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Xanos Doom's page

284 posts. Alias of Doomed Hero.


Male, Defense 2, HP 7/11, SP 9/15, PP 8/11, Hero Points 4/5

About Xanos Doom


There has always been a Doom. His existence goes back as far as the written word of great Mitra himself. Xanos was the first betrayer, he who was cast out for blasphemy and brought many tides of darkness against the early Mitran people. The word 'doom' itself comes from the legend of Xanos. It is a word that began as a name, but is now synonymous with an impending horrible fate.

Today, none know where the Necromancer called Xanos came from, or even if he truly exists. There are a dozen stories that all conflict, told generation after generation to Mitran youths to scare them into pious and forthright behavior.

The truth is much simpler. Xanos was born before Mitra was called Mitra. Back then Mitra was simply a sun god among a pantheon worshiped by a budding civilization.

There was a drought, and to appease the sun god the people sacrificed a the woman with the most beautiful voice in the land. She was to sing the sun to sleep and usher in the rains.

That doomed woman had a lover who became very, very angry.

He cursed the gods and the people and vanished. He returned years later and brought ruin down upon them. The civilization was destroyed in fantastic horror. In it's place rose the pantheistic kingdom which would eventually become Talengarde. Mitran scholars believe that Mitra would have risen to become the dominent god long before had it not been for the actions of the one called Doom.

Xanos, as he would later come to be called, became a legend, then a myth. His motives were unknown, but every time his presence was revealed it brought suffering with it. New kinds of undead seemed to flow forth from wherever he was rumored to be.

The worship of the sun god now called Mitra slow spread until a young general named Markadian usurped the throne. The Mitran Inquisitors set out to find Xanos, but he quickly went underground, vanishing for decades until he was captured by a powerful Witch Hunter named Sir Renfield.

The Xanos they captured looked nothing like the legends, but Sir Renfield was positive it was him.

Enchanted manacles weer locked to his wrists, draining his power and reducing him to the status of a mere mortal and a metal mask was locked to his face to prevent his blasphemy from being uttered.

Branderscar prison awaited him. He was unconcerned. The prison was doomed.


Xanos is a philosopher. He thinks of the gods as slave masters and wants to advance the idea of breaking free of their control. Here is the philosophy he has developed over the years-

Life is Bondage, every aspect of mortal life, from desire to emotion, to breathing and eating is a form of control. It limits us and makes us small, servile and unable to take responsibility for our own actions. It is these things that allows the gods to justify their treatment of us.

To Know Freedom You Must Know Slavery, we all have many masters. We must accept them, serve them dutifully in order to understand what it is they ask from us and why, and then we must rebel against them with every fiber of our beings. Personhood is earned.

Death is Peace, Peace is Failure, when we die we no longer struggle, which means we can no longer learn or grow. Peace is the ultimate acceptance of what is. In life and death we are subject to the whims of the gods. When we die only they decide if we get another chance. The game is rigged. Death is the ultimate shackle, the ultimate surrender of personhood.

The Spiral Must Be Broken, the cycle of life, death and rebirth is like a cosmic whirlpool that sucks down every living thing, churns it at the bottom and then spits it out back to the top again. Every living thing tries to fight the current. They all lose. To be free we must leave the waters.

That philosophy colors his approach to every situation. He has existed for centuries exploring ways of breaking free of what he thinks of as divine tyranny. Now, he is forced to start over. To some that would be devastating. To Xanos it is an opportunity to try a new way.

Appearance and Personality:

Eyes: Black
Hair: Bald
Skin: Very dark
Height: 6'5
Weight: 210

Xanos is a tall, muscular man with dark skin covered in runic tattoos. He has pale blue, nearly white eyes and no body hair to speak of and no belly button. He looks human, but of no discernible ethnicity.

Aside from ending the gods' tyranny over the souls of mortals, Xanos' personal goal is his age old vendetta. The destruction of the entire Mitran religion. Normally he wouldn't single out a particular religion in his personal crusade to escape the gods, but they made it personal.

His tools for this goal will be their own religious texts. He plans on creating their version of Revelation. He figures that since they already wrote the book on how their world is going to end, he might as well just use it.

My goal as a player: Become a lich, and perhaps eventually even shed his corporeal form entirely, breaking free of the mortal plane to exist as a being of pure intellect and will.

What Xanos Knows: His name isn't actually Xanos, and the body he is in is not his own. Necromancy allows for many alterations to a life force, including animating or altering corpses, cloning and possession. Before he was captured, Xanos had experimented with them all. He was not always an imposing giant of a man. He is simply residing in that body now. This means when he signs the Cardinal's Contract, he will be signing a false name in someone else's blood. It will be utterly meaningless, just like the god and the church who employ it.

All that said, he's completely willing to work with them to complete his other goals.

What Xanos Doesn't Know: His philosophy has spread in dark whispered corners and a cult has formed which elevates him as a saint/god of rebellion.

He's going to hate that when he find out.

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