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Hey guys, here is the OOC. We can handle all our discussions and game questions here over the next couple of days. No worries if weekends are not your thing. We can work around stuff easy enough.

Place holder.

Been looking at running a game of WFRPG 2nd ed. Just putting out some feelers to see if there are any folks looking for some grim and perilous adventure.


Of the all the Watch Stations in the Deathwatch’s control one stands above the rest as a holder of secrets and a bastion of Imperial power. Erioch, home to the Omega Vault. Its gothic spires bristling with massive armament and star ports standing vigil from its surreptitious positioning in near a mythical star system. Watch Station Erioch is a place of mystery, awe, and foreboding only the most trusted of the Imperium of Mankind’s kinds protectors may tread. Beholden only to the Emperor Himself, the clandestine missions of the Deathwatch are launched from Erioch often with the assistance of some boon provided by the Omega Vault. But, it is not clear as to how, why, or when the Omega Vault will provide such assistance. What is known is the frequency of such assistance has increased drastically since the launching of the Achillius Crusade and only a handful of archaic locks remain on the Vault’s most secret chamber.
Many Deathwatch seconded Battle-Brothers may only ever hear of this preeminent Watch Station let alone serve upon it, but for members of your Kill-team this is not the case. Indeed, it is your fate to be trusted with a mission of such import the fabled Omega Vault has been rumored to have taken notice and the massive armoured doors have opened to disgorge one of its veiled mysteries.

Your Kill-team has been entrusted with service upon Watch Station Erioch in the Erioch star system of the Reach. Few beings are ever allowed upon the station as Erioch itself seems to control its manning as much as the Master of the Vigil. Perhaps this explains the unique nature of your Kill-teams rather homogenized nature with so many Sons of Russ counted among its numbers and a mysterious Black Shield. Feel free to move about the station’s storied halls, meet up with your Brothers, and do what you will to establish yourselves for soon you will be called upon to serve His will.

All right Battle-Brothers this will be the where we can take care of everything. Just wanted to get a quick post in here so I could keep the best track of all your questions. I will have the specifics for character creation up tomorrow as I am a little short on time tonight.

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I know that Deathwatch and its variations do not have the best track record on these boards, but I am gauging interest in a Deathwatch/Single Chapter campaign.

This going to heavily player driven as the Warhammer world is incredibly rich…almost to the point of being overwhelmingly so! But, I feel a majority of games collapse in PbP due to lessened connection created by the digital environment so it is important to keep everyone as involved in as many aspects as possible.

What this means is Marine origin and primary enemy will be a matter of consensus. I want everyone who plays to get the most out of the game. I plan to run things at a decent clip as speed of play can become burdensome in any game, but especially one with modern combat. There will be times where certain aspects are hand-waived for integrity of the story, but never if it will risk the PC’s not getting a chance to live or die a glorious death for God-Emperor.

I do plan to run a somewhat unique recruitment where those with the most experience with the 40k world will be the in the Alpha team with a Bravo team that will and complete newbies will be in a training section to learn the rules and setting. The Bravo team will be in place to fill folks who have to drop out and to play the role of Chapter drill instructors and new folks will be assigned to the 10th Company as scouts. Missions for the 10th Company will move more at the speed of PFS games with a focus on learning the rules and working as squad in combat.

If veteran players chose to go to the Bravo team they will rewarded with rank and a bonus in their character creation, as it will assist in new folks and myself with keeping on the right side of the rules and also to help enrich the feel of the setting.
As fallouts or deaths happen the 10th Company will be called on for replacements. Something to be aware of in any Warhammer setting is that death of characters is going to happen. Period. It is something which sets the setting apart from many others. I would suggest anyone unfamiliar with the setting stop the library or look at to learn the perils of the 41st Millennia.

This should be enough to get us established to open a Campaign page if there is enough interest and we can hammer out everything else from there.

Like it says guys. I am leaning toward ninja or monk given the red fellas past and style. But if you have any suggestions or have seen this done, please chime in.

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I have been feeling like Pathfinder is suffering bloat and all the characters feel like they are being boiled down to railroaded builds in many, not all, cases. I like a lot of the things Pathfinder has done, but at the same time is caters to the "I want to be able to use my two hander everywhere all the time" crowd. Any games out there where as a player I given a solid reason not to Min/Max?

Is there much interest in Deadlands:Reloaded on these boards? Savage Worlds seems like a decent rules set for getting what you want from a roleplaying stance, what do you guys and gals think?

Subject says it all.

I have been kicking around the idea of starting a 2nd ed. game and was curious what sort of campaign you folks like around here? I have always been more partial to the mid range hero or the Spiderman and foes level. It always seemed to have the broadest brush to paint with. So just looking opinions here. Fire away.

Have they gotten the Kickstarter going for the new Car Wars yet? I haven't been able to locate anything on the game.

Like the subject ask, is anyone running an active Deathwatch game here or on another site in need of another player?


Here we go.

Heavy dust of mid-summer churned up behind the large wheels stagecoach which now rumbled across the Sargarvan savannah. Aside from the rattling of wood of the conveyance and the occasional curse from its cantankerous, old pilot the journey from the port city of Eleder has been one of relative silence. Spreading out as far as the eye can on either side, golden prairie grasses and acacia trees separate the earth from the brilliant blue sky. Wisp of thread like clouds hang motionless in the great expanse before you. So much freer in feel than the northern lands you and your traveling companions obviously hail from, so mired in their wars and excesses of so called “civilization”. Out here a man makes it by his wits and not the laws of some weak willed, jellied spined bureaucrat.
Just as the thoughts of your life outside this wild place began to filter in, the coach slows to a stop. Glittering bits of trail powder glisten in the luminous rays of the mid-day sun as they filter into the cabin. A stillness seems to hang for a moment before it is shattered by a thunderous thump and a loud yip from the coachman. Poking his head through the fore most window he says, “Makin’ camp ‘ere ta-night, boys. Best ta not be travelin’ these parts af’er dark, ya know. But, I just bagged us a fine aurochs calf fer dinner. Gonna need te be gettin’ it quick ‘fore the hyenas or worse do.”
After prepping a fine meal and burying the left over carcass, the coachman builds up a fine fire and identifies himself as Hob. A former ranger from Cheliax, Hob came to Sargarva mostly because he didn’t most of the folks in Cheliax. “A stuck up lot,” He called them. Taking up a position running new ranch hands out to Freehold just seemed to be a natural fit.

Sitting back with antique musket of a massive caliber across his lap, the old man says, ”So I understands ye boys are headed out ta the ranch ta help wit’ the problem wit’ them abos. They sure is a superstitious lot them Zenj. Been saying a boogie man or some such nonsense been stirrin’ up all manner of problems. Where you fellas comin from anyhow?”, he says with a puff from his pipe.


Well folks, welcome to Sundown. We'll get to hammering out the rules we
want to stay and those we don't along with finishing up character development ect. Just pop in let me know you are still in the saddle.

As the smoke cleared and the flower of Andorean chivilary lay upon the field of battle battered and broken. Only the shrieks of maimed horses and dying men filled the ears of Field Marshall Shcmidt. Clasping a hand upon the dwarf's shoulder standing next him and saying in a somber voice,"How much for forty of these amazing weapons?", the Taldan continued to stare awe struck out over the scene before him. And so came to the pass that dwarves introduced handgunne and cannon to man and man in turn bullet and cannon ball to all other races. It did not take long for all of Golarion to adopt this wonderous new way of maiming and killing one another.With such prolific use, technology advanced quickly spilling over into the realms of magic. Yet magic too, was not unaffected by these clockwork killers.
Soon the schools of magic began to see fewer who would be willing to spend years training in the mystic arts to only be struck down by a sniper's ball. Thus, far fewer of these potent adventurers came to be found wandering the world. Though, all was not lost for the arcanist. In time the wizards bound together to devise spells which would both hamper and increase the capabilities of gunpowder. Within two lifetimes wizards, warriors, and priest had come to reconcile their places in this brave new world. Balance again came to Golarion leaving it wide open for men and women of stout heart to venture out in search of fame and fortune. So tell me brave ones, do you have what it takes make a name for yourself in a dangerous world? If so, make your mark and steady your resolve for a time of great potential lay ahead!"

What this game will be about.:
Welcome to an alternate Golarion. One which runs parallel to the one most of our adventures take place in. Technology is far more advanced here with firearms having made greater advances than in the typical game. All races have access to these mechanical wonders in varying degrees of reliability and quality. PCs will have full access to advance firearms at the common place level of availability. I want this to be less of a you got guns in my fantasy and more you got fantasy in my guns. For anyone who has wanted a reason to try out spells or builds focusing on firearms, this is the game for you. Pathfinder has left the door open to a very unique way of approaching fantasy roleplay and I'd like to see full use of this gift. If you were a fan of Deadlands or wierd west, this is also a good place to find yourself.
I plan to run a scenario or module for 5 players which has been altered to reflect the new level of tech available. If things look to be going along pretty well, then we will begin to branch away into a more homebrew driven world adventuring in some of the less frequented areas of the Inner Sea. I also plan on playing a more gritty and perilous world. Physics work more like they would be expected. Don't plan on using a weapon in place far too confined to actually use it. If you want to play a Power Attacking, Two Hander Barbar, don't be surprised when get you sniped by a kobold with a rifle. Now that we have that out of the way, I want you feel free to build any type of character you want.

Character Creation:
I am a fan of rolling for scores and arranging as preferred. But, point buy is easier. So that is where we will go. 20 point buy with no score below 8 after racial modifiers. 2nd level starting 2000 gp. If you plan on playing a character with low scores, plan on playing out those aspects. 8 intelligence equals a not so bright an individual. This will be a low magic game and with few places to pick up healing. Race selection will be Core + the easily used ones. HP max at first roll for all others. 2 traits. Alignment fall along the normal lines no CE or NE. No need to make a profile for your character yet.

Let me know if there any other questions. Posting will be once a day or so. More often if you are really feeling it is more than fine. I want this to be the chance for people who love guns and Pathfinder to get both. Looking forward to what you come up with. Recruitment will close June 9th.

I started in one that died upon the table just after starting, sucks but happens. If anyone is running a game and needs another player, let me know here or through PM.

Like it says. I recently picked up this gem and was curious what kind of support their is for it in the community.

I think that creating a hard bound Omnibus of the already released Player's Companions would be a great product. Even if it was just a core races book. Not only would it be a great way to re-vitalize already existing material, but also very handy and collectible. I may be off the mark due the fact that I am not in the industry, but after seeing that you were clearing the warehouse of many of these titles it sparked the idea. Even as a softcover it would be a nice run up the the Races book coming out.

I am looking into trying a new game and these three are on list. I have heard a lot of great things about Mouse Guard(I know that it is not like the others mentioned and that is part of the appeal), I love the Warhammer world and art, and then there is the familiar feeling of home that is DnD. Looking for some honest opinions from some folks who may have actually played these systems.

I am looking at picking this one today. Has anyone played it? The reviews are all pretty on point from what I can tell.

I have always brought along weapons that can replace my axe or other weapon which requires a good deal of space to wield when we end up in tunnels or other confined spaces. But, since startingin on PF I have yet to be told I can't swing a great axe, ect. in any environment I have entered. This has been the way it has gone in every game I have played and was just curious if I was missing the bits of reality that did make the tactical bits of planning an assualt necessary.

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Does anyone else feel the character classes with companions could stand a little extra love? The cavalier is truly limited in flavor and use by the current selection, not to mention ranger and paladin. I went to make a dwarf cavalier the other day and was pretty unhappy with the fact the bear topped out at medium without house ruling it to grizzly from the book stat. Who wants a dwarf on a horse? Horrible for flavor and general RP. It make no sense that you can have a large wolf, but get saddled with a medium bear.

So, to make a long story short we could benefit from an expanded mount/companion selection. The beast need not even be new if they provided the stats for progression so they would be legal for PFS play. What do you folks think?

I was looking over the Crossbow Mastery Feat and I think it needs to be ported to the firearm,also. If you can reload a a heavy crossbow as a free action, then by all means this should cross over to firearms as well. It still takes 4 feats to get there, but I really think that it is needed to keep the Gunslinger at all relevant at higher levels.

If you have been wanting to run a 2nd ed. game I would love to play in it.

Like the subject line says, lol. I would love to play in a steampunk campaign. I would love to collaborate on a setting also. Let me know.

Firearms need to be switched from exotic to martial. A flintlock is a fairly advanced firearm and thus much easier to use than say, a handgunne or some other primitive firearm. It is readily obvious the weapons are being exported on a regular basis to the Inner Sea area and should make them common enough. The price is already prohibitive enough without forcing a feat to be burned at the same time. Firearms came into vogue due to the fact they are simple to use and train a person to become proficent with,in addition they take no strength to operate. A bow is far more difficult to master and I think it is feasible to put the firearm on equal footing with the other ranged weapons.

This is Glorian, not The Forgotten Realms. Firearms are present and up until now very advanced. I like that the single shot musket and pistol are where we are topping out tech wise, but believe it is for this very reason they should be moved to martial status.

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If you was going for realism then they should be simple weapons.

As the subject says. If you are, then count me interested.

Hi there, I was wondering if there was any interest in having a player using d20pro fill the spot of a person in an in person game? I see there are some issues with finding people to fill open spots in some cities and I have not found a game in Okinawa. If one player with Vent and a player licsense was available to fill that spot, would anyone be interested? I know a that VTT does not seem to be all that popular here on the Paizo threads, but if this might be a solution for you and your group,let me know.

Hey there, I am looking for a higher level starting point game. I post frequently and am in it for the long haul.

I am stationed in Okinawa, Japan and am looking for a game. I can post everyday if we can get a game going.

Hello all,I am seeking a D20pro game. I already have a player licsense, hero lab, and vent. If you have a spot to fill for your Friday and Saturday evening game, let me know. I am stationed in Okinawa, Japan so we will be on opposite ends of the day/night spectrum and theat is why I seek the evening game.

With all the out-right murder many PC's commit on a regular basis that does not affect their alignment, at what point and what type of actions would you consider torture of the alignment shifting type?

I had a full example written up, but deceided it might have been a bit intense to post. But, Ithis is the jist. I have an inquistor and do things that real inquisitors did in order to get the answers I want from evil creatures. The more evil or horrible their crime, the more potent my methods become.

Use the heroes in as in Tarantino's "inglorious Basterds" as an example of good characters doing questionable things when seeking answers and you have one of my characters. Alignment is currently NG, but may switch starting alignment depending on the outcome of this little discussion. Have fun, but keep it professional please.

Looking for a group Okinawa to play with once a week.

I'm stationed on Okinawa and was wondering if there were any folks that have a game going or would like to get one going. If ya do, hit me up.

I have been involved with RPG's for about 19 years now and one of the greatest parts has always been character development. I know min/maxing has always, and always will be, a part/problem for the games, but it used to be discouraged by the GM. In the 2ed. of a certain games DM manual there was even a section on how to make such players pay for making such characters.

By worrying about stacked builds all character development is out the window and all that is left is stacks of numbers. One of the benefits of rolling up a character's stats was the chance to play someone with faults that added flavor to a story and again 2ed. had text which reinforced this chance to roleplay. While no one wants to play a character with all 7and 8's, one or two low scores don't kill it either.

Another sad development is the focus on power and not what you see in your head. I see post after post on how to max a build on this character or that with no regard for fleshing them out. With a good GM no character will ever be unplayable due being too weak. On the other hand, too powerful characters are not any fun to play unless your only focus is dominating every encounter in one or two turns. Eventually this too loses its luster and becomes very dull.

Video games have lead many to believe that some classes are worthless because they don't do enough damage per round or can't take enough. What they forget is the power of a story controlled by the human mind and not the preset parameters of the computer's AI. You think the Monk sucks, what happens when you end up in a kingdom that prohibits weapons or you are in a bar or royal court? The monk is going to be one of the strongest members at this point. His weapons and armor are always with him.

In order to truly enjoy the game or story try playing the character you envision and not a math problem. I suggest the GM not show their players the dmg value of weapons or the AC value of armor for first time or newer players. By doing this they are more likely to build the character they want and not the one which will "make them win the most." Let's get back to creating a story together and not trying to play a video game on the table top.

Anyone have any ideas on working an "Alchemist Gun" into the mix? This would help make the character more playable in Organized play where the lose some of their abilities. Maybe use their skills to make powder or liquid for launching projectiles? I think it would flesh out the character a bit more. Make the gun a bound item like the bombs or mutagen and you remove the problems some folks have with a firearm in a fantasy world.