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Shalelu Andosana

fatmanspencer's page

FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 180 posts (389 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 17 Pathfinder Society characters. 7 aliases.

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This, hands down, was the worst scenario in 2 years I have played, and I have a few high level characters. I've not played maybe a total of 20 scenarios, and this one was awful. THE WORST. Thing is, without having played it, your not going to understand. Think of the most obscure, and weird check ever. Now take it, get rid of the part where it made sense, and you've got this mess. A check to unruffle a carpet does not make an adventure. And then the ending. What if the rogue had that item, I lose my character because the Author here hates me? Screw that. 0/10 would not ever let run in my store.

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Comic line


I will admit I do not buy them in single copies as I love the variant covers and the the hardbacks come with that. I have both volume's one and two, and can not wait til volume three comes out. I hope this line counts, for I will keep buying this one.
10/10 would read again (or rather have read again.)

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Finally got one


I'm a big fan of giving back story to the world around us, and this helps. Added in the fact it is Reynolds best covers, and the interior matched it was just outstanding. I do agree some of this is a repeat, but I also think this may be one of those that we will see have an update. Maybe new gods added, some deaths, feats better explained, etc. Needs work, but I still love it. Worth the buy.

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