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Decent of you

Thanks to all the contributors, a lot of time and effort it seems

sadly caffeine gives me migraines, i cant even sit in a coffee shop for too long without a headache starting :{ smells nice from a distance though lol

Good luck folks

skinny, bad tempered, sneaky and with brother issues? lol only joking loved him as a character.

One of my favourite quotes was

“Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it."

"Are you saying we shouldn't hope?"

"I'm saying we should remove the carrot and walk forward with our eyes open!”

33, sad thing is i had to think for a moment before i remembered

I personally agree with Andius, good luck Gpunk


the whole tree naming thing might be bit dodgy especially if you intend to take an axe to it at some point ><

Sorry to see you go from the game Keovar, good luck

Welcome to Xeilias ladies and gents, am glad the diplomatic talks went well and look forward to seeing you in game {:

Grats Caldeathe and good luck at the Vigil

well considering the fact ii intend to make plenty of money in Callambea i am glad to have a strong standing military on hand

i vaguely remember something in the online guide post from Stephen Cheney about a week ago taking about hand axes and the fact that they where not in yet

Yes i found it, i am not great using the thread tools on these forums but this is the statements from Stephen

'Offhand weapon choices are heavily constrained right now, as there are nontrivial amounts of additional animation every time we make a new one possible (e.g., each combination of weapons requires some specific animations to make sure they work right together). They will likely expand over time, but for now we erred on the side of only weapons that would be light weapons in tabletop being available to offhand.'

This may only be referring to using them in the offhand i dont know but its the only thing i have seen referring to axes so far

source thread is al#29

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Sorry to see all this went this far, i for one look forward to seeing you and the UNC as a whole in game and thank you for your honesty in your posting so far.

Impressive artwork, wherever you end up good luck to you

so 1am eastern is 6am GMT, i will be in bed sadly. Have fun though

lol gotta love wikipedia

google is dangerous, if you dont pay attention the most innocent of enquiries can bring up the weirdest pages.......

Come join the Empire ladies and gents, I wont repeat the fine words of Hobs except to iterate that we have many roles and positions available to fill from, gatherer to crafter....from rich merchant to hard working temster..... from stout soldier to sneaky assassin and everything else in between

The Empire needs and wants you! (insert mental image of pointing finger)

If you are looking for a well organised, co-ordinated nation, and an all round friendly and fun group of gamers to share your PFO adventures with look no further

Plus if you are in to that sort of thing there are naked red haired gmomes with bows and drunken dwarves....Each to their own

Doing a KC :p tut tut

KC kind of beat me to it so i wont repeat things, all the politicking and recruitment slogans aside, best of luck to you and yours in the Land Rush and hope to see you in game

Welcome Cormac and crew

Welcome to Callambea ladies and gents {:

Very good story writing {: am enjoying it

love the Dresden books, the new one is out but not sure if i want to read it cause it will just irritate me when i finish and the next one isn't ready to go :P

think he was referring to the bra's and garters :P

Welcome {:

More business and trade partners are always appreciated {:

You shouldn't encourage juggling Kard, it will translate to drunken juggling and they will make a mess with your merchandise {: I suppose we could convince Guurzak to juggle kobalds instead..... hmmmm might be a good party game

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clean water for the brewing process anyway {:

cool. Thanks Morbis

Well done and thanks to everyone involved, especially the settlement leaders, was an interesting listen

so in other words come and get filthy rich, i know thats what i will be trying to do {:

Good luck folks, its nice to see an RP guild join the mix, i wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you in game {:

unless its from overly friendly dwarves, they seem to pat bottoms indiscriminately, i think its because their women have beards and they have issues telling the difference with other races as a result

lol drunken boasting. Always funny to watch, Join Xeilias for all the good reasons Hobs posts and just as importantly the humour {:

sounds like a really good idea, i still play a lot of WoW and wowhead is one of my favourite resources

Insomnia isn't a bad thing, you get more done lol

Thanks Guurzak, nice to have a better idea of where i will be based {:

I am looking forward to playing out of Callambea. It's going to be a busy place and definitely one of the best places to be involved with the crafting and economic cycle

Good Business and steady profit folks {:

OOOOoooooo Cider {:

Good luck with recruitment guys

And hopefully more in the future {:

Guiness is more of a food group than a drink, a properly poured Pint is done in 3 stages and takes 5-10 mins to settle. The lazy version in most pubs is done in 2, if its done in one its just wrong. Even if i liked the stuff i wouldnt be keen on waiting for it lol.

I prefer a nice cider with plenty of ice, there are some nice bottled ciders from Armagh that i enjoy, outside that i like a nice rum and an occasional lager

Good luck with the recruitment folks and grats on the growth {:

thanks for the show folks, was an interesting listen

Just recently bought in and will be playing with the Aeternum guys. Look forward to seeing you all in game

Just thought i would say hello folks. Good to see the forums starting to heat up on the run up to EE. Have been a long term member of Pax and recently joined Aeternum

Looking forward to getting stuck in although i think i will avoid the ale. If Warstein Ale is like Guinness. I am one of the few people who come from Ireland who cant stand the stuff lol

Cya all in game

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I have been a Pax member for several years now and played with many of the Aeternum guys in various different Games. Pax is always a strong cohesive presence and i expect EoX to be precisely that as it gathers in like minded companies from across PFO

If you are looking for a strong alliance where you can carry out your business whether assassin or merchant, scout or tavern owner, soldier or crafter and do so without some paladin looking over your shoulder pressing their morals upon you EoX is the place to be

EoX will be a force to be reckoned with, respected by our friends and allies and feared by our enemies!!

See you all in EE