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Trouble in a small town leads to an interesting proposition.

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A half orc without sacred tattoos and Fate’s Favored...and with a voluntary -1 to will Saves to boot. Hat off to you for your dedication to the character concept.

Luckily, I see more of them now. For a while, it was utterly overdone.
(Same as how almost all Paladins were Fey Foundlings for a time - and all Samsarans had a Mystic Past Life).

But still glad that nobody tries to play power games.

Well I've looked over the builds for everyone, and everything seems to be in order. If you guys are happy with your backgrounds and such I'll put up the start either today or tomorrow.


I was gone over the weekend.
I am fine with that. I did want to consider going Half-Elf for the Favored Class Bonus(2 evolution points over 8 levels is a big deal if regular progression gives you 6) - but ultimately, it will not be a big deal.

The two things I AM not certain about(and apologies for that, I was away over the weekend and had no time to look) is the Starchild-trait for Eidolon and Auspicious Birth for Main.
Survival and getting lost in wilderness does not seem like something that would come up often in a one-shot for a gambling rogue at a keep. (plus it's really hard to get lost in the first place in pathfinder).
And boosting Teamwork-Feats is great, but spending a Feat on something that only comes online at Level 4, and on an already Feat-Starved Build also seems less desirable for a potential one-shot. It does have that Level 1 requirement so picking it up later is not an option...but it would also force me to pick from among a specific subset at Level 4 and then do nothing else until Level 8 comes around.

Those two, I was not entirely happy with on doing a once-over. Aside from that, I am good to go. If you'll let me alter those to something agreeable within the next couple days, I am good to go. Neither will change the background or much of the mechanics(if anything, I would miss out on a boost until a switch is made).

That's fin MordredofFairy. I'm working out a few details myself. Either way the start is mostly talking to get you guys all set to go so I don't think anything will really change.

Ok, I uploaded a newer version of the map. The different colors indicate different "city states" purple being the as yet unnamed half elf city state. The dark blue and the magenta are both human dominant states.

Kasit, do you want your home city to be Durauch, or would you rather it be one of the other states? It doesn't change anything in the immediate, but it may matter later.

For reference it's about 50 miles from RhiaNnon to Blackstone (site of Lord Kent's keep).

Durauch Works fine for me. Whatever is easiest for the story

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(1) In the name of Junior I’m dropping Wis to 10 and raising Str to 10. Because while +1 will Saves is ideal...this character shouldn’t have above average wisdom.

Based on what you wrote, I’m adding one more person to Kasit’s Background.

Background addition: Father Figure and why +11 Disable Device:

Kasit used to be a burglar, true. But he learned his trade from an artisan. To be precise, Korgan Stoneaxe, a locksmith by trade. Korgan was an unofficial member of the gang that Kasit belonged to. He never did anything as unseemly as perform any thievery himself, nor did he ever outwardly condone it. Rather, he merely took on an apprentice or two in the art of locksmithing, with the early lessons being how different locks work, and how they open. Completely legitimate, no? And from the gang he would buy certain items without any questions asked. And would be able to guarantee that certain locks would not be picked. Either by spreading the wealth, or for the simple fact that he did not teach how to unlock *every* type of lock.

As for why he did this? It was because he was a refugee who had lost his home to hobgoblin invasion. And he had the dream of raising enough coin to finance a reconquest of his family’s mine. A task low in the list of priorities of his people as a whole but high on his.

Korgan was the closest thing to a father than Kasit ever had. The two became close over the years, and the dwarf, who had lost his own son to the hobgoblin invasion, had begun hinting that Kasit should really become an apprentice of his. As is, that came too late, as Kasit had to flee the city. Korgan he is a figure that Kasit knows he can trust. Especially if his help comes at a fair price...

* Switched read lips for Dwarven


Sounds good Kasit.

It's official, we have begun! Gameplay thread is up. Have at it :D

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