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Full Name

Iandra Thistlerun


| HP: 19/19 | AC 18 | F +6, R +5, W +5 | Perc. +5


| Speed 30’ | Hero Pts: 1/1 | Focus Pts: 1/1 | Reactions: Liberating Step, Shield Block | Conditions: None


F Human Champion 1






Chaotic Good


Cayden Cailean


Common, Halfling

Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 14

About Iandra Thistlerun

Ancestry, Background and Class Features:
Ancestry: Versatile Heritage (Canny Acumen)
Background: Bellflower Agent
Class: Champion’s Code, Deity and Cause (Cayden Cailean, Liberator), Deific Weapon, Champion’s Reaction (Liberating Step), Shield Block

Iandra’s parents both were slaves in the nation of Cheliax, where their lives – and, less than a decade after Iandra’s birth, her own life – consisted of nothing more than day-long toil and drudgery under the yoke of a nobleman infamous for his casual cruelty. She had just come of age when their owner, scrambling to cover a lost bet made over the success of an opera he had penned, sold a number of his slaves to his creditor, including her and her parents.

For all intents and purposes, this change of ownership would have made no difference to their dreary lives…except that their new overlord never got to take possession of them. The wagon train hauling Iandra and her family, along with a dozen enslaved halflings, was ambushed one night by members of the Bellflower Network, a clandestine movement operating in Cheliax that ceaselessly plotted and worked to free halfling slaves from bondage and smuggle them out of the country. It was the compassion of one such Bellflower agent, Sindy Goodbloom, that made her take the added risk of freeing the three human slaves as well, though Sindy knew that getting them safely out of Cheliax would be no small task.

Still, after several nerve-racking weeks of hiding in various safehouses during the day and moving cautiously during the night, always fearing discovery by Chelish slave-hunters, Iandra and her parents eventually crossed the border into Ravounel at long last. While her mother and father decided to settle down and become a part of this country’s infinitely more liberal society, however, Iandra failed to smother the anger remained smouldering within her: anger at Cheliax, at its infernal ways and its wholehearted embracing of slavery. Unlike her parents, she found herself unable to simply let go of her past and start a new life, instead feeling the inescapable need to do something about the wrongs that had left her family marked for life in body and mind both.

Putting her labour-hardened physique to use by moving between various occupations including that of stevedore, tavern bouncer and logger, as well as developing a bit of a drinking problem while trying to cope with her grim past as a Chelish slave, Iandra came to join the fold of the Drunken Hero a few years after her arrival in Ravounel. Cayden Cailean’s tenets spoke to her as few things ever had in her life; here was a deity so unlike the infernal powers worshipped in Cheliax, one that stood for everything she herself had vowed to fight for. She also ended up as one of the relatively few non-halfling members of the Bellflower Network, having stayed in touch with her saviour Sindy Goodbloom and ultimately convinced her that she, Iandra, was as staunch an opponent of the Chelish nation and its slaving ways as any.

Back in Cheliax, Iandra and her family were not permitted so much as a surname to distinguish themselves from their fellow drudges. Having dedicated herself to the cause of freedom for the world’s oppressed and enslaved, though, Iandra took on the name Thistlerun – an understated nod to her affiliation with the Bellflower Network, and indeed with the halfling people as a whole. It’s in her capacity as an agent of the former that her travels have recently led her to the great city of Absalom, which rumour has it is at risk of having its independence undermined by hated Cheliax…

Skills and Feats:
Strength: Athletics +7
Dexterity: Stealth +5, Thievery +5
Intelligence: Underworld Lore +3
Wisdom: Religion +3
Charisma: Diplomacy +5, Deception +5, Intimidation +5
All skills listed are Trained; skills not listed are Untrained

Feats: Canny Acumen (Perception), Deity’s Domain, Experienced Smuggler, Natural Skill, Shield Block

Javelin: +5, 1d6+4 P (range 30 ft., reload –, hands 1; dart; thrown)
Rapier: +7, 1d6+3 P (hands 1; sword; deadly d8, disarm, finesse)

Adventurer’s pack
Ordinary clothing
Scale mail
Steel shield
Javelin x5
Disguise kit (+replacement cosmetics x1)
Thieves’ tools (+replacement picks x1)

Wealth: 0gp 2sp 9cp, Bulk: 7.6/9

Devotion Spells:
Focus Points: 1
Focus Spells: Face in the Crowd, Lay on Hands