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The Aeonian League is a non-aggression pact between the founding settlements of Canis Castrum and Hope’s End. Our signatories have come together to form an open community and to insure our respective settlement’s security. The League represents a myriad of philosophies and as such strives for balance in all things; we are opening the League to any alignment and any settlement type that wishes to join. If you have questions, are interested in joining, or interested in establishing diplomatic relations, please send them to this handle, post in this thread, or join us on our forums where you will be directed to the proper representative depending on your line of inquiry.

A Message from Canis Castrum

From the south-western plains, Canis Castrum will grow a trade and crafting hub that will provide League citizens with the best equipment on Crusader Road. We invite our partners to take advantage of our Bazaar, meet with our friendly local crafters, and train at our facilities. Our leadership will take a grassroots approach toward building an open community. We believe a settlement is the sum of its parts; each part should have an interest in the whole.

-Omnipotentseal, Ambassador for Canis Castrum

A Message from Hope’s End

With evil severely underrepresented we will focus on becoming the thriving independent hive of scum and villainy for evil aligned characters and companies in the River Kingdoms. We will offer reputable evil services to other settlements in the form of both evil related training options and mechanically evil mercenaries (assassins, necromancers, evil cleric domains, etc...); along with a smattering of crafting and trading based on our territories’ natural resources. We will offer these services to our allies, other settlements, and the general public. All within the scope of our treaties and agreements of course.

-Duffy Swiftshadow, Speaker for the Silent

Member Settlements and League Representatives
Canis Castrum (Reading Between the Lines) - omnipotentseal
Hope’s End (Vox Silentii) - Duffy Swiftshadow


In the interest of full disclosure the Aeonian League Charter is as follows and an up to date version can always be found on our site.

The Aeonian League Charter
Given the complex political climate of the River Kingdoms and strength in both numbers and purpose, we propose that like minded settlements unite together for mutual growth and the safety of our citizens. The League represents a myriad of philosophies and strives for balance, therefore the League is open to all alignments and all settlement types.

Founding Doctrines
The League Charter currently contains two doctrines that all prospective Settlements must ratify:

1. Doctrine of Community: All League Settlements will grant and enforce safe passage throughout League territory for all citizens. As such all League Settlements shall be open to citizens of the League and shall grant access to their facilities; including but not limited to training, markets, and crafting.

2. Doctrine of Sovereignty: All League Settlements will mutually defend all other League Settlement’s sovereignty from intrusive hostile forces. League settlements are free to make any agreements, treaties, alliances, or trades they see fit so long as they do not violate the doctrines of the League. The League as a whole may not pass any additional doctrines, amendments to existing doctrines, or treaties that would infringe upon the sovereignty of League Settlements unless such a proposition is unanimously agreed upon by the League Caucus.

League Caucus
The League caucus will consist of one representative appointed from the body of each recognized Settlement. Individual settlements are responsible for their method of choosing a representative. The caucus scribe should be immediately notified if a Settlement's representative changes for any reason.

Should new doctrines, amendments, membership request, or treaties need ratification the caucus will be convened to discuss and vote upon the proposition. Any representative may bring such a proposal before the caucus. A representative does not need to be present to bring a proposal to the caucus or to vote, they may do so in absentia so long as they deliver their opinion to the caucus scribe before the Caucus convenes. Representatives may vote Yay, Nay, or Abstain. Abstaining indicates no interest in the outcome and the votes will be tallied as if the abstaining Settlement did not exist. Refusing to participate in the discussion or vote constitutes abstaining.

The number of votes required to pass a proposal depends on the type of proposal, the current types and their required votes to pass are outlined below:

  • Add/Remove a Settlement (Majority Vote)
  • Add/Remove a Doctrine (Unanimous Vote)
  • Add/Repeal an Amendment (Unanimous Vote)
  • Approve/Revoke Treaties (Majority Vote)
  • Call a General/Closed Meeting (Majority Vote)
  • Elect a Caucus Scribe (Majority Vote)
Caucus Scribe
The caucus’ scribe must be elected from one of the chosen settlement representatives. Should the scribe step down or be replaced as a representative they must be immediately replaced by a new scribe voted in by the new caucus. A scribe may also be replaced if a proposal to do so is brought before the caucus.

It is the duty of the caucus’ scribe to set caucus agendas, call the caucus to assembly, tally the votes, and make all announcements on behalf of the League. The scribe will be granted access to a League handle used for the purpose of making such announcements and is considered the only official voice of League.

Treaties that have been ratified by the caucus are considered binding for the entirety of the League and will be posted where the League’s citizens may review them at their leisure.

War of the Towers (Only in effect for the duration of the War of the Towers)
All League Settlements are entitled to their immediate six towers. All other towers will be treated as first come first serve, League Settlements may not steal towers from one another or cooperate with a third party to steal a tower from another League Settlement; either action will be considered a violation of the League’s First and Second Doctrine. We strongly recommend League Settlements collaborate on tower ownership with their neighbors to avoid conflict and maximize Settlement growth within the League.

The Second Doctrine’s mutual defense clause does not apply to towers, due to their ease of capture it would be too difficult to attempt a guarantee of support should another League Settlement’s towers come under attack. We again encourage neighboring League Settlements to collaborate on defensive arrangements amongst themselves.

A member may waive their right to a tower guaranteed by this section at any time.

Supported Initiatives
Members may support initiatives that are not necessarily mandates of the League. Such initiatives are non-binding for the League as a whole. However, in the interest of peace and solidarity, such initiatives will be respected within the individual participants’ borders.

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Congratulations to all!

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Nice work people. :)

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Well, there goes the neighborhood.

I mean- Congratulations Canis Castrum and Hope's End! I wholeheartedly approve of this formation, and if I get my way you'll be hearing from Sunholm sometime soon.

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Grats to all and good work.

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Good luck to you.

Good luck folks

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Good move. I am enjoying the beginnings of an interesting map.

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very alliance
...such friendship

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I've added your Alliance to the Guild Recruitment & Helpful Links list alongside Vox Silenti, moving Canis Castrum up to that position as well. If you have a brief description you'd like to appear there to let people know about your guild while they're browsing that list, please PM me.

Congratulations, and good luck!

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Thanks all, we look forward to building off this base and doing some interesting things.

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I concur! Thank you for your support.

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The League can now be found at

Current member settlements have also updated their urls to and

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Oh man, who woke up the Treaty Turtle?

This is going to turn into a Knowledge: skill pretty soon.

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The Aeonian League welcomes the settlement of Sunholm to the fold, solidifying an early friendship into a formal alliance! With their addition the League now contains Good, Evil, and Neutral settlements and companies, allowing us to cater to a large swath of the alignment spectrum. Additionally, as member companies of Sunholm the Principal Gods (Greece) and the Torchbearers (New Zealand) officially makes the League an international alliance!

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It is also worth noting that between our three settlements, we can train all roles and have an Auction House. We're the whole package!

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I'm wondering about the Doctrine of Sovereignty , you will all defend each other from any attempt to take over a settlement, that must be for settlement warfare in the future? Well ,have you all also pledged not to try to take over other settlements ? What if a member tries to conquer a neighbor and the war gets out of hand and the attacker is threatened with their own destruction ? You gonna go defend them ? Or what if a members' actions warrant an attack from someone, it seems like pledging to defend each other no matter what the other settlement did to provoke an attack could get you all in trouble.

It reads to me like a member can do whatever they want to outsiders and if their actions result in an invasion to destroy them then you are obligated to defend them. Are there restrictions on what members can do offensively to non-members? I should think it would go better if you were a full alliance, attacking and defending as one instead of just defending as one.

Goblin Squad Member

A fair criticism - I see the gap in the language that you are referring to. I believe this will be addressed shortly.

There will always be room for mutual defense in the event that an individual member's war gets out of hand - even if they have it coming, losing a member is not ideal. But having an obligation to do so doesn't make much sense, I agree.

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The League Caucus has passed an amendment to clarify the language and confirm it's original intent. The relevant Doctrine of Sovereignty section has changed from 'intrusive hostile forces' to 'intrusive and non-retaliatory hostile forces'.

Therefore a League member is only under obligation to defend another League settlement if the defending settlement was not the aggressor.

In a case where a League member was the aggressor and is now fighting a defensive action other member settlements may come to their aid if they independently decide too. But I will stress again, members are under no obligation to do so and will likewise forfeit their protection from the Doctrine of Sovereignty .

The caucus of course reserves the right to add an amendment that would compel members to assist settlements under such conditions or one that allows the caucus to vote on defensive assistance under said conditions. However, for the time being the League prefers a stance of non-aggression and minimal interference in member settlement's affairs.

As to the second part of the question, the League does not govern offensive actions at this time. Which likewise means it does not prevent member settlements from acting as a whole if they choose to do so, but there is currently no League obligation for such actions.

Grand Lodge

Great additions in my humble opinion.

Congrats on the new additions.

Goblin Squad Member

It sounds like it will create some interesting gameplay, good job. Maybe it's just me but it seems to have kind of a tribal confederation feel to it, a measure of independence but balanced with a loyalty to the survival of all.

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