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Swashbuckling Adventure in the Furry Age of Piracy

Sail the seas of high adventure with an untamed crew of rapscallions and ne'er-do-wells. Seek fame and fortune with the wind in your fur and your mates at your side. Fight your way through the acrid smoke of flame-belching cannon to claim the glittering treasures of the Indies. Wealth, adventure, freedom, and romance await in the deep blue waters of Furry Pirates!

Detailed character creation rules let you portray any Furry Sapiens, including (but definitely not limited to) bears, birds, dogs, rats, bats, cats, lions, hares, weasels, wolves, minks, shrews, beavers, lemurs, lizards, squirrels, gazelles, horses, racoons, and even kangaroos!

Complete background of the Furry World's Golden Age of Piracy including Europe, the Americas, the Caribbean, Darkest Africa, the Far East, and, of course, the High Seas!

Complete rules for melee combat on decks awash with blood, battles between ships-of-the-line on rocky shoals, and magickal rituals cast by secretive members of unknown cabals!

Furry Pirates is a complete swashbuckling roleplaying game.

Author: Lise Breakey
Game Designer: Bruce Thomas
Cover Artist: Terrie Smith
Interior Artists: Eric Hotz and Terrie Smith

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This is now available as a PDF? Cool, I may get a copy (used to have a dead tree version, but I lost it years ago). Though for my own money I think that the whole Ironclaw game and setting would go even better, especially if it got Pathfinder-ized.

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