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Pathfinder Chronicler

Taisper Stozs's page

901 posts. Alias of downrightamazed.

Full Name

Taisper Stozs




Heretic 5 Master of Many Styles 1




6' tall, 195lbs.










Common, Celestial



Strength 14
Dexterity 13
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 16
Charisma 14

About Taisper Stozs

Summary: a devout believer in the power and value of family, community, and civilization. Divine-casting prodigy from a working-class family risen above his station. Pious but humble. Charming, attractive, likable. Clinically insane. Sociopath. Believes Jemini of Lebeda sacrificed herself so his mission of rooting out heretics and malcontents could continue as it was. Haunted by a vision from the Lawgiver wherein it was revealed he will never see his family again, and can never have a family of his own, and where his own death was shown to him.

Stat Block:
Taisper Stosz
Male Human; Medium Humanoid ( Human, Human )
Heretic 5/Master of Many Styles 1
Hit Dice: (1d8)+1
Hit Points: 41
Initiative: +4
Speed: Walk 20 ft.
AC: 21 (touch 12, flatfooted 20)
Attacks: Crossbow, Light +4; *Morningstar(+1) +6; Longbow +4, Dagger(s) +5
Damage: Crossbow, Light 1d8; *Morningstar(+1) 1d8+3; Longbow 1d8; Dagger(s) 1d4+2
BAB: +3
CMB: +5
CMD: 16

Special Attacks:

Judgments (2/Day):

All judgments are 1 higher vs. humans
Numbers in parens are levels that judgment goes up, so (5) means every fifth level
Destruction (3): +2 damage
Healing (3): Fast Healing 2
Justice (5): +2 to hit
Piercing (3): +2 Concentration checks and caster checks vs. SR
Protection (5): +2 AC
Purity (5): +2 all saves
Resiliency (5): DR 2/magic
Resistance (3): ER 4 (pick type: acid, cold, electricity, fire, sonic)
Smiting: Weapon is magic for overcoming
Escape: Each time the inquisitor using this judgment hits an opponent with a melee or ranged attack, she can use a move action attempt to create a diversion to hide as per the Stealth skill.

Special Qualities:Stern Gaze , Bonus Feat, Monster Lore, Skilled, Touch of Law, Cunning Initiative, Know Alignment, Tracker, Solo Tactics, Hide Tracks (-5 to enemies' checks to track him)
Bane (+2 to enhancement, +2d6 damage), Discern Lies (as the spell), both for five non-consecutive rounds
Heresy Inquisition:
Level 1: Righteous Infiltration: Use WIS instead of CHA on Bluff and Intimidate
Level 4: Blessed Infiltration: When rolling for Bluff, Diplomacy or Stealth I can choose to roll twice and take the higher roll a number of times per day equal to my WIS bonus (3)
Saves: Fortitude: +8, Reflex: +5, Will: +12
Abilities: STR 14 (+2), DEX 13 (+1), CON 12 (+1), INT 12 (+1), WIS 16 (+3), CHA 14 (+2)

Acrobatics: 1;
Appraise: 1;
Bluff: 15; (WIS and CHA)
Climb: 3;
Craft (Untrained): 1;
Craft (Alchemy): 5;
Craft (Traps): 7;
Diplomacy: 10;
Disguise: 7;
Escape Artist: -3;
Fly: -3;
Heal: 7;
Intimidate: 13; (WIS instead of CHA)
Knowledge (Arcana): 5;
Knowledge (Dungeoneering): 5;
Knowledge (Nature): 5;
Knowledge (Planes): 5;
Knowledge (Religion): 5;
Perception: 8;
Perform (Comedy): 3;
Perform (Untrained): 2;
Profession (Cook): 7;
Ride: 1;
Sense Motive: 9;
Stealth: 5; (DEX and WIS)
Survival: 10;
Survival (Tracking): 11;
Swim: 2;

Feats: Armor Proficiency, Light, Armor Proficiency, Medium, Iron Will, Persuasive, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Precise Strike, Favored Judgment (Humanoid/Human), Judgment Surge (treat Judgment class feature as 3 levels higher 1x/day), Improved Unarmed Strike
Traits: Charming, Magic Talent (Guidance)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Possessions: +1 Agile Breastplate (+1 sacred); +1 Steel Quickdraw shield, Crossbow, Light, Morningstar +1; Outfit (Explorer's); Longbow, Cape of Resistance

Inquisitor - Spells per Day: (-/5/3/0/0/0/0/0/0/ DC:13 + spell level);
Level 0: Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Disrupt Undead, Light, Read Magic, Sift
Level 1: Cure Light Wounds, Expeditious Retreat, Shield of Faith, Wrath
Level 2: Castigate, Invisibility, Blistering Invective

Backpack with magnifying glass, flint, waterskin, map/scroll case, some writing materials, holy texts of Abadar, rope, grappling hook, bedroll, trail rations
Light crossbow
+1 Steel Quickdraw Shield - can draw/stow as a swift action as part of a move
+1 Agile Breasplate, with +1 Sacred AC bonus
He owns a golden key, a holy symbol of Abadar and a gift to him from the priests on the occasion of his passing his exams at such a young age.

His appearance is plain, like a sellsword of moderate means, his pleasing features more striking than his armor or weapons, though his magicked morningstar and armor might catch the notice of other spellcasters.

Taisper's Background::
Taisper Stozs loves his family very much. As a first-born son, he received great favor from his parents, and grew up feeling assured the world looked kindly on him. When he entered his teens and it became obvious he would be far handsomer than a look at his family would seem to indicate he had any business being, his father began to say wonderingly, joyously, that "my boy is touched by the gods, you just wait and see." As much as friends and neighbors would love to have refuted such an outrageous and prideful claim, Taisper soon began to display great talent at working with machines and fixing rends or breaks, and would offer his services, gratis, to the local shopkeepers in his neighborhood, fixing broken brooms and other small items, never asking for nor accepting a fee. When arguments arose in the home or on the street, young Taisper proved equally adept at repairing these rends in the fabric of the neighborhood as easily as a shopkeeper's torn apron; his winning smile and flaxen hair helped him charm most anyone. Those bullies who would not be taken in by Taisper's charm and wit taught Taisper how to be quick, for he was neither strong enough nor a skilled enough fighter to battle with these boys, and so he developed greater agility, his slim frame allowing him to dodge many blows. Those he couldn't dodge he accepted as a lesson from the gods for being too prideful, or insufficiently disciplined in his readings of the sacred texts of Abadar.
When his father, a foreman, was horribly injured in a factory accident the owner of the factory, a wealthy merchant and former cleric of Abadar, came to the house to make reparations, and upon meeting Taisper made it clear that he and his two brothers would be cared for until their father could work again. "After all," the factory owner had said with a peculiar gleam in his eye, "are we not a community, and therefore all family? The family is the constituent component of civilization, and civilization is what makes humanity great. So Abadar teaches us, and so we spread his faith, and by doing so increase our own greatness, and the greatness of the world through the reach of civilization." At the time, Taisper thought this the most divine wisdom he had ever heard. After the factory owner had a quiet conversation with his mother, she asked Taisper what he thought of the former cleric. Taisper, his eyes still wide with divine revelation (at least as divine a revelation as a 14-year-old can have), said he thought the man was very wise, and noble, and wealthy. His mother smiled, perhaps a little sadly, and asked Taisper if he would wish to be like that man someday. Taisper had looked at her then, in astonishment, and said he would like that very much.

So it was that not a week later Taisper entered the Citadel of Abadar in Alkenstar city, welcomed with open arms by the clerics there; they said they were expecting him. Under their tutelage his divine connection flourished and -- still moved by the kind actions of the factory owner towards his family -- his faith in the powers of family, community, civilization and law grew to be unshakable. Pious but never zealous, faithful but not evangelical, Taisper would much rather work with a group and lead by example than attempt to bowl people over with words.

Now, at only 19, he has passed the exams and been named a full Inquisitor of Abadar. His boyish good looks have grown into those of a handsome, golden-haired man, and his big smile can still disarm many a would-be aggressor. Never the smartest or strongest fellow, Taisper lets his natural talents for divine magic and his deep, heartfelt faith guide him in life and thus far they have not let him down. Now as he prepares to go forth and spread the faith of Abadar and bring judgment on the enemies of Law and Civilization, he feels certain, deep in his very soul, that they never will.

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