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Wolfspirit's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville 335 posts (2,687 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 26 Organized Play characters. 11 aliases.


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X5NSA wrote:

Second noob question (Obozaya is counting):

** spoiler omitted **

Not the GM, but not really a spoiler:
"Hacking" in Starfinder seems to be a question of plot. I've seen some materials where you need to be at a terminal, or others where it was assumed you could do it remotely. In general, it's almost always appropriate to ask the GM "Can I hack <current objective> remotely?".

Like Shadowrun, though, there are definitely corps you do -not- want to mess with.

Well, if someone wants to call dibs on pilot, I do have a captain character I can play, particularly since Wei Jei the Learner is in the game ;)

One way or another I'll have things rolling tonight.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I just tried this, and it appears to work:

Go to the Campaign Info tab.
In the upper right hand corner click Edit this Campaign.
Under the Description fields there should be a list of the associated Threads. Click Unset for the Discussion Thread.
Click Save Changes.

You should be able to then create a new Discussion Thread, then associate it to the Campaign.

Ok, Raia, did you have a preference between an operative / pilot type or a envoy / captain type? Clearly neither is required, but those are the gaps I see. I'll post up with a character this evening after a PnP game :)

I can play an Operative, Envoy, or Melee something, depending on what's needed. One of my favorite Operatives is an almost unfair pilot, though I'm not sure if that's the kind of introduction Ewok wants to give to space combat. It does make things go a lot quicker though ;)

Marking as inactive. Thanks everyone!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Just poking in.

Character Class: TBD (I can fill in whatever gap there is)
Have you played this quest pack before: Roughly 3 times
Have you played in a scenario featuring starships before: At least 6 Starfighter combats

FYI, I submitted the game and got the character sheets set up. I've uploaded them Here. I named the individual files after the character that it's being put on.

It should also be noted that this Module only gives one Prestige Point, but gives a solid amount of gold and things you can buy for the difficulty

Thanks again for playing, and let me know if there is anything else anyone needs!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
GM Lazyclownfish wrote:
Wolfspirit wrote:
Question regarding feat taxes. How are you planning on handling "feat tax" feats granted as class features? I can see a couple of options from "there is no change" to "get a free feat from a list of feats" to "get a feat you are eligible for".
Let's start with the conservative option, so no free feats. But I'll think about it and maybe change my mind after work.

Sounds good. I was mostly curious, so take your time

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Question regarding feat taxes. How are you planning on handling "feat tax" feats granted as class features? I can see a couple of options from "there is no change" to "get a free feat from a list of feats" to "get a feat you are eligible for".

XP and Prestige Points are variable. You pretty much with always either get 1 XP for a Scenario (or a short module like Free RPG Day such as We Be Goblins) or 3 XP for a longer module / AP. Prestige Point maximum is determined by the material.

The rewards you get are the same regardless of whether you used a Pregen (unless the character had a faction special, or a boon, etc.) If you played a pregen, they are awarded to your character when they are in the level range for the chronicle sheet.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
GM Lazyclownfish wrote:
Interestingly, there aren't very many important doors in the whole story, so it should be easy to omit many that don't matter. Who closes the doors in dungeons anyway?

You would be surprised at how many doors some Paizo modules / APs can have. It got to the point in my gaming group that we started making jokes about how "Ahead you see more doors, but one does not simply walk into More Doors."

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
GM Lazyclownfish wrote:

So, here are my plans:


Leaders of cats, unite!

That all sounds pretty good. I'm a huge fan of proactive posting and pushing the adventure along. I haven't seen the specific dungeons from this adventure set, but I do know that areas with lots of doors that usually just slow things a bit on a tabletop are horrendous on PbP, so skipping those to get to the meatier chunks might be good (as well as standard protocols.)

I do appreciate that you have put thought into things :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Out of curiosity, what do you do to improve the flow of dungeon crawls in PbP? I've run a number of scenarios in PbP, but it seems like as soon as we get to a dungeon things grind from a brisk pace to a halt, even with a "rule of two" decision-making.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Rolling Memories for interest:
Memories Like the Corner of My Mind: 1d3 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The maps are fairly easy; you can copy them out of the PDF. I tend to put them in Google Drawings. If you want some GM tips, let me know.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Yeah, that's the way I was planning on structuring things, with the added "gentle-beings agreement" :)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Yeah, I'll shoot you a PM later. I'd actually had some thoughts for a "Starfinder Academy" with some GM shared prep to try and push repeatable content while we wait for a sustainable number of scenarios.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
GM Ewok wrote:

If Redelia approves, I must be onto something! Thanks for the support.

Any takers?

I might take you up on that. I currently have a standing offer for another game, but once that's squared away and my current PbP is complete in a week I might be free up.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The most obvious route for Ryphorians is Mystic; they're the only class that particularly wants to have a Wisdom bonus.

Going 8 STR, 16 DEX, 12 CON, 10 INT, 16 WIS, 10 CHA (with a bonus point somewhere from a Theme) is probably going to be a pretty common Ryphorian Mystic stat spread. Longarm Proficiency and either Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus, Mobility, or a Save Feat are pretty solid (if somewhat boring) starting feats, and the bonus feat lets you get two now.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Wei Ji the Learner's physical boon trading practices are greatly appreciated. I had a big grin on my face when I realized what the envelope on my door was.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

rooneg wrote:
My table has taken about a month to (approximately, there's like 1 round of combat remaining) finish the first two of the Starfinder Quests. If they keep to the same pace they may not finish the final quest before November 17th.

Mechanically, the way the quests work there should be no problem reporting after the 4th is completed, though they wouldn't be able to use the character for anything else while still participating in the pbp and you wouldn't report the 5th session.

Logistically, the third and fourth quests tend to be much faster than the first two... the fifth can take a while though.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I can understand the Nonlethal change although it was a bit of a shock at how lethal a simple barroom fight could be when you couldn't rely on a round of nonlethal damage to create a cushion. It does mean taking enemies without Resolve Points alive a lot harder, whereas in Pathfinder it was a lot more reliable.

Also, I think the "dead at 0" streamlines the tracking of dying casualties.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Flyteach wrote:
I thought ITU had to be the first chronicle sheet run and chronicles had to be applied in the order played. I'm not familiar with PFS, so it's a basic question, but confusing to me.

Huh. I know a different quest series had to be played with brand new characters but I'm not seeing anything about that for Into the Unknown

[spoiler=Here's the text from Into The Unknown:
Each player must use one of the 1st-level Starfinder Society pregenerated characters, which are available at, or a 1st-level character of the player’s own creation, using the rules set forth in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.

A player who plays through one or more of the quests receives a Chronicle sheet for Into the Unknown, noting which specific quests he played. He can later play the rest of the quests in the series, earning greater rewards (see the Variable Rewards boon on the Chronicle sheet at the end of this series). If the player created his own 1st-level character, he applies the Chronicle sheet to that character. If he instead used one of the 1st-level Starfinder Society pregenerated characters, he can apply the Chronicle sheet to a 1st-level Starfinder Society character. If that character gains XP from another Chronicle sheet, he can no longer earn additional rewards for that character for playing the other Into the Unknown quests.[/spoiler]

It does have to be a first level character though

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

Shifty wrote:
As a side question, what has been the experience of people fitting the AP's into their SFS play? Are you just breaking it up over three sessions?

I believe most locations are breaking it up into 2-3 sessions. Apparently the first AP can be completed in roughly 6 hours, but until there is good data to back it up, I wouldn't be willing to run it in a single Gameday like I would, say, Emerald Spires 1.

Shifty wrote:
How are we dealing with the 'level gap' between the AP's - would it ruin 'continuity' to have something between the AP chapters so you could keep playing with one character?

The way the AP ranges are broken up, you'll be required to supplement experience with the AP with Scenarios.

AP Rules wrote:
Since Adventure Path adventures are multi-session events, Starfinder Society characters may not be used in other Starfinder Society events until they receive a Chronicle sheet for the adventure.

So until you finish the AP chapter (i.e. Incident at Absalom Station) you can't play the character again between sessions.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

EC Gamer Guy wrote:

Here in WA a number of our stores have been either alternating PFS and SFS content on their normal nights. Or they have set up another day of the week but running every 2 weeks.

As with most things, have patience. There are a bunch of bugs that need to be worked out of the rules and how scenarios are put together.

We have a couple different groups in this area that have various levels of SFS participation. The one location closest to me has been alternating off weeks for PFS and SFS, for example, while another location has opted to pretty much just stick with PFS. We have attracted some players that have only been interested in SFS though and are uninterested in PFS play.

Myself, I am fairly patient (as much as I'd love to binge-play a character to level 10 at least to see how the progression curve compares to Pathfinder ;)), and again, I have a pretty good understanding of the resource limitations involved. On the other hand, I hope that the initial enthusiasm towards SFS I've seen in a few players doesn't die down due to a lack of consistent play sessions or a clear path to mid-tiers.

Of course, after writing this post I have Write Like the Wind stuck in my head, and I'm not above writing a filk of a filk...

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

2 people marked this as a favorite.

While I completely understand the limitations of resources, I would greatly appreciate an increase in the release of SFS material. My general observation is that the small number of available scenarios has led to "rationing" SFS play, particularly the non-repeatables. Sure, it is theoretically possible to play up to level 2-3 with the available content, but it isn't sustainable and provides unique challenges to Organizers trying to balance between evergreen and new content (for new and more experienced players.)

As a slight tangent, I don't think that running the AP as a supplement to Scenarios is a valid expectation for most locations. From experience, I had enough trouble running a three part scenario like Quest for Perfection with the same people at my FLGS, let alone an AP. We have had some successful AP runs during Gamedays in my area, but they've required a dedicated subset of the core members. I like the fact that the structure makes it easier to have as an option, but in practice it's going to be a challenge to integrate it into the schedule.

Anyway, I think that Hmm has summed up pretty much the best ways to encourage further expansion. I've been encouraging people that are playing home games with SFS content to go ahead and register to more accurately reflect demand.

IAmMogmurch wrote:
Can we ask other goblins at the feast about scribbleface or previous missions to sandpoint?

Usually I'd make a point to have you ask IC, but in the interest of keeping things going...

As you exit the Moothouse, you see a variety of goblins scurrying about for various errands: from secretively setting up Dares, preparing for the finest of goblin cooking, or carrying as much firewood as can possibly be found. Although most seem to be determined to get done with their part of the upcoming celebration so that they can partipate, given that word has spread that you are the Heroes that are going to find more fireworks, you convince a couple to stop and answer questions, begrudgingly.

Asked about Scribbleface, they laugh "Ah, Scribbleface? He's sent to the swamp. Probably food for leaches by now! He deserves what he got, trying to trap our souls with his words! At least he did some fun, with the BOOM of his hut!"

As for the previous mission of Sandpoint, things are less jubilant. "Lots of goblins set fire to the Longshanks village, kill horses, then lots die too. All the fault of that one Longshanks. Never trust a Longshanks!"

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Swashbuckler wrote:

*performs the dreaded art of Thread Necromancy*

While attending GenCon and playing in the Into the Unknown quest series, a passing GM mentioned something about one of the Starfinder factions, which, if max'ed out in prestige/fame at the end of Season 1, would be receiving a special new playable-race boon.

I am trying to ascertain the truthfulness of his claim, and if so, which faction that would pertain to. I have been searching the boards for some time, and have not come across any threads discussing the matter. If they do exist, my sincere apologies - and I would appreciate a link to it.

This question is probably better suited for the Starfinder Society forums, but to summarize... I don't think there was anything Gencon specific other than Convention boons that were available. The GM probably was referring to the Wayfinder Faction Capstone found in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide.

Alien Allies (Slotless Boon):
Your work in championing the Wayfinders’ cause introduced a new variety of aliens into the Starfinder Society. Prerequisites: Wayfinders Tier 4 Cost: 4 Fame Benefit: When you select this boon, it does not apply to your current character. Instead, select one of your Starfinder Society characters with 0 XP. That character can select a new playable race without needing to expend the Personal boon slot. That character cannot slot a different race boon into the Personal boon slot, but can slot another type of Personal boon. The rules on this new race will appear in a future update.

The specifics of the new race haven't been announced yet. If you haven't checked out the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide I highly recommend you do so, but feel free to message me if you have further questions, or create a new Thread on the Starfinder Organized Play boards.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

It's a bit late, but I'm looking for a total of 5 players to run the Module We Be Goblins as part of the PbP Gameday VI, targeting to start Monday, October 9th.

Given the short timeframe I would like participants to commit to a post per weekday, with one post over the course of the weekend. There were two players that expressed interest and will have priority, but post if there are extra respondents we can have a standby. We will use the boards here and Google Drawings for the map.

I am looking to balance between Goblin Shenanigans and having a consistent pace, so I'll have a few shortcuts during the skill-heavy Introduction. Finally, we'll be using the official pregens, with one repeat (Goop, Scruffy, Ater, or Gomurk)

If interested, please respond with the following information:

Player Name
Character Name (That credit will be applied to)
PFS ID# (That credit will be applied to)
Goblin Preference

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

Here's a reposting of my New Player Info that might help (if anything is particularly useful or confusing let me know.)

A typical Scenario is a fixed amount of content for which you will receive a Chronicle sheet for. The GM running the scenario will denote on the Chronicle what rewards you receive for playing that Scenario.

Into the Unknown is somewhat of a special case. There are 5 "quests" that can contribute to a single Chronicle sheet. You can play a single quest or up to all five, gaining increasing rewards as denoted on the Chronicle sheet depending on the number that you played. You only gain the XP, Fame, and Credits listed once, although running all five quests gives you access to both Boons. The maximum rewards that can be awarded is 720 credits, 1 XP, 2 Fame, the Starfinder Insignia, and Hero of the Stars.

However, if a character gains XP from another Chronicle sheet, he can no longer earn additional rewards for that character for playing the other Into the Unknown quests.

Is there anything else we can help with? Asking on this boards is probably the quickest way to receive a response, but you can also contact your local Venture Officer that is listed in the Starfinder Organized Play Guide for assistance or for locating a local game.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I'm looking to break my hiatus of PbP GMing to catch the second half of the PbP Game Day. I was thinking something short like We Be Goblins, but could be persuaded to run something else short. I'll be posting a formal Recruitment, but I'd thought I'd put this out as an interest check.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

Question for Scaling #1-01:
For the Scaling the Scrap Battle, the scenario says, "To accommodate a group of four PCs, lower the DCs on all skill checks by 2. In addition, groups of four PCs receive 6
prerace actions per PC instead of 4."
Does this include the piloting DCs for the race? And does it only apply for the Players?

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

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Tony Lindman wrote:
PDF? JPG? Does it matter?

Image format doesn't matter. PDF is useful for a consistency of printing, but isn't required.

To address R20 vs Google Drawings / Slides (as a second voice) R20 has some improved features and use it for VTT games, but I much prefer using Google for a PbP game. It makes it a lot easier to check when I'm not at home.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

This is my "Strawberry Machine Cake" headcannon.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Re: Batteries. From various forum posts, it sounds like the Starfinder team is aware of the issues arising on the subject. There will be Starfinder Society rulings soon, and I'm guessing a later general Errata / Clarification.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

3 people marked this as a favorite.

I've run a couple different forms of Organized Play, and I actually prefer the "you have what's on your Chron Sheet" rather than the "as a group of strangers, you need to decide who is getting what." Sure it's less realistic, but it cuts down on inter-table conflict. (Yes, I've seen where the later has been a problem.)

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Liam wrote:
What's the deadline for submissions?

I'm not sure if there is a hard "start" deadline, but sessions need to be completed by November 17th. Hmm can confirm that, however.

I would suggest that further questions regarding the PbP Gameday be directed to this thread as they're more likely to get answered and not distract the Legacy Races discussion ;)

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

Liam wrote:
Michael Donley wrote:
Liam, are you looking to GM or Play? To Play, check out for table opennings. To GM, you can continue to submit GM requests, but we are past the product support cutoff.

Ah, I own all the current Starfinder scenarios. I was looking to GM

Some other time then, thanks.

Oh, no. The opposite. You can still submit to GM a game, but you would be responsible to purchase the material yourself (which isn't a problem for you.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

Liam, are you looking to GM or Play? To Play, check out for table opennings. To GM, you can continue to submit GM requests, but we are past the product support cutoff.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Ward Davis wrote:
You are running a combat slog scenario and the group is all new players with only a few games under their belt, and the cleric says they are a healer and he has the 5 charge wand from the welcome to pathfinder boon so they are good for healing, but no one has a any other wands. and the front line barbarian has 13 AC while raging so they are taking a lot of hits.

At GenCon I played two different Specials in the 1-2 tier as the only character that had a wand of CLW. Those 2PP are the only reason we didn't all die within a couple of encounters.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

1 person marked this as a favorite.

You could try Conooga. Alternatively, it's the PbP GameDay boon for GMing.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

1 person marked this as a favorite.

1. PBP has similar "broken up over a span of time", so there's a precedent for reporting one event at a specific date, even if it took a month and a half to complete that. So that's not a problem.
2. The "fluid participation" and "large group" of your format may be larger problems to participating in traditional Scenarios and Organized Play.

My go-to answer to "non-traditional" groups is to suggest running an AP in campaign mode. The rules for group size and consistent participation are much more lax while still being able to participate in Organized Play. Check out the Campaign Mode rules and see if that would work for your group.

Regardless, I hope things work out for you. It certainly sounds like a worthwile endeavor though!

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

Do you have any specific questions you'd like answered or insight you're looking for? I haven't done Organized Play at school but played various games and creative problem solving organizations.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

That should be fine if you're going Campaign Mode.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

The Chronicle you send out needs to be the official chronicle... custom chronicle sheets were causing a problem when there was incorrect information being put on them.

As a non- Adobe alternative, I was taking a screenshot of the chronicle, and editing it in a image editor such as gimp / paint. That was a time saving step if everyone got the same XP, Prestige, etc.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

Campaign Mode is much more flexible than standard SFS play; you can mix SFS and non- SFS players (with the caveat that the SFS players will need to build different characters than they ran through the campaign mode based on the chronicles they receive.)

For a mixed group, the easiest thing to do is to download a set of Organized Play IDs and say "I would like to report this for SFS credit, unless anyone objects. <non-SFS Player1>, the ID I got you is ID #X. You can throw this away if you'd like, or play it later if you'd like." And so on. It's a lot easier if you're the GM, as the GM needs to report the session.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

2 people marked this as a favorite.
onesacker15 wrote:
Should I create an event for each game we play or just one event and report each scenario under this single event as we progress through SFS season?

It's your choice, but it would probably be easiest to make an event "onesacker15's SFS Games" (or whatever you want to call it.) I have an event I've tracked online games, one at a specific location, etc.

onesacker15 wrote:
When reporting a scenario, once I fill all the information in, do I need to do anything other than just save and exit?
If you fill in all the information (Date, Scenario, GM Info, Player info, scenario questions), you can save and exit
onesacker15 wrote:
Is there somewhere that I need to close the event so that it is complete and my players can see their information and scenarios they played?

It should be viewable after you save / exit. You do not need to close an event to have the info viewable by the player.

onesacker15 wrote:
Last but not least, these games will most likely only be played with RL friends and all the same people throughout the SFS season. Is there any reasoning behind reporting the scenarios/games played other than my players being able to see what games they played?

Ultimately, if you are only playing a home game it isn't required. However, there are a few benefits to reporting the games:

1. Reporting the games will allow you / your players to participate in the Organized Play with those characters at a later time if you decided to.
2. Similar to the above, you as a GM would be recieving credit for games run towards GM Novas for future Organized Play
3. The reported games will give campaign leadership metrics on games play and help justify additional resources being used to publishing more SFS material

Let me know if you have further questions I can help with.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

There will be plenty of the scenarios... eventually. Honestly, I would recommend doing the Absalom Station AP for your first character before it hits level 3, at least until the Scenarios have caught up.

**** Venture-Lieutenant, Tennessee—Nashville aka Wolfspirit

@Suede: Wow, that makes a lot more sense now. I had three different GMs, including two running quests at Gen Con, completely miss that.

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