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Heretics of Tarantia is a Conan Roleplaying Game scenario of a different breed. Rather than hunting through a plague-ridden jungle in search of a city so old it has been forgotten by history and would best stay that way, or tracking a corrupt sorcerer to his demon-haunted layer, bringing him to...

Our Price: $24.95


Religion in the Conan stories generally involves dark, brutal affairs, full of secrets and monstrous priests. Most of the stories give religion a rather unholy, unclean air. A primitive time with primitive religions is the world Conan the Cimmerian strives to conquer and tread. This volume in the...

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Pirates. Thieves. Temptresses. The fallen classes of the Hyborian age live amongst the shadows, lurking and hiding in the dark recesses of every city. Civilised people often presume rules come from the gods or even from strange books wherein the Truth is written. Actions are either correct or...

Our Price: $29.95


The long-awaited sourcebook for the most evil of Hyborian Kingdoms is here. With great pyramids and lurking reptiles, lost tombs and endless deserts, Stygia is an ominous backdrop for any Conan campaign. Rife with intrigue, murder and horror, this land is ripe for any any engaging scenario, and...

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