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When you animate an object, does that change its type to Construct?

I am trying to create a magic staff called "Staff of the Artificer" which contains the following spells, all at Caster Level 14, but my calculations seem to be a fraction of what it should cost. The primary purpose of the staff is to create awakened marionettes (tiny size).



Shatter (Level 2, CL 14)

Make Whole (Level 2, CL 14)

Animate Object (Level 3, CL 14)
12,600 (6,300), 2 charges

Awaken Construct (level 7, CL 14)
39,200 (13,067), 3 charges


Subtotal: 30,567 gp

Unless you want the marionettes to last only 14 rounds not including awaken construct casting time, you are missing a 15k gp material cost permanency per object. So yes, awaken object does create constructs, but only for the spell duration, and it wont do you much good with regards to awaken construct due to the short duration. Including permanency for animate objects for the staff is 771k gp / number of charges minus about 2k for reducing lower level spell cost.

casiel wrote:
When you animate an object, does that change its type to Construct?

All the published animated object stat blocks I've seen in Pathfinder modules/APs have the construct type, so I'd say yes.

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