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Eldran Tesh

Straehan.'s page

354 posts. Alias of stormraven.


AC:16|16|14 - F:+4|R:+6|W:+5 - Per:+9 Init:+3

About Straehan.

LEVEL: Gestalt 2


    STR 12
    DEX 16
    CON 12
    INT 12
    WIS 14
    CHA 18

Senses Low Light Vision; Perception +9


    AC 16, Touch 16, FF 14 (+3 DEX, +2 WIS (Monk), +1 Gnome)
    AC 20, Touch 20, FF 18 <-- Mage Armor

    CMD 16, FF 12
    CMD 20, FF 16 <-- Mage Armor

HP: 28


    Fort: +4
    Reflex: +6
    Will: +5


    INIT: +3

    Hand +5 1d4+1 (20/x2) B
    FOB +5/+5 1d4+1 (20/x2)

    Pan +5 1d4+1 (20/x2) B
    FOB +5/+5 1d4+1 (20/x2)

    Shuriken +5 1+1 (20/x2) P, Range 10'
    FOB +5/+5 1+1 (20/x2)

    RTA - Elemental Ray +5 1d6+1 (20/x2)

    Touch ATTs: +5

    BAB: +1 (+1 Size) CMB: +0


Cantrips DC:14

1st level DC:15 5/Day

* = Fire spells @ +1 CL
# = Trait spell @ +1 CL

Concentration +8

  • Magic Trait: Focused Mind - +2 on Concentration
  • Campaign Trait: Best Friend - Ameiko (+2 Diplo, Diplo as class skill, +1 ATT if Ameiko threatened)
  • Regional Trait (Taldane): Precocious Spellcaster - Burning Hands and Detect Magic as +1 CL


  • Eschew Materials
  • Elemental Bloodline
  • Bloodline Arcana: Change any spell energy type to Fire
  • Bloodline Powers: Elemental Ray
  • Bloodline Spells: None
  • Bloodline Feat: None

  • Feat - Catch Off Guard
  • AC Bonus +2 WIS
  • Improved Unarmed Strike
  • Elemental Fist (replaces Stunning Touch)
  • FOB -0/-0
  • FOB w/ Improvised Weapons
  • Unarmed DAM 1d4
  • Combat Reflexes (3/rnd) (2nd Monk)
  • Evasion



Scholar's Outfit
(5) Shuriken

MW Backpack

    50' Silk Rope
    Winter Blanket
    Cooking Kit
    Shaving Kit
    Grappling Hook

Adventurer's Sash

    (1) Alchemist's Fire
    Flint & Steel
    Signal Whistle
    Silent Whistle
    Money [10 GP; 5 SP; 8 CP]

Capacity — Light - 32.25 lbs (37.5 w/ MW Backpack); Medium - 64.5 lbs; Heavy - 97.5 lbs
All Gear: 20.88 lbs (Light)


Straehan is the result of an unhappy union. While traveling through her native Taldor, Ygrainia, his mother was ensorcelled and seduced by a pale-faced and dark haired stranger who appeared human. He left the woman pregnant and compelled her to carry the child to term. In the small, insular, gnomish village - these matters did not sit well. The unwed Ygrainia returning from a trip pregnant (by a strange outlander no less) was the shame and scandal of the village. She was virtually a pariah and many door were closed to her. Still Ygrainia persisted, stayed in the village, and brought a son - Straehan - into the world. It was a bittersweet choice for her. Straehan's odd, non-gnomish appearance was reminiscent of his sire's looks from a young age. The similarities grew as the young gnome matured. His was a face that she both loved and hated.

His outlander looks combined with his dubious parentage made him no friends in town. Like his mother, he was an outcast among 'rightly' gnomes. From a young age, he submerged himself in his own interests and studies, particularly herb lore (Obsession: Craft - Alchemy). As he matured, he showed a natural and often incendiary affinity for fire magic. (Gnome Trait: Pyromaniac, Bloodline: Elemental-Fire) He theorized it was yet another paternal 'gift' and made him wonder what his father really was. Like the element that inspired him, Straehan was quick to anger and he seethed below the surface at his and his mother's mistreatment at the hands of the village. He was a very angry young man... and as a budding sorcerer with command of fire, he was a danger. Sooner or later, someone was going to die in flames.

Rather than stay in the village, Straehan took to the open road to learn his craft and hopefully avoid the painful home-life that fed his anger. But anger was a constant companion after years of scorn and abuse. He couldn't shuck it like the miles of road behind him. Every chance look from a curious gnome on the road brought the anger back up. Straehan struggled with his emotions but he didn't have the mental discipline to control them. Finding the monastery was either a stroke of luck or a godsend. Either way, Straehan looked to the monks for wisdom and help. He thought the 'breathing exercises' and meditation would be the limit of it, just enough to keep his emotions in check... 3 years later, he left the monastery a fully trained brother, far calmer, and skilled at harnessing his sorcerous powers to strike firey blows. (Monk of the Four Winds) He continues his journey now to improve his sorcerous and monastic skills and possibly puzzle out the mystery of who his sire was... and whether or not to kill him for the grief inflicted on Ygrainia.

While his anger is well in check, Straehan still has a gut-level aversion to other gnomes, particularly in large groups. When he learned that Varisia held few gnome communities and they mostly kept to themselves, the sorcerer thought it an ideal place to visit for a gnome-free time. And so, with no particular goal in mind he journeyed to Varisia and wound up in Sandpoint and the strange goings-on there.

Sandpoint and her people grew on the gnome, particularly the spirited Ameiko, who became his fast friend (Campaign Trait: BFF: Ameiko). Many nights Straehan found himself 'puttering' (cooking) in the Rusty Dragon kitchen or serving drinks - his interest in alchemy finding a new outlet - while he joked with Ameiko and the other locals.

Male Half-Elemental Gnome
    Age: 50 (Adult)
    Size: Small, 3'8", 40 lbs
    Type: Humanoid (Gnome)
    Lang: Common, Gnome, Tien
    Move: 30 ft.

Almost everything about Straehan is strange for a Gnome. His long hair is blue/black not some exotic bright color. His black (and not particularly large) eyes shine out from a pale face framed by a goatee. He wears an elegant, lightly embroidered robe of the deepest blue that shimmers almost black. While good-natured as any other gnome, his humor verges on the wry, witty, and sometimes sarcastic. Even his short name and lack of a long-winded surname are atypical for a Gnome.

  • Low-Light Vision
  • Pyromaniac - See Specials for spells and all Fire spells as 1 level higher
  • Keen Senses - +2 on Perception
  • Obsessive - +2 on Craft:Alchemy
  • Nimble Attacks - Weapon Finesse (2RP)

Code: Level, Monk, Sorcerer
L 01: Sorcerous Strike | FOB, Elemental Fist, Feat - Catch Off Guard | Bloodline Abilities, Power - Elemental Ray
L 02: Feat - Combat Reflexes, Evasion
L 03: Feat - Combat Casting | Fast Move, Maneuver Training, Versatile Improv | Spell - Burning Hands, Power - Elemental Resistance
L 04: Ki Pool, Slow Fall | 2nd Spells
L 05: Efreeti Style | High Jump, Ki Weapons | Spell - Scorching Ray
L 06: Feat - Mobility | 3rd Spells
L 07: Monastic Legacy? | Wholeness of Body | Feat - ?, Spell - Pro from Energy
L 08: -- | 4th Spells
L 09: Efreeti Stance? | Improved Evasion | Spell - Elemental Body I, Power - Elemental Blast
L 10: Feat - Improved Critical | 5th Spells
L 11: Efreeti Touch? | Ki Weapons (Increase) | Spell - Elemental Body II
L 12: Slow Time | 6th Spells
L 13: FEAT | ? | Feat - ?, Spell - Elemental Body III
L 14: Feat - Spring Attack | ?
L 15: FEAT | ? | Spell - Elemental Body IV, Power - Elemental Movement
L 16: ? | ?
L 17: FEAT | Aspect Master, Tongue of Sun & Moon | Spell - Summon Monster VIII
L 18: Feat - ? | ?
L 19: FEAT | ? | Feat - ?, Spell - Elemental Swarm
L 20: Immortality | Power - Elemental Body

Specials (Quick Ref):
AC Bonus +2 The Monk adds his Wisdom bonus to AC and CMD, more at higher levels.
Dancing Lights (1/day) (Sp) With Charisma 11+, cast Dancing Lights once per day.
Elemental Fist (1d6) (1/day) You can add 1d6 energy damage to an attack.
Elemental Ray (7/day) (Sp) Ranged touch attack deals 1d6+1 Fire damage.
Elemental: Fire You may change any energy spell to use [Fire] energy.
Eschew Materials Cast spells without materials, if component cost is 1 gp or less.
Flare (Pyromaniac) (1/day) (Sp) With Charisma 11+, cast Flare once per day.
Flurry of Blows -0/-0 (Ex) Make Flurry of Blows attack as a full action.
Focused Mind +2 to Concentration checks
Improved Unarmed Strike Unarmed strikes don't cause attacks of opportunity, and can be lethal.
Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.
Prestidigitation (Pyromaniac) (1/day) (Sp) With Charisma 11+, cast Prestidigitation once per day.
Produce Flame (Pyromaniac) (1/day) (Sp) With Charisma 11+, cast Produce Flame once per day.
Unarmed Strike (1d4) The Monk does lethal damage with his unarmed strikes.

ARG Build:

Half-Elemental Gnome

Type: Humanoid (Gnome) 0 RP
Size: Small 0 RP
Speed: Normal 0 RP
Ability Score: Standard (-2 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Cha) 0 RP
Languages: Standard 0 RP

Feat and Skill Racial Traits

  • Skill bonus (Perception) 2 RP
  • Skill bonus (choose one Craft or Profession) 2 RP

Magical Racial Traits

  • Arcane Focus 1 RP
  • Pyromaniac 3 RP

Offense Racial Traits
  • Nimble Attacks: Weapon Finesse 2 RP << Advanced (1 allowed)

Senses Racial Traits
  • Low-light vision 1 RP

Total: 11 RP (of 15 allowed)
Adding 4 extra RP to the 25 point build...

29 Point Build

STR 12 (-2 racial)
DEX 16 (+2 racial)
CON 12
INT 12
WIS 14
CHA 18 (+2 racial)

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