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I put my insomnia to work for me and created an index of flavorful classes/archetypes and prestige classes for the Legacy of Fire adventure path. I hope you and your players find it useful.

Suggested Legacy of Fire Classes/Archetypes:
- Arcanist/Elemental Master
- Barbarian/Burn Rider
- Barbarian/Mad Dog
- Bard/Dawnflower Derivish
- Bard/Dervish Dancer
- Bard/Flame Dancer
- Bard/Flame Singer
- Bard/Sandman
- Bard/Watersinger (Undine)
- Bloodrager (Elemental Bloodline)
- Bloodrager/Bloodrider
- Brawler/Wild Child
- Cavalier (Order of the Flame, Ifrit)
- Cavalier/Beast Rider
- Cavalier/Dune Drifter
- Cavalier/Fell Rider (Hobgoblin)
- Cavalier/Horselord
- Cleric of Abadar, Sarenrae or one of the elemental deities
- Cleric/Devout Pilgrim
- Druid/Desert Druid
- Druid/Elemental Ally
- Druid/Plains Druid
- Druid/Sky Druid (Sylph)
- Druid/Survivor
- Druid/Undine Adept (Undine)
- Fighter/Dawnflower Dervish
- Fighter/Roughrider
- Hunter/Scarab Stalker
- Hunter/Verminous Hunter
- Inquisitor/Immolator (Ifrit)
- Kineticist, any (*Pyrokineticist not recommended*)
- Magus/Bladed Scarf Dancer
- Magus/Elemental Knight (Suli)
- Monk/Flowing Monk
- Monk/Ironskin Monk (Hobgoblin)
- Monk/Monk of the Four Winds
- Monk/Monk of the Iron Mountain
- Monk/Monk of the Seven Winds
- Monk/Student of Stone (Oread)
- Monk/Tetori
- Monk/Windstep Master
- Monk/Zen Archer
- Occultist/Geomancer
- Occultist/Sha'ir
- Oracle (Flame, Life, Stone, Waves, Wind Mysteries)
- Paladin of Abadar or Sarenrae
- Ranger/Cinderwalker
- Ranger/Falconer
- Rogue/Bandit
- Rogue/Cutpurse
- Rogue/Knife Master
- Rogue/Sanctified Rogue
- Rogue/Scout
- Shaman (Flame, Life, Nature, Stone, Waves, Wind Spirits)
- Slayer/Deliverer
- Sorcerer (Aquatic, Deep Earth, Div, Djinni, Efreeti, Elemental, Marid, Shaitan Bloodlines)
- Summoner/Shaitan Binder (Oread)
- Swashbuckler/Whirling Dervish
- Warpriest of Abadar, Sarenrae or one of the elemental deities
- Warpriest/Sacred Fist
- Witch/Mountain Witch
- Wizard, Conjurer
- Wizard, Evoker

Suggested Legacy of Fire Prestige Classes:
- Asavir
- Balanced Scale of Abadar
- Daivrat
- Dawnflower Dissident
- Genie Binder
- Justiciar

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When you animate an object, does that change its type to Construct?

I am trying to create a magic staff called "Staff of the Artificer" which contains the following spells, all at Caster Level 14, but my calculations seem to be a fraction of what it should cost. The primary purpose of the staff is to create awakened marionettes (tiny size).



Shatter (Level 2, CL 14)

Make Whole (Level 2, CL 14)

Animate Object (Level 3, CL 14)
12,600 (6,300), 2 charges

Awaken Construct (level 7, CL 14)
39,200 (13,067), 3 charges


Subtotal: 30,567 gp

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The term "Adventure Path" is trademarked by Paizo.

Is it legal for a 3PP to print that term on the cover of their books provided they adhere to the Pathfinder compatibility license?

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Whenever I try to connect to the Paizo.com site, I get a white screen that fails to load. It takes me five or more tries before the page actually loads.

I am using a Samsung droid phone.

Does anyone else experience this problem?

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Is there an XP advancement track for Howl of the Carrion King?

I could not find it in Book 1.

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This question is for John Compton, Tonya Woldridge, and the other PFS staff.

Are there plans to make Core more integrated with the standard system?

Core is wonderful to introduce new players to Pathfinder and PFS without overwhelming them with an entire library of character build options. However, it can be challenging to locate a Core table (at least in my area) that is playing within four levels of the new player-character's tier. For example, in my area there is only one regularly scheduled Core PFS table within a 30-mile radius. The Average Player Level for that game is now 6th level. This means that new players are excluded from any Core game within the same region.

What I would like to propose is to make things so that what constitutes Core is the player's character sheet. So long as the PC has been created with Core-rules only (and allowed supplements) for their build, they may participate in any game (Core or Standard) they like.

Some may feel that this puts the Core PC at a disadvantage since they lack the bells & whistles of their standard PC companions. Leave that decision up to the player. Yes, they might not be as powerful as some of the non-Core classes, but that should be the player's call. Doing it this way allows new players to quickly join any game in their tier. If said player later wants to take non-Core feats and equipment, then the PC becomes a standard character and can no longer participate in Core-only tables. Again, make that about the player's choice.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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I made an online quiz that helps players new to Pathfinder Society select a class that best fits their character concept. All 38 classes are represented, including the Vigilante.

Think up a character concept and give it a try. Then let me know what you think.


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There's a new convention in town: BattleCon!

We will be offering Pathfinder Society games as well as Pathfinder Adventure Card Games in Cincinnati, Ohio, from April 10-12 at the Eastgate Mall (4601 Eastgate Boulevard, Cincinnati, OH 45245) near the food court between Sears and Kohls. Hours of operation are: Friday 5-9pm, Saturday 8am-9pm, and Sunday 8am-6pm.

The BattleCon Facebook Event page is:

The Warhorn page to sign-up to play and GM is:

As far as PFS GMs go, Saturday is completely full, but we still need GMs for Friday night and Sunday. If you want to GM a module or one of the newest scenarios, this convention is for you! Please sign-up on Warhorn today to reserve your seat!

Those who volunteer to GM for PFS will receive the Ifrit racial boon. For every slot you GM, you get to choose one of five other boons. GM all five slots and you get all five boons. GMs also get to choose one item from the Paizo swag box (which will include hardcover books, softcover books for this season, map tile packs, and flip-mats).

For PFS players, every chronicle sheet you earn at BattleCon gives you the opportunity to earn one of five random boons for Season Six. Bring your chronicle sheets to the HQ kiosk before you leave the convention on Sunday and you can roll my lucky d20 (yes, I actually have one). If you roll a 20, you win a random boon from Season Six by then rolling a d6 (1-5 wins you that boon from our prize folder, and on a 6 you get to hand-pick the boon you want). If you are also a PFS GameMaster with stars, bring your Pathfinder Society ID card showing your number of stars and you can add your stars to your roll. So, a 5-star GM wins a random boon on a roll of 16-20.

Every PFS player also gets to choose a Pathfinder Tales novel to take home with them.

We would also like to reward our newest PFS players. To celebrate the inaugural Core Campaign year, one PFS player per table participating in the Core-Rules-Only games will be gifted with a hardcover copy of the Core Rulebook for each Core-Only game at the convention. That means we will be giving away six Core Rulebooks for the weekend. Each Core Rulebook has an MSRP of $50. The player who receives each Core Rulebook will be at the overall table's discretion, but should go to someone who does not already own the hardcover book.

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Hello everyone!

I'm the new PFS Venture Lieutenant for Cincinnati alongside the amazing Andy McDonald. Please send a shout-out if you're local to Cincy. I'd love to hear from you.

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Is there any chance that the Ancient Osirion gods will be allowed in PFS for Player-Characters? My better half wants to play a Cleric of Isis.

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This is an archetype I made for one of my players. Please comment with constructive criticism.


The Elemental Master strives to become one with the winds, stones, flames, and waves. She travels the world, seeking audience with the genies and learning what she can from the myriad elemental races. Although she is specialized with a particular element, she seeks to master them all before her time runs out.

Elemental Lore (Ex)
An elemental master gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (planes) checks and that is treated as a class skill for the character.
This ability replaces nature sense.

Nature Bond
An elemental master must select a single elemental domain from the Air, Earth, Fire, Water domains, or any subdomain of those domains. This represents her favored element. She cannot choose an animal companion as part of her nature bond.
This ability alters nature bond.

Elemental Empathy (Ex)
An elemental master can use her wild empathy ability with elementals and genies as a full-round action with a +4 bonus.
This ability alters wild empathy.

Elemental Transformation (Su)
At 2nd level, an elemental master may adopt an elemental aspect while retaining her normal form. She gains one of the following bonuses depending on which element she wishes to emulate:
Air: Feather Fall as the Sorcerer/Wizard spell (personal only)
Earth: 20-foot burrow speed
Fire: +30 feet to her land speed
Water: gains the amphibious universal monster ability, allowing her to breathe water or air
While using elemental transformation, the elemental master may speak normally and can cast Elemental Speech (elementals and genies only) at will. Using this ability is a standard action at 2nd level, a move action at 7th level, and a swift action at 12th level. The elemental master can use this ability for a number of minutes per day equal to her druid level. These minutes do not need to be consecutive, but they must be used in 1-minute increments. This is a polymorph effect and cannot be used while the druid is using another polymorph effect, such as wild shape. Only one elemental transformation can be used at one time.
This ability replaces woodland stride.

Elemental Form (Su)
At 4th level, an elemental master can only use wild shape to take the form of a Small elemental. When taking the form of an elemental, the druid's wild shape functions as elemental body I.
At 6th level, an elemental master can use wild shape to change into a Medium elemental as elemental body II.
At 8th level, an elemental master can use wild shape to change into a Large elemental as elemental body III. Furthermore, an elemental master’s wild shape ability functions at her druid level – 4 when transforming into an animal.
At 10th level, an elemental master can use wild shape to change into a Huge elemental as elemental body IV.
At 12th level, an elemental master adds the Advanced simple template to her wild shape elemental form.
If an elemental master takes on the form of an elemental matching the element of her domain or subdomain ability per nature bond, her wild shape ability functions at her level +2. If this raises the effective level to 14 or greater, the elemental master also adds the Giant simple template to her wild shape elemental form.
Elemental masters cannot use wild shape to take the form of plant creatures.
This ability alters wild shape.

Elemental Summons (Su)
At 5th level, an elemental master may cast summon nature’s ally as a standard action to summon elementals, and summoned elementals gain temporary hit points equal to her druid level. She can cast Summon Nature’s Ally II at 5th level, Summon Nature’s Ally IV at 7th level, Summon Nature’s Ally V at 9th level, Summon Nature’s Ally VI at 11th level, Summon Nature’s Ally VII at 13th level, and Summon Nature’s Ally VIII at 15th level. At 17th level, a single elder elemental with the advanced template can be summoned. Only elementals can be summoned with this ability. This ability may be used a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
This ability replaces a thousand faces.

Elemental Aura (Su)
At 8th level, an elemental master’s melee attack deals +1d6 points of energy damage (acid, cold, electricity, or fire). She chooses what kind of energy damage that she deals each time she attacks. 
This ability replaces the additional use of wild shape at 8th level.

Bonus Feat
At 9th level and every 4 levels thereafter, an elemental master gains one of the following bonus feats: Combat Casting, Elemental Focus, Elemental Spell, Magical Aptitude, and Skill Focus (Knowledge [Planes]). She must meet the prerequisites for these bonus feats.
This ability replaces venom immunity.

Liberty's Edge

Is there a Mythic Ability that does for Sneak Attack damage what the Life Current mythic ability does for clerics?

"When casting a cure or inflict spell or use a class feature that uses positive or negative energy (such as channel energy or lay on hands), treat any natural 1s on the dice rolled to heal or deal damage as 2s. You can select this ability up to four times. The second time you select it, treat natural 1s and 2s as 3s. The third time you select it, treat natural 1s, 2s, and 3s as 4s. The fourth time, treat natural 1s, 2s, 3s, and 4s as 5s."

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The spell doesn't currently exist, and I thought it should, so I tweaked the description for Form of the Dragon III and made it:

Form of the Dragon IV
School transmutation (polymorph); Level sorcerer/wizard 9

This spell functions as form of the dragon III save that it also allows you to take the form of a Gargantuan chromatic or metallic dragon. You gain the following abilities: a +20 size bonus to Strength, a +18 size bonus to Constitution, a +18 natural armor bonus, fly 250 feet (clumsy), blindsense 60 feet, darkvision 120 feet, a breath weapon, damage reduction 20/magic, frightful presence (DC equal to the DC for this spell), and immunity to one element (of the same type form of the dragon I grants resistance to). You also gain one bite (4d6), two claws (2d8), two wing attacks (2d6), and one tail slap attack (2d8). You can use the breath weapon as often as you like, but you must wait 1d4 rounds between uses. All breath weapons deal 24d6 points of damage and allow a Reflex save for half damage. Line breath weapons increase to 120-foot lines and cones increase to 60-foot cones.

As to why it's necessary: there are more and more Gargantuan dragon miniatures being produced and we GMs should get more use out of our expensive toys. ;)

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Does an evil Druid who dabbles in undeath lose his/her abilities?

I'm playing a Neutral Evil Druid (Shark Shaman archetype) in the Skull & Shackles adventure path. I took Death as his domain power, which grants Animate Dead as a domain spell. It seems to me that if a domain would grant undeath spells, it should be allowed for the character to use them.

What do you think? Have you encountered this before, and if so, how did you handle it?

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Is it too late for me to volunteer to GM for PFS games at Gen Con 2014?

What all is involved if not? What do I need to do?

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Do any of you Paizo folks know if WizKids or Reaper will be creating a character miniature who wields dual starknives?

The closest I could find is this one:

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One of my players has a Cleric of Shelyn and is curious if there are any appropriate prestige classes for someone who worships the Goddess of Art and Beauty?

The old 3.5 Forgotten Realms book, Faiths and Pantheons, had a prestige class for the Goddess Sune called a Heartwarder. Has anyone ever created something similar for Pathfinder?

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If an NPC Witch wanted to use the Beguiling Gift spell to trick a PC into taking and using a cursed item, would she be able to? Or would she be cursed to hang onto the item herself now that she had touched it?


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I've been planning on my Aasimar Cleric taking Angel Wings as a feat when he reaches Level 11, but after comparing what you get with similar PC flight abilities for class-based flight, it's a lousy deal.

Unencumbered or wearing Light Armor, he would be able to fly up to 30' per round. With medium or heavy armor, he can only fly 20' per round. The maneuverability suffers accordingly.

Oracles with the (Flight) revelation can fly 60' per round with average maneuverability regardless of what armor they are wearing.

Witches with the Flight hex can Fly as the spell (at a speed of 60 feet (or 40 feet if it wears medium or heavy armor, or if it carries a medium or heavy load)). The maneuverability is Good regardless of the character's encumbrance or armor.

Angel Wings grants unlimited flight, while the class-based flight is limited to minutes (per class level), but in combat that doesn't matter as most combats won't last a full minute anyway.

In summary, I feel that Angel Wings is a raw deal compared to what other classes receive. How do you all feel about this? Has there been any errata to the Advanced Race Guide regarding this Feat to make it more consistent with what you get with other Flight options?

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One of my players in the Runelords campaign is playing a kobold Crossblooded Sorcerer (Green Draconic/Earth Elemental) and Dragon Disciple. As such, I added a dragon-centric subplot for his character. This storyline needed a few more dragons, so I created the following individuals who center around the Kreegwood area. We're currently playing the second chapter of The Hook Mountain Massacre where the group (accompanied by the surviving Black Arrows) encountered a green dragon (Mornavox) arguing with a black dragon (Ssthrix) about territorial rights to the area. This scene takes place at the eastern edge of the Kreegwood between the Graul farmstead and Fort Rannick. Several of the dragon names were taken from Dragons Revisited.

Hopefully, some of you wishing to include a few more dragons in your Varisian campaign will find this useful.



MORNAVOX, female adult green dragon, mother of Arithalion, sister of Saevox and Dastrivox:
Mornavox dwells one day's walk west of Fort Rannick in the Kreegwood Forest and a few hours walk northeast of the former Graul farmstead. She lived with her sister, Saevox, until the two of them got into an argument about paying tribute to King Kratharak. Mornavox favored peace with the red dragon as it would keep her and her sister's brood safe from the vengeance of the more powerful red. Saevox felt that it was an insult for her to share her hoard with the red as he was an immature tyrant and undeserving of fealty from the likes of any green dragon. So, Mornavox and her son traveled to the southeastern edge of the Kreegwood and found a den underneath a large granite precipice. It wasn't long before Ssthrix the Black discovered her new home and promptly demanded that she leave the premises immediately, lest he destroy both her and her child. Ssthrix dwelled in the nearby Shimmerglen Swamp and felt that Mornavox was seating herself too close to his lands bequeathed to him by King Kratharak, whom he owed fealty to and paid an annual tribute. During the second such discussion between Ssthrix and Mornavox, a group of Black Arrows and adventurers happened by and attacked and slayed Ssthrix. Mornavox thanked the group for their aid and allowed them to camp near her lair that night. She then agreed to scout Fort Rannick for them the next day and report back at noon with her findings. After delivering her report of what she saw, she told Jakardros Sovark (surviving leader of the Black Arrows) that he and his people need not fear her and her son--that from this point forward she considered those of Fort Rannick to be her allies. It turns out that Jakardros battled Mornavox's sister, Dastrivox, years ago and slayed her twice over, but he lost the life of his elven love, Seanthia (mother of Shalelu Andosana), during the second battle.

SSTHRIX, male old black dragon:
Ssthrix came to the Shimmerglens shortly after becoming an adult. He promptly took control over a lizardfolk village located at the southern edge of the swamp and the lizardfolk soon came to worship him as a god. Once these reptilian servants fell under his sway, he grew emboldened and attacked the fae of WhiteWillow, trying to gain control over the entire Shimmerglens area. Unfortunately for Ssthrix, the fae were stronger than he reckoned. After a prolonged battle between his lizardfolk and the fae of Whitewillow, he formed a tenuous peace treaty with the nymph Princess Myriana. He and his lizardfolk servants would control the southern half of the Shimmerglens, while the fae ruled the northern half. Years went by and peace prevailed. Then a powerful red dragon discovered Ssthrix's lair and forced him to pay an annual tribute of part of his hoard or the red swore to slay Ssthrix and lay waste to his servants' homes. The red called himself "King Kratharak," and said that all lands within a day's flight of his volcano at the heart of the Wyvern Mountains belonged to him. Although old, Ssthrix did not feel himself strong enough to challenge Kratharak, so he agreed to the red's terms. One season later, Ssthrix would be dead at the hands of adventurers and a small group of Black Arrow rangers from Fort Rannick.

SAEVOX, female adult green dragon, mother of Doriannax, sister of Mornavox and Dastrivox:
Saevox is the middle sister born from the same clutch of eggs as Dastrivox and Mornavox. Her temperment is more even than the rash Dastrivox, yet less mellow than the wise Mornavox. Saevox believes that dragons are superior creatures to all other life and that green dragons are the most intelligent of all dragonkind. Her arrogance recently cost her life as she dared to refuse King Kratharak the tribute he demanded of her for living within his so-called territory. The red dragon slayed Saevox and then turned on her youngling, but Doriannax managed to hide in a small cave that the much larger dragon couldn't fit within. The King blasted the cave entrance with a gout of flame and then turned his attention on Saevox's hoard, stealing everything he could fit into a dragon-sized bag of holding. Doriannax was burned almost to death, but managed to survive thanks to several curative potions he had stashed into his tiny cave. The young dragon fled west, deep into the Ashwood Forest and is currently seeking out his Aunt Mornavox and his cousin, Arithalion.

KING KRATHARAK, male ancient red dragon
The red dragon that would one day dub himself draconic royalty is 1,000 years old and has tormented the Cinderlands of Central Varisia for half that time. He lairs in the hollow of Mount Magthala, an active volcano, which is located at the heart of the Wyvern Mountains. Rumor has it that an arcane pilgrimage exists to the neighboring black tower of Spindlehorn. Those travelers who wish to journey within Spindlehorn must first leave all of their worldly treasures at the base of the tower on a mountain ledge overlooking the peak of Mount Magthala as a gift to the draconic god, Dahak. Kratharak has conveniently combined his hoard with this offering trove and guards it with his life. Any who dare to steal from the Altar of Dahak are incinerated alive. The treasure trove is protected by a permanent Protection from Fire spell.

Liberty's Edge

Lamatar Bayden is a frost wight, which is a CR 4 creature before you add his Ranger levels. Barl Breakbones would need to at least be a Level 15 Wizard to use Create Undead to create a frost wight (equates to a mummy in regard to required caster level). Animate Dead only creates skeletons and zombies.

I guess you can hand-wave the rules discrepancy, but have any of you raised Barl to a Level 15 Necromancer and not TPK'd the party?

Raising Barl to Level 15 makes him even more powerful than Mokmurian, as written. As such, you would raise Mokmurian's level up a couple of notches. Then again, that puts the party in serious TPK danger (a second time).

What to do?

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The Coven Hex for witches states:

Coven (Ex): The witch counts as a hag for the purpose of joining a hag’s coven. The coven must contain at least one hag. In addition, whenever the witch with this hex is within 30 feet of another witch with this hex, she can use the aid another action to grant a +1 bonus to the other witch’s caster level for 1 round. This bonus applies to the witch’s spells and all of her hexes.

Does a Changeling Witch with the Coven Hex count as a Hag for this purpose? Can she be the leader of the coven, or does the coven need a 'true' Hag to be the focal point of the coven?

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