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This is a Kingmaker AP play by post previously for members of the IBEX community, now open to the general gaming community as a whole.

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Male Elf Rogue/3

Ok ty so if i skip the action i can take whenever one is in range on wait til next round?

Yes, if you hold your action until one comes within range, and no creature comes into range, you may take your regular turn when it comes on the next round.

Irakli dismounted into a brush square, so he is considered to be in difficult terrain. It will cost double movement for the first square he moves to when he moves out of it.

Good job on mastering the map and posting the correct IP/URL link.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

Two things.
First, I am on Vacation all next week and may not be able to post on
the 48 hour window. I will try though.

Second, for my turn would it be possible to 5' step my horse, move to
draw my dagger, and standard to cut him loose. I don't want to assist
him, I want to do it for him, so that his standard action would be free to keep killing.

Two replies.
First, you are taking off the same week as Sabrina, leaving me and your team alone on day shift. OK, I don't see anything going wrong there. BAU cross and pray FTW. They never did say whether or not I was approved to come in on her timeslots Wednesday and Thursday so I guess regular time it is for me. I will be lenient on the 48 hours somewhat. Thanks for the heads up.

Second, to force your mount backwards stepping into combat range, you would need to make a successful Ride Check. Grailmont is off his horse, so to cut him free you would need to be able to reach him fully, which would require you to dismount to accomplish with a dagger.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

It was my understanding that Carl was coming in early. I don't know though, our fearless leader knew She and I were going to be on PTO at the same time.

No problem, just would have been nice if Sabrina or I had been told what was going on with it. She didn't know when I asked her earlier either. Really though anymore nothing that happens there surprises me. Enjoy your time off sir.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

I apologize, I was under the impression that Irakli had landed in a particularly bad square, but that in general we were moving under trees and that the spiders were in the trees (starting out), not that the ground was covered all around.

No apology needed. I need to provide better descriptions when using these kinds of maps. Previously I did so with less visual maps, but I should have done a better job here.

Male Elf Rogue/3

Ok is point blank considered with in 10' or 5'. Would I have a pen. using bow this round if I want to?

Point Blank Shot the feat gives a bonus for the first 30'. Shooting at anything adjacent to you, 5' range, evokes an Attack of Opportunity. Range penalties occur for increments over your base range.

In this case, you are firing at a target where no penalties apply. Echo's spell will add +1 to you bow's damage.

Male Human Fighter - Level 3

So in a round you get a move action and a standard action?

Types of Actions

The link will show you what each action is, describe when you can perform them, and what you can accomplish with them.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

How many build points do we currently have?
Also, I am not sure what you are asking with the primary role of the fort.
Lastly, do we need to spend BP on any of the current buildings at Oleg's
(to make them operational or repair them, etc.)?

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

L2, HP: 1d6 ⇒ 4

My notes indicate you begin with 32 BP after your journey to Oleg's and the resources available there. Do you wish to choose your positions in the Colonial Government at this time or allow the Elders Council to choose them for you?

Claiming Oleg's Hex as the starting point of your colony costs 1 BP, representing the effort of putting up markers, plot surveys, etc. As a small kingdom you can only claim one hex per month, and it takes the full month to clear and fully claim the hex for the kingdom.

You may build only one "House or Tenement" block and one kingdom building block per city per month. If you have the opportunity of adding an upgradable or established kingdom building block to your city, pre-existing in the declared hex, (ie Oleg's) you may also add one of these per month. You may only declare one hex to be the site of a city per month, and a city may contain up to 36 squares worth of buildings' blocks before a second grid is needed within the same hex.

Oleg's Fort could be used as one of the following, a barracks, garrison, inn, keep, shop, smithy, stable, tavern or watchtower, at half the normal cost representing the expense needed to increase the size to support the colony.

The roadway at Oleg's hex would be a free addition to your kingdom. Adding the other roadway hexes, or building new roadway hexes, may be done at one per month, and may only be built/claimed in a currently claimed kingdom hex. You can't claim roadways in hexes not part of your kingdom.

Male Elf Rogue/3

L2: 1d8 ⇒ 1

Remember guys you do not have to roll your HP, you can choose to take the average +1. For a d8 this would be 5 HP.

Here is a tentative breakdown of how the leadership roles would be divided, if left to the vote of the people. You can look over the Campaign Roster and move some people around if you wish.

Barony of the Greenbelt
Echo Syne Baron
Deudermont Councilor
Grailmont General
Kenzi Eagle Grand Diplomat
Korya Lebeda-Gregori High Priest
Holgast Magister
Ulfric Gromm Marshal
Kesten Garess Royal Enforcer
Irakli Laindir Spymaster
Shamus Vendrake Treasurer
Sir Dramott Orlovsky Warden

The Court of the Greenbelt also recommends the following for the first months building goals.

Claim Oleg's Hex (already cleared) as the start of the Barony of the Greenbelt for 0BP.
Claim the Road passing through Oleg's Hex for 0BP.
Convert Oleg's into a Watchtower for 6BP. (Stability+1, Unrest-1, Defense+2)
Build the first block of colonist's Houses for 3BP. (Unrest-1)
Expand upon Oleg's smithy to create a full Smithy for 6BP. (Economy +1, Stability +1)

The Council recommends the following Edicts:
No Promotion at this time
Light Taxation at this time
No Festivals at this time

Current BP stands at 32BP, less the above costs 15BP, less the consumption for the month 2BP, plus whatever is determined by the Economy Roll.

Two rolls are required to manage the start of the Barony.
The Stability Check must be made, a d20+16 vs a Control DC 22.

The Economy Check must be made to collect taxes, a d20+17 vs DC 22. The total result is divided by 3, rounded down, to determine the BP collected/recovered for the month.

The above recommendations are subject to change, as agreed upon by the Guardians of the Greenbelt.

I have posted a Kingdom Sheet on the Campaign Page for review.

Don't forget, we still have a 48 hour posting window.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

I am on vacation at camp, but will do my best

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

I am fine with all of these acccept deudermont. He can not fulfill a role until is one year and one day sentence is up. Once he is truly working with us voluntarily, then he can hold a role. And would be quite deserving.

Who do you suggest as Deudermont's replacement?

The Council would nominate Jhod Kavken, Lora Tarmikos or Jocyn Elmaran for the position.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

Jhod seems the best candidate

Posting rolls for bookkeeping purposes

Confirmation of time elapsed: 3d20 + 7 ⇒ (6, 3, 19) + 7 = 35
Special Roll #1: 1d100 ⇒ 93
Special Roll #2: 1d100 ⇒ 22
Special Roll #3: 1d100 ⇒ 69
Special Roll #4: 1d100 ⇒ 15
Special Roll #5: 1d100 ⇒ 63
Special Roll #6: 1d100 ⇒ 77
Special Roll #7: 1d100 ⇒ 27
Special Roll #8: 1d100 ⇒ 50

M Elf Cleric 3
Quick Stats:
HP 13/17, AC 21, touch 13, FF 18 Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +4 Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +6; +2 vs. enchantments

This is Silas Lavein, checking in, since I think I did a decent job fitting my backstory to the setting (but let me know if I didn't).

Silas is a priest of the forge, but that's not his day job—he's known more as a blacksmith, architect, and general expert handyman. Since the barony's building a new smithy, he might be interested in helping to set that up, and he could certainly lend a hand in constructing any houses or bridges that need to be planned out.

He's coming from Restov, where he's a descendent of Elven refugees, and I'd be happy to check with other players and see if there's anyone coming in on the same wagon whom he might know.

After these past several weeks, Oleg's Trading Post has been transformed into a small frontier town. Colonists and settlers have arrived in a steady trickle, a few dozen families every tenday. Now the colony has grown from fifty souls to nearly two thousand in number.

The trading post has been re-tasked as the functioning temporary seat of the Barony of the Greenbelt, the fledgling nations center of governance. What was once the trading post itself has become the Greenbelt Council Hall and a common meeting point for new arrivals. The post's barracks stay full these days, both from visiting travelers and for the slowly growing militia.

Oleg and Svetlana Leveton have moved out of the post, taking up residence in one of the first houses built for the new colony. The pair have worked hand in hand with everyone to further the growth of the colony, Svetlana with joy and gladness, Oleg with a terse and stern demeanor which few ever take at face value. The grumpy veteran has been nominated and appointed the Mayor of Olegton, the unofficial name of this new frontier town. Elections have been scheduled for the first week of Neth, to coincide with the fall harvest and the end of the travel season, before winter fully takes over the lands.

The Seven Silvers Inn has quickly grown since it's opening in Pharast. Trelvar and the Silvers family have become an unofficial first family for the growing colony. Most everyone that passes through Olegton either stays at the Inn, or takes meals at the communal tables the Silvers host for each new caravan.

While Oleg takes a hand now and then with running his general mercantile, he has become partners with Maronna Santark to keep the shop fully stocked and provide enough goods and stores to stay current with the needs of the people as well as the passing travelers starting to take tracks passing through the new colony.

The smithy currently under construction by Braggar Ironhame and Partik Kinbond looks to be a lively and competitive arrangement. The pair make unlikely partners, each striving to outdo the other, and the triangular arrangement of three separate anvils and hearths makes room for most of the projects needed to supply this burgeoning colony.

Farms now dot the countryside of the lands claimed by the Barony, patrolled weekly by riders from Olegton. Fledgling crops are starting to flow into the town, traded between the peoples and even beginning to see shipment to markets in Nivatka's Crossing and Restov. Banditry in the area has fallen off dramatically, at least in the lands under the banner of the town, but areas outside the demanse of the Barony still feel the steel of the Stag Lord at their throats.

Traders, trappers, hunters, and hermits all bring tales of the angry raids of the Stag Lords' men, seeking information on the leaders of the Barony and delivering threats of retaliation should the fledgling colony not cease meddling in affairs "best left to better men." Of course not all such messages are delivered by living heralds, a few slain and trussed victims have been found hanging from trees or beheaded on pikes as warnings to those who would seek to support the growing kingdom.

The hermit and alchemist Bokken has entered into an agreement with the Barony to allow travelers and settlers within "his lands" but only with the understanding that the immediate one mile area around his home is to be respected and reserved for his use alone. A small twisting path has been laid through the wild growth for those seeking to visit the man, but only upon Moonday and Wealday, the days the codger allotted for trade.

And what happened to the other groups...

The Glenebon Highlands:

No word to date has passed through Olegton regarding the missionaries of Iomedae and their plans to build Castle Whiterose upon the highlands. The group should have arrived in Pitax to meet up with their brethren, but the last anyone amongst the passersby heard from the group was as they left Nivatka's Crossing. It seems their caravan has all but disappeared. Rumors are widespread and varied, from whispered tales the holy knights were mere bandits in disguise to loud proclamations the order was beset upon by Numerian barbarians at the command of some would be River Kingdom despot, despoiled of all their worldly possessions in little more than a petty robbery.

The Hooktongue Slough/Narlmarches:

Fort Drelev has grown very little in the days since it's founding. While Baron Hannis Drelev has benefited greatly from the additional resources offered him by the use of Crimson Guard troops and funds granted by the Dragonscale Throne, his people have not. He levies high taxes and imposes stiff laws upon his colonists, to keep the "malcontents" in check. The only growth seen to date has occurred due to the would be Lord's using his near endless funds to offer high value loans to would be settlers from Brevoy and the River Kingdoms, fools too desperate to realize the usury penalties and interests the Baron attaches to the loans making them virtual slaves to him once they arrive in his lands. The colors of House Surtova fly high at Fort Drelev, only slightly below that of Drelev's own personal banner.

The Nomen Heights:

The Varnhold fairs much the same as does Olegton, the growing town thriving under the leadership of Sir Maeger Varn. The town benefits from the lack of raiding and depredations seen in the Greenbelt, and a more favorable if still militant government allows more freedoms than Fort Drelev has to offer. Peoples too timid to seek their fortunes amongst the wilds of the Greenbelt have begun to flock to the more peaceful, more secure lands of the Nomen Heights. Varn's Dark Steed Company has not risen to the challenge of subjugating the centaurs of the lands, as had been hoped by the Dragonscale Throne, but has instead laid markers along the shared borders warning of lands the horse-peoples claim as their own, allowing for a non-intervention approach, for the time being. Rumors are that House Surtova is in discussion with House Lebeda for a possible replacement governor, should the situation remain unchanged.

8th Desnus 4710, Starday

A late spring storm passed over the Greenbelt these past few days, a heavy wet deluge which has turned the dirt streets of Olegton into a thick clay mud. Rutted puddles and rivulets crisscross the ways as townsfolk and farmers begin about their day, tiny rivers to be forded or circled past. The weather did little to spoil the latest council meeting, and much business was settled with all in attendance. Desnus looks to be shaping up as a good month for the Barony of the Greenbelt, though again the discussion was tabled for the choosing of a formal name for the colony, though only by reluctant consensus.

The last of the month's legal cases are being decided at the Watchtower today, only a few remaining after the past days' council meetings. The Justicars and staff have the hall, Councilors and Guardians dismissed for lack of need, with only a few bystanders in attendance. The cases today are Shevyra Milner to face charges of disturbing the peace after again wailing into her husband for a night at Orrend Highhill's Pleasure Pavillion and Tent Tavern, the other being Trayon Loyalar for fighting and disorderly conduct with the half-orc Grimscar, all for the latter being too much the "stupid orc-kin" for his own good.

The kobold liaison Meepox sits upon a tree stump within the Watchtower, visible to every passersby, waiting patiently for an audience with anyone officially part of the Barony. He has come again to Olegton to voice the concerns of his chieftain and shaman, bearing decrees from each of the pair. That Baron Syne has dismissed the idea of treating with the kobold leaders has not deterred Meepox.

The tiny creature has done this for the last several days, even through the heaviest of the rains, loyal to his cause and to the position the Guardians gave him in making him their "Ambassador" to the Sootscale tribe. The little draconian sits and waits, sunup to sundown, with his small leather satchel at his side and his "royal" sash of dyed brown leather draped over his shoulder. Grailmont chuckles to himself every time he sees the creature wearing his old sword belt so proudly. Svetlana has adopted the small creature, and every night he returns to the Leveton home and curls up in Oleg's storage shed, a warm pile of grasses and stones set aside for him under the shelves. To the Baron Lady Svetlana has started to give an occasional hateful stare.

Mayor Leveton is making his rounds, posting fresh fliers on key public notice poles indicating current wants and notices. The usual batch warning of bandits, tatzlwyrms and Tuskgutter also includes a new posting about Svetlana's lost wedding ring, disguised again to represent another man's inquiry for a similar ring. Warrants for a variety of bandits are still up, the group as a whole being upsettingly reclusive these last few weeks, more and more difficult to locate.

Bokken left town during the height of the storm yesterday, but not before adding his own posting seeking for more fangberries. The sight of the waterlogged old man posting his stiff filmy parchments on notice poles was something to behold. The wet and sagging robes he wore gave him the image of a small child dressed in his father's clothes. The alchemist's normally long, unruly and twig knotted hair draped and drizzled over his head, making it hard to know which way he was facing.

The captured and repentant prisoner Deudermont is busy overseeing the continued efforts of the elder Holgast and other volunteers still trying to decipher the runes carved upon the ancient charter stone. So far the pair have uncovered about 12 feet of the fallen triangular obelisk, with an estimated 10 to 15 more feet to go. The pair seem ecstatic about the find, delving into long conversations about the meaning of the Gol-ghan and Cyclopean languages being paired together, and supposing guesses as to the origins of the third language. So far a faint magic upon the stone has resisted arcane attempts at deciphering the enigma.

The Greenbelt Heroes, guardians of the colony and leaders of the fledgling community, are just starting the day themselves, each finishing up plans of their own before resuming their duties of guardianship and setting out to continue exploring the Belt and hunting down the numerous threats laying in wait for their citizenry. They meet in the evening to discuss where to head to next.

Sir Kenzi Eagle is preparing to return to the Forgotten Temple of the Elk, eager to continue work on restoring the site to the full worship and honors of Erastil. Jhod Kavken has agreed to travel with him, each seeking to bring glory to their lord and bestow his blessings upon the lands and her new peoples. The paladin has for the time being set aside his sword and bow in favor of devoting himself to his more secular responsibilities.

For Irakli:
Shalmarea Amberhue has asked to meet with Councilor Irakli Laindir about approving the newest map she and her team has completed for the colony, an updated chart including the newest farms founded in the colony. The pair have been spending more time together of late, meeting with the hunters and trappers of the Narlmarches as well as many outlying settlers, staying abreast of life in and around the colony.

Ulfric Gromm and Kesten Garess have a morning meeting scheduled with Sir Grailmont to discuss expanding the patrol routes taken by the town militia, as another hunter was found slain in Narlmarch Woods, this one within a mile of the local moonradish patch, dangerously close to the colony border. The poor man makes the fifth such victim of the Stag Lord and his bandits.

Baron Syne is beset by the usual petitions for an audience this fine morning; Markain Steele wants to discuss again the suspected gold and silver mines in the area, Thorry Carterson wants to plead his case for building a proper bakery in Olegton, himself wasting away at barely 20 stone, and Anando Veresisi, self proclaimed royal steward, wishing to again schedule lessons in proper etiquette and decorum in anticipation of future diplomatic envoys sure to visit the Barony.

A caravan has started arriving at Olegton this morning, unusual in both that a group this close to Olegton normally arrives late into the previous night and that with the storms that have raged, there was no prior notice of it's pending approach. The group becomes even more curious as it is arriving at only wagon or two at a time, a few loose riders, not as one unified band.

We will pause here for a day to allow the current players to clear up any past issues they wish to finish or address the above articles, then resume with everyone else filing into the progression.

Anyone wandering around Olegton, taking in the sights sees a town in the early stages of development. The center of town holds the largest and more important buildings of the kingdom, with wide spaces laid out for future projects.

Surrounding this in a supporting pattern are a series of small homes and dwellings for the earliest citizens. Many seem to double as home storefronts until true businesses can be built. Beyond these homes are erected an expanding swath of tents and clapboard hovels; temporary dwellings for new and temporary residents of the town.

A large open avenue runs from the gates of the Watchtower southwards, an avenue easily two blocks wide which serves to hold the weekly market day every Starday and allow caravans to arrive and depart the town with room to spare.

The Watchtower:
Formerly Oleg's Trading Post The map is included on the Campaign Tab This is the temporary home of the Greenbelt Council and the Guardians of the Greenbelt, the seat of power for the Barony. The post also holds the barracks for the town militia, now numbering 36 troopers and 6 officers. The smithy is currently unused as work continues on a proper smith's shop is under construction. Anando Veresisi has taken over the carpenter's shop as his home, feeling safer living within the walls of the post.

The Seven Silvers Inn:
A three story inn with a small stables and corral run by the Silvers family. Travelers tend to stay there or rent tents on the outskirts of the township until better housing can be built. The main floor holds the commons and tavern, plus a pair of secluded meeting rooms. The second floor consists of eight private rooms and the Silvers' chambers. The top floor holds an open bunkroom, with cots and floor space for those who cannot or choose not to spend the coin for privacy.

Leveton/Santarks General Mercantile:
A split level building holding a large ground floor showroom and store for a variety of goods needed by colonists and settlers of the region. The smaller upper floor holds the personal quarters of the halfling co-owner Maronna Santark. Most common items and goods may be found here, including a few weapons and armors.

The Triforges:
A triple forge, foundry and smithy is currently under construction near the center of Olegton. Three separate forges and hearths are being built in a triangular layout. The towns' blacksmith and weaponsmith have already claimed two of the forges, agreeing to lease the third to those crafters in need. A rivalry is beginning to develop between the pair, though the sons of the weaponsmith have been assisting both men with little issue thus far.

Highhill's Pleasure Pavilion and Tavern Tents:
A group of drinking and pleasure tents surrounding one large partially open pavilion. Orrend Highhill and his family run this establishment which see much traffic, and much trouble, from passing travelers and new colonists alike. While the family would prefer to build a classier tavern and eatery, for the time being they serve the needs of those persons of the Barony more accustomed to rougher entertainments.

The Charter Stone:
A small stone and dirt bulwark rings a dig site uncovering a long triangular obelisk ten foot to a side, marked with strange runes. The site is guarded each night by two militiamen to prevent anyone from damaging or disturbing the dig, run by the local sage Holgast, whose home has been built within sight of the site.

The Mound:
An earthen barrow home constructed by the town's engineer and stonemason, the Tarmikos family. Eccentric, the couple is well known across Brevoy for having designed some of the wealthiest homes for many noble houses. Rumors abound as to why the pair have left it all to come to the frontier.

The Horse Fields:
An enterprising stable master, the half-orc Gurcaryn decided not to wait for the chance to build his stables and corrals, instead setting up a series of rope and fence enclosures and breeding a hearty stock of horses from the many castoffs becoming available as colonists arrive and sell off their former means of transport. Only time will tell if the man's eye is as keen as he seems to think.

Restov Legations:
A small home and office front for Jonark Uptal, an aging man and diplomat from Restov. He acts as the official eyes and ears of Restov and thereby Brevoy within the confines of the Barony of the Greenbelt. The space is shared with the current Justicar, Korya Lebeda-Gregori. The widowed pair have been close friends for more than two decades.

The Canvas Cathedral:
Holy worship in Olegton is done primarily in a large canvas pavilion, with weekly sermons currently traded amongst the devotees of Adabar, Desna, Erastil, and the druid Olmira Treesong who preaches the peace of the Green Faith. A traveling altar and baptismal is setup for people of any faith to use with prior permission of the mayor's office.

The Hive:
A two story home and shop for the healer Naleska Vijic. Rumor has it that Naleska was once a priestess of Calistria, so many have taken to calling her home a hive, a term she politely ignores. In truth, with a squint and turn of the head, the image nearly fits.

Male Human (Chelish) Cavalier/3 (HP 16/26 | AC:22 | T:11 | FF:21 | CMB +7 | CMD 18 | Fort:+5 | Ref:+2 | Will:+2 | Init:+3 | +6 Bluff, +8 Climb ,+7 Diplomacy, +8 Handle Animal, +8 Intimidate, +6 Perform(Orator), +7 Ride, +6 Sense Motive, +8 Swim |

Haven't posted yet because I'm not a 100% on what I'm supposed to do first. I understand that we have to a side between the various houses that have sent us here which will in turn put us on one of the 2 side.?

While a House may favor the pro-Surtova/Issia or pro-Rostland/Restov side of the political arena in Brevoy, player members of the respective houses are free to make up their own minds.

You could play being from a pro-Restov house who thinks the Swordlords are whiny traitors to the crown, or a House Surtova cousin who knows just how sadistic the Queen Sister can be, having watched her torture the castle cats by tying alchemist fire flasks to their tails and dropping them from the balcony. The choice is up to you, your relationships yours, but the decision should be an informed one based upon the current political structure of the lands.

The AP assumes the colony will distance itself from Brevoy at some point, forcibly so if not willingly, with future relations dependent upon how the players view each side in the pending conflict. High level/after the AP play can see a political or real war between the kingdom and it's neighbors, all based upon how the players frame their relationships. There could even be a return of Choral and his dragon cohorts, should certain events come to pass.

Just write it up in your backstory or PM me if you do not wish it to be open knowledge to the other players and once it all looks good, I'll let you know which wagon group you enter on and you'll be free to post in the game thread.

M Elf Cleric 3
Quick Stats:
HP 13/17, AC 21, touch 13, FF 18 Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +4 Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +6; +2 vs. enchantments


Echo Syne wrote:
I would like to start on it as soon as is reasonably possible. However, there is going to be a delay due to our lack of skilled labor.

Luckily, a fair amount of skilled labor seems to be arriving.

Should I/we wait until everyone arrives to meet with the settlement leaders, or stagger it as people create characters?

You may seek out current players individually if you wish, but I am holding the "daylight" long enough for the remaining new players to finish up their sheets and backgrounds before moving on to the group dinner/meeting.

That means that you, K'lana and possibly Ser Brandon will have a little more time in Olegton than the others may before everyone sitting down together to say "hey, let's all work together and go kick some bandit arse."

Male Elf Rogue/3

Well looks like I have a lot to catch up on lol

Male Dwarf Wizard: 3 | HP: 10/21 | AC:17 T:12 FF:13 | CMD:14 | Fort: +7 Ref:+4 Will:+5 | Init: +5 | Perc: +1

Ok. I think I have my character mainly sorted out. However, if I need to make any alterations, I am fully ready, willing, and able to do so.

Orin arrives in Olegton on the second set of wagons to be allowed passage. This occurs roughly at 11AM, giving Orin a few hours to familiarize himself with the town. A crier is passing the streets calling for any new arrivals who possess "charters or marques" to please come to the council hall within the Watchtower this evening at four bells.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

Who else are we waiting on? Ayerth and K'lana?

M Elf Cleric 3
Quick Stats:
HP 13/17, AC 21, touch 13, FF 18 Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +4 Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +6; +2 vs. enchantments

Just Ayerth at this time.

That is correct. He is working up his sheet now.

Everyone else I believe has already posted in the Game Thread.

Male Elf Wizard 3 AC 13, touch 13, FF 10 Init +7; Senses low-light vision; Perception +10 Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +5; +2 vs. enchantments

Here we go!

I am going to give most of my starting cash to the crafting members of the group to get a cloak of resistance and a headband of intellect +2. Those are reflected in my character sheet.

I am looking forward to getting into the groove. I read the campaign guide and have not read all the action thus far.

You should be able to post in the gameplay thread when ready. You will be with the next batch of wagons arriving, having faced a few more indignities at the hands of the Crimson Guards holding up the remaining wagons. The captain offered his sincerest apologies as you left the containment area, the contempt obvious.

Ayerth arrives just after noon, the town bustling with workers moving amongst construction spots, lumberers and laborers toting supplies and goods, and the usual display of activities in a Frontier area.

The wagons stop at the beginning of the main thoroughfare, meeting with Olegton militiamen taking stock of the arriving folk and allotting them space to set up temporary camps on the outskirts of the tented areas.

One of the guards greets the elven wizard, informing him of the location of the Seven Silvers and Highhill's tents, the general store, and of course the Watchtower. Anybody what has business with the Barony does it at the Tower.

Male Elf Wizard 3 AC 13, touch 13, FF 10 Init +7; Senses low-light vision; Perception +10 Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +5; +2 vs. enchantments

I changed out my feats to Breadth of Experience and Cosmopolitan to fit my character idea better. He is from the land of the elves so I thought he needed perception and survival. Breadth of experience really fleshes him out. Not the best combat or min max feats, but its about roleplaying right? I am very much looking forward to playing a wizard in Pathfinder system.

M Elf Cleric 3
Quick Stats:
HP 13/17, AC 21, touch 13, FF 18 Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +4 Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +6; +2 vs. enchantments
Ayerth Terramielle wrote:
I changed out my feats to Breadth of Experience and Cosmopolitan to fit my character idea better. He is from the land of the elves so I thought he needed perception and survival. Breadth of experience really fleshes him out. Not the best combat or min max feats, but its about roleplaying right? I am very much looking forward to playing a wizard in Pathfinder system.

Go for it--Wizards get plenty of Feats anyway, and most of the best ones are Arcane Discoveries that require higher levels.

Meanwhile, Breadth of Experience means that Silas and Ayerth will have more stuff to talk about, I suppose--although your education/training is more scholastic and Elven, while mine is more guild-based and practical/liturgical.

Male Human Sorcerer (Infernal) - Level 1 HP: 6

Can we get an updated Map of Olegton?

I am working on a town map, should be finished by Friday night/Saturday day. Been tied up with MWO this weekend.

Sorry for the delay folks, I was hoping the players would engage one another in conversation and begin to build a rapport.

I will post a closing scene at the bar and set up the transition to the meeting at the Watchtower, unless someone has anything special they want to complete.

Also, it appears we have lost K'lana.

M Elf Cleric 3
Quick Stats:
HP 13/17, AC 21, touch 13, FF 18 Init +3; Senses low-light vision; Perception +4 Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +6; +2 vs. enchantments

Sounds good. I was beginning to wonder about that.

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