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I'm GM'ing a RoTR campaign. One of my players is playing a Ranger and has chosen to get an animal companion (a wolf). Since he didn't think of a way to introduce the wolf himself, I made a short sidestory where the party rescued the wolf from wolfpack from which the wolf originated. They were trying to kill him due to an unnaturalness in one of his eyes (a whirling storm inside the eyeball).

I didn't really plan what impact the wolf would have, but later decided that the Ranger would wake up discovering a whirlwind in one of his own eyes and the ability to see through the eyes of his wolf (kinda like the share senses spell).

My party has been somewhat interested in finding the reason for these unnusual things, so my next idea is to tie the wolf to a part of the story in RoTR to make it all come together (e.g. the wolf might be a humanoid polymorphed and erased of his memories by a great wizard as a punishment or an experiment gone wrong etc.). The thing is I have a hard time to actually find a part in RoTR where something like this would fit in. Do the great members of this forum have any ideas? The requirements is that it makes somewhat sense with what has happened so far (the two first paragraphs in this post) and that it ties the companion to the story of RoTR.

FYI: The party is lvl 5 and is about to enter the Foxglove Manor.

Hello! Me (the GM) and my group are new to Pathfinder (but got a little experience from Dragon Age and Star Wars).

So far we've had a lot of fun with RotR. The party is just about to enter the Catacombs of Wrath for the first time. They won over Tsuto quite easily (along with 3 goblins), even though only 2 (out of 4 PCs) was present in the fight.

So now I wonder whether the potions (mainly potions of cure wounds) listed on the enemies, should be used by the enemies when appropriate? Until now I've given them out as rewards after the fights, since the combat tactics doesn't mention them.

Also, after the fight where Tsuso survived I had him kill himself with an arrow which I very much regret now... :[