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Rise of the Runelords

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Silver Crusade

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Anyone have the Anniversary Edition stats for the 3 rescued Black Arrows in an easy to print format?

I don't want to have to keep referencing that page in the AE, since they'll be participating in the adventure for a bit. But I also don't want to just print the whole pages with all the background information, and a big section header with a major spoiler in it, if I'm going to be leaving these sheets sitting on the table in front of me regularly where the players might see them.

I just know cutting and pasting stat blocks from Pathfinder adventures always takes time to reformat to make them work, so I was hoping someone else had already done it.

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Here's what I got - haven't taken the time format it so much yet, so don't know how much of a help it is. (Also I hope it's allowed to paste into here).


Male middle-aged human ranger 8
CG Medium humanoid
Init +3; Senses Perception +13
AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 13 (+3 armor, +3 Dex, +1 dodge)
hp 72 (8d10+24)
Fort +7, Ref +9, Will +4
Speed 30 ft.
Melee mwk longsword +1 0/+5 (1d8+1/1 9-20)
Ranged +1 shocking composite longbow +1 2/+7 (1 d8+2/x3 plus
1d6 electricity)
Special Attacks favored enemy (dragons +2, giants +4)
Spells Prepared (CL 5th; concentration +7)
2n d-borkskin, cure light wounds
1st-animal messenger, speak with animals
During Combat jakardros's strength lies in his archery. He trusts
(and depends) on his all ies and his animal companion Kibb to
hold off foes in melee while he provides ranged support. Yet
when his allies are in desperate need, he won't hesitate to lay
down his bow and join them in melee.
Moraleja kardros has little concern for his own safety, and is
actively looking for a foe that can finish him off. He fights
to the death as a result.
Str 12, Dex 17, Con 1 2, lnt 11, Wis 1 5, Cha 9
Base Atk +8; CMB +9; CMD 23
Feats Deadly Aim, Dodge, Endurance, Manyshot, Point-Blank
Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot, Toughness
Skills Handle Animal +1 0, Intim idate +1 0, Knowledge
(geography) +7, Knowledge (nature) +7, Linguistics +8,
Perception +13, Stealth +1 3, Survival +13
Languages Aklo, Common, Draconic, Elven, Giant, Gnome,
Goblinoid, Shoanti, Sylvan, Varisian
SQ favored terrain (forest +2, mountain +4), hunter's bond
(animal-firepelt cougar named Kibb), swift tracker, track +4,
wild empathy +7, woodland stride
Gear studded leather, +7 shocking composite longbow with 20
arrows, masterwork longsword


Male human ranger 2/rogue 5
CN Medium humanoid
Init +4; Senses Perception +9
AC 20, touch 1 6, flat-footed 1 5 (+3 armor, +1 deflection, +4 Dex,
+ 1 dodge, + 1 shield)
hp 49 (7 HD; 2d1 0+5d8+1 2)
Fort +5, Ref +1 1, Will +0
Defensive Abilities evasion, trap sense +1, uncanny dodge
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 rapier +8 (1d6+1/18-20), mwk dagger +8 (1d4/19-20)
Ranged composite longbow +9 (1d8/x3)
Special Attacks favored enemy (giants +2), sneak attack +3d6
During Combat Kaven is most comfortable wielding small and
fast weapons like daggers, short swords, or rapiers. In battle,
he seeks out wounded foes, leaving stronger enemies for his
allies to handle.
Morale Kaven is a coward at heart.
Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, lnt 13, Wis 8, Cha 14
Base Atk +5; CMB +5; CMD 21
Feats Dodge, Mobility, Quick Draw, Skill Focus
(Bluff), Spring Attack, Two-Weapon Defense, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse
Skills Bluff +15, Climb +1 0, Intimidate +12, Knowledge
(local) +11, Knowledge (nature) +7, Perception +9, Sleight of
Hand +1 4, Stealth +1 4, Survival +9, Swim +10
Languages Common, Giant, Varisian
SQ rogue talents (combat trick, finesse rogue), track +1,
trapfinding +2, wild empathy +4
Gear +1 leather armor, +1 ropier, masterwork dagger, composite
longbow with 20 arrows, ring of protection +1


Male human fighter 4/ranger 2
NG Medium humanoid (human)
lnit +1; Senses Perception +10
AC 1 8, touch 1 2, flat-footed 1 6 (+6 armor, +1 Dex, +1 dodge)
hp 53 (6d1 0+1 6)
Fort +1 1, Ref +5, Will +2; +1 vs. fear
Defensive Abilities bravery + 1
Speed 30 ft.
Melee +1 battleaxe +1 0/+5 (1d8+7/x3), +1 handaxe +10/+5
Ranged composite longbow +7/+2 (1d8+4/x3)
Special Attacks favored enemy (giants +2)
During Combat Although Vale pays little attention to how
much damage he takes during a fight, he certainly doesn't
fight recklessly. He approaches battle with a wide-eyed
excitement, viewing each fight as a puzzle to be solved with
mind and steel. He has a knack for seeking out subtle tactical
advantages (higher ground, flanking, cover, and the like) that
serve him well. Vale prefers to fight with a battleaxe and
handaxe, and once an enemy is engaged, he makes Power
Attacks unless he can't quite hit foes with his secondary
attacks. He views his greatest flaw as his lack of talent in
finesse fighting, and when he grows too overconfident, he
often makes trip, disarm, and flanking attacks that provoke a
dangerous number of attacks of opportunity.
Morale If Vale is left on his own, the concept of retreat would
never occur to him. He becomes so enthralled with the battle
that he loses track of his own well-being.
Str 18, Dex 13, Con 14, lnt 1 0, Wis 1 2, Cha 8
Base Atk +6; CMB +10; CMD 22
Feats Dodge, Double Slice, Great Fortitude, Power Attack, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (battleaxe), Weapon Focus (handaxe), Weapon Specialization (battleaxe)
Skills Climb +9, Craft (stonemasonry) +7, Knowledge
(engineering) +5, Perception +1 0, Profession (siege
engineer) +6, Survival +1 0
Languages Common, Osiriani
SQ armortraining 1, track +1, wild empathy +1
Gear chainmail, +1 battleaxe, +1 handaxe, composite longbow
with 20 arrows

Silver Crusade

does anyone have a Zip of all the maps? i am working on a Fantasy grounds module for this and having all/most of the maps would be a huge help.

Licktoren wrote:
does anyone have a Zip of all the maps? i am working on a Fantasy grounds module for this and having all/most of the maps would be a huge help.

Digital Mystic has been really great at keeping the list up to date. If you go a few pages back, there's a list with links to all the maps that have been submitted to this thread thus far. I believe it would be a copyright violation (and if not, at the very least unethical) to distribute any of the maps in a bundled zip file, since they're made by all sorts of different people, each with their own rights to their own work.

Chubby1968 wrote:

Here's what I got - haven't taken the time format it so much yet, so don't know how much of a help it is. (Also I hope it's allowed to paste into here).

** spoiler omitted **

** spoiler omitted **...

I'm not flagging you, but you may want to edit/take down your post. Stat blocks aren't copywritten but Paizo does hold the rights to the characters and the tactics/morale text, as they are not covered by the OGL. I'm not sure of the rules (they must be on the site somewhere...), but you may want to check. I don't actually know how it works. Just giving you fair warning, someone might take offense.

el cuervo wrote:
I'm not flagging you, but you may want to edit/take down your post. Stat blocks aren't copywritten but Paizo does hold the rights to the characters and the tactics/morale text, as they are not covered by the OGL. I'm not sure of the rules (they must be on the site somewhere...), but you may want to check. I don't actually know how it works. Just giving you fair warning, someone might take offense.

Oh, ok. Can I still remove/edit it after so this much time has passed? Otherwise I hope a moderator will be kind enough to help me out.

I have seen stat blocks of some of the custom monsters from RoTR on d20pfsrd so I thought it was ok, but I didn't think about the morale/tactics stuff.

Feel free to zip the maps I made, as long as you don't claim you made them. I'd appreciate credit in a text file but I won't require it. I didn't release them under a license or anything so I can't really enforce anything, but I suspect my wishes would be respected by this awesome community :)

On another note, I had to make a quick edit to the Festering Maze of Sloth map for a drained version, so here it is.

Festering Maze of Sloth (drained) - 39x27

Sorry about the lack of Chapter 6 maps, I've been totally drained lately. They are in the works though!

Silver Crusade

Digital Mystic wrote:
Well, getting any map to work in Roll20 is not that complicated. It can be a little fiddly, but not complicated. [...]

Just wanted to thank you, Digital Mystic for your help on this.

I did exactly as you suggested and now the maps fit perfectly. Sometimes being reassured that something can indeed be done is all you need to be able to do it yourself!

Thanks a lot again, buddy, much appreciated.

Glad to be able to help! Happy gaming!

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Recently, through a series of events, my group acquired the Kaijitsu Manor... then asked me for a layout of the place. I couldn't find one, so I decided to make one using Dungeon Painter. Enjoy!

Kaijitsu Manor

For those of you who are going to use the Turtleback Ferry document found elsewhere in this thread - I've created character cards to match the sandpoint ones.

Click here to get them.

Also adding RotRLAV edition monster and item cards for Skinsaw Murders.

Item Cards
Monster Cards

Dark Archive

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Reposting this, as I found out awhile ago that I screwed up one of the haunts, and I'd like this to be accurate and in one location.

The way I intended this to play out is that, after the haunt activates, the PC is given the handout, and reads through it. They then make whatever roll the handout requires, and if they are affected by it, it tells them what will happen next. The intent is to give that PC the opportunity to experience a part of the story for themselves, and then tell the story to the rest of the party - much the way I figure it would play out if this were a movie.

Burning Manticore:

As you enter the foyer again, the smell of smoke is heavy in the air. Before your very eyes, the stuffed manticore's mane bursts into flame, quickly engulfing the centerpiece in a massive conflagration. It roars in pain with a hoarse, painful voice, and turns to face you with its cold, glassy eyes. By this time, the entire beast is engulfed in the flame, and you can feel the heat upon your skin as it leaps for you. The creature is loathsome to your eyes, but no more so than its face, a twisted and cruel visage of humanity, but with growing horror, you realize the face has changed since your first viewing of the beast. The deformed features have smoothed and refined into the face of a woman. It is a familiar face to you. It is your face.

It is close now. The heat from the manticore is painful to be near, but the fire gives you the same small comfort it did years ago. You had no other options, after all. For six years, you'd seen this damnable manor darken the soul of your husband, taking what was once a good and ambitious man and change him into something dark and secretive. It had changed him, and it probably had changed you too. Six years ago, you would never have thought you had the inner courage to set the house ablaze, and take your children back with you to Magnimar. Traver couldn't be saved, you knew that. You had no choice. He would be sacrificed to save your children. To save yourself.

The servant's quarters were your proving ground. When you set the blaze, when you watched it erupt and consume the building, you felt free at last. Free from the yoke you have lived under for too long. Free from fear, free from guilt, free from him. All that remained is to set the blaze in the manor house proper. Set it, and be done with it.

But he comes! He yells your name, and you lash out at him with your firebrand!

(At this point, the burning manticore attempts to strike you with its burning stinger. Make a touch attack against yourself. The manticore has a +4 bonus. If it hits, you take 4d6 points of fire damage, and need to make a Reflex DC 15 to avoid catching on fire.)

Worried Wife:

What does he get up to down in the damp below? You asked him that once. He didn't respond, and that was worse than any answer you could have received. That and his glare. It was like he was looking beyond you, as though he was trying to will you out of existence. How could he not care about you? How could he not care about Lorey, his own flesh and blood? What has become of him? What will become of you?

No more! If you and Lorey stay here, then you will be caught up in whatever madness Vorel is working on. If you don't leave now with her, you may never leave. She is beside you, and he is downstairs, as he ever is. Go, now! This is your chance!

(Please make a Will save, DC 14. If you fail, then you are under a suggestion spell. You believe that one PC I designate is your child, and you both need to get out of this house before something horrible happens. As this spell is an enchantment (compulsion) effect with the language-dependent and mind-affecting keywords, any bonus or penalties that target any of these apply.)

Dance of Ruin:

Ah, the flamenco! You rarely get to dance it these days, living so far from the people. The last time you danced it was in this very room for your husband, though he was just a noble at that time. You leap into the air, twirling about the room in tight fast circles, and a cry of joy is upon your lips as you let your soul be free, even though he has imprisoned you here alone while he is off in Magnimar.

But not today! You don't know how someone else has stolen into the manor, but you quickly begin dancing with her as well. She is a beauty, a vision of Varisian beauty if ever there was one. Long curled hair, dark pools for eyes, curvaceous and graceful – she would be a catch for any man! But tonight she dances with you, and she matches your step beat for beat.

As the dance continues, she proves to be a remarkably skilled dancer, almost anticipating every step you take about the parlor. And why wouldn't she? After all, she is you. Who else would know your next move? You take her into your arms, and you dance even more frenetically to the increasingly fast tempo echoing from the piano. You don't notice the change upon your partner at first. The mark upon her skin is tan at first, but quickly resolves into an angry blue-black bruise about her throat. Her eyes begin to bulge and water, her mouth contorts in pain, and her tongue protrudes as she gasps for air.

(You will be dancing for the next 1d6 rounds – go ahead and roll it. You take 1 point of Strength damage right now, and will be taking that damage every round until the dance ends. You may make a DC 15 Will save at the start of each turn to end the dance early.)

Iesha's Vengeance:

He is dead! Your husband, Aldern, has killed him! Not one moment ago, you were seated by the fire with the carpenter, the two of you reading a treatise on the founding of Korvosa, and the next, the carpenter was struck from behind! Aldern was there, his face a mask of fury as he struck the carpenter with a stone bookend. He discards his bludgeon and turns to you, his face red, his eyes accusing. “You harlot!”, he cries, grabbing at your dress and pulling you to your feet. “I am your husband! You are mine, and no other man shall lay a finger upon you! Not now, and not ever again!” He grabs the scarf you wear about your neck, and pulls it tight around your throat. Silently, you plead with him, scratching at his arms and kicking with your feet, trying to show him the book. But the carpenter fell upon it, and your vision swims. As the light fades, your husband is the last thing you see. The man you fell in love with has taken your life. How could he do this to you? Your last thoughts before you black out are those of rage.

(Please make a DC 16 Will save. If you succeed, congratulations, you're safe! If not, you are paralyzed with fear as the ghostly image of Aldern Foxglove appears before you and seems to be pulling the scarf around your throat tight. Additionally, since you failed this first save, you need to immediately make a DC 16 Fort save. If you succeed, you take 3d6 damage – go ahead and roll that right now. If you fail, then you are suffocating. You are reduced to -1 hit point and you are dying.)

Frightened Child:

"Quick!”, Sendeli says as she ushers you and Zeeva into the room. “Hide under the bed! Mommy won't find us there!” The three of you crawl under the bed, and cower in the darkness. You don't know what's going on. Mommy came into the house, a torch in hand, and started shouting Daddy's name. She went upstairs, and the screaming and crashing started. The three of you snuck into Daddy's observatory to see what was happening, and saw Mommy and Daddy fighting. Mommy had her torch, and she was waving it around, trying to burn Daddy with it. Daddy had a knife, longer than the ones the servants use in the kitchen to cut meat, and there were things on his face. Ugly black bulges. Even your young mind knew what was happening. They were trying to kill each other.

Sendeli grabbed you both by the hand, and the three of you raced here, to your room, to hide. You shivered in the dark. You might only be six, but you know that tonight, you and your sisters are going to die. Either Mommy will kill Daddy, and she will burn you alive, like she burned the servant's quarters, or Daddy will kill Mommy, and then he will carve you three up with his long knife. You sob, knowing that you are going to die. Zeeva whispers to you. “Shush, Aldern! Or they will hear you!”

Then there is a crash. Followed by a scream that dies away into nothing. Then footsteps, loud ones down the stairs. You begin to scream in fear, but Zeeva and Sendeli place their hands over your mouth to muffle you, to avoid giving away your hiding place. The footsteps turn before they come to your room, however, and the double doors to the gallery are thrown open, followed shortly by the doors to Mommy and Daddy's room. Those doors slam, and then everything is silent. Silent, except for your sobs.

(Please make a DC 14 Will save. If you fail, you take 1d4 points of Wisdom damage from this vision.)

Phantom Phage:

“What's on your face, Mommy?”, Lorey asks her mother. The damnable woman! You were close – close! - to finishing the great work, finishing your glorious transcendence, when she came barging into your laboratory at the worst possible moment. Your attention was distracted, and it all went wrong immediately. The ritual consumes you with a horrible affliction in a moment, and your body dies, deformed and ridden with tumors and boils.

But something of the original work still went right. The b*+%@ had no idea what she saw, and you were too far along for the ritual to fail completely. It may not have worked as you intended, but you live on. This was not the transcendence you were hoping for, but you can make this work.

First, though, revenge. She has taken your dream from you. Now, you will take her life. Her, and that whelp. You reach out, and stroke your wife's cheek. Her skin blackens where you touch, and the infection begins to spread. Lorey screams, and backs away from her mother in fear. She may be able to escape her mother's grasp, but she cannot escape yours. Another touch, and the infection spreads to her.

Within minutes, both your wife and your daughter are dead from your hand. Good riddance. You remember the pain they must have felt, as it was your last experience. Growths on your face, foulness bubbling forth under your flesh, filled with pus and cancerous flesh, choking on the tumors in your lungs, blind as the growths swell your eyes shut. It was a gruesome way to die. The least you could do was share it with them. You tried to tear the corruption within your body away, just as they did. It helped them as much as it helped you. It only helped to disfigure their bodies further.

(Make a DC 14 Will save. If you fail, you tear at the flesh of your face, dealing 1d6 points of damage and 1d4 points of Charisma damage. Make a new save at the beginning of each round.)

Misogynistic Rage:

The horrors! The things you have seen in the deeps! Your husband is a monster wearing the guise of a man! You have no idea what he was doing down there, but you know blasphemy when you see it. The gods must have cursed him for his actions, as he was consumed by a horrible sickness and decay before your eyes. As he died, he spat such horrible curses at you! Words that you had only heard from sailors in Magnimar, and worse. “Damn your sex!”, Vorel gurgled as the plague took him. “Damn your curious nature, and your need to stick your noses where it's not wanted! I'll kill you for this, whore! You first, while our daughter watches. And then I'll kill her, just for the crime of being female!” The rage he felt as he died was a palpable entity!

(Make a DC 16 Will save. If you fail, you must attack the closest female using all of your capabilities to kill the target. This lasts for 1d4 rounds, or until the target is slain. This is an effect like dominate person, which is an enchantment (compulsion) effect with the mind-affecting keyword. Any bonuses or penalties that would apply to those effects apply here.)

The Stricken Family:

None. See, here's the thing - while the other haunts are personal, this one is formed by all of the spirits haunting the manor. The other universal haunt, The Worried Wife, is more keyed to Kasanda than any of the others, and is able to evoke the dread she was experiencing leading up to confronting Vorel. This one, though, is clearly more overt than the others, and affects anyone inside the room. Therefore, there's not a single handout to give to the PCs - they start up the haunt through their own actions, and experience it at the same time.

Suicide Compulsion:

You have killed her! By the gods, you have killed your Cyralie! Monster, she called you, as she tried to burn you and the house, like she set the servant's quarters ablaze. And perhaps a monster you have become. You put a hand to your face, and feel the cancerous growths. He has been in control. He forced you to kill your wife. He was the one that used his sorcery to redirect the fire's flow to her. He was the one that set her ablaze. He was the one that shoved her through the window.

You realize this now. That's why you ran from the observatory. For the first time in months, you are free of his corrupting influence! As you ran, you heard his raging bellow behind you. “Who are you to escape me?”, he thundered, and he was upon your heels in a moment. You fled for the front door, but as you cleared the stairs to the upper floor, you knew escape was impossible. You turned for your bedroom, racing through the gallery and slamming the doors to the room shut behind you.

“No way out!”, he cackled, and the doors buckled with the force of his blows. “You will be mine again!” You feel him already, taking control again. In a matter of moments, you will be Vorel's vessel again. You don't have time to make it to the window. But you can make it to the desk. There, on the edge, your dagger! You have time for one last act of defiance.

Your last thoughts are your children. Sendeli. Zeeva. Aldern. May they forgive you for everything he has made you do.

(Make a DC 15 Will save. If you fail, you move to the desk and pick up the dagger, preparing to do a coup de grace upon yourself. This will automatically do 2d4 plus twice your Strength modifier in damage to you. You will then need to make a Fortitude save with a DC equal to 10 plus the damage you just dealt. If someone attempts to stop you from killing yourself, you instead make a single attack against that person versus their flat-footed AC. If you hit, it is automatically a critical hit, dealing 2d4 plus twice your Strength modifier in damage, plus 1d4 points of bleed damage.)

Plummeting Inferno:

There he is! He wears a hood, but your husband cannot hide his deformed face from you. “No more, Traver,” you say, your voice breaking from the exhaustion you feel. “This all ends tonight. The madness that has taken you over – taken over this place – it will be fuel for the fire.” You thrust the torch into a chair, and the fire begins to feed upon it. “This place killed your great-uncle and his family. I won't let it kill ours.”

“What are you doing, you incompetent whore?”, he bellows, pulling a long knife from his belt. “Damnable woman, you're just like Kasanda – you don't know what you are meddling with!” He slashes at you with the blade, but you keep him away by thrusting the torch towards him.

“Listen to yourself, Traver!”, you cry, backing away, watching the flames begin to consume the rug in the center of the room. “You've gone mad! Please, let me help you! Put down the blade, and we can leave this place, never to return!”

“Leave? When I am so close to finishing what I started so long ago?” Your husband laughs a cruel laugh, and slashes at you with the blade. Again, you leap away, but it was a feint. He chants some words that echo with power, and the fire begins to dance to his words. With a gesture from his free hand, the fire engulfs you! You stagger blindly as the flames begin to devour you, Traver's name upon your lips as you beg for mercy. The water! It is your only chance! You leap through the stained-glass window. The fire has burned away the nerves on your skin, so you don't feel the glass tearing your flesh as you crash through onto the roof. You slide down the slanted roof and plummet over the edge. The manor shrinks above you as you plummet to the darkness below. You land hard on the rocks several hundred feet below, and your body crushes at the impact. You die instantly – a mercy, compared to the inferno you had become.

(Make a DC 16 Will save. If you fail, then you feel compelled to leap through the intact stained-glass window. I'll take it from there. If you succeed, you still feel the urge, but you can beg someone to restrain you.)

Unfulfilled Glories:

Ah, the life of a wanderer! The world is filled with a trillion wonders, and a man could live a thousand lifetimes, and never see them all! You remember your first sea voyage vividly – a trip across the Inner Sea from Cheliax to Thuvia. You were a minor attachment to a powerful Chelaxian dottari who wanted to purchase a vial of the sun orchid elixir. It rained the whole way there, but if you hadn't been at the rail on the third day, you wouldn't have seen the sea serpent crest the waves a hundred leagues away. Nobody believed you, but that didn't matter – you had seen it, and that was enough.

That was only the first of many travels. The dusty tombs of Osirion. The enchanting operas of Taldor. The stoicism of the warriors of Lastwall. The savage beauty of the Mwangi Expanse. And Absalom! Ah, Absalom, the City at the Center of the World! No place in the Inner Sea could ever hope to match its splendor!

But that was over a decade ago. You had settled down with your wife, back in your homeland of Varisia, and were determined to start a family. That meant sacrifices – no more wandering, no more travels. Someone else would have to negotiate with the rajahs of Jalmeray to ask for entrance to the Kingdom of the Impossible, someone else would have to arrange to sneak into the isolationist island enclave of Hermea, the utopian society. You, however, would become a father to three children – two daughters and a son.

More travels assault you in flashes. The hideous beasts of the Worldwound, crawling out of the hole in the world. A land frozen over in ice, ruled by the daughters of an immortal witch queen. The technological marvels that lumber about in Numeria. The oppressive society of Nidal, its people kept safe during the long climb back to civilization by the dark god, Zon-Kuthon. The Horde of Belzken, bristling with the orcish horde, barely kept back from rampaging upon the civilized people of the world by their own destructive natures. The Eye of Abendego, the massive hurricane has swirled off the coast of the Sodden Lands since Aroden's death a hundred years ago, and the secrets it keeps in its eye. All these travels – and not a one of them is yours. No, your lot is to spawn, and to die. It took her two tries before that shrill harpy was able to produce an heir, but she finally got it right the third time. At least your bloodline is assured, but how much have you missed? What wonders could you have found, what secrets could you have learned, had you kept wandering? Why did you ever settle down? What have you done with yourself?

And what can you do to fix it?

(Make a Will save DC 14. If you fail, you take 1d6 points of Wisdom damage.)

Origins of Lichdom:

You slip the chime back into your pocket, and quietly push the door to your husband's workshop open. There is a stench of decay in the air, of mildew and something else, something acrid. He is not here, however, so you begin to look around. One of the books on the workbench is open, and you read through its worn pages. Your husband's hand is unmistakable.

The text is shaky at times, and the terms he uses are occasionally indecipherable, but there are large portions that become clear to you as you read. He's written long treatises on two people – Arazni, the Harlot Queen of Geb, and Socorro, the Butcher of Carrion Hill. Their names are disturbing, but unfamiliar to you. They had both performed rituals of some sort, and your husband was looking to them to find commonalities. “In both cases,” he writes, “there are many differences, but a few things remain constant. A receptacle. A potion. A lengthy ritual, one that requires considerable magical power and impeccable attention to detail. Failure at any moment would be disastrous.”

What follows are several pages of metaphysical jargon that you fail to understand, but the intention is quite clear – he has spent years learning what steps he needs to take to replicate this ritual, and carry it out himself. A veritable laundry list of fantastic items take up several dozen pages, almost all of which are crossed out. Nine remain – four are names of monstrous creatures, and a long academic-sounding name next to it: treant, roc, sphinx, kraken. Five are amongst a list of unusual reagents: scorpion venom, vampire's breath, deathwing moth tongue, belladonna, the heart of a poisoned maiden.

The last page is written in triumphant script. “At last! The great work has been completed! Arazni! Socorro! I follow in your footsteps! Tonight, Death itself shall be denied! Tonight, I take my last step in this world, and my first in the next! Time shall have no meaning to me. Death shall have no claim upon me. I shake off such concerns as morality and humanity. I will be reborn in glorious undeath!”

What has he done? You race down to his underground laboratory, finding the door locked. He does not answer your cries, so you pull the chime from your pocket, and ring it. The door opens. You prepare yourself for the confrontation.

It is too late! You must find Lorey! You get her safe from here!

(Make a DC 14 Will save. If you fail, you know that your husband has succeed at his blasphemous ritual, and must flee upstairs at top speed to find your daughter and rescue her.)

Ghoulish Uprising:

“For you.”

“For you.”

“For you.”

Over and over, that's what you say. Your limbs ache, your throat is dry with thirst, your fine clothes are sweat-soaked and covered in dirt and grime, but you keep at your task. You lift the pick again. Your arms protest, but the thought of her gives you strength. “For you,” you cry again, and strike at the stone with the pickaxe.

The stone yields to you, just as you know she will. You sigh as your toil has paid off, but you notice that there is not just darkness beyond the hole. A stench of rotting flesh reaches your nostrils, and a dozen decaying arms reach through the hole, pulling the hole wider. You stand there frozen as the creatures reach for you. They grab you and drag you down, down into the dark with them. You look back, and see her a few steps away. She saved you once, back when the goblins attacked and killed your dog. They had torches with them. Just like Mommy did.

Something is happening to you, down here in the dark. You are changing. The weak-willed boy who was orphaned is dying. You are becoming something stronger. Something confident. Something better. You will claim her. She will be yours, just as you made Iesha yours. She will know that all of this that you is for her. You send your minions out after her. They will bring her to you, so you will be together for all eternity and live underground happily ever after. The end.

(You think you are being attacked by a pack of ghouls. Make a DC 16 Will save. If you succeed, you shake off this vision and regain your senses. If you fail, the ghouls grab you and tear and bite at your flesh. You take 6d6 points of damage, Fort save DC 16 for half. Additionally, if you fail, make a DC 16 Fort save. No reason. Honest.)

Vorel's Legacy:

There! The shadowy fungus! You have seen it before. It is the last remnants of your mortal form! If you feed upon it, you can reclaim your lost essence! You can finally take human form again!

(Make a DC 14 Will save. If you fail, you are under a suggestion to eat some of the black fungus. This is an enchantment (compulsion) effect with the language-dependent and mind-affecting keywords, so any bonuses or penalties that apply to these effects would apply here.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks for taking the time to put these together and share them Misroi.

I used these recently in my campaign and the players really enjoyed it.


In addition to the npc card sheet for the players ... a guide to turtleback ferry based on the one done for sandpoint...

Click here

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Placing a copy of my prep work here upon request:

I just finished running Chap 1 of RotRL and I figured I'd go ahead and share my prep work. I ended up putting quite a bit of time into the prep, but it really helped keep the pace of the campaign fairly quick and I believe it made it more fun for everyone. I have included links to both the ODT and PDF versions within this post.

The Swallowtail Festival portion contains my own festival games along with the (significant) rewards I provided for my players. I am running a group of 6 with a few experienced players, so these early rewards actually helped individual player wealth without having to tweak combat rewards. The Cure Light Wounds wands also were very appreciated by the group. One of my players was even extremely lucky and ended up winning the grand prize in Gorvi's Goblin Fishing Extravaganza!

I should also note that the combats all maximize the monster health. After seeing this in action, I believe that even a 4 player group with experienced players would benefit from maximized monster health. I then scaled the monster hp up (in my head) by 50% for each player beyond 4, since not everyone always showed up. This was a pretty quick and easy way to scale and worked for everything except the Shadow encounter in part IV (which I just used maximized health for... shadows are really scary at level 3).

I didn't use XP, rather I just told them when they leveled. Level 2 was hit after defeating Tsuto, level 3 after the Catacombs of Wrath (2 and 3 were right on top of each other) and level 4 at the end of the chapter. If I were to do it again, I would award level 4 either after Nualia or just before Nualia after clearing floor 2 of the Thistletop dungeon. The shadows, giant crab and greater barghest encounters would be better with a group of level 4 PCs I think. They dragged a bit with level 3 PCs.

So, here is the prep work. Any comments are welcome.

RotRL Chap 1 ODT Documents
Swallowtail Festival
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Spell Reference

RotRL Chap 1 PDF Documents
Swallowtail Festival
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Spell Reference

These should provide just about everything you need to run Chapter 1 of Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition. I would still recommend reading the parts (and ideally the whole chapter) before running it, but you probably don't need to do much more than that if you use these prep sheets. Oh, fair warning, it's quite a few pages to print it all out.

I should also take a minute to talk about the Alaznist Anvil, an item that I added to the game. Personally, I don't think finding a piece of magic gear that you can't use and having to sell for 1/2 price is fun. So, in an effort to make the game more fun AND to deal with the wealth per player issue in a 6 player party, the Alaznist Anvil was added, which allows players to transfer the magical enchantments from one piece of gear to another. This means when they find a +1 weapon or +1 piece of armor, they can toss it on a masterwork item they already have. Feel free to use it or not. My players love it. ;)

Some things to keep in mind with the Anvil:

1) The enchantment is moved and the source item is destroyed.
2) The new enchantments overwrite any existing enchantments on the the destination item, so you can't stack a bunch of enchants on your item from different sources.
3) Any enchants that are not possible (such as Keen on a bow) are simply lost in the transfer.

I hope you all find this useful. Enjoy!

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber
Ckorik wrote:

In addition to the npc card sheet for the players ... a guide to turtleback ferry based on the one done for sandpoint...

Click here

Does anyone have a copy of the Sandpoint guide, it seems that all the links I found did not work anymore?

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JohnHawkins wrote:
Ckorik wrote:

In addition to the npc card sheet for the players ... a guide to turtleback ferry based on the one done for sandpoint...

Click here

Does anyone have a copy of the Sandpoint guide, it seems that all the links I found did not work anymore?

Sandpoint guide

NPC cards to go along with said guide

Pathfinder Starfinder Adventure Path, Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

Thanks for that

JohnHawkins wrote:
Thanks for that

Sure thing - if anyone is looking for something specific that has a broken link I can see if it's in my files - I grabbed what I wanted so I don't have everything but I'm happy to check and repost.

For those groups who love to decipher codes, here are some of the runes inscribed on the walls of the library entrance, area C6 of the module 4. Fortress of the Stone Giants:

Handout: Area C6. Library Entrance: Runes on the walls

There is someone here who can read Thassilonian? =)

GustavoMalek wrote:

For those groups who love to decipher codes, here are some of the runes inscribed on the walls of the library entrance, area C6 of the module 4. Fortress of the Stone Giants:

Handout: Area C6. Library Entrance: Runes on the walls

There is someone here who can read Thassilonian? =)

Hi Gustavo

is it possible to have a translation into Common of the runes as well as of the scroll of the "Peacock Spirit ritual" you create?

It would be possible, although not probable, that the party of my running ROTL adventure path could translate them.
I installed the font you posted in the forum, but I can't translate an image.

I made this chase mat for the boar hunt with Aldran Foxglove in Burnt Offerings. I hope it comes in handy for anyone who uses it.

New maps incoming soon. I have five done already (Cliff Stairs, Frozen Cathedral, Ravenous Crypts, Runeforge, and Vault of Greed). I think I will finish four or five more then I will post them up. I will go ahead and redo the map list at the same time. Oh and as a bonus, I may share a quick and dirty map I did for Godsmouth Heresy.

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Hi guys.

I wasn't really happy with the layout of the townhouse in The Skinsaw Murders. Many of the rooms seem far too small for their intended purpose (especially the dining room), and some things are missing, such as servant's quarters. Some areas of the building have no natural lighting at all and the magical levitating fireplace on the third floor nearly made me choke. Also the mystery room to the southwest kind of bothered me.

So I re-did the map. My results aren't as pretty but they can be found here:


C1: Front Garden This once neat approach to the house clearly hasn't been maintained for several months.
C2: Foyer The first 10' section has a 25' ceiling, overlooked by a balcony at the top of the stairs to the north and west. During a party musicians would assemble up here to play for the party guests below. The statue is of Vorel Foxglove. The southern stairs ascend to the second floor while the northern stairs go under the upward stairs and lead to the basement. The rest of the ceilings on this floor ar 12' high.
C3: Cloakroom An ordinary closet, with some moth-eaten cloaks here.
C4: Parlour
C5: Dining Room
C6: Kitchen
C7: Pantry The trap door in the floor leads to the cellar, while the door to the north is the servant's entrance.
C8: Back Garden The patio has room for a large table to be set up for outdoor events.
C9: Garden Shed Holds a variety of garden implements and patio furniture.
C10: Landing/Musicians' Gallery The ceiling here is about 12' high.
C11: Guest Bedrooms
C12: Bath
C13: Linen Closet located under the stairs as they ascend to the 3rd floor. There could possibly be something interesting in the crawlspace under the stairs accessible from here.
C14: Upstairs Lounge (Including the fireplace with lion motif) The ceilings here are about 10' high, except near the north and south edges of the house where they slope down a bit with the slope of the roof; at the north and south walls of the building the ceiling is about 6' high, but this is pierced by dormers for the windows on these faces.
C15: Master Bedroom If there is access to the attic it would probably be in here (or maybe in C16). The peak of the roof would give the attic about 10' of height at the middle of the house, and would cover the central 25' of the building.
C16: Library
C17: Bath
C18: Wine Cellar Very little is actually here, having mostly been pilfered by the Skinsaw cult.
C19: Secret Cache Accessed from behind an empty cask, the "good stuff" here will not have been found by the Skinsaw cult.
C20: Servant's Quarters
C21: Cellar Used to store dry goods and bulk supplies that would take up too much room upstairs. Not much remains and what is here shows some evidence of being pilfered by mice or rats.
C22: Secret Workshop (optional) If Vorel was the original owner of the townhouse, he might have commissioned the Misgivings to be built while living here. If so his preliminary research about becoming a lich would be located here, though anything particularly valuable would probably have been moved to the Misgivings. There could be some minor treasure here, or even some undead that he created as experiments shuffling around in here. A secret door in the wine cellar would open up here.

Other notes: There are no windows on the east side of the building or the west side of the pantry as there are other townhouses that are identical in layout but a mirror image of this one on the adjacent lots.

The white rectangles are doors; the rectangles with two dots are windows.

While I'm at it I might as well post this:

This was a re-work of the Catacombs of Wrath that I did to make it a bit less linear. There is only one spiral staircase that connects both levels. This fills the role of both stairwells in the original map. Also I added a number of collapsed tunnels for more foreshadowing about the scribbler's lair later on.

I reduced the amount of gold the party was going to get for selling Erylium's dagger so I added some extra treasure to compensate.

The room with the four statues was another "welcome" room. The eyes of the statues had gems in them that were enchanted with an alarm trap which would make noise if someone tampered with them which would bring Koruvus running.

The other room to the southeast is an old armory. Most of the items in here are trash but some good stuff remains. This is where the sinspawn get their ranseurs from. I also put a +1 spiked shield which had spikes laid out in a pattern like the sihedron rune.

The image is just a rough layout because I was using IxionZero's printable map and just swapped around components.

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Updating the map index and adding nine brand new maps I made, Stairway of Xin, Frozen Cathedral, Runeforge, Ravenous Crypts, The Vault of Greed, Iron Cages of Lust, Shimmering Veils of Pride, Festering Maze of Sloth, and Halls of Wrath. Enjoy! Template found HERE

General Sandpoint Maps

  • Garrison Gridless. by Terry Dyer
  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Exterior. by Terry Dyer
  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Interior. by Evil Lincoln
  • General Store Ground floor. General Store Seccond floor General Store Basement by Gr4ys.
    General Store with Basement By The Numerator
  • The Hagfish. by BrotherJason
  • The Rusty Dragon 1st Floor The Rusty Dragon 2nd Floor by Gr4ys
  • The Rusty Dragon by Hero339


    Festival and Fire

  • Cathedral Square for Initial Assault. By Unknown
  • North Gate for Die Dog Die. By Digitalmystic
  • Desecrated Vault. By Dakcenturi
  • General Store Basement for Shopkeepers Daughter by Gr4ys.
  • The Boar Hunt by The Numerator
  • Trouble at the Rusty Dragon by Gr4ys
  • Monster in the Closet by Gr4ys
  • Garrison for Grim News from Mosswood. by Terry Dyer
  • Swallowtail Festival by Hero339

    Glass and Wrath

  • Beautiful Sandpoint Glassworks map. by Tintagel
  • Glassworks Basement. by Tintagel
  • Smugglers Tunnel. by IxionZero
  • Cathedral of Wrath. by IxionZero
  • Catacombs of Wrath by Askren
  • The Glassworks by Hero339
  • Glassworks Basement by Hero339
  • The Glassworks by Hero339
  • Catacombs of Wrath by Hero339


  • First Version of Thistletop by Unknown.
  • Second Version of Thistletop. by Askren
  • Bunyip Lair by Tintagel
  • Thistletop Dungeons 1. by Askren
  • Thistletop Dungeons 2. by Askren
  • Thistletop by Hero339
  • Thistletop Grotto by Hero339
  • Thistletop Top Level by Hero339


    Murder Most Foul

  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Exterior. by Terry Dyer
  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Interior. by Evil Lincoln (This one could use a rework. Does not match description in module.)
  • Sandpoint Lumbermill Interior and Exterior combined

    The Thing in the Atic

  • Habe’s Sanitarium by ThreeLite
  • Alternate Habe’s by TalesfromtheTabletop (not sure of Paizo Username)

    Walking Scarecrows

  • Farmlands 1 By Tintagel
  • Farmlands 2 By Tintagel
  • Farmlands 3 By Tintagel
  • Farmhouse By Tintagel


  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 1st Floor w/ surroundings by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 1st Floor by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings 2nd Floor by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings Attic by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings Basement by Tintagel
  • Foxglove Manor/The Misgivings Caverns by Tintagel

    Chasing the Skinsaw

  • Foxglove Townhouse by DigitalMystic

    The Seven’s Sawmill

  • The Seven’s Sawmill by ThreeLite
  • The Sevens Sawmill and Foxglove Townhouse by Dom C
  • The Undermill by GustavoMalek
  • Ground Floor by GustavoMalek
  • Seccond Floor by GustavoMalek
  • Third Floor by GustavoMalek
  • Fourth Floor/Workshop by GustavoMalek
  • Rookery by GustavoMalek

    Shadows of Time

  • Shadow Clock Tower and Roof by Dom C
  • Shadow Clock Roof by Tinalles


    Many of these links are from THIS thread. I have linked the super high resolution versions. You may need to resize them to make them work for you, or you can download the lower res versions in the thread above.

    In the Hooks Shaddow

  • The Graul Homestead Ground Floor by BWatford
  • The Graul Homestead Upstairs and Basement by BWatford
  • The Graul Homestead Barn and Field by BWatford
  • Graul Homestead by Threelite

    Retaking Rannick

  • Hook Mountain Exterior and Caves by Digital Mystic
  • Fort Rannick 1st Floor by BWatford
  • Fort Rannick 1st Floor North by Riding Bull
  • Fort Rannick 1st Floor South by Riding Bull
  • Fort Rannick 2nd Floor by BWatford
  • Fort Rannick 2nd Floor by Riding Bull
  • Below Fort Rannick by BWatford
  • Below Fort Rannick by BWatford
  • Below Fort Rannick by Riding Bull
  • Fort Rannick (116x88 Split into 4 parts, each 58x44) by threelite
  • Fort Rannick: 3 levels except the outside (grid size 70x70) by Philly

    Down Comes the Rain

  • Saving the School Children (Just add boat) by Digital Mystic
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga by Digital Mystic
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga by Tinalles
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga /w Grid by Tinalles
  • Turtleback Ferry Chapel/Black Maga by Miikka Autere
  • Top of Dam Ogre Fight by Digital Mystic
  • Skulls Crossing Western Caves by BWatford
  • Skulls Crossing Skulls Watch by BWatford
  • Skulls Crossing Grazulls Domain by BWatford
  • Ferry crafted from the shell of giant turtle by GustavoMalek
  • Skull's Crossing - Encounter with the Ogre Demolition Crew - 20x20 by GustavoMalek
  • Skull's Crossing: Skull's Watch - 20x20 by GustavoMalek
  • Skull's Crossing: Grazuul's Domain - 20x19 by GustavoMalek

    The Haunted Heart

  • Mysterious Derelict (25x25 units, 70 pixels per unit) by threelite
  • Heart of Sadness by Digital Mystic
  • Heart of Sadness by Miikka Autere

    Harrowing the Hook

  • Hook Mountain Clanhold pt1 by BWatford
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold pt2 by BWatford
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold by Miikka Autere
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold - full map (72px - 106x68) by GustavoMalek
  • Hook Mountain Clanhold - divided in 2 parts of 53x68 each (better resolution) by GustavoMalek


    Stones over Sandpoint

  • Sandpoint North Gate by Digital Mystic
  • Sandpoint East Bridge by Digital Mystic
  • Sandpoint Garrison and Town Hall by Digital Mystic
  • Sandpoint Scarnetti Manor by Digital Mystic
  • Mill Pond - 32x30 by threelite
  • Two Knights Brewery - Beer or Death - 25x25 by threelite

    Journey to Jorgenfist

  • Ogre Cattle Rustlers - 35x35 by threelite
  • Storval by Digital Mystic

    Into the Valley of the Black Tower

  • Longtooth’s Lair by Digital Mystic
  • Wyvern/Deathweb Caves by Digital Mystic
  • Jorgenfist by Digital Mystic
  • Black Tower 1 by Digital Mystic
  • Black Tower 2 by Digital Mystic
  • Jorgenfist - One huge image, 78x96 by threelite
  • Jorgenfist - Split into 4, 39x48 each image by threelite
  • River Caves - 45x29 by threelite
  • Longtooth's Cave - 44x13 by threelite
  • Watchpost - 30x30 by threelite
  • The Black Tower - 16x31 by threelite

    Under Jorgenfist

  • Under Jorgenfist by Digital Mystic
  • The Pit and Caverns - Split into 4 for Roll20 upload limit. 46x34 each, 92x68 total by threelite

    The Ancient Library

  • The Ancient Library by Digital Mystic
  • Jorgenfist Library - 61x37 by threelite


    The Scribbler's Rhyme

  • Lamashtu's Shrine by threelite

    Seeking Runeforge

  • The Scriblers Lair by Digital Mystic
  • The Dragon's Lair - 59x22, did 2 maps; one showing the hidden ramp and another without by threelite
  • The Dragon's Lair by Digital Mystic
  • The Sihedron Circle - 29x20 by threelite
  • The Sihedron Circle by Digital Mystic
  • Frozen Cathedral - 34x19 by threelite
  • Frozen Cathedral by Digital Mystic
  • Xin's Stairway - 29x23 by threelite
  • Xin's Stairway by Digital Mystic

    Runeforge and the Abjurant Halls

  • Runeforge - 52x33 by threelite
  • Runeforge by Digital Mystic
  • Ravenous Crypts - 30x22 by threelite
  • Ravenous Crypts by Digital Mystic
  • The Vault of Greed - 50x34 by threelite
  • The Vault of Greed - by Digital Mystic
  • Iron Cages of Lust - 69x44 by threelite
  • Iron Cages of Lust by Digital Mystic
  • Shimmering Veils of Pride - 49x33 by threelite
  • Shimmering Veils of Pride by Digital Mystic
  • Festering Maze of Sloth - 39x27 by threelite
  • Festering Maze of Sloth Drained - 39x27 by threelite
  • Festering Maze of Sloth by Digital Mystic
  • Halls of Wrath - 80x129 (rotated so that north is up) by threelite
  • Halls of Wrath by Digital Mystic


    Whispers in the Wood

  • Vekker's Cabin - 33x41 by threelite
  • Vekker's Cabin Environs - 31x37 by threelite


  • Lair of the Hidden Beast - 28x20 by threelite
  • Ghlorofaex's Lair - 101x64 by threelite

    The Eye of Avarice

  • The Eye of Avarice (34x23) by villadelfia

    Maps that I don't know where they are from:

  • Giant Sentinels - 56x40 by threelite

  • Digital Mystic wrote:

    Hey, DM!

    you could add these from my previous two posts:


    Glass and Wrath

  • Alternate layout for Catacombs of Wrath (rough draft) by Peet


    Chasing the Skinsaw

  • Alternate Townhouse Map by Peet

  • Ahhh boogers. Sorry Peet, I missed those. It is too late to edit the post tho.

    Yossarian wrote:

    Updates made based on Kalshane's feedback:

    Illustrated Sandpoint NPC list

    At the moment,'s DNS appears down. I have V 1.1 September 2013 of the Sandpoint Gamesmaster Notes.


    1) Names in "surname" (usually last name) first which would help to group people by family relations as well as be consistent with other indexes that usually list people in surname format. Typically, I would look for "Foxglove" or "Zantus".

    2) Page 247 of the RotRL Anniversary Edition mentions "Jaren Vasvear, who in life was a corporal in the Sandpoint militia and who served as a leader of the group of guards Hemlock sent into these chambers." He would be the logical person to act in Sherrif Hemlock's place in Chapter 1 while the Sherrif is in Magnimar. It would be VERY handy to have him in the cast list of your document while the Sherrif is gone.

    3) Misspelling page 14: "Fatman's Feedback" (mentioned in other places correctly as "Feedbag".

    4) A link to in the document could point to a web page, and that web page could show the current version for download so I would know if I need to download a revision to this document in my hands or if the one in front of me *is* the latest.

    5) I'm not sure if there is a way to do this, but I've been using "alternate" photos of both Garridan Viskalai -d6l3ur3.jpg and Belor Hemlock that appear more "Shoanti" based on current Paizo renderings such as pWK3Vw0/s720/Shoanti%25203.png

    I don't know if it is worth putting two photos of the same person or not in the book, but for my campaign I am using those alternate photos.

    6) Credit for the source images embedded into the images.

    7) Attachment (or as a separate document) a "cards formatted" version of the images. I think someone already did this, and I am pretty sure I fetched a file of just the images from your site, but I had to do some cutting and flipping around to make a "cards" version. I don't think you can legally do the ones Paizo has from their face deck, or they may be annoyed if you did. But having the non-Paizo-sourced images ready in the same format as the facedeck cards ready-to-print would be sweet. :)

    All in all, the document is fantastic and I plan to circulate it within our play group *AFTER* I get past the spoilerific portions of Chapter 2. My print copy of your document is very wrinkled from heavy use. :)

    Just to update, I did a re-build of my maps for the Thistletop dungeon levels 1 and 2 a few months back, which can be found here:

    Thistletop Dungeon 1
    Thistletop Dunegon 2

    There would be a version of the Fort too, but I was sort of rushed when I made that and only did the interior, and it was at half the resolution, so I'm not really happy with how it worked out.

    There will probably be more maps coming, as my group is going to be moving on to Skinsaw Murders in the coming weeks (I've sidelined them in Magnimar for a bit).

    My to-do list includes; Finishing my Habe Sanitarium map, doing the Lumber Mill murder scene if I have time, and probably the Shadow Clock. I don't think I'm nuts enough to attempt the Misgivings Manor, but I'd like to do it one day.

    Oh my... Askren ... Bravo! These are some amazingly good maps. Thoroughly top notch! The attention to detail is stunning! Also, I love how you added texture to the cave walls with that layered effect. I think I may steal that technique if you don't mind!

    I swear I haven't seen some of these elements you use before. What are you using? Where did you get those dead goblins for example? And those perfect statues with the Ranseurs? Those look remarkably like Karzookie himself. And the votive tables! Did you place every candle yourself?! I bet you did...

    Amazing sir. Just amazing.

    P.S. could you perhaps rehost your earlier map of the catacombs of wrath? They were on Dropbox I believe and no longer seem to work. Perhaps your Deviantart account, or Imgur would be more appropriate?

    Digital Mystic wrote:
    Oh my... Askren ... Bravo! These are some amazingly good maps. Thoroughly top notch! The attention to detail is stunning! Also, I love how you added texture to the cave walls with that layered effect. I think I may steal that technique if you don't mind!

    I appreciate it. I actually can't claim the technique is my own invention, I cribbed it from some other tileset maker I saw, but I've been working on perfecting it in other maps after this one. You're more than welcome to give it a go.

    I swear I haven't seen some of these elements you use before. What are you using? Where did you get those dead goblins for example? And those perfect statues with the Ranseurs? Those look remarkably like Karzookie himself. And the votive tables! Did you place every candle yourself?! I bet you did...

    I use resources from all over, most coming from the Dundjinni forums, but a lot of the things in my more recent maps, I've found that a lot of the props I pick up just don't match the sharpness of the textures around them, so what I've taken to doing is basically building them from scratch with pieces of high-res textures. You can see this in things like the dresser in Tsuto's room, the entire bed in Orik's room, and the barrels and some crates in the junk room.

    The goblins, those I made from scratch. It's hard to tell at that tiny resolution, but what I did was take a human skeleton, deform it so it matched a goblin's proportions, and then paint skin over it (in this case, dried and rotted skin and withered muscles)and then for the dog-hide armor on that one goblin, I literally just cut apart some fur textures and stitched them together to make armor for the goblin. I would have had more in the scene, but it just too too long and my time was low. The statues of Karzoug were made much the same way, with some bits being cut and repainted from some top-down token I had, and the rest was either painted on or made and distorted to fit the top view. And yes, I put every candle in by hand on one table and then mirrored it. It may be hard to tell, but it's basically 4 different candles all rotated random directions and placed randomly on the table.

    I usually challenge myself to represent everything I'm describing to the players on the map, even if it's only in a small and rushed way.

    If you want to see me going overboard, check out my Fishery map for Curse of the Crimson Throne HERE.


    P.S. could you perhaps rehost your earlier map of the catacombs of wrath? They were on Dropbox I believe and no longer seem to work. Perhaps your Deviantart account, or Imgur would be more appropriate?

    I don't even want to look at it, it's so ugly.


    Hi, i dont play with a digital platform for the maps. My group, play strictly live and oldschool :)

    how to i implement these beautiful maps and other stuff to my campaign.

    How do i convert them into prinable formats with squares on it ?

    Going to Costco and doing Thistletop would require 2 maps @ $27 each joined to make one huge map so you can see everything: $54. It then has three levels at the actual site @ $14 per map, $42. So printing Thistletop the way you have had those other maps to work from, total cost: $96. I can do LOTS of cool things with the group for $96 instead of maps for this game.

    What I am doing instead is having some VERY nice, high-quality maps done by the community (BLESS YOU hero339 ON DEVIANT ART!) I then have the OMG incredible art on a display monitor that the group can see, so they have the super-clear picture of what is intended. I am then using wet-erase on a very large battle-mat from Chessex along with several OTHER smaller maps for lower levels I can drop on top of it as the group arrives there.

    The group doe want to play using minis in front of them on a battle mat. For stuff that does not involve combat, a glance at the monitor along with my description of the area and good "theater of the mind" work are enough, and the crappy scratching on the battle mat simply don't matter and can be ignored. When it comes to combat, I don't want to risk screwing over my players by misunderstanding "I am at position X" and having their action fail where if we have it on a mat, everyone is on exactly the same page.

    So without spending nearly $100 for high quality printed maps to be seen once in the campaign and never again... I have to come up with OTHER ways to take my game up to 11. And the community done maps (BLESS YOU hero339!) are a huge part of that.

    Rasmus Koch wrote:

    Hi, i dont play with a digital platform for the maps. My group, play strictly live and oldschool :)

    how to i implement these beautiful maps and other stuff to my campaign.

    How do i convert them into prinable formats with squares on it ?

    tutorial to make battlemaps

    That's using photoshop - however there are instructions for 'gimp' (which is freeware) in the comments below the article.

    I will note that some of these really nice maps end up not working in Posterazor - the file gets too big due to all the pretty graphics and it won't open the '1 inch scale' :(

    I don't know how to fix that.

    I did get the 'interactive' maps from paizo - which wasn't outrageous to use for battlemaps.

    If you want to see what it looks like printed - here is a link - that's using my printers 'economy' setting to save on ink - which in general makes each page cost me around 5-6 cents or less. Maps range anywhere from 6-30 pages depending on size (the shadow clock has been the biggest one I've done) so rough costs are $.30 to $1.80 in ink + paper and tape or glue.

    I am not finding a map for the route to Jorgenfist. Is it only a description in the adventure or am I simply not finding the map?

    Chalice wrote:
    I am not finding a map for the route to Jorgenfist. Is it only a description in the adventure or am I simply not finding the map?

    In the hardcover it's only a description. It's marked on the map at page 7, however.

    Ok, thanks Chub.

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    Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens Subscriber

    In one of my Runelords games, Tsuto escaped into the smuggling tunnels, and the PCs chased after him. I put together a Chase for that situation, figuring that Tsuto had a rowboat on the beach at the far end of the tunnel.

    Tsuto ran into the room with the tunnel, and then slammed and locked the door. He then took off down the tunnel.

    Here's what I came up with:


    Glassworks Basement:

    Obstacle: Locked Door*

    Pick Lock: Disable Device (DC 15) or
    Kick Down: Strength check (DC 18) or
    Bash Through: Hardness 5, hp 15

    *Once overcome by any PC, this room has no obstacle.



    Tunnel Entrance:

    Obstacle: Tripwires

    Notice & Avoid: Perception (DC 15) or
    Catch Yourself: Reflex save (DC 12)




    Obstacke: None



    Fume-Filled Tunnel:

    Obstacle: Bad Air

    "I know that smell!" Know (dungeoneering or nature) (DC 18) or
    *Cough!* Fort save (DC 12)


    Obstacle: "Which way?"

    Listen for sounds: Perception (DC 15) or
    Look for tracks: Survival (DC 12)



    Trapped Tunnel:

    Obstacle: Open Pit (10 ft wide, 10 ft. deep)

    Broad Jump: Acrobatics (DC 10} or
    Climb Around: Climb (DC 13)




    Obstacle Sleeping bat swarm*

    Sneak Past: Stealth (DC 15) or
    Calm Them: Handle Animal (DC 18) or
    Soothe Them: Wild Empathy (DC 10)

    *If disturbed, party attacked by a bat swarm for 1d3 rounds



    Dead End?:

    Obstacle: Secret Door*

    Notice Door: Perception (DC 15) or[i]
    Deduce Door's Location: Know (dungeoneering or engineering) (DC 18) [i]or

    Follow Tracks to Door: Survival (DC 13)

    *Once one PC overcomes this obstacle, this card has no obstacle.




    Obstacle: Loose, fine sand

    Tumble Over: Acrobatics (DC 10)
    Power Through: Fort save (DC 10)



    Finsh: Tsuto's Rowboat:

    Obstacle: None*

    *Tsuto needs 2 full round actions to cast off and row away.


    Liberty's Edge

    Nice Haladir!

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    Pathfinder Adventure Path, Lost Omens Subscriber

    Here's a graphical representation of the above chase.

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    Rasmus Koch wrote:

    Hi, i dont play with a digital platform for the maps. My group, play strictly live and oldschool :)

    how to i implement these beautiful maps and other stuff to my campaign.

    How do i convert them into prinable formats with squares on it ?

    I used to feel the same way, I was amazed!! with all the excellent work done by the cartographers in this group...I had to have it for my group! But the cost of printing it, time spent cutting and pasting just started to add up, and after awhile I could simply no longer justify it.

    I have always felt the time spent setting up and using tiles or drawing out maps was has always felt to drag down my game sessions. With often, less then desirable results.

    So my solution was buying a very low cost led flat screen (32" cost me less then $200), and placed it on the table. Covered it with a solid clear sheet of plexi-glass. With about 1 hour of watching youtube tutorials on Maptool and a little prep, I save about $50 - $300 a month on print outs. I can still place a grid map up on the screen and draw directly on the plexi-glass just like a dry erase mat, and use figures. But, have found it much easier to use maptool with the built in Fog of War feature. I can place a grid on the maps via the tool and adjust the size with ease. Works great!!... I have saved a ton, and added so much upside to my dungeon maps. I can not recommend it enough.

    Picture of Setup


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    Here's my GM prep work for Chapter 2 of RotRL. Enjoy!

    RotRL Chap 2 ODT Documents
    Part I - No Combat
    Part II
    Part III
    Part IV
    Part V
    Part VI
    Part VII
    Spell Reference

    RotRL Chap 2 PDF Documents
    Part I - No Combat
    Part II
    Part III
    Part IV
    Part V
    Part VI
    Part VII
    Spell Reference

    Pathfinder Maps Subscriber

    As one of the people who ran through Haladir's chase, I have to admit that was fun to do. It's not exactly what we expected, but it was also a nice break for those of us who almost got killed by trying to take on Tsuto one on one (like my idiotic character did lol). It was a very nice twist that was included.

    trik wrote:

    Here's my GM prep work for Chapter 2 of RotRL. Enjoy!

    RotRL Chap 2 ODT Documents
    Part I - No Combat
    Part II
    Part III
    Part IV
    Part V
    Part VI
    Part VII
    Spell Reference

    RotRL Chap 2 PDF Documents
    Part I - No Combat
    Part II
    Part III
    Part IV
    Part V
    Part VI
    Part VII
    Spell Reference

    Thank you so much for posting these!! Your Chapter 1 notes were great, and your formatting is fantastic. Cheers.

    I had an itch with one of the Runeforge maps and so I redid it to be more accurate with the scale of other wings and ignoring the "1 square = 10 feet" as written on book. That scale went against other measures mentioned of the wing and just create needlessly large rooms compared to any other wing. I will most likely do a retake on few other wings that I couldn't get roll20 light maps working as I'd like. Having line thin walls be visual on both sides of the grid makes creating light maps so much nicer and clearer.

    So here is my take on:

    Sins of the Saviors - The Halls of Wrath

    Hope these do some good to anyone who had same issues as I did.

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    I found the maps WAY too expensive to print for their limited use. Had I to do it over again, the only map I would have printed is Sandpoint, which I have on 20"x30" cardstock from the image in the interactive .PDF. I "printed" the map using GIMP is "insane high resolution", I cropped out the page and other stuff I did *NOT* want, and then I went for the correct size of 20"x30" at 150 dpi resolution. Take to CostCo, print, and I have a VERY nice, sturdy map of Sandpoint to use over and over and over, and it's been great.

    For the rest of the maps, I plan to use the ones from which are insane with detail and realistic effect. But the plan is to show ONLY what the group needs to see on a monitor I display in everyone's view, and my group now knows they might really want to have their PC's map their way around to avoid getting lost, since they won't have that big handy sheet of exposed rooms to guide them around.

    When we hit combat in larger areas where position matters, I'm using one of those huge Chessex battle mats as a "tablecloth" to cover the seam between the three 2'x4' tables I'm using, and they will be free to sketch out the map as suits them. They can see what's in the room from the monitor, and I can tell them from the book it's a 20' x 30' room. A quick scratch on the battle mat... GO! That saves me from painstaking drawing of rooms that I'm not happy to have in presentation, then I have to hide them for fog-of-war, and actually few of the rooms require combat anyway. Hero339's maps have the detail I want, the limited size of the monitor lets me hide everything, so I hope it's all good. I'll post here how it turns out.

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    Just throwing this in here so it doesn't get lost in the thread shuffle.

    RotRL Kingdom Building

    Well. I can print the stuff at work, so i guess printing expenses are not an issue.

    My problem is. If i take this Photoshop_lowRescopie_zps6ab26f1b.jpg.html

    photo. How do i get a grid on it ???

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