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Trouble in a small town leads to an interesting proposition.

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Sorina's quick inspection finds a backpack on the bed containing a bullseye lantern, a tinderbox, flint and steel, 50ft. of rope, a traveler’s outfit, a sunrod, 20 sp, and 5 gp. Atop the table lie a deck of beat-up cards and several sets of dice. Nothing else seems to be of note.

Wounds (0) NL (0) HP (15) AC (16/14/12) Saves (6/7/0) CMD (13) Kinetic Chirurgeon VMC Magus (1.5)

”Right. Mark it off and let’s move on. That’s another room down.”

HP: 13/13 | AC: 15 / T: 12 / FF: 13 | Fort: +2, Ref: +2, Will: +4 | CMB: -1, CMD: 11 | Init: +2, Perception: +1

"One moment, then sure, lets head on."
Sorina takes a closer look at the cards and dice, trying to determine if they are marked in some way, or loaded in the case of dice.
Chances are friendly games would be played outside the tournament, if all who came were gamblers. Knowing someone cheated, and more importantly, knowing HOW they cheated, was worth a lot.

After taking a moment to inspect the playing utensils, the Twins followd Kasits request and moved to the next door.


1d20 ⇒ 13

Sorina's inspection reveals that the cards and dice are both worn with use, but she can't detect and marked cards, or obvious bias to the dice.

At the next room Kasit's power causes the door to slowly swing open. After a moment a halfling woman comes to the doorway and peers out.

Wounds (0) NL (0) HP (15) AC (16/14/12) Saves (6/7/0) CMD (13) Kinetic Chirurgeon VMC Magus (1.5)

Bluff: 1d20 + 5 ⇒ (20) + 5 = 25

Kasit stopped walking as the door opened and the halfling came out. He looked at the her with a practiced look of confusion on his face, as if though he thought that she had opened the door and was peering out at him. ”Uhm...hello? Is everything all right?”

Perception to look in: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

The woman, garbed in dark brown studded leather armor, looks at Kasit a confused expression on her face, "Did you... But no... I don't know, the door just opened on it's own. Odd that." Beyond her Kasit can see the room is neat and tidy. A tray with crumbs from what appears to have been breakfast lies on a nightstand.

This was room 3 btw. I apologise I missed the door below that, we'll do that one next.

HP: 7/7 | AC: 16 / T: 11 / FF: 15 | Fort: +3, Ref: +1, Will: +2 | CMB: 4, CMD: 15 | Init: +1, Perception: +0 (Darkvision)

"Onwards...!", Sonira states cheerfully, heading to the next door.

For the record, I'm fine with passing those rooms we already know hold contestants. I mostly want to complete the floor plan, see if there are more architectural anomalies(like the spying room) or hidden pathways somewhere..

About 8:30 am Day 1 of 4

With a shake of her head the halfling closes her door leaving the three of you in the hallway. After a few minutes of waiting to make sure the coast is clear Kasit trust the next door. It swings open gowning slightly. Peeking inside Kasit sees that it if furnished like many of the others, but that is of little concern as he realizes that Ionacu is snoring fitfully in the bed, an empty wine bottle on the ground beside him.

Map updated

HP: 13/13 | AC: 15 / T: 12 / FF: 13 | Fort: +2, Ref: +2, Will: +4 | CMB: -1, CMD: 11 | Init: +2, Perception: +1

"Just some drunkard - he won't be hard to get rid off in the tourney...", Sorina concludes. "Next door?"

Wounds (0) NL (0) HP (15) AC (16/14/12) Saves (6/7/0) CMD (13) Kinetic Chirurgeon VMC Magus (1.5)

”Yes. The sooner we have this place mapped out the better. We’ve been lucky thus far. Just need to push it a bit more.”

Closing Ionacu's door you move on to find the last two doors on the floor locked.

HP: 13/13 | AC: 15 / T: 12 / FF: 13 | Fort: +2, Ref: +2, Will: +4 | CMB: -1, CMD: 11 | Init: +2, Perception: +1

"Interesting...there's 2 doors and space of about the same measure downstairs, as well...lets see if we can get in, there...", Sorina suggests.

(If we are trying to pick the lock, not in the morning when corridor traffic is expected from people going to/from breakfast or other tasks/errands.

If possible, I'll also take note of when the chamber pots are emptied and who does it. I suspect the halfling servant rather than the chief underling herself, but if the former is busy with breakfast - who knows...regardless: aside from hygiene aspects, it would mean a significant amount of time during which their room is unattended.

As you descend the stairs you hear the bustle of the keep, but no one is in the hallway so you try the first door. Once again Kasit uses his abilities to open the door from a distance. Inside you can see the halfling in bright clothes who was in the great hall when you went for breakfast. He is stitting at a table his back towards you and empty plate at his side as he writes with a bright green quill. He does not seem to notice the door having opened

HP: 13/13 | AC: 15 / T: 12 / FF: 13 | Fort: +2, Ref: +2, Will: +4 | CMB: -1, CMD: 11 | Init: +2, Perception: +1

Sorina gestures to Kasit - no need to disturb the halfling...but it seemed there were guest rooms downstairs, as well. The whole section of the keep seemed to be housing rooms for guests. Which was unfortunate, as it made keeping tabs on them much simpler. It also meant they were easy to cut off from their room - if there was trouble elsewhere in the keep, a guard would likely be stationed near there - to keep the guests safe...and make sure no responsible guests would sneak back to their room.

Good to close door and go to next.

Kasit closes the door as quietly as he opened it. Shortly after a man with beady eyes and prominent buck teeth scowls at you as he comes around the corner his hands clutched protectively around a plate heaped with meat. After a moment's pause he opens the door at the corner and slips inside. You here the click of a bolt being turned.

HP: 13/13 | AC: 15 / T: 12 / FF: 13 | Fort: +2, Ref: +2, Will: +4 | CMB: -1, CMD: 11 | Init: +2, Perception: +1

"So, now we're getting to the interesting parts...", Sorina turns to Kasit:"I suppose that takes care of all the guests. We know where Kara stays...and I have a feeling the other room of the corridor is for the other servants - the cook, the maid, ...and the other door likely leading to a corridor leading inside the castle, proper. So far the only other way we have found there is through the guards chamber so let's hope we find the door unlocked for convenience."

Sorina points out the last 2 doors to try, ground floor, character location.
Also, Lord Mevinters room was already revealed - and we lack the 2 downstairs rooms, but I suppose with the next "update" we'll have something to work with and decide on our course of action...

For the sake of keeping things moving I'm going to assume Sorina and Sonira try the doors they are next too.

Day 1, 9am

Sonira tires the door and finds it locked. It appears to have a nicer lock than most. Shortly after the clock chimes the 9 o'clock hour.

The door Sorina tries swings open easily revealing a well lit hallway with a few tapestries hanging from it at intervals along with several more doors.

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