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Uses for contingency


Silver Crusade

Contingency. I love this spell, mostly because I get the feeling there are countless of uses for it that are nothing short of amazing. I'm wondering what amazing things this spell can be used for. Past experiences and speculative possibilities are both appreciated!

Grand Lodge RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

Never used it myself (yet), but here are some ideas:

From published BBEGs, we've got "If I'm brought below X HP, do Y" (one was invisibility, one was dimension door).

From my own little brainpan, here's an idea:

"When an invisible creature who is not a Pathfinder comes within 50ft of me, see invisibility." (This is much better in PFS organized play, where the PCs are always, by definition, Pathfinders.)

Silver Crusade

I wonder if "when I am targeted with magic missile, cast shield" would work as I hope (read: block the spell).

Grand Lodge RPG Superstar 2012 Top 32

"When I'm targeted by an effect that would allow the user to exercise mental control over me, cast protection from evil"?

The level 11 cleric in my group uses it for Breath of Life.

And before someone points out the two 'flaws' in that sentance, Bead of Karma brings the caster level up to 15 which allows Breath of Life. And the Eldritch Heritage line of feats + Arcane Bloodline Power: New Arcana for the Contingency spell.

- Gauss

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