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I made an online quiz that helps players new to Pathfinder Society select a class that best fits their character concept. All 38 classes are represented, including the Vigilante.

Think up a character concept and give it a try. Then let me know what you think.


The Exchange 3/5

This was pretty nifty, thanks!

Liberty's Edge 1/5

Interesting definitely gave me a class i wasn't expecting

Sovereign Court 4/5 5/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Netherlands—Leiden

Interesting, but a lot of the questions sound like you've already made up your mind about your PC.

"Do you wear heavy armor" for example might not be the first thing you decide upon. I might decide to wear a heavy armor if it turns out my selected class is good at it, but it won't guide my choice of class (this time). Offering a choice such as "which is more important: speed or defence?" might be more revealing.


I think some of the phrasing requires a bit of game background, so it won't be as helpful to player brand new to the genre. For example, the "caster/skilled/support" question might not mean anything to a completely new player.

You might consider replacing these kinds of phrasing with a more descriptive selection. For example, "support" might be described as "your character helps other characters be better at what they do", or something.

Shadow Lodge 4/5 ** Venture-Captain, Michigan—Mt. Pleasant

If you haven't seen it yet, take a look at the Strategy Guide's character quiz towards the beginning of the book. That gives a good example of how to word the questions.

Liberty's Edge

Thank you all for the suggestions! I'll edit the questions accordingly.

The Exchange 3/5

I will say, some of the questions seemed more shoehorned into giving me a specific class.

Liberty's Edge 1/5

I chose no magic option and it still give me a bard

Liberty's Edge

chad gilbreath wrote:
I chose no magic option and it still give me a bard

Well that's embarrassing.

OK, I tweaked things and so long as someone doesn't give intentionally conflicting answers, that shouldn't happen again.

I also made the questions more open-ended and the answers self-explanatory so that the quiz is more user-friendly to new players.

Scarab Sages 4/5 *

Pathfinder PF Special Edition Subscriber

Awesome quiz!

Liberty's Edge

Kenneth Fisher wrote:
Awesome quiz!


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