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Gameplay thread. Players, feel free to dot anytime!

The door opens.


"You need my help?"

"I tell you, the chicken was foul!" came a voice from outside, answered by another that was not so loud before the first blasted out again with "Yes, you nincompoop! That's the joke! Fowl! It was two skewers for a copper from a street vendor, it was probably rat regardless!"

Another pause seemingly followed as the quieter voice responded almost inaudibly from outside.

"Never again, friend, never! You're a gods-awful guide and I stand here in shock that you actually managed to get me here before the next moon with how you're stumbling around like that-- good god man, though you can put away the drink like a true believer and I dare say that I reque- no, I DEMAND you join me for another round the next time I am in town. Keeping your insides on the inside after half of what you had could be called a gift, and as an authority on the subject I would put that a hair closer to miracle. Go, go, get out of my sight you magnificent lout, I'll pray for you to make it back without stopping to piss in an alley."

And, after another low mumble from outside, a man walked through the door halfway through a drink of the flask at his lips; lingering a bit too long in the doorway before it came away from them and he at last cast his eyes about the room at the others who had gathered.

"Hail and well met, friends! for a drink?"

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