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Supporting Roles: Combat Style Feats (PFRPG) PDF

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Amora Game Presents the third installment in the Supporting Roles product line. With our new Supporting Roles layout, we bring to you Combat Style Feats.

Supporting Roles: Combat Style Feats brings a few pages full of fight to your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game experience. This tiny booklet contains 17 combat style feats. There are 2 combat style trees consisting of 3 feats each: Bear Style, and Mongoose Style. We introduce Bull Style that holds 4 feats. Also there is 3 style feats that build upon each: Scorpion Style, Monkey Style, and Snake Style. We offer 2 feats that make the non monk classes, worth fighting bare handed. Don’t want to focus on a particular combat maneuver, but be able to perform them? Then try our Combat Style.

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Product Discussion (6)

We are please to announce Combat Style Feats.
We do love 3PP Friday Releases.

And our slimmed down new format for the Supporting Roles product line.

And reviewed here, on DTRPG and sent to GMS magazine. Congrats on starting to shape up! I'm starting to look forward to your future releases! :)

That's good to hear. We will make some rule clarifications on it this weekend.
As always, fantastic review!

I just finished reading this, I love it. One question, though... can the Combat Style feat count as the prerequisite for some of the more advanced feats such as Greater Disarm?

Pagan priest wrote:
I just finished reading this, I love it. One question, though... can the Combat Style feat count as the prerequisite for some of the more advanced feats such as Greater Disarm?

PP sent you a PM so you would at least see this.


Not so simple a home brew campaign I would allow it. Here is why, due to the massive prerequisites needed, and if you take Improved Combat Style. At which point if you decided to specialize further, Greater XXX would be met, and the PC finally became great at one maneuver.

However, some GMs may argue that you are too broadly trained with Combat Style, and improved trip is still needed for greater trip.

I know it's a little late, but ask your GM for good measure. Hopefully that person allowed it. If not give them a Horn Toss.*

The way the feat is designed is so that you may perform all CMs without any issues and not need all the improved this and that. (we should probably develop a Greater Combat Style feat...)

*We do not condone or endorse anyone preforming a Horn Toss outside of a tabletop make believe game. Don't do it. :-)

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Looking forward to downloading this tonight! Amora Game remains one of my favorite 3PPs!

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