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gustavo iglesias's page

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One of my characters is a gun Tank. He wants to be a space marine/SPARTAN soldier /N7 armor guy, which I think it's cool and fits with the game.

Two problems:
The real power suit armor is an artifact, and you use them when the campaign is going to end, and the rest of scifi armors suck. Spacesuit is unwieldly, with huge ACP, low AC and no DEX.HEV suit is the same. Smart armor is just a worse adamantine fullplate which chews charges for breakfast.

So I decided to build a custom magic item that works as "standard" power armor, but I'm looking for advice. I'm going to put it in the Aurora, in place of the 4 ruined HEV suits, trading enough treasure away to balance out the stuff.

I want it to feel like it's worth it, but not make it so powerful as the real artifact. My idea is to combine a few cheap magical/tech items into a single suit, integrated. The total cost should be lower than a HEV suit. I'm not sure what to add or not. I want it to have several utility powers, without being to good combat wise. Also, as he probably wont upgrade it in a while, it should last (quite) a few levels. It might work as "standard power armor" later for some TL dudes as well,in 5th book.

Here is what I think it could be nice:

+1 full plate of glaucite (about 6500gp, weights half as much)

Deflecting Shield (as Ring of Protection +1) 1000gp.

Servos: Muleback cords 1000gp (Gives the "powered" feel without using +enhance str which is worth too much)

Targeting array (equivalent to cracked ioun pale green, +1 competence to hit) 4000gp.
Inner Compass (equivalent to wayfinder) 500gp

Inner stimulant injector (equivalent to ioun stone resonant power) free

Filter mask (4000gp)

Flashlight (30gp)

Enhanced vision (eye of the owl, low light vision) 4000

Power Fist (equivalent to grippers) 100gp

Probably should drop a few of those. Dunno which. Also, maybe someone has a good idea for some other minor magic items to be placed, or a different approach.

Maybe giving just the +1 full plate if glaucite, then adding the rest as upgrades during different parts of the AP?

Edit: as a side note: buying and selling items in thus campaign is almost imposible, as I removed gold and most people just barter what they have, with little to none "magic shops" and no "on demand" construction for the most part, ulike my regular campaings where I let buy and sell normally. So I need to railor the items a bit more for the PC, as they cant sell junk magic items and transform them into the Big 6

Hello everybody.

After we sadly TPK in my long Shattered Star/ Runelords campaign, we chose Iron Gods as our next target.

However, one of our players was not fond of mixing vanilla and chocolate, and the rest of us thought it would be OK to change the pace a bit and step out of Golarion, so I made a few (drastic?) changes to my Iron Gods campaign. As there are sometimes requests in the forum for alternative magic, alternative divine, world, or tech for this campaign, I thought I might let my changes drop here, in case someone finds an idea or two that they can borrow and adapt. As a seccondary reason, some people might chip in and make suggestions that I can borrow too :P
I'm going to spoilertag the big chunks of text, so nobody dies by WallofText overdose, and they can go to the things they feel might be worth their time.

Story Background and chages to the home world:
My world, Numeria, is pretty much a magicless XXth Century level tech world. Or was. 200 years ago, a mad woman, wearing a mask, started to talk about the end of the world. She wears a mask, is named Brigh, but is referred to as the Prophetess. After she shows some sign of accuracy, and a huge display of Charisma, people started to believe her. For unkown reasons, those with true faith started to do a few miracles, such as healing by laying on their hands on the diseased, and such. Most people in the world did not believe such miracles, though. They discarded the stories as superstition.

Somehow, one day, The Prophetess warned the world about the destruction coming from the sky. That day, stars fell through the sky. The two superpower nations, believing they were under a nuclear attack, retaliated. The world-wide armaggedon should have wiped every single life from the face of the planet, but The Prophetess, somehow, made a Miracle and destroyed most of the Nuclear bombs (along with most tech in the world). She dissapeared after that (her followers say she Ascended into godhood).

The problem is; the nuclear fallout, and the destruction of most working technology, produced a near-armaggedon level of destruction, regardless. More importantly, the fallen stars happened to be alien ships, which leaked their own mystery radiation, biological hazards, and clouds of nanites, which changed the world, forever. Soon, the humans and animals that survived the apocalypse, changed forever. Mutations went wild, and entire populations of humans changed into orcs, skulks, trolls, ogres, and such. Newborns were mutated as well, born with lower height or other traits. Radiation created ghouls and other freak creatures.

More importantly: some of the newborns were born with strange tatoos that could change colors and lighten themselves (similar to the ones that androids have). Within the shortspan of a generation, those with the strange tatoos discovered they could made "magic". Soon, androids were revealed to exist too. Distrusted at the begining, and extremely secretive of their origin, they still provided some insight about the tattooed and their magic powers. They were able to control "nanites", some kind of invisible creatures that could be ordered by these tattoed men to do things that common men would consider impossible, such as fabricate walls, produce force shields, generate heat or cold, alterate thought patterns, and even animate corpses. At the begining, only a group of men could use this magic, the Technic League. Soon, the ability to do so was too widespread to be controlled anymore, with more and more newborns having nanite-based tattoos. The rest of the civilization crumbled in less than one century, with most of the survivors becoming mad-max style wanderers, or raiders, becoming gatherers or predators of the few resources left, as well as scavengers of the miracle-like technology that the alien ship spread through the world. One hundred years later, all androids went down, and reset their memories, effectively dying and being reborn again, with their previous knowledge wiped. Whatever secrets they knew, if any, were lost with this First Generetion Memory Wipe.

And thus we arrived to the current day. The world (particularly the place around the starfall) is a radioactive wasteland with acid rains, desert-like landscape, filled with monsters, raiders, and alien and robotic menaces. Mad Max style gangs and tribes assault those who attempt to trade between the few cities that still prosper. The Technic League has a stranglehold over alien technology, and the few still working labs and factories, giving them a massive power over the rest of the communities and towns, such as Torch. The only little hope the world has, beyond technology, is faith. Faith in Brigh, the Prophetess. Faith in divinity, and the miracles it provide, is the only thing that humans have that technology can't copy, upgrade and mass produce with ease. It's what keeps humans and machines sepparated, the only thing humanity can be proud of, so far...

Technology and game system Changes:

First thing that I wanted to change: Laser weapons and other alien tech should be superior to non-alien tech. Currently they are not, in my opinion. Also, fireweapons should be the go-to option whenever available, and not an afterthought for those who can't properly specialize in the composite bow with strenght modifier

Here is what I did:
"Guns everywhere" is active. Guns are worth and ammo are worth 1/10 of the price, firearms are simple weapons, and Missfire only means the gun is jammed and need to be unjammed before firing again. Classes with "Gunsmith" feat get "Gun Training" instead.
Even then, guns are too expensive for low level. So I made "battered" weapons and hand-crafted "pipe guns" be worth 1/4 of the normal value, and have x3 crit instead of x4, plus +1 missfire and get broken in a missfire (take in account that we are talking about modern weapons, such as "pipe gun" revolvers and such.). guns are touch attack in the first range increment vs primitive armor (ie: leather, etc) but not vs ballistic armor (ie: a bullet proof jacket). Natural Armor is decided by the GM, at whim. IE: "leather like" natural armor, such as a bear or ghoul or lizardmen, will be primitive. "Metal-like" or stronger, such as a dragon or robot or earth elemental, will be ballistic. Force armor (such as mage armor) works as ballistic. (this reduces slightly the value of firearms, which is fine because they are going to be everywhere and PC will need to protect themselves too). Some ammo options, such as "piercing bullets" will treat Ballistic armor such as Primitive armor.

Beam weapons (Laser, sonic, zero, etc) are touch attack at all range increments, regardless of the "ballistic" quality of the armor. They are also 18+ /x2 crit chance, making them specially useful against robots (currently, in normal Iron Gods they arent, as hardiness affect energy damage as well, some robots have energy resistances, and x2 multiplier is way worse than x4 vs hardiness, giving no adventage at all).

Time Worn doesn't exist. In my game, the starfall happened 250 years ago or so, not a few thousands. Most alien tech is still working well. I also feel that "Time worn" and the skyrocket price of tech is a balancing factor to avoid the tech being "commonplace" in normal Golarion, and I understand it, but such fear is unwarranted in my own world.

There are 3 "charges" in the game. Electricity charges (such as the ones used by a laser gun), which can be taken from alien charged silverdisks, or from Numeria tech level batteries (which are often non portable or weight 40+ pounds and really innefficient). Nanites, like the ones used by hypoguns, which come from nanite cannisters only. And fuel, used by cars and some Numerian-level technology of jury-rigged weapons and gear, such as flaming throwers and such. Some portable generators allow to burn fuel and gain electricity, but even this is not really cheap, and fuel is scarce by itself, as there are no reliable ways to produce it anyways and is almost always saved for cars, Mad Max style.

gun nut specific changes:
To my dismay, players opted by non-gunslinger-related characters for the most part. They are interesting charaters, and well related to the vibe of the adventure (like a synthesist summoner who has a "marine power armor" eidolon), but still not related to firearms and tech firearms. However, I have a spell-slinger dude, and they all use firearms as sidearms for ranged combat.
So to made them easier to use, and based on the tech guide "semiautomatic" quality, which gives them a "free feat" in rapid shot, I decided to give a few free stuff for fire arms users. That, together with the fact that they are simple weapons, will make it easier to drop them for the minions of the evil guys and raider gangs and stuff, and will make them the weapon of choice for feat-starved low level guys, or nice sidearm for feat-starved spellcasters which would not normally use weapons regardless (my PC) (as a side note: I ussually give for free several tax feats which in my opinion should be part of the regular game, including power attack, deadly aim and point blank shot, to those with the pre-req. I haven't in this AP, changing that for the modified fireweapon stuff)

Weapons have a "Stock", a "barrell", a "sight" and "mounted options".
Stocks are:
Pistol grip: gives you Point Blank Master, effectively ignoring the AOO when in melee combat. Works for non-pistols with pistol grips, as a sawed off shotgun and some submachine guns (Uzi-like)
Shoulder Stock: Gives you Deadly Aim. Shotguns, riffles, and some submachine guns
Tactical grip: gives you Shoot on the Run. Mostly for submachine guns, like the Thompson, but also some carbines and some assault-ready shotguns.
Folding stocks: can be changed between pistol grip and shoulder stock.

Long barrel: gives you Far Shot. It's weapon based (so you can have a long barrel revolver which is, effectively, shorter than a regular barrel shotgun).
Short Barrel: gives you Point blank shot. Again, weapon based. A short-barrell sawed off shotgun might be longer than some long barrel revolvers.
Double Barrel: Gives you Many Shot. Mainly for shotguns
Perforated barrel: reduces recoil by 1 (reduces by 1 all the malus from multiple shots, including rapid shot, automatic shot, and itterative attacks)

Cylinder: revolver-like cylinder, which gives -1 missfire to the weapon.
Semi-automatic: gives Rapid shot
Automatic: like Semi-automatic, but also can shoot to every enemy in a line of fire with -2 to hit
Bolt-action: (includes pump-shotguns and lever rifles as well). -1 to miss fire, requrire swift action to "reload" the bolt-action, gives you Weapon Focus. Most "battered guns" and "pipe-guns" or jury rigged low level guns are either revolvers or bolt-action rifles, to counter the +1 missfire of jury-rigged handcrafted guns made of scavenged parts.

Iron Sights: Gives you "Bullseye Shot" Feat
Reflex Sight: Gives you Critical Focus
Telescopic Sight: Gives you Improved Precise Shot and Vital Strike, but -4 to hit within 30 feet.
Night Vision Sight: Gives Low Light Vision and Dark Vision.

Mounted options are:
Silencer: Needs to make a DC15 perception roll to hear it (modified by distance and walls as normal)
Muzzle compensator: Just like Perforated barrel (dont stack)
Laser sight: Precise shot
Tripod: Suppresive Fire
Bayonet: like game rules.

I want to achieve a "fallout 4" feeling with these changes, making the PC wanting to scavenge weapons and use the modifiers for their own, custom made firearms, if they feel so.

This modifiers can be taken from wepons with a Craft: gunsmithing skill, and added to other weapons. Weapons have +5 DC to the regular gunsmithing rolls to solve missfires and such for every added custom modification. About prices, ranges ussually go for about 1/2 of the cost of the weapon, but...

prices, tech, and bartering:

I have changed the economy as well.
Most alien tech prices go down. At the bare minimum, all of them cost 1/2 as much. I started trying running the prices as they are, but tech become "sell-it-so-you-can-buy-regular-magic-items" stuff. Why pay 1500g for 5 charges of Trauma Pack, if you can buy 100 cure light wound charges in a pair of wands?

Then I also went to a "barter" system. Gold coins do not exist. Most people barter goods for goods, with ammo, pure water, fuel, battery charges, food and medicine (anti-toxin, anti-plague, etc) being the most common "coins". Silverdisks are used because of their ability to be recharged (many of them still work in my world, as they haven't been depleted for several millenia), and become a "de facto" coinage system, but most people (including traders) dont have more than a few dozens, 100 at best, and nobody, ever, carries 4 thousands of them waiting to buy the party unwanted scuba diving suit. They can trade that suit for some other gear, with a few caveats: the trader would need the suit for something (which might not be the case in a desert, for example), the trader will offer only things he has, and the barter is done by the needs of both bartering sides, not by the nominal price of the tech item in the book. So he might give you a half-useless overpriced magic rod for your overpriced scuba diving-suit, but he's not going to give you a +5 longsword for it. And he might not give you nothing at all if he lives in a desert.

I did this in part because of the overpriced techstuff, but also because I think it adds to the post-apocalyptic vibe, more than the usual pathfinder assumption of "everybody is forced to buy your crap at half price, regardless of its usefulness". As a side effect, it makes the prices of everything just a guide, and it heavily deflates the regular level-up inflation, so players aren't able to buy the whole Torch just because they sell a high level useless tech item. It also makes high level interesting but overpriced gear more attractive to keep, because the cost of opportunity is not that high (a player might want to keep an astronaut suit, but no one will do if it costs as much as a vorpal sword for what it is effectively a half-arsed halfplate with some energy resistance)

My players whined and grumbled a bit at the begining (it's a radical change from my ussual "go by the book" approach to selling and buying items), but I think they trust me, and I think I can pull this off, making "gold coins" obsolete and giving the game a much better "mad max style" where the players will have to use what they find, instead of buying/crafting a wish list. Of course, it also means I'd have to keep an eye on their chars, so I can change or add some treasure to fix whatever unbalances might arise (such as too much "wisdom gear" for a group that needs "Int gear", and is unable to sell Wisdom gear to buy/craft Int gear), but that's not a problem, and I already have done so in the first few sessions when needed.

the adventure so far:

My small group consists of a little mutant man (a gnome, by game rules, with a few racial traits changed) that has a power armor (synthesist with humanoid eidolon, modified rule-wise). He was betrayed by a man, who left him behind during a scavenging mission in a cave, and he had to scrap-build his armor to survive, a-la Tony Stark. He is seeking revenge for a few years now. His nemesis will be Nargim Haruvex (whatever is left of him, that is).
Other PC is an Android Magus Bladebound/kensei. His sword will be related to Casandalee (whose name is Destiny in my game) and his sword's ego will push him to search for her.
My other PC is a spell-slinger android, who is a more advanced model (more human-like, took the racial trait to remove the malus to empathy and such). He already speaks Androffan, although he doesn't know why, and he has some flashbacks when he enters in some of the ship wreckages and such.

The two androids are living with Khonir, and have the trait.

So far, they solved the Fires of Creation mystery. They let Garmen Ulreth leave, and claimed the Silverdisk Hall for them (but have no plan to run a casino, as they did want to please Serantha Olandir). They uncovered Sanvil Trett, who they trusted in the begining. He told them his story, including how he feared Garthorned and how he was a drug addict, and also told them he is almost certain that Khonir is a Tech League fugitive, but he did not want to betray him. They believed him, and planned how to hide the fact Khonir is alive. I'm undecided if Sanvill might change his mind again later.

They killed Meyanda and all the orcs, and decided to go to Scrapwall to investigate what happened. I changed the first part of Lords of rust, and instead of a group of Saerenrae Crusaders in a lost castle, they faced several Smilers who were attacking a caravan. I used a lite version of the vehicle combat rules and made a somewhat refreshing and fun vehicle vs vehicle combat, with one of the Smilers vehicles using a harpoon, which mimicked the autograpnel rules without the adamantite part, and some other guys in motorbikes and so. Players had their own cheap, jury-rigged vehicle as well, and at the end they took the smilers car and a few bikes, and some fuel, leaving the rest for the caravan survivors, which told them about Scrapwall gangs and how does it work (a hint about scrapworth)

I changed Meyande's black nanite hypogun and Mw Spiked Gauntlet for a +2 Strength Power Fist, which requires 1 charge per hour of use and does 1d8 damage (1 size upgrade). Also changed Garmen Ulreth's rapier to be the Magus' bladebound weapon, and Yurian's skillslot to be a +2 INT enhancement skillslot, which they still have to find someone who can install in one of the PC

Any suggestion and criticism is welcome. And anything there is free to steal too.

In the process to design a world to adapt Iron Gods, I have found a problem.

I want to make this a postapocalyptic world, closer to Mad Max or Fallout than Thundarr the Barbarian or John Carter of Mars.

I'm going to make magic just high tech. The androids, and some humans, will be sbloe to control nanites in their bodies or in the enviroment, to get all kind of magic effects. The technic League is good at mágico because of this.

Then, the problem comes with divina mágico, I think. Parte of the core appeal of Iron Gods is how a machine can achieve godhood. I think part of what makes Unity a cool villain is that.

Then the problem is how to contrast that with regular divine magic. I feel using normal Gods, like Golarion has, somehow breaks the inmersion I want to produce.

How could I dodge this problem?
Maybe something like The Force? It is scifi enough (or close to, is magic in disguise), but it feels more space opera than postapocalypse. Warhammer 40k "tech priests" would work but it is a bit redundante, isnt it? If we already have machine God, the ascension od Unity is much less climatic.

What else could be? How to make divine magic feel different than arcane, something that Unity can give to his faithful, and contrast it with already pre-existing God/Gods that is flavourful and makes sense in a non-fantasy (maybe even Earth) world?


I'm already at half of my Rise of Runelords-Shattered Star campaign, and I'm starting to take a look to the next possibility.

We are thinking about a change of pace, with Iron Gods, playing in a distant planet instead of Golarion, with an apocalyptic future style, like Mad Max or Fallout, but adding technomancy (and techno priests, as faith and machines is the core of the AP).

As such, I'm planing to change the default technology to "modern firearms" so the PC get firearms as simple weapons and such. I plan to add vehicles too (motorbikes instead of horses, and so).

The problem I have found is.... modern firearms are better than futuristic energy weapons. By far. A M1895 Nagant revolver does 1d8 x4, while a laser weapon does 1d8 x2, and is fire damage (a lot of fire resist dudes in the game). Machine guns are even better.

So, how can I improve this, beyond the obvious "increase laser damage" option, which is not that great as it creates an inflation of damage?

Possibilities I have thought:

Swap generic crit multiplier of fire weapons to x3, and energy weapons (or most of them) to x4. This create the "feeling" of stronger damage potential, even if there is not a big difference. Lasers are timeworn too, while bullets work fine.

Alternatively, make Lasers to crit with 18+. That makes them useful vs robots, as robots have crit vulnerability

Bullets no longer shoot vs touch attack, but rays do. This is a generic nerf to firearms, but might be worth it, as they are going to be much more common. Piercing (expensive) bullets might ignore part or all of the armor bonus

Laser and other energy weapons ignore part of the hardness, like the laser torch does

Ignore the charges for laser and other energy weapons, making them amunittion-less. But this goes against part of the AP feeling, which is about finding charges to use the nice timeworn stuff.

Make force-fields much more frequent, and/or more powerful, to the point that ignoring them with energy weapons is important. Maybe even most people (or at least most bosses) have one, Halo style.

Please note that "don't make fireweapons more common" is not going to help, as the goal is to play a campaign with lots of gunfights, for a change of pace from the magic heavy Shattered Runelords mashup

So, what does the forum communal wisdom has to offer? Any brilliant (or obvious) idea I'm missing?

Ok. So we arrived to the frost giant camp. After a fly over it, in best form, we got a every good panoramic view of it, to make out plans. We found the red lady too. We know there is a tannery, a blacksmith, some mammoths in a stable, an ice statue, a "viking hall", a cript, some drakes, some winterwolves, a mine, etc.

We are a part of 3, with a goliath druid, a pretty dumb and naive aasimar paladin, and a bestmaster ranger. We also have a batallion (literal, 100+) dwarves that came here because the paladin is dumb, and are mostly raising the alarm and making noise, without providing any help
Stealth is not really an option, even without the dumb dwarves, because the aasimar is a Tin Man, with the standard -7 score to Stealth.

So I need clever ideas to overcome this.
My ideas so far:
Fog cloud and sleet storm could pass as natural, obstructing vision in a Tower, so we came go and destroy it, without the guard spotting the paladin.

Warp Wood can render useless some Tower, or the mammoth pallisade, or some crane in the mine, etc.

Summon nature Ally, earth elemental, might use glide and maybe sunder some parte of the Tower, I don't know.

Summon nature Ally, Cyclop, might start a brawl in the taberna, rolling 20 to bluff.

Insect plague might make a Tower useless, if caster several times there, and gisnts believe they are natural swarms.

Transmute rock to mud might provoke some sliding to destroy a Tower (some were bear a cliff), or maybe collapse a cave.

Summon nature ally, 1d4+1 satyrs, and make mass suggestions with the pipes to flee the towers.

Comunal air Walk, to go to the towers from above, maybe out of LoS from the guards.

Using stealth (in tiny form, with elixir, I can get +28) to infiltrate, then using Spark to start a fire somewhere, without leaving clues.

Using giant Form to impersonate a giant or troll, infiltrate the base, and sabotage sonehow.

My game uses unchained rules of automatic bonus progression. So the sihedron amulet is just a free action false life, and the sihedron ring does nothing at all.

I still have a lot of months until we go there, but I'm already trying to figure what could the sihedron rings do instead. It should be something universally useful, like the original, not something caster or martisl oriented.
I was thinking about something like a luck stone maybe. Other options include a +2 insight to AC, or saves, or both, or some sort of energy resustance ring (maybe something like resistsnce 15 to the las element that damaged you.

Another option could be to add a free action spell, similar to false life.

Any thoughts?

As I plan to introduce several Runelords in my campaign (Karzoug and Krune, for sure, the rest I don't know yet how to do them), I was thinking in ways to foreshadow the rising of the other ones. I've already hinted that Sorshen might be influencing Queen Illeosa in Korvosa, which makes for a possible plot hook in the future, and at the very least, a reason to rise the Runelord of Lust from her slumber in the celler of her pyramid.

So, I thought about Zutha. At the end of Shattered Star, in "continuing the campaign", we have info about a Taiga giant necromancer lich, with access to most parts of Zutha's artifact book and philactery. I thought about linking him to Barl Breakbones, or, at least, using Barl as a way to foreshadow the other guy (needs to be a foreshadowing, and not a clear thread that the PC follow, as Thrulle, the taiga lich, is CR 24 or something like that...). But then a problem arised.

How do I make Barl Breakbones a "minion" of Thulle, while keeping the ties between Barl and Mokmurians, which are, Imho, needed for a seamless transition between books 2 and 3?
Maybe Thrulle and Mokmurians are working together? Would a minion of Karzaug and a minion of Zutha work together? Zutha was probably the most diplomatic runelord. Never fought other realms, and sold food to everybody, so it's not enterely impossible for him or his minions to work with Karzaug. But I'm not sure Karzaug is willing to do the same, greedy as he is.

Also, I would need to foreshadow, without leaving too much trails (or the PC might end diverting themselves from the main plot, to go to somewhere they have no business going yet, as the CR is way too high)

Anyone has a good idea about this?

EDIT: as it probably would help: I'm already going to use the last part of Shattered Star "The Assylum Stone", with the Dark Rider being summoned by lucretia,Sleepy hollow style, and then the PC going to his dark fortress, either before or after fighting Lamatar and freeing the Shimmerglens

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Both under normal and unchained rules, grappling puts the attacker in a bad spot. Let's have two bears. The one who starts the grapple can do a standard action abd a grapple check (at +5) to hit once with a natural attack. Meanwhile, the grappled bear can do a full attack with 2 claws and a bite.

Doesn't it feel strange?

I know there are other adventages (such as vs casters), but it sounds strange that the creature with the upper hand in the grapple is actually at disadventage

Ok, we have right now covered half (or almost half) of my campaign, Shattered Chains of the Runelords, a mashup of all things thassilonian in Paizo, using Unchained rules, and I think I would share my experience so far, to contribute to the great community this forum has. I stole a LOT of ideas from this threads, and maybe others could steal from mine.

A few things I would like to add: I absolutely love the Unchained rules, even if they need some ironing (some backward compatibility with actions and stuff already in the game that wasn't made with the new action economy in mind, and some feats or spells becoming less or more powerful than intended, such as Cleave or Vital strike, vs secondary Natural weapons, for example). But overall, it's a much better combat, more fluid, more mobility, and faster, and it makes a lot of sense in a lot of things (like "tyrannosaurus like" foes and companions no longer being pussy because they only have 1 attack compared to pouncing beasts)

Now, let's go with the modifications I made to my campaign.

I have 3 PCs. They are a varisian Witch, a tieffling oni-spawn samurai, and a ulfen bloodrager-cleric. I think it's very very very important that you insist the characters having a great deal of union with Sandpoint. Help them to build their backgrounds, use a bit of foreshadowing, and don't be affraid to "spoil" things if needed. Being related to the story is more important.

In my case, the Oni-spawn was born in the Kaijutsu family, by-product of a zealous samurai bodyguard corrupted by the temptation of an oni, disguised to spy them. The Samurai has Lonjiku as a nominal Daimyo, and Ameiko as his friend (and somehow secret love)
The varisian Witch is a disciple of Madam Mvashti, works in the Glassworks as an accountant of some kind, and is "best friend forever" with Ameiko. She felt in love as teenager with Tsuto, who never looked at her (and choosed Nualia instead)
The Ulfen isn't related to Sandpoint, he's a visitor. His background is related to Linnorms, and an ancient order of demon-slaying berserkers (has the celestial bloodrager bloodline)

I started the game in Shallow Tail Festival. I strongly strongly suggest to start the game 2-3 days before the fist goblin attack. I used some of the ideas here for the festival and some games, and added others. I gave each PC who won at least 1 game 1 point of fame/prestige (like in PFS, you can spend those for a number of benefits, including "free" low level gear, healing and restorations from local clerics, and other stuff). There was also a small prize in each game, all prices being 50gp or less, ussually a potion. Each game is organized by a different citizen/organization/business in the city, ahd you have to pay a couple gold coins to enter. I'm not going to describe the mechanics of each game detailed, but a brief summary would be:

Catch the pig: greased pig, a brawl with other people, you have to grapple the pig and bring it to your side, in mud. Prize: a tanglefoot bag. Organized by: Ven Binder, general store
Run through sandpoints. A run, using rules like the chase/pursuit rules, with skill checks for acrobatics, jump, climb, swim, etc. Prize: a jump potion. Organized by the Townhall.
Archery: standard shooting vs bulleyes, price 20 durable cold iron arrows, a chance to join Militia. Organized by Sheriff Hemlock.
Strenngth: several stregth checks. Prize, potion of Enlarge. Organized by Hemlock's brother, Garridan Visakalai

Greasy pole: climb a greasy pole. Prize, masterwork climb gear. Organized by Jasper Korvaski, from the Merchant League
Quarterstaff fight Fight in balance in a tightrope-like wood. You win if you trip the other guy, it's expected to fight armorless, but with -4 for using non-lethal damage. I put one of Jubryl's boys cheating here (he attacked without the -4 sometimes), and in the last fight (Vs the Ulfen), the cheat made the ulfen angry and go into rage, then Jubryl's man lost on purpose (Jubryl had a bet against his own man). It made the ulfen very angry, and let people know a bit about Jubryl. Prize: Oil of Magic Weapoon, organized by Savah's Armory.
Hagfish challenge: A couple of will and fortitude saves (to dare to drink, to be able to drink, and to avoid vomiing). Prize, a remove sickness potion. Organized by the Hagfish tavern.
Wrestling: a "sumo" fight, you have to push or trip the oponent. Organized by Sabyl Sorn, Prize a CLW potion.
Pig Riding: Handle animal/ride checks, prize a MW saddle. organized by Daviren Hosk, from Goblin Smashed Stables.
A couple of eating and drinking prizes, which gave you discounts to the Rust Dragon and Risa's Place, but made you fatigued/sickened.
Also had a poledancing show, where you get a 50% discount in your first visit to Pixie's Kitten.

The idea here is that the PC know all the town and their habitants, BEFORE the goblins attack. You can use the above to make them know about things (like Scarnettis rambling against the Pixie's Kitten, Hemlock speaking with his lover there, Das Korvut speaking about his son, etc)

I also had Madam Mvasthi making a prophecy

In my game, this is actually the varisian witch, speaking from the future, through a time artifact that the party will find at lvl 16 or so, if everything goes ok. But he has to be cryptic, by the artifact own description.

my re-translation from my mothern langauge to english is something like:

"A star has risen, metal has broken.
The chains unleashed what eternaly rested.
When time pass, past will be a present
I foresee doubting sons, fragile as glass
and stern fathers, hard as steel
I see a fortress of thorns and a doorless jail
and a burnt offering in the bonefire of wrath and blindess
I see a house, more alive than it's habitants
I see the sin that awaits for us
I see a great Lady, cold as stone
and a whore, hot as Hell
Lies are clues to get the Lady
I see water in the earth, and stones in the air, and fire in the sky
I watch the death of love, and the love of the dead
And a unspeakable rider, searching for the names of the living in the realm of the dead
I see a treasureless dragon and a heavenless realm, and nightmares inside a dream
I see a man who believes he's a god, and a god who no longer is a man
I see a nation rise, and a world fall, because the Star is the Fate"

Those are clues about things that will happen later in the game. Namely: tsuto and Nualia, and their fathers, thistletop, Malfeshnikor, the Lady of Light, the Sihedron, the shards, Longtooth and the giants assault, the flood in turtleback ferry, Misgivings, and stuff in the books 5 and 6 of Shattered Star and Rise of Runelords

They also know about Ironbriar, and Sheyla Heidmarch, who went to Sandpoint to bring back Natalya Vancarskerkin, who had stole a Puzzle Box from the pathfinders.

I made also an escene between Lonjiku and Ameiko here, instead of after the assault. Lonjiku insisted Ameiko to leave the city, but she didn't.

In my game, Lonjiku is an old member of the Brotherhood of 7. My Seven represented each one a sin (really, how can you have a Brotherhood of 7 in a campaign about sin magic, and not being related to the sins...) His sin was envy. When he knew that Tsuto was falling in love with Nualia, years ago, he blackmailed Nualia. He asked her for sexual favors, or he'll tell to Nualia's father. They had sexual intercourses in the tunnels behind the Glassoworks, and that lead ultimately to Nualia being influenced by the catacomb of wrath, and the shrine there (Lamashtu in the original, Shax in my game). He knew, because of Tsuto (his replacement in the B7), that goblins were going to attack, and he tried to be sure Ameiko was safe, but as she didn't agree with him, he left.
I made a slightly longer battle, to include a few more events and NPCs (like Das Korvut being attacked by goblins, and his red mastins defending him), but nothing really significant.

Thisteltop's Goblins:

My PC went into the forest, tracking the goblins. That lead to a Predator-like fight vs Bruthasmuz, with the help of Shalelu.

They made a bit of investigation, uncovering the secrets about Lonjiku, Tsuto, Nualia, and the dead monstrous baby, and the things that happened 5 years ago. They went to Chopper Island (were we played the Wayfinder 7 adventure), and rescued Lonjiku in the glassworks. A few changes here too: I made a pursuit with Lonjiku through the tunnels, which ended in a boat pursuit in the river. They went into the Chambers, were they fought a few goblins, including a 3 armed alchemist goblin enlarged to use a 2 handed human sword, and some (void) zombies made with the Glasswork workers and an imprisoned akata, hybernating for milenia there. They killed Lord Baaz, my substitution of our beloved invisible Quasit. I made Lord Baaz a demon version of a zebub devil -I like devils being more humanoids and demons being more monstruous anyways- and I used it's unique skill to give the PC a glimpse of real Thassilonia, millenias ago.

They decided to go to Thistletop by boat, and enter in the island from the sea. They asked for a few soldiers to Magnimar, and with that (leaded by Kassadei, a Magnimar Captain, and Hemlock and a few militia) they simulated an attack to keep the goblins busy, while they cleaned the dungeons below, and kill Nualia. They didn't enter with Malfeshnekor -which is, unknown to them, free now, as the goblinoid Oni meant to be the early nemesis of the samurai didn't die in the assault-
Then they learn things about the Shards (Nualia had Wrath), discover things bout the Paradox Box, and go to Magnimar to speak with Sheyla and Natalya, who is in Jail, like Tsuto. They help Natalya escape the prison (with a potion of gaseous form), in exchange for information. She talks them about the Brotherhood of 7, and how they want the Shards, and that the next shard is in a place called "The lady of Light"

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I've recently bought Race for the Rune Carved Key, to addapt it for my Rise of Runelords/Shattered Star non-PFS campaign. It's nice.

However, unless I'm missing once and again something, I still don't know what is the Rune Carved key for. Is it used in some other different PFS scenario? What can you use it for? Or is it just a McGuffin, without real value, other than the historical one?

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I know the canon material for a few Runelords, how they survived and where they are trapped.

Karzaug survived in Xin-Shalast in an extradimensional pocket realm between Leng and Golarion, as seen in book 6 of Rise of Runelords.

Krune went into a slumber (how fitting for a Sloth runelord), and he's described in The Waking Rune.

Sorshen, the Runelord of Lust, is inmortal thanks to the ritual seen in Curse of Crimson Throne (ritual that Queen Illeosa seeks for herself), and is currently trapped below The Great Mastaba, in a vampire filled dungeon which may or may not being trying to bring her back right now.

Zutha, the Gluttony lord, hid his soul in an artifact, the 3 part Gluttonous tome, which will transform his owner back into Zutha if it's ever put together. It's currently held by a Taiga Giant Lich, at least 2 parts of it (seen in Shattered Star "continue the adventure" stuff)

So, what about the other 3? Is there any canon, or hint, about how they survived, or where they are hidding? It's easy to suppose that Azlanist might be hidding below the Hollow Mountain, but that's not sure as far as I know. Also, I have no clue about how did she attain inmortality or survived the 10.000 years since the Earthfall.

The other 2, I have no clue

In a thread about fan added content to graul's farmstead, I read once a interesting encounter/creature to add. But I can't find that thread again, don't remember the monster name, and can't find them again.

It was some sort of undeads, dead babies un jars, that could break and be released. But it's like finding a needle in a haystack.

Does anyone remember that thread ir know the monster's name?

In my RoRL and ShStar mixed AP, I want to flex out the brotherhood of 7.
My idea is that, although they are all of them pawns of Karzaug, they might be related to the 7 sins somehow. My players jumped into that as soon as they heard it, and as I'm also using the shards (and plan to involve more runelords,some of them as background, some appearing like Krune with the PFS escenarios), it's fitting I think.

I think I have 6 of them. Ironbriar, Aldern Foxglove, Xanesha, Lucretia, Nualia, and Avalexi (the Succubi from Dawn of Scarlet Sin, which I'm going to play too). Those could be an "avatar" of Pride, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Wrath and Lust,although Aldern or Xanesha could represent Envy if the new candidate fits better with s different one But I need a 7th one.
I would like it to be relevant before the giants start to become omnipresent.

Sheyla Heidmarch would be huge shock value. Lonjiku might work too. Maybe a leader of Lissala Cult? Trying to raise Krune? Some addition from any extra PFS scenario or some stand alone adventure?

I'm currently in the process to GM Rise of Runelords (players are lvl 2). I've thought recently about reporting it as campaign mode for PFS. It's homebrew, uses Unchained extensively, and a couple of home rules (not very relevant, such as some devils being demons and the other way around)

But I'm doing a mash up with Shattered Star. I'm including parts of SS in RoRL. So, my questions are:

1) Can I still report RoRL if I make some changes to it (both "cosmetic" changes such as Nualia being Antipaladin instead of fighter/cleric, and "substantial" changes such as adding an enterely new Oni enemy to Thisteltop to cater one of my player's background)?
2) Can I report "parts" of Shattered Star? For example, if we play book II of Shattered Star (which I plan to), can I report it?
3) If I can't... can I still report RoRL if I played a book of another AP in the middle of it?

Hi everybody. I'm running a mashup shattered shards/raise of runelords (based mostly on runelords, but with some elements of shattered shards, like the shards themselves, part of The Crow Dungeon under the glasswork, Lady of light, etc).

I want to play up the sin thing, most of my players played book 1 of RotR under some other GM and they know the sins matter, but they don't know how. I'm thinking about making the sins (or virtues) have weight when playing with the shards.

I've made them put points in a virtue/sin axis, like the old Pendragon RPG, so they have 20 points split in Wrath/kindness, Envy/charity, Greed/generosity, etc. "Neutral" players go 10/10, sinful or virtous players go up to 5/15 or 15/5, and extreme cases might go 20/0 or 0/20 (like, say, a pacifist cleric with no weapons and only healing spells could have 0/20 in wrath/kindness).

I'm trying to think ways to play up the effect of sins and virtues. Besides the obvious (sins of saviors dungeon), where could I use them? Somebody has some idea about how to play sins and the shards? Like, your sin empower the shard a bit, or your virtue make you more resistant to the sin, something like that?

I'm looking for inspiration. I think I'm "almost there", in the sense I think I know what I want to acomplish, but still lack the final idea about the mechanic itself

I'm going to start a RoR campaign to test some of the new unchained rules (specially the new action economy)

Problem is: we have 3 PC.
Tiefling Oni Spawn Samurai
Varisian Witch
A viking of some kind, class undecided but probably bloodrager, maybe magus skirnir.

RoR is already TPK-happy, even with more players. Also, the new action economy makes it a bit more dangerous.

I let them build 25pt chars. I'm thinking about using hero points too. What else could I do? (i preffer not using GMPC if that's possible)

I really love most of the options in Unchained. I'm interested in simplified magic, but I feel there's something "wrong" with it. When a character goes to lvl 7, he suddenly can cast *less* level 1 spells. Anyone else is concerned by this? It feels unorganic.
I understand that the idea of the system is giving less low level spells, and trade versatility for sheer spellcasting power. But the drop is HUGE. Instead of 5 lvl 1 spells, you cast ONE (plus INT bonuses). It's specially concerning for some classes that use a lot of lower level spells (like Magus with shocking grasp), but it affect everyone (suddenly, your daily cast of mage armor forbids you to use protection from evil or charm person).

What solutions would you use, if you find this not desirable? I'm thinking about using the table, plus INT bonus (instead of INT bonus/4).

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Hi everybody!
After a long hiatus, I'm going to play in the brand new "Giantslayer" adventure path.

Reading the Player Guide, it gives me a good amount of hype. It suggests a lot of builds made to play *as* a giant, sort of. Titan Mauler, Titan Fighter, and this kind of stuff.

I read about Goliath Druid, and I really like the concept, and I feel it REAAAAALLY fits the player guide spirit. So that's what's going to be my character.

My first few concepts reduced the starting point to either half-orc or dwarf. Dwarf sounds extremely powerful in this AP, with so many racial traits against giants, and +CON and +WIS is as good as +STR from the half orc, probably. Half-orc has a great vibe for the goliath, though (easy to re-skin as a half troll, which probably will be you go-to form later on), and the favored class bonus is quite cute (+1/3 NA). Also, the Dwarf trained trait *sort* of help to reduce the gap with dwarves in the anti-giant department.

A few things I need to know for Goliath Druids.
They can only wildshape into dinosaurs, megafauna and giants. But Ptenarodons descrpition says they are not considered dinosaurs (they are pterosaurs). Are they considered dinosaurs for wildshape? If not, is there *any* option for a flying form for Goliath druids? If not, how do you overcome this?

Weapons or claws? I like characters that aren't glass cannons. I like survivality, and thus, I like AC. Druids in wildshape often are a bit of weak in the AC side. Goliath have some extra toughness over regular pouncing-dire-tiger-druids, at the cost of a lot of damage, though. Shillelagh + Shield seems to be a decent combo for a while, and gives you a nice bump in AC, which might help to keep the character in the "only hit with 15+" zone of confort. But later, you'll lose a ton of damage that way. Troll form gives you bite + 2 claws + Rend, which isn't bad, and more damaging than shillelagh + secondary bite, but still can't compete with pouncing by any means. Could Vital strike help to solve that? I'm trying to stay within theme, so I'm not going to be a conqueror ooze, but maybe Shillelagh + Large/huge sized club could be decent enough? I'm not trying to be the highest damage in the table, just not being a dead weight.

As a snapshot, at lvl 12, as Half Orc you could have:
+9 AC (+3 breastplate, made of ironwood or dragonscale) + 2 luck (jingasa + fate favored trait) +1 Insight (ioun stone) + 4 shield (+2 regular shield) + 4 natural armor (giant form) + 4 natural armor (favored bonus) +5 enhanced natural amor (barkskin) +2 deflection (ring) + 1 Dex -1 size, for something around 41 AC, which might be up to 43 with feats (shield focus, dodge if you want) and 45 vs giants (dwarven training trait from the campaign), which is enough to be hit only with 20s by CR11 Cloud Giants, which sounds about Ok. Specially because you'll have also Regeneration 5, damage resist, several resistances (planar wildshape into a fiendish ice troll, for example). Saving throws also are OK, except for reflex. You'll raise wisdom decently, and troll form gives you +4 CON, and both Will and Fortitude are good saves for you, plus you have +2 luck from orc tattoos and fate favored.

But the damage department might be more troublesome, though. By this level, a wand of Shillelagh probably won't be enough anymore (although I think it's quite viable until here). As a Large Troll, with Shillelagh, your damage would be +3d6 only, even with vital strike and devastating strike it won't be impressive.

The above lvl 12 dude would have something like:
15 starting stregth +2 racial +3 level ups + 4 enhancement + 6 size bonus, or str 30. With Shillelagh, it would have something like:
+9 BAB + 10 str + 1 enhancement + 1 competence (ioun stone), +21 to hit, for 6d6 + 10 (str) +1 (enhanchement) + 6 (devastating strike), or 6d6+17 for a vital strike, same round you move. Could use Power Attack for extra -4 to hit and +8 to damage, but it's not that good for 1h weapons.

Compared to pouncing allosaurs, that's sad. A full round would have 3 attacks, including the secondary bite, but that's not really impressive anyways. 2 claws + bite + Rend would do a bit more (depending on how much Greater Magic Fangs you spend, quite a lot more, especially with amulets of natural weapons with Holy, or Giant Bane or something like that), but then you lose like 4-5 AC, and you are no longer in the "hit with 20s" cattegory. I guess if you want to do damage, you should be using a dinosaur form instead of a giant form anyways. Maybe with a level of barbarian, so you can use furious Finish? It seems that pouncing allosaurs, and vital-striking tyrannosaurs are going to do a lot more damage.

Any suggestions?

PS: companion would be a Ankylosaur or Stegosaur, I think

Just checked the ACG playtest. Haven't done before.

I have to say the classes are very good. I *love* Maneuver mastery from the brawler.

I'm actually thinking about banning all the CRB classes from my games :/

Great classes, Paizo. I love what you can do when you aren't bound by heritage from 3.5

Is it even possible? We are going to play RoR once I finish DMing Way of the Wicked (which is awesome btw). This time I'll play instead of DM. Our DM is concerned about the balance between full casters and non-casters, and I had this crazy idea.

What about a group of 5-6 wizards (we are unsure about keeping our 6th player)? Is it possible to defeat this AP with a group based enterely on wizards?

The idea is to build different school wizards. Some could/should be unconventional (such as a Transmuter with more Str than Int and melee-focused, or something like that). With a good summoner's minions, maybe necromancer's too, you could have a good bunch of tanking bodies.

The real problem: antimagic shell, and magic inmune monsters.

So, what do you think? Crazy idea?

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I'm planning to play a druid Bear Shaman soon. And I'm looking at the bear companion stats.

Why on hell they suck soooooo much?
They start as Small creatures, while big cats are medium. They only advance to medium, while cats are large. The big cats have more str and constitution too! They should call tge spell "tiger's endurance" instead of bear's endurance.

I don't mind losing pounce, and rake, for flavor reasons. But WHY ON HELL is the lion companion bigger than the grizzly bear companion? And stronger and with more con too? Why is the bear a cub?

Edit: just noticed that the bear DOES NOT have grab. But the big cat has grab, pounce and rake. Dude, seriusly, the one who developed the animal companions is too much fan of big felines. Or too little fan of balance. There's no reason at all to take a bear over a lion, except fluff (another "you have to suck if you want flavor" game tax, I guess

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Here is the rule:

"Ineffective Weapons: Certain weapons just can’t effectively
deal damage to certain objects. For example, a bludgeoning
weapon cannot be used to damage a rope. Likewise, most
melee weapons have little effect on stone walls and doors,
unless they are designed for breaking up stone, such as a
pick or hammer."

(core book, page 174)

What does "little effect" means? I've been discussing this lengthy in another thread (this ). What does "little effect" means?

There are two positions.

One of those positions means that innefective weapons (such as a longsword, or quarter staff, or bladed scarf vs a wall) rolls damage normally, and then substract hardness normally, while those weapons that are effective (such as a warhammer, maul or pick) destroy it with more ease (using a second rule, called vulnerability, that says
Vulnerability to Certain Attacks:
Certain attacks are especially successful against some objects. In such cases, attacks deal double their normal damage and may ignore the object’s hardness)

My position is that those weapons that are inneffective and do "little effect" (such as wooden clubs, spiked chains or kerambits) can't damage the wall normally. They do, at most, scratchs (that may allow you to draw the Z of Zorro, but can't tear down the wall), while the weapons that are effective against it, use regular damage vs hardness (and I reserve vulnerable rule for things like a demolition charge, or using fire vs a keg of lantern oil)

In any case, the ruling is (and should be) quite vague about which weapons are effective or not. For example, a Ram, which is not explicitly mentioned, could be treated as an effective weapon, if the GM thinks it's so. And some materials will have differen't effective weapons against it (for example, axes might be effectives against trees, while warhammers aren't). The question is, those weapons that aren't effective, are "inneffective weapons" and thus do "little effect". What does this mean?

I'd like to hear a FAQ about this.

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Hi. This is my doubt:

Animate Dead allows you to control 4x CL in HD. I assume that any permanent raise in Caster Level is also a permanent raise in the number of controled undeads (so, a Varisian Tattoed necromancer, with +1 CL in necromancy, could raise 2x HD extra and control up to 4x HD extra. A character with a trait that gives him +1 CL to Animate Dead would work similarly).

However, my question is more about non-permanent raises.

If a character has a Ioun Stone with +1 CL... get 4 extra HD? What happen when he takes the ioun stone out to sleep?

What happen with temporal buffs, like Death Knell or Death Twine?

Assuming he loses control of those undeads created and controlled through temporal buffs, when he loses the buff... is the reverse also true? If I hit a necromancer with Enervation, and he loses 1 CL, does he lose control of 4HD of undeads??


Anybody can help?

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Hi. This is my doubt:

Animate Dead allows you to control 4x CL in HD. I assume that any permanent raise in Caster Level is also a permanent raise in the number of controled undeads (so, a Varisian Tattoed necromancer, with +1 CL in necromancy, could raise 2x HD extra and control up to 4x HD extra. A character with a trait that gives him +1 CL to Animate Dead would work similarly).

However, my question is more about non-permanent raises.

If a character has a Ioun Stone with +1 CL... get 4 extra HD? What happen when he takes the ioun stone out to sleep?

What happen with temporal buffs, like Death Knell or Death Twine?

Assuming he loses control of those undeads created and controlled through temporal buffs, when he loses the buff... is the reverse also true? If I hit a necromancer with Enervation, and he loses 1 CL, does he lose control of 4HD of undeads??


Anybody can help?

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I've just read the Bracers of the Falcon. Where Bracers of Archery gives you a +1 competence bonus to hit, for 5000 gold, Bracers of the falcon gives you Aspect of the Falcon continously. That's +3 competence bonus to perception, +1 competence bonus to hit, and your crit becomes 19+/x3. For 4000.

So that just mean Bracers of Archery are obsolet, and nobody else buy any one, in any magic shop, ever. They've become the VHS of magic bracers after DVD is out.

Hi. I'm DMing an evil campaign in October (the gorgeus Way of the Wicked, by the way)

For several reasons, I want to make available a feat for Hellfire. Mainly because it fits themathically, but also because the antagonist is the church of the Sun and Holy Fire and all that jazz, and there are quite a lot fire-inmune enemies around.

So I was wondering how could I make Hellfire into a metamagic feat.

Hellfire is a fire that burns with unholy power. It does 1/2 fire damage and 1/2 unholy damage, which does double damage to good outsiders (the unholy part). It's described in Book of the Damned, and so far, there's only one way to obtain it, the Diabolist Prestige Class.

The Diabolist can use it once per Charisma modifier per day, as a free action. So the question is how to use it, without steping too much on the Diabolists feet.

My first impresion is to make it a +2 caster level metamagic feat. That puts it in the same league than "empower", which is close imho. If you use a Hellfire Fireball or an empowered fireball against a non-fire resistant outsider, you do x1.5 damage. The empowered fireball would do 1.5 damage to non-outsiders as well, but it more or less balance with the fact that Hellfire fireball would damage fire inmune creatures, such as a fire elemental.

But I'm not sure yet. Maybe other option is to mimic Diabolist, and make the feat usable once, twice or three times per day, without paying extra levels... Anyone here has a better suggestion? Any idea?

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I've seen a lot of threads asking for help with Sorcerers builds lately. There are very good Wizard guides in the forum, but the few Sorcerers' guides aren't complete (and they don't seem to be completed any time soon)

So I just made one.

Here you go:

Inner Power. A guide to Sorcerers

I'm planning to DM CC in a few months, when we finish Kingmaker. I have read through the first two modules and have skimmed the rest, and I find it's a great AP to be played in a slightly more advanced era.

When I read it, I get the feel of Solomon Kane, Bram Stoker, Warhammer Fantasy Witch hunters, MtG Innistrad expansion and Van Helsing.

I want to focus on that feel. I think I'll let firearms (maybe not gunslinger pistoleros shooting revolvers, but allow Firearms to work for players as a secondary weapon to fire and forget -or fire and slowly reload-). Even if I don't (not sure yet, I don't like PF firearms rules that much, shouldn't be touch attack imho. Ignore 20 points of natural armor in a Dragon is too much, it´s a flintlock musket, not a laser gun), I want to make it feel at least more modern.

So I want them to get crossbows instead of bows, forget Plate armor and go for rapier-longsword-sabre instead of two handed swords and war-axes. The problem is you gimp several classes doing so.

I was thinking about giving Crossbows "Deadly shot" trait. That means they work like the gunslinger deed: you only make one shot, but roll to attack as much as you have in attacks, and roll the damage together.

What about armors? Maybe giving Aldori Swordmaster's technique to everyone, so the Fighters don't get shafted?

Ok. The LG cleric in our group blinded himself to destroy the Occulus.

I'm aware that, RAW, nothing forbids him to cast a remove blindness spell and getting back to normal, but we don't think it's fancy, and our GM says that they Occulus will reform if he is not permanently blinded (I happen to agree, this is the easiest artifact to destroy, evah)

So far, he keeps playing with the character. He has leadership feat and a paladin cohort, that makes for a bodyguard, and he resorts to healing spells, buffs, and area effects, which do not really need targeting.

Is there any way to overcome this? I'm looking for (pathfinder only) feats that give you blindsight, or magic items, etc. I thought about Eldritch heritage to get a familiar, or something like that, but some of the options seem to be useless (getting blindsight at lvl 20 is pointless).

Is there any option to gain "sight" while being "blind"?

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