal companion Kibb to
    hold off foes in melee while he provides ranged support. Yet
    when his allies are in desperate need, he won't hesitate to lay
    down his bow and join them in melee.
    Moraleja kardros has little concern for his own safety, and is
    actively looking for a foe that can finish him off. He fights
    to the death as a result.
    Str 12, Dex 17, Con 1 2, lnt 11, Wis 1 5, Cha 9
    Base Atk +8; CMB +9; CMD 23
    Feats Deadly Aim, Dodge, Endurance, Manyshot, Point-Blank
    Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Toughness
    Skills Handle Animal +1 0, Intim idate +1 0, Knowledge
    (geography) +7, Knowledge (nature) +7, Linguistics +8,
    Perception +13, Stealth +1 3, Survival +13
    Languages Aklo, Common, Draconic, Elven, Giant, Gnome,
    Goblinoid, Shoanti, Sylvan, Varisian
    SQ favored terrain (forest +2, mountain +4), hunter's bond
    (animal-firepelt cougar named Kibb), swift tracker, track +4,
    wild empathy +7, woodland stride
    Gear studded leather, +7 shocking composite longbow with 20
    arrows, masterwork longsword


    Male human ranger 2/rogue 5
    CN Medium humanoid
    Init +4; Senses Perception +9
    AC 20, touch 1 6, flat-footed 1 5 (+3 armor, +1 deflection, +4 Dex,
    + 1 dodge, + 1 shield)
    hp 49 (7 HD; 2d1 0+5d8+1 2)
    Fort +5, Ref +1 1, Will +0
    Defensive Abilities evasion, trap sense +1, uncanny dodge
    Speed 30 ft.
    Melee +1 rapier +8 (1d6+1/18-20), mwk dagger +8 (1d4/19-20)
    Ranged composite longbow +9 (1d8/x3)
    Special Attacks favored enemy (giants +2), sneak attack +3d6
    During Combat Kaven is most comfortable wielding small and
    fast weapons like daggers, short swords, or rapiers. In battle,
    he seeks out wounded foes, leaving stronger enemies for his
    allies to handle.
    Morale Kaven is a coward at heart.
    Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, lnt 13, Wis 8, Cha 14
    Base Atk +5; CMB +5; CMD 21
    Feats Dodge, Mobility, Quick Draw, Skill Focus
    (Bluff), Spring Attack, Two-Weapon Defense, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse
    Skills Bluff +15, Climb +1 0, Intimidate +12, Knowledge
    (local) +11, Knowledge (nature) +7, Perception +9, Sleight of
    Hand +1 4, Stealth +1 4, Survival +9, Swim +10
    Languages Common, Giant, Varisian
    SQ rogue talents (combat trick, finesse rogue), track +1,
    trapfinding +2, wild empathy +4
    Gear +1 leather armor, +1 ropier, masterwork dagger, composite
    longbow with 20 arrows, ring of protection +1


    Male human fighter 4/ranger 2
    NG Medium humanoid (human)
    lnit +1; Senses Perception +10
    AC 1 8, touch 1 2, flat-footed 1 6 (+6 armor, +1 Dex, +1 dodge)
    hp 53 (6d1 0+1 6)
    Fort +1 1, Ref +5, Will +2; +1 vs. fear
    Defensive Abilities bravery + 1
    Speed 30 ft.
    Melee +1 battleaxe +1 0/+5 (1d8+7/x3), +1 handaxe +10/+5
    Ranged composite longbow +7/+2 (1d8+4/x3)
    Special Attacks favored enemy (giants +2)
    During Combat Although Vale pays little attention to how
    much damage he takes during a fight, he certainly doesn't
    fight recklessly. He approaches battle with a wide-eyed
    excitement, viewing each fight as a puzzle to be solved with
    mind and steel. He has a knack for seeking out subtle tactical
    advantages (higher ground, flanking, cover, and the like) that
    serve him well. Vale prefers to fight with a battleaxe and
    handaxe, and once an enemy is engaged, he makes Power
    Attacks unless he can't quite hit foes with his secondary
    attacks. He views his greatest flaw as his lack of talent in
    finesse fighting, and when he grows too overconfident, he
    often makes trip, disarm, and flanking attacks that provoke a
    dangerous number of attacks of opportunity.
    Morale If Vale is left on his own, the concept of retreat would
    never occur to him. He becomes so enthralled with the battle
    that he loses track of his own well-being.
    Str 18, Dex 13, Con 14, lnt 1 0, Wis 1 2, Cha 8
    Base Atk +6; CMB +10; CMD 22
    Feats Dodge, Double Slice, Great Fortitude, Power Attack, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (battleaxe), Weapon Focus (handaxe), Weapon Specialization (battleaxe)
    Skills Climb +9, Craft (stonemasonry) +7, Knowledge
    (engineering) +5, Perception +1 0, Profession (siege
    engineer) +6, Survival +1 0
    Languages Common, Osiriani
    SQ armortraining 1, track +1, wild empathy +1
    Gear chainmail, +1 battleaxe, +1 handaxe, composite longbow
    with 20 arrows

    I'm fairly new to Pathfinder, but did a little variant of dice rolling when my PCs started out. It went something like this:

    Roll 3d6 six times and record the results. Whenever a result is lower than 10 pair it up with another result of your choice. For every pair select 1 roll to keep (denote the value X) and discard the other. Instead of the discarded roll, add a new value equal to 20 - X. Finally, arrange the values to whatever attributes you like.

    My idea was that if players kept low rolls, they would also be awarded with high values. It turned out to be somewhat complicated. Next time we'll probably use the standard 4d6 or 4d6 with a little twist; that if the sum of one PC's attributes is too different from another PC (with some preset threshold) they'll switch their highest and lowest roll, which continues until the threshold is satisfied.


    Sorry for the bad explanation, but you got it right. Your idea gave me food for thought, so thanks for that.


    Thanks for the story. I wonder how much of that you made up on the spot during the game session. I find improvising very challenging myself.

    I think I'll ponder over this a little more. Thanks for the inputs.

    I'm GM'ing a RoTR campaign. One of my players is playing a Ranger and has chosen to get an animal companion (a wolf). Since he didn't think of a way to introduce the wolf himself, I made a short sidestory where the party rescued the wolf from wolfpack from which the wolf originated. They were trying to kill him due to an unnaturalness in one of his eyes (a whirling storm inside the eyeball).

    I didn't really plan what impact the wolf would have, but later decided that the Ranger would wake up discovering a whirlwind in one of his own eyes and the ability to see through the eyes of his wolf (kinda like the share senses spell).

    My party has been somewhat interested in finding the reason for these unnusual things, so my next idea is to tie the wolf to a part of the story in RoTR to make it all come together (e.g. the wolf might be a humanoid polymorphed and erased of his memories by a great wizard as a punishment or an experiment gone wrong etc.). The thing is I have a hard time to actually find a part in RoTR where something like this would fit in. Do the great members of this forum have any ideas? The requirements is that it makes somewhat sense with what has happened so far (the two first paragraphs in this post) and that it ties the companion to the story of RoTR.

    FYI: The party is lvl 5 and is about to enter the Foxglove Manor.

    Thanks again for the inputs. I'll have to start using those potions whenever it make sense and if it doesn't, then leave them for the PCs to get.

    Ok, thanks to the both of you. I don't know the system that well yet, so it's very nice to hear other opinions. I guess "the problem" will also be much less a little farther in.

    Hello! Me (the GM) and my group are new to Pathfinder (but got a little experience from Dragon Age and Star Wars).

    So far we've had a lot of fun with RotR. The party is just about to enter the Catacombs of Wrath for the first time. They won over Tsuto quite easily (along with 3 goblins), even though only 2 (out of 4 PCs) was present in the fight.

    So now I wonder whether the potions (mainly potions of cure wounds) listed on the enemies, should be used by the enemies when appropriate? Until now I've given them out as rewards after the fights, since the combat tactics doesn't mention them.

    Also, after the fight where Tsuso survived I had him kill himself with an arrow which I very much regret now... :[

    We never take cards from the box unless the total number of cards of one type is less than the total number of cards of that type required by the characters.

    Practically, when we're building decks, everyone places leftover cards in a common pool, so when all decks are trimmed and you still miss a card - you're only allowed to take it from the box if it's not in the common pool. In this case it's not very often you pick cards from the box.

    Calthaer wrote:
    I would also bring along multiple Detect Magic just in case you get a "c-c-c-combo breaker" in a location with loads of spells and / or blessings.

    Just remember that Ezren's ability does not trigger by a card encountered (and gained) by using Detect Magic (since "explore" is not on Detect Magic).

    daevv wrote:
    I got my base set two days ago and one of the cards was miscut and off center. Is this a rare occurrence or have a few others gotten these miscuts?

    I've never seen that before. Contact Paizo Customer support - you can probably get a replacement.

    daevv wrote:
    I'm in the last of the 3 locations as the other 2 are closed. I encounter the main Villain right away and defeat him. Do I win outright or just close the location, banishing the cards, then fight him next turn for the win?

    You win!

    (The houserule in 7th bullet in this post at BGG prevents this from happening.)

    Nathaniel Gousset wrote:
    I am not really arguing that Hermit Crab should be undefeatable. I am arguing that currently, the way it is written and by the rules, as written, he IS undefeatble.

    You're right, but since most humans got common sense it's not really a problem.

    I don't. Since my LGS only ordered 2 addon packs and I was not fast enough... :[

    h4ppy wrote:
    Fromper wrote:
    Only keep the character decks together when you're using them. This is why there's 6 slots in the box - there's a maximum of 6 character decks in use at one time.
    @paganeagle - I find this is really important to the game balance so make sure you don't have too many decks built at once!

    And without the character addon you're only supposed to have a maximum of 4 decks built at the same time.

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