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Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly and prohibition—the thirties were a age of adventure and self-indulgence. It was inevitable that the Unseen would be drawn to this time. And where the unbidden travels, will not a circle soon follow? ... Smuggler's Run is an adventure designed for use with The...

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by Kevin Hassal and Neal Darcy ... What role does magic play inside The Whispering Vault universe? A dark one to be sure. Magic is neither good nor evil, it is an anomaly; a perversion of the nature, of the Dream. At its most wholesome moment, it is still utterly unwholesome. Magic is a living...

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This sourcebook explores the Unbidden and their pawns, providing players and gamemasters with new insights that will make their hunts more exciting than ever. Explore the Lairs of the Architects, Weave Husks over otherworldy minions, and do battle with 32 new Shadows from the darkest corners of...

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Players explore the nightmare world of The Whispering Vault as Stalkers, supernatural entities with strange powers who pursue their otherworldly prey across time and space to the darkest corners of mankind's history. A complete roleplaying game, The Whispering Vault combines an original setting...

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by Nigel Findley ... Mastering the Vault is a short (24 page) guide for gamemasters of The Whispering Vault. Within this PDF GMs will find advice written by Nigel Findley (author for such popular game lines as D&D, Vampire, Mage, Earthdawn, GURPS, and Shadowrun), a timeline of events, a short...

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This 32-page supplement for gamemasters of The Whispering Vault goes into detail on the techniques necessary for running Hunts in historical settings. Written by Chad Brinkley, The Vault and Time includes a detailed timeline (much larger than the timeline found in Mastering the Vault) and five...

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It snakes across the Rift, a pitiably cry from the mortal world gone mad. Something has gone terribly wrong in the Realm of Flesh and mere mortals are helpless. So the Call goes out, a call to you and your Circle. As a Stalker you stand ready to protect the Dream, to lay down your immortal...

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by Mike DeSanto, Matt Drake, Frank Scronce. ... Cover by Christopher Shy. ... The Book of Shadows is an 18-page supplement for The Whispering Vault. Inside this short PDF you will find 15 new shadows for use in your next Hunt.

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Written by Chris Pramas of Green Ronin Publishing, this free adventure for The Whispering Vault is perfect for an evening game.

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Those running The Whispering Vault may find this three-page GM's screen a valuable tool during the heat of gameplay. Reconstructed from the original Pagemaker files, this PDF includes rules summaries designed to help the GM keep his game running smoothly.

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