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Absalom. The biggest city in the world, it's the heart of all trade and most religions across at least two continents, as well as home of world-spanning organizations like the Pathfinder Society. People from all around the world can be found in the city, no matter their ancestry. Here, unlike anywhere else in the world, it would not be considered any stranger to see a hobgoblin and a leshy arguing over the latest in Taldori Royal fashion than it would be seeing two humans doing the same.

It is also the most coveted of cities. Since it was first founded by the now-dead god Aroden some 4719 years ago — an event used as the starting point of the modern calendar — the city-state has been besieged more than 100 times. Most often these invasions were led by those seeking access to the Starstone, the artifact that granted Aroden (and a handful of others, since) godhood, which sits in the middle of the city in a cathedral designed by Aroden to test any who would wish to become a god.

Two of these sieges have happened in the last few years. Three years ago, there was an invasion of demonic fleshwarped constructs that is notable only because it resulted in the end of the practice of slavery in the city, as all slaves were granted freedom in exchange for joining the defence of the city. Lord Gyr, the city's Primarch, vanished around the same time, leading to whispers that someone wanted him out of the way, either to implement the new law or to oppose it. The Grand Council has yet to choose a successor, with the former captain of the city's First Guard serving as acting Primarch for the time being.

Most recently, the Lich known as The Whispering Tyrant besieged the city only two months ago in the most dangerous siege since before the city had walls. He was barely defeated, but not destroyed, and many suspect he will return eventually. There is a buzz of tension in the air as people worry that the next invasion may be successful.

Goodman Hugen has become concerned that Cheliax is making a play for power in the city, by bribing or extorting members of the high and low councils. He has decided to secretly recruit mercenaries to try to infiltrate the trust of other council members to either find evidence of corruption, or information that he can use to undo it.


This game has already started, but we had a pretty quick drop. So quick, in fact, that Goodman Hugen is still briefing the players. I’m specifically looking for players who do not mind a slow game. I do hope to speed things up from where they have been so far, but I have health issues that sometimes interfere in my posting, especially if it needs to be a long post. On some rare weeks I may only be able to post once a week, others may be every other day.

Character creation:
For now, we’re using standard rules, with anything available on the Archive of Nethys. I am willing to use temporary house rules for deities that haven’t been converted yet, with the expectation that they will be converted once the new Gods & Magic book is out.

Please also include at least a couple of sentences of background. I just want to be sure you’re thinking of who your character is, not just what they can do. :-)

I will leave this recruitment open for one week. Feel free to ask questions!

I'm always up for more 2E, so consider my interest piqued. And in fact, I actually somewhat prefer slower-paced games, not being the most active of posters myself!

As for questions: which of the current players/characters are still around? Or are you looking to move on with a totally new roster? If not, do you have any preferences when it comes to party composition? The game's premise is giving me the impression that there might be more social manoeuvring and intrigue than classic combat action, which may affect my choice of character.

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Here's my submission:

Edvard Maldeen:

LN Versatile Human Wizard 1
Background: Barrister

str 12
dex 12
con 12
int 18
wis 12
cha 12

HP 15
AC 15 (10 base +3 proficiency +2 dex)
Perception (E) +6
Fort (T) +4
Ref (T) +4
Will (E) +6

Speed 25'

1) Spell Attack (T): +7 to hit

2) Unarmed Strike: +4 to hit; 1d4+1b damage

Arcana (T) +7
Athletics (T) +4
Deception (T) +4
Diplomacy (T) +4
Intimidation (T) +4
Lore (Legal; T) +7
Nature (T) +4
Religion (T) +4
Society (T) +7

Wizard Weapons (Club, Crossbow, Dagger, Heavy Crossbow, Staff) (T)
Unarmed Strike (T)

Unarmored Defense (T)


Class Features:
Class DC (T): 17

Arcane Bond (Ring)
Arcane School (Universalist)
Arcane Spellcasting
Arcane Thesis (Metamagical Expermentation)

Spells/day: 5/2

Cantrips: 10
Acid Splash
Electric Arc
Produce Flame
Ray of Frost
Read Aura

First: 6
Ant Haul
Burning Hands
Feather Fall
Fleet Step
Mage Armor
Magic Missile

Natural Ambition

Eschew Materials
Reach Spell
Widen Spell

Canny Acumen (Perception)

Group Impression

Silver Wedding Ring (Arcane Bond)
Walking Stick (Club)
Fine Clothing x5
Explorer's Clothing x2
Winter Clothing x2

4 gp

Quick and Dirty Backstory:

Edvard Maldeen is a graduate of the Arcanamirium, the premere Arcane University in Absalom. After graduating, he decided to pursue the law, but was framed and ousted by the Szarni after becoming a prosecutor. With no other options available to him, he became an adventurer.


Wizard is not what immediately comes to mind when you look at Edvard.

Edvard is a large man of Ulfen descent, with close-cropped blonde hair, Heterochromatic eyes (his left is deep green and his right is purple) and an immaculately trimmed beard. A tailored suit rounds out his typical wardrobe while in town, with a walking cane and large silver ring that sits on his left-hand thumb.

TheWorstFighter wrote:

I'm always up for more 2E, so consider my interest piqued. And in fact, I actually somewhat prefer slower-paced games, not being the most active of posters myself!

As for questions: which of the current players/characters are still around? Or are you looking to move on with a totally new roster? If not, do you have any preferences when it comes to party composition? The game's premise is giving me the impression that there might be more social manoeuvring and intrigue than classic combat action, which may affect my choice of character.

Sorry, I should've included that the original post! We currently have an Elven sorcerer (who plans to archetype into monk at second level, I believe). There is also possibly a halfling druid, but he hasn't responded to private messages in a while so I'm not sure he's still there.

There is an NPC that was going to tag along with the original group, to serve as a tank since they were all casters and basically stay out of the way during the intrigue stuff, but if we can get a well-rounded group he won't be necessary.

This will indeed be heavy on the intrigue, but depending on the group's methods, there is likely to be plenty of normal encounters as well. (I'm a pretty open-ended GM, I'll occasionally have NPC's offer suggestions, but it's up to the group how to complete the mission — or even if they want to say no and go do something else.)

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I have a sheet still working on a backstory

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Neat! Feelings on playing a Lizardfolk? They’ve got some really interesting roleplay potential, being reptiles and all that.

Simeon wrote:
Neat! Feelings on playing a Lizardfolk? They’ve got some really interesting roleplay potential, being reptiles and all that.

Yeah, lots of potential. Go for it. :-)

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I have an idea for a varisian puddles raised thug that is smarter and more charismatic than his past belies- a bit of a diamond in the rough type, if there’s still room for another.

He’d be a 2 sword ranger to start but pick up rogue dedication at level 2

I'm new to the paizo board, but I'd like to join in if that is still possible. I was thinking about playing a monk, if that fits with the party.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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Here's my ranger

Korso Arcovici:

Male human ranger 1
Common, N, Medium, Human, Humanoid
Perception +5 (+7 to Seek your target.)
Languages Common, Kelish, Skald, Varisian
Skills Absalom Lore +5, Acrobatics +6 (Whenever you roll a success using the Balance action, you get a critical success instead.), Athletics +4, Deception +5, Intimidation +5, Nature +3, Society +5, Stealth +6, Survival +3 (+5 to Track your target.), Thievery +6
Str 12 (+1), Dex 16 (+3), Con 12 (+1), Int 14 (+2), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 14 (+2)
Other Items studded leather, 2 shortswords, dagger, backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, belt pouch, caltrops, chalks (10), flint and steel, rations (1 week)s (2), rope (foot)s (50), sheath, sheath, soap, thieves' tools, torchs (5), waterskin, purse (6 gp; 1 sp; 8 cp)
AC 18; Fort +6; Ref +8; Will +3
HP 19 Hero Points 1
Speed 25 feet
Melee [1] shortsword +6 (versatile S, agile, finesse), Damage 1d6+1 piercing/slashing
Melee [1] shortsword +6 (versatile S, agile, finesse), Damage 1d6+1 piercing/slashing
Arcane Arcane Tattoos DC 12; Cantrips (1st) ghost sound
Feats Arcane Tattoos, Pickpocket, Steady Balance, Twin Takedown
Other Abilities flurry, hunt prey

The Mistakes of Youth:
Korso has spent the majority of his adult life working for various ne'er-do-wells in the Puddles. For most of his teen years, he would leave his father's home whenever he could to gamble, fight, and generally do whatever possible to get on the bad side of the city guard. "Better lucky than dead, " he'd laugh while gallivanting through the poorer parts of town.

But Adulthood brought actual employment as the other young toughs grew into more hardened criminals. Sometimes he'd do odd jobs for Estevoc the Wiser, the old chemist that took Korso in when his father passed. Sometimes the Black Dragos Boys would give him some coin to rip off a merchant that had left a bad taste in their mouths or rough up someone that owed the gang coin, but couldn't be made an example of. A few times, he'd even managed to find himself on Torch's payroll whenever a good bodyguard or second story man was needed. But more often than not, Korso found himself trying to talk his way out of whatever trouble he was inevitably in. He had proven pretty good at finding people in the Puddles and even the Guard was willing to look the other way at times if he'd lend them a hand now and then. He'd even begun taking other young toughs under his wing like old man Estevoc had done for him. Sometimes the city in the center of the world could still be full of surprises.

I have my character stats ready, the backstory is still WIP

Dwarf monk 1
Common, LG, Medium, Dwarf, Humanoid
Perception +6; darkvision
Languages Common, Dwarven, Terran
Skills Acrobatics +3 (When you Balance on narrow surfaces or uneven ground made of stone or earth, you aren’t flat-footed, and when you roll a success at one of these Acrobatics checks, you get a critical success instead.), Athletics +7, Diplomacy +3, Medicine +6, Religion +6, Scribing Lore +4, Society +4
Str 18 (+4), Dex 10 (+0), Con 12 (+1), Int 12 (+1), Wis 16 (+3), Cha 10 (+0)
Other Items unarmored defense, purse (15 gp)
AC 15; Fort +6; Ref +5; Will +8; +0 to save vs. magical effects.
HP 21 Hero Points 1
Speed 20 feet
Melee [1] fist +7 (nonlethal, agile, finesse), Damage 1d6+4 bludgeoning
Feats Mountain Stance, Rock Runner, Student Of The Canon
Other Abilities call on ancient blood, flurry of blows, powerful fists

Wyl Silvers has been living in the Puddles for the last 6 months, hiding from Mr. Black, after he failed to deliver on what Mr. Black asked of him. But one can only take so much of living in the Puddles. So after careful consideration, Wyl came up with a plan to get back in Mr. Black's good graces (if he has any) by becoming an adventurer and paying Mr. Black off.

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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Wyl- it might be interesting to link the characters together if we both end up playing since they seem to have some simularities in their pasts. If nothing else as former partners in...well.. crime, or even more adversarial.

@ Doctor Mono: That sounds fine, what did you have in mind?

Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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Both Wyl and Korso seemed to have done jobs for less reputable folk in the Puddles. It could be that they both did a job for Mr. Black (one that started Wyl's relationship with Black but was only a single payday for Korso) where they had to act as a team to rob someone/rough up someone. Maybe it was an audition that Wyl succeeded at but Korso didn't.


Maybe they each were working for different crews on the same mark/robbery/ etc. While they might have differing ideas on who actually won or succeeded in their job, both left with a grudging respect for the other rather than enmity.

Either way, they hadn't seen each other in months despite both living and operating in the Puddles district.

Those are my initial ideas- unless you had a different idea on how Wyl began to owe Black. Heck, There's no reason Korso couldn't have been among those hired to find and rough up Wyl for the money he owed Black.

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As kids Korso and Wyl ran in the same circles, gambling, picking fights and staying one step ahead of the guards. But when they got older, Wyl was recruited by Mr. Black and Korso by Estevoc. They haven’t seen much of one another in recent years for one reason or another. Then one day they were both tasked with a job by their respected employer to break into the same place (left opened) and acquire different items (or Korso could be looking for someone). They both had their own paths of ingress and egress and everything was going smoothly until they reached their goals and noticed one another then things went south. It turned out the mark knew Mr. Black was up to something so was expecting him, they ended up having to fight their way out together. Wyl failed at his mission while they were able to acquire Korso's before we left.


Second Seekers (Jadnura)

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I love it. It speaks more of why they would be willing to put their necks out for each other despite having had different employers

This is my proposed character. The background kind of ran away with me. :)

The more mundane details of the character will follow shortly. He is a Warpriest of Cayden Cailean.

Adjustments can be made of course. Any questions or comments (by anyone) would be greatly appreciated.

GM Fobok wrote:
Sorry, I should've included that the original post! …

Thanks for the response! I’m currently working on a champion (also of Cayden Cailean, coincidentally) whom I hope to have finished by tomorrow at the latest. Recruitment closes on Saturday, if I’m not mistaken?

I've put the full build in the profile. Hope that is satisfactory, it's a bit lengthy.

@ GM Fobok Are you using the unofficial errata? The part I'm not sure about is the number of languages because humans (and their heritages) were suppose to get one additional free to reflect the locality. If not fine I just have common and elvish and the question marked one will go away.

Edit: The role in party is main Healer and support buffing spellcaster.
Secondary role is front line melee combat, and some light face work, don't have society though and a medium charisma limits that.

For your ease of use I'll repeat the background here, sorry for the length.

Silas Zan:

Screams rend the air as Toutuas Zan, gives birth. The nervous girls attending her, wrap the baby up with it's large ears visible, the now quieting mother, says prayers to Calistria, her patron and source of power providing her with divine healing. The girls, trembling give the child to the new mother, nearly dropping it as she screams in anger even louder than before.

The shaking armsman at the door outside looks ready to bolt as his name is shouted out at him. Too terrified to flee, he enters looking as though he walks to hell. She hurls invectives at him, noting the the child is boy and even worse looks elvish except for the all too human eyes that match the hapless man, laying prostrate at his lover's feet as she whips him near senseless.

After recovering from his thrashing, Caldan names his son Silas after his own father. He raises him at the Sailor's Best Beds, not really an Inn, that caters to dockside trash, that the cruel owner Toutuas Zan uses to get cash more than converts. Still the staff dutifully worships the The Lady in the Room as required. She took care of her son in the early years as well, seeming interested in the delights of motherhood. But she grew bored of him as he grew up leaving him to his father.

Caldan trains his son in some armsman's arts as time permitted. Silas did whatever he could, not want to draw his mother's attention or wrath. (The same thing really.) The day came when the slaves were to be freed in Absolom, to accept this could not be done by Toutuas, priestess of Calistria. In the night she dragged her slaves to the edge of the docks where a small stealth ship awaited to whisk her and her property away. A struggle broke out between her and some followers of the Drunken God who stumbled upon her actions. Caldan turned on his mistress that day, helping the liberators but they all payed the price. With her divine power she repelled the interlopers and with an expert stroke wrapped her whip about her former lover's neck and broke it. Silas jumped to his father's side and in his fury took his dad's rapier and confronted his cruel mother. She was furious but with the guard approaching quickly, she wisely fled without her slaves. Silas aided the severely wounded liberators. They welcomed him among their followers.

Silas works as a low paid mercenary along the docks. He attends the services when he can of Marlyn Murst, brewer and priest of the Drunken God. Many hours have passed as he taught of a different faith and the deeper meaning behind it.

But one day he finds Marlyn lying in a pool of blood, an assassin's blade being pulled free from his back. Silas fights the assassin but cannot prevent the miscreant fleeing. He checks on his friend but life is swiftly fading beyond his limited skill to heal. He grasps the dying priest's silver tankard and prays. To his astonishment, a golden glow flows from it healing the bloody wounds. Marlyn, though also surprised, welcomes Silas to the clergy of Cayden Cailean.

Not knowing what to do he receives a curious offer...

Here’s TheWorstFighter’s character! I also took one additional language, which all human characters apparently are intended to receive as a baseline feature, but I’ll drop it if it’s an issue.

Hey there.

I have an idea for a Hobgoblin Diplomat from Oprak. Looking to expand influence and opportunity for the young nation, under pain of death and a thousand lashings for failure. A true patriot.

Going to need a moment to build.

Recruiting is now closed! I'm going to take the next 36 hours or so to decide on the who I want to pick, since I probably won't be able to post until then anyway, and to give Boss Zog chance to finish his character. If anybody else who was already applied wants to make some tweaks, now's your chance!

This is going to be a very hard choice, I like everything I've seen here! I'll post my decision Sunday evening (North American Eastern time) if I'm able. (Monday, if not. As I said, health issues sometimes keep me from posting.)

Hi here is quick portrait of Silas put together in HM3. Silas Zan portrait Link

Good luck everyone!

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Okay, here is the back story for Fek.


For Fek, the Ironfang Independence was a truly glorious time. Azaersi did what no other being in existence could do. Bring the Hobgoblin diaspora together, and carved a whole nation together. One nation that spans more territory than what any wretched elf nation could ever hope to dream of.

That "second hell" year that his commando brethren so lovingly called brought glory to every Hobgoblin that could wield a blade. With scalps for so many warriors that it became so humorous how honored they had become.

But now, General Azaersi and the nation of Oprak must turn to a new task. One that most Hobgoblin's would have sneered at before. A burden for slaves and labors to take on, not a glorious warrior that brought so much honor to his nation. Fek must become a diplomat and help his new born nation raise their economic prospects.

Capitalizing on the Stone Roads abilities, Fek must bring a diplomatic core of young merchant Hobs to Absalom. There they will grow their connections to the rest of the world to continue Oprak's survival. Hopefully bringing advance mining techniques and alchemical discoveries back home, as well as grain and coin.

It won't be easy, as these younger Hobs hope to climb the social ladder above his station. Looking to over take an officers glory in this time of peace. But Fek will do this mission and control his Hobs. Even if he yearns still for the roar of battle.


Story wise, I think Fek and his contingent. Will most likely just trying to open trade channels with the other powers in the Inner Sea. Using the goods they can transport from Kaoling in Tian Xia through the Stone Roads as a tease their way in. But the gems and metals mined from the Plane of Earth as the major export. (Can you tell I like economics).

Crunch incoming.

Here is just the quick and dirty of it all. Still working out gear and wavering on a feat choice here or there. I'll make a legit stat block later, this just seems like a good way to see the big picture as I build.

The Build:

STR-16 DEX-12. CON-12 INT-12 WIS-8 CHA-10

Elfbane Hobgoblin: +2 STR, CON & INT, -2 WIS and Resist Elf Magic
HP: +8
SPD: 25
Languages: Common, Goblin, Orc
1st Feat: Hobgoblin Lore
Trained: Athletics, Crafting and Hobgoblin Lore

Trained: Intimidation & Warfare Lore
S.Feat: Intimidating Glare

Key Stat: STR

HP: 10+Con = 11 (19 w/ Heritage)

Perception - Expert

Fort - Expert
Flex - Expert
Will - Trained

Acrobatics - Trained
Deception - Trained
Diplomacy - Trained
Society - Trained
Stealth -Trained
Survival - Trained

Unarmed -Expert
Simple - Expert
Martial -Expert
Adv. - Trained

Unarmored - Trained
All Armor - Trained

Class DC

Attack of Opportunity

0-Shield Block
1st - Snagging Strike

Mannar has been in training for almost as long as he can remember. First I was the traditional martial training in his home of Five King Mountains, and after he joined an itinerant monk and disciple of Irori it was the monastic training and self-improvement exercises associated with his new life.
A few months ago, Mannar's mentor declared him ready. Ready for his first sojourn on his own. Mannar didn't quite know where to go and what to do at first, but soon decided that he would experience the most in the city in the middle of the world, Absalom.
Mannar has been a student for all his life. Now, for the first time, he wants the chance to actually put everything he learned to use.

Sorry for the delay, having a bad weekend for my ability to dictate.

In any case, my choices are:


(Though, Silas, if you can find one to fit your concept, can you please find a different avatar? The one you chose is already being used by the sorcerer who still remains from the original group. Just want to avoid confusion, if I can. :-))

I'm very sorry I couldn't take everybody, but for those not chosen, keep an eye on your private messages, I may message you if there are any further drops.

For those chosen: Please post in the Gameplay thread as if your character has been at the briefing all along.

congrats to those selected, and enjoy the game!

Thank you for accepting me. I've changed the avatar, sorry I should have noticed that. It's not the best look but good enough when he wears a cloak. Anyway anyone can click on the link to my efforts at a portrait.

I've follow off and on for a while now your adventures in "Star Trek: Perdition's Flames" as Tobin Bell, an excellent series.
Hope that the illness situations for you and that group improves soon.

Thanks for having me! I'll get a post up tomorrow.

Break a leg folks

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