GM Rednal's Spherefinder Society (Inactive)

Game Master Rednal

About: The Spherefinder Society is an ongoing game that uses PFS modules and Spheres classes. This game is well outside of society rules and is not eligible for PFS credit.

Build Rules:
> 20 point buy, max 18 in a stat at level 1 after racial
> 2 traits
> Use Fractional BAB (add all levels for progression along their speeds); saves are normal
> Starting Wealth: 10,500 GP (No personal crafting, but items crafted under Spheres crafting rules as written can be purchased at full price)
> Starting Level: 5
> Races: Core and Featured
> HP: Max at first, average (rounding up) thereafter
> Alignments: Any non-evil (remember that your character is willingly a part of the Pathfinder Society - you can certainly have personal goals and objectives, but you shouldn't make characters that are actively against your teammates or your job)
> Characters may only have Spheres classes/archetypes
> Custom casting/martial traditions are fine, but martial traditions must follow the guidelines
> Legendary talents are okay, Advanced talents are not
> All published Paizo content and all Spheres content on the Wiki is otherwise acceptable except for the Alternate Justicar prestige class and the house rules (no playtest content)
> Use the BB Code Profile Template on the Wiki when making character sheets

Leveling Up:
> Complete 3 scenarios and you earn a levelup. You do NOT have to apply the levelup to the character(s) you played in the last three scenarios.

New Characters:
> You may create a new character before any scenario. You may apply unused levelups to start them at a higher level.