[Outpost VI] PFS1 # 0-27: "Our Lady of Silver" [GM Jhaeman] (Inactive)

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You and your fellow Pathfinders are sent to Katheer, the shining capital of Qadira, to witness the wedding of Pathfinder Faireven to the wealthy and beautiful Lady of Silver and bring back a trove of relics given to the Society as part of the wedding dowry. When the wedding is disrupted by unscrupulous thieves, you soon find yourself dodging double-crosses, accusations of grave robbery, and worse. You must find the relics soon, or risk facing the eternal expulsion of the Society from the treasure-filled deserts of Qadira.

All recruitment for this scenario must take place through the official Outpost VI event listing. Gameplay for this scenario will officially start on 6 March 2023. If you have registered to play, please list the following information in this thread:

Pathfinder Society Number:
This Chronicle #:
Current XP:
Current Prestige:
Current Fame:
Current Gold:

Silver Crusade

Player: Shadow Dragon
Character: Decimus Gallonica Trajan
Pathfinder Society Number: 2369921-1
This Chronicle #: 18
Current XP: 18
Current Prestige: 17
Current Fame: 25
Current Gold: 1,747.6
Faction: Silver Crusade

Envoy's Alliance

What level is this adventure for?

Sovereign Court

Hello GM Jhaeman; looks like the signup sheet is full for this one but please put me on the waiting list if someone drops out on you; cheers!

@Haohji: It's for Levels 5-9.

@Purple Dragon Knight: Sure, will do.

Envoy's Alliance

Thanks! I am only level 1, so I can't apply... :(

Liberty's Edge

Player: Mustaparta
Character: Jaakko Varpunen
Pathfinder Society Number: 192672-6
This Chronicle #: 19
Current XP: 18
Current Prestige: 34
Current Fame: 34
Current Gold: TBA when I find my last chronicle
Faction: Liberty Edge

We'll be getting started with the briefing in just a few days. If you haven't checked in yet and done some introductory RP, please do so.

Grand Lodge

if you get a drop, shoot me a dm....

Liberty's Edge

Player: PDK
Character: Zeldana Bordana
Pathfinder Society Number: 4456-16
This Chronicle #: 11
Current XP: 16
Current Prestige: 23
Current Fame: 25
Current Gold: 9,240.5 GP
Faction: Liberty's Edge

Scarab Sages

Player: Lysle Kapp
Character: Azelwarred the Wise
Pathfinder Society Number: 90900-7
This Chronicle #: 14
Current XP: 12.5
Current Prestige: 20
Current Fame: 22
Current Gold:6697.9 gp
Faction: Scarab Sages
Fast or Slow XP: Slow

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