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How to play PACG scenarios ... without pathfinder society

Rules Questions and Gameplay Discussion

Dark Archive

I recently brought Adventurev #2-1, hopping i could play it with my full Rise of the runelords campaign box, like if i had a new campaign to play.

I just want to play it at home, not reporting to pathfinder society, i first though it was possible (like it is possible to play pathfinder PRG society scenarios like normal scenarios) but i can't find any rewards mentioning a leveling for the characters (gain of feats)on the adventure's scenarios ... Did i miss something ?

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Just use the feat rewards from the PFSACG guild guide as a reference:

-1st scenario in the adventure gives a Skill Feat
-2nd scenario in the adventure gives a Power Feat
-4th scenario in the adventure gives a Card Feat

In addition to any other feat rewards from the scenario.

Dark Archive

Thank you !

Pathfinder Companion Subscriber

I'm currently playing through one of the guild seasons with my husband and we're doing exactly what Zeroth Hour said - skill feat after 1st adventure, power feat after second adventure, card feat after 4th scenario.

We're most of the way through and it's worked perfectly.

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