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Darius Finch

Zal Namtarren's page

70 posts. Alias of joriandrake.

Full Name

Zal Namtarren




Rogue/Battle Sorcerer Gestalt






Neutral Evil


Espionage, Thieving, Killing

Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 8
Charisma 15

About Zal Namtarren

The boy has a rare natural white hair and dark purple eyes, these together with his good looks were all probably inherited from his mother.

A street urchin who never knew his parent and barely survived his early years he doesn't even clearly remember by now, gained a home in a whorehouse at the age of nine, which doubled as the hiding place for the Imperial Spellknife Guild, the semi-authority thief/assassin guild of Sradeth. In a thriving trade settlement called Confluence, housing many noble estates and famed for giving home to five merchant guilds and the Witches of the Purple Lily.

Learning how to be a thief first then later the art of murder, it is not surprising he never valued the life and rights of others much. Growing up among courtesans and under the worst possible influences a child can have, he developed a sarcastic evil personality who prefers black humor which often results in death.

At the age of 13 he got to know that he is a bastard son of a noble, married thrice, with no legitimate male children, and despite this his father ordered his mother killed and his son thrown out. At age 15 for his formal initiation into the Spellknives he choose his father as his target, two days after his kill he went to the Namtarren household and presented himself, due to local inheritance laws despite being a bastard he became the new head of the family. Once he got that rank he changed the originally "Rampant Red Dragon looking East on white background" Coat of Arms into "Rampant Purple Dragon looking West on white background". As the purple dragon represents the Imperial Dragon he made a bold move to make his ancestral bloodline the symbol on the CoA.

Zal has granted full support to the assassin guild, he is probably only loyal to them alone in this world. The wealth of the family is handled by people who also secretly work for the Imperial Spellknife Guild. He has two half-sisters, the younger one (Lysanne) is one year younger than he is, and the older one (Mirabel) is five years older, although he only ever met the younger sister while the older is a witch of the Purple Lily and to avoid their father didn't even go to visit for over 8 years.

He is very distrusting of others, he never knew his mother but the oracle of the Purple Lily during a fortune-telling session said she was the "heir" to an Imperial Dragon and so he is too, which was hunted to extinction by its own kin. The woman was intrigued by this as the witches of the Purple Lily consider everything purple a sign of luck, with the ability to influence the fabric of Fate itself.

Zal goes on missions for the Guild while he left the household in the hands of his masters, he arranged so that Lysanne was granted her wish and is taught the art of swordsmanship, but also made it sure she gets the basics of the underworld knowledge also taught to her.

Class Details:

Rogue: Knife Master, Scout, Spell Resistance
Battle Sorcerer: Crossblooded (Destined, Draconic-Imperial)

Character Sheet:

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