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Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell.

The smaller dragon body did not have many options, but against a foe like this, every little bit helped.

It was the smallest fragment of Anaxian, but even least part of the soul-fractured dracolitch was a scary thing.

It lent it's psychic weight to it's larger counterpart.

Taking 10 to Aid Another on Intimidate.

Scratch the Magic Aura spell.

Little Anaxian tossed a small rod made of bone straight up...

Using my standard action to pass the Penetrating Spell Rod to Woundwyrm Anaxian.

The smaller Anaxian body took up it's usual place inside the chest of his larger counterpart, his head peeking out of the strange pouch above the chest plate of the armor like some horrible parody of a kangaroo.

Anaxian's Core was built with one goal in mind. Obfuscation. It was a trickster at heart. A liar. A master of disguise. It's existence depended on being able to seem innocuous to any observer. It could make even the most powerful of enchantments invisible, artifacts to seem mundane.

It reached out with it's power and erased the magical aura on the invisible ring.

Magic Aura spell, caster level 10.

This was what Anaxian had been waiting for. He snapped the invisible ring into place above the powerful demon, hanging it in the air with the Immovable Rod. readying my standard action to activate a scroll after the other stuff I've been planning for this happens in sequence. Post pending.

Now. he sent to his counterparts.

Anaxian continued his lazy, invisible circling, using Sovereign Glue to attach the Immovable Rod to the metal ring. His Unseen Servants helped apply the alchemical accelerant. In moments the rod was firmly attached to the ring.

I forgot I had unseen servants to help me draw and hold things. I could have had this done last round. >.<

Oh well, we'll chalk it up to the fact that Twisted Core is not nearly as smart as most of the other Anaxians

GM, do you remember way back in the drow catacombs when I trapped the demon in the magic circle?

It's that. Just like before, he keeps it as a ring with Shrink Object.

Still invisible and triangulating for his counterparts, Anaxian's original body, possessed by the mind of his Phylactery, circled above the fight, considering it's options.

He retrieved the ring of braided iron and silver from around his wrist and enlarged it to it's full six foot diameter. Drawing my demon-binding ring and dismissing the Shrink spell on it.

At the same time he used his tail to draw a metal rod from his stomach pouch.
Drawing an Immovable Rod.

Above, the small body of Anaxian circled invisibly, triangulating for both the blind Woundwyrm, and the Magma Drake who was underground. The others in the group were linked into the telepathic network and able to listen in on Anaxian's conversation with himself, but it was very strange.

Straight ahead two body lengths and up five there are areas of reversed gravity here and here incoming from above three demons six body lengths away vrocks near my location we should prioritize them soon to free up Drisquar to run interference make sure the lava pulls in your wake.

It was clear they were all talking to each other, but their mind-voices sounded the same. It was like a schizophrenic internal monologue. A stream of consciousness multi-faceted tactical analysis that used three different body sizes and three different facings as frames of reference. Somehow, they never got confused.

Drawing a scroll case and a spell component pouch, dropping both to the Woundwyrm. Then flying near to the Vrocks

Anaxian's intelligent Phylactery, the very first splinter of the fractured worm's soul, burned an enchanted scale inside it's trans-dimensional housing.

Legend Lore, vague knowledge, weeks: 2d6 ⇒ (2, 5) = 7

Then he did it again, refining his search.

Legend Lore, Detailed Information, days: 1d10 ⇒ 8

The legends about House Shraen were cryptic and took just over two months to pour though. By the time it was finished though, the hate-filled little soul knew nearly everything there was to know about the Drow House who'd made the mistake of bringing themselves to Anaxian's attention.

And organic structure. a new voice echoed from the smaller dragon, black void drinking in the violet energies that had been there before.

Anaxian's smaller body, animated by some unknown entity, went to work on the Master of Souls' body, creating a treasure map from it's corpse.

Scroll of Create Teasure Map. Using the "medium" range version.

When the map was finished he wordlessly passed it off to Drisquar and Illia.

Anaxian's small body rode along with Drisquar and burned yet another scale-scroll.

Ooscuring Mist. We can see through it. Hopefully they cant. With Drisquar's miss-chance boosting ability this should help a lot.

As a reminder, Anaxian's body is still under the effects of Invisibility and Hide From Undead.

The Dapper GM wrote:
I'm going to interpret that as a second coup de grace, since it seems you can return to the jar as a free action?

I don't really mind if it lives. At this point it's blind, mute and has it's hands tied in a knot inside it's own face. That's a pretty bad way to be :)

Edit: Looks like it's actually a standard action to shift back to my own body, unless the host body dies, in which case I go back to my own body automatically. So, coup de grace it is. If it survives again I'm stuck in the body. I'll un-possess it next round.

The Dapper GM wrote:
GM ruling: As "original Anaxian" is technically currently a dead body with no soul inside it, it's an inanimate object, and thus can be teleported by Dris.

That body is being possessed by an Intelligent Item at the moment, so that's not quite accurate, but we'll go with it. :)

It's the first time this has happened in game, so I'll introduce yet another Anaxian alias to the party.

This is Anaxian's phylactory. It uses it's ability to take over a host (as per the magic item rules) to "fill the void" left behind whenever Anaxian Magic Jar's something.

Since Anaxian's ability to Magic Jar things is a property of the phylactery, the phylactery could, in theory, use that ability itself. It's DC would be much lower though, since it's based on the user. Because of that it probably won't possess anything but Anaxian (or other willing targets).

Anaxian's small body, his eyes seething with a strange twisting void, burned another scale off his chest.

Scroll of Magic Circle Against Evil. Covers Drisquar and I. We each gain a +2 to AC and Saves vs. Evil creatures.