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This is the discussion thread for two campaigns:

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Male Human Ranger (trapper) 4. HP: 40/40 AC: 19/13/16 F:+6 R:+7 W:+4 Init:+3 Perc: +9

I have otherwise made note of those items. Thanks for figuring that out.

Androgynous Aasimar Cleric 4; Init +0; Darkvision 60; Per +10; AC 19 (flat 19/touch 10/shieldless 17); HP 36; F+6, R +1, W+8

Whoops, non-Paizo reference for the brawler said martial weapons were okay. And he was the only one strong enough to use the shortbow. So the new list sells those two items and gives Grodar the shield and morningstar.

new distribution:

Armour, +1 half-plate, Uskroth's armor -- KEEP in a safe place
Armour, Studded leather, MW -- SELL
Arrows, +1 human-bane 4 -- Grodar
Belt of tumbling -- Grodar
Crossbow, hand, MW -- SELL
Potion, darkvision -- Giles
Potion, pass without trace -- Giles
Potion, remove sickness 2 -- Zigil
Scabbard of honing -- Zigil
Shield, light steel, MW -- Grodar
Thunderstone 1 -- Giles
Thunderstone 1 -- Grodar
Thunderstone 1 -- Zigil or Slei
Vial, soothe syrup 1 -- Zigil
Weapon, Battle-axe, MW -- SELL
Weapon, Composite shortbow (+3 STR) -- SELL
Weapon, Double axe, MW, orc -- SELL
Weapon, Falchion, cold iron, MW -- Giles
Weapon, Morningstar, MW -- Grodar
And, while I'm posting:

Male Elder GM

Either roll or average is fine for hp.

Male Elder GM

If you're looking for an old document or picture, check out the Bloodmarch Hill folder. I'm continuing to move things there as they become less relevant (ex the map of Trunau).

Androgynous Aasimar Cleric 4; Init +0; Darkvision 60; Per +10; AC 19 (flat 19/touch 10/shieldless 17); HP 36; F+6, R +1, W+8

I've added a spreadsheet in the shared folder for Loot from this part of the campaign. (It's a new spreadsheet because I didn't like the format of the old one.)

For now, I'm keeping all the new stuff on the same sheet, but will probably move the cash and commodities to a second page when it starts getting full. Comments are welcome.

And if it's not too late, I think we should take Uskroth's Armor along. I think I may be going Holy Vindicator in a few levels and so I will be able to use it then, if not someone else before. Downside: we risk getting it taken away from us if we lose a battle.

Male Elder GM

Just a heads up that I will be busy the next couple of days, then out of the country til the 4th.
I may get a chance to post before I go, but not much.

Male Elder GM

As I understand it, (so far)...
Slei gets the oil of flame arrow
Zigil gets the +1 buckler and the scroll
Giles gets the elixir of swimming, potion of resist electricity, and masterwork pick.

Male Elder GM

Hey all,
Taking a Delay action is a bit more problematic in pbp.
Don't get me wrong, it's still tactically sound, and often the best choice. However, it is harder to "speak up" when you want to act than it would be in a tabletop session.
So whenever possible, please indicate when your character is acting after delay, and even give their actions if appropriate.
EX: Montegue delays until somebody flanks his opponent, then will stab stabbity doom: 1d20 + 17 + 2 ⇒ (6) + 17 + 2 = 257d6 ⇒ (6, 4, 4, 5, 3, 4, 3) = 29

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