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Missing prestige award in Tide of Morning?

Pathfinder Society GM Discussion


Copied straight from the last page of the Tide of Morning scenario:

Assuming that the lorestone survives, the PCs can return
it to Absalom’s Grand Lodge where it is added to the
collection—although unlocking its mysteries will
consume many years (at best). The destruction of the
lorestone strikes a blow to the Society, delaying their
efforts to explore the Verduran Forest.
Defeating Cyflymder’s gang removes a minor menace
from the Verduran Forest, allowing local, peaceful
druidic activity to resume. But, as explorers push ever
deeper into the dark groves, friction is bound to flare up
again. If Cyflymder survives, the evil fey become even
more arrogant and aggressive. It is some time before the
Andoren authorities gather enough forces to clear the
threats from Hemzel’s former demesne.

Faction Missions

Andoran Faction: PCs from the Andoran faction who
learn the fate of a missing timber crew earn 1 Prestige

Cheliax Faction: PCs from the Cheliax faction who
plant evidence of fiendish influence among the druids
earn 1 Prestige Award.

Osirion Faction: PCs from the Osirion faction who
retrieve the rune-covered tablet from Hemzel’s hut earn
1 Prestige Award.

Qadira Faction: PCs from the Qadira faction who pass
a letter to any of the gnomes in Act 3 earn 1 Prestige

Taldor Faction: PCs from the Taldor faction who
retrieve a dawn’s kiss flower earn 1 Prestige Award.

It seems that the scenario only rewards 1 prestige point? Should there also be a prestige point awarded for successfully saving the McGuffin?

Grand Lodge **** Venture-Agent aka kinevon

Remember that PSS #23 - Tide of Morning is one of the early scenarios, form Season 0, so it falls under the addenda from the new GtPFSOP v4.2, which says that if the scenario only has one faction mission, then it also awards a PP for successfully completing the Pathfinder Society mission.

GtPFSOP v4.2, page 34 wrote:
When running a Season 0 scenario with 1 Prestige Point available per PC, treat this as the sole faction mission, and award a second Prestige Point to PCs who complete the overall scenario goal, as given by the venture-captain at the scenario’s introduction. If a Season 0 scenario has two faction missions per faction, completing the overall scenario goal does not award a Prestige Point. Award 1 Prestige Point for each faction mission completed or 1/2 Prestige Point for characters on the slow advancement track.

Dark Archive *****

Pathfinder Adventure Path, Class Deck, Maps, Modules Subscriber

This is more of a GM post than a general discussion post...


Roger that on both counts. Cheers guys.

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