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Comic Book Super-Heroes—Second Edition (OGL) PDF

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Comic Book Super-Heroes Second Edition is here, and it's ready to rock your gaming table! This incredible RPG gives you everything you need to create your super-hero and save the world (or destroy it)! Written by Wes Yahola (creater of the 1st edition), with artwork by LPJ and Brad and Jessica McDevitt, this 90-page masterpiece will step you through everything you need to live and breath the life of a superhero. Want to create a bald hero with telepathic powers? No problem. How about a rich playboy by day and brooding anti-hero by night? You can do that! You can create any kind of hero (or villain) that you want! Heck, we'll even make a hero for you with adamantium claws.

    The Comic Book Super-Heroes 2e book is broken down as follows:
  • Chapter 1: Overview
  • Chapter 2: Character Classes
  • Chapter 3: Super Points
  • Chapter 4: Super-Powers (38 pages!)
  • Chapter 5: Power Adjustments
  • Chapter 6: Skills
  • Chapter 7: Feats
  • Chapter 8: Gadgets & Bots
  • Chapter 9: Mega-Gadgets
  • Chapter 10: Special Equipment & Rules
  • Appendix 1: Weather
  • Appendix 2: Shape Creation

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