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Character Portraits: Set 5—Drow PDF

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Character Portraits are an exciting and cheap way to give your fantasy roleplaying characters that extra flare. Often the best part of a roleplaying game, and the most important, is when you introduce your character for the first time. What better way is there to show everyone sitting around the table what your character looks like than with a full color portrait. As they say, a picture can say a thousand words.

Included within each set are 10 full-color character portraits, with each set covering a different race and sex. Each set of portraits comes with different types of characters, be they warriors, mages, or some other exciting profession, so there are always plenty of options to chose from when you are looking for what your character looks like. At a cost of less than $1 a picture, there can be no better way to improve your gaming experience then with Avalon Games' Character Portraits.

Also included with each set are two bonus black-and-white artworks.

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