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Shane Cottom's page

Contributor. Pathfinder Society Member. 22 posts (56 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 4 aliases.



Four Horsemen — Pestilence wrote:
Shane Cottom wrote:
I saw that the Talented Bestiary could be used to create PC races. Does that mean it can put a new twist on an existing PC races? Or could I recreate lost favorites like the Giff or the Thri-Kreen? Could I finally play an Illithid?
While it *can* be used to make new races (similar to the Advanced Races Guide), it really shines in creating monster "classes" like the old Savage Species book. This is because we've already broken down all monster statistics and abilities by CR. Our $10,000 stretch goal will be a whole new section of the book with guidelines on how to do that with example monstrous classes.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. You're the Pest!


I saw that the Talented Bestiary could be used to create PC races. Does that mean it can put a new twist on an existing PC races? Or could I recreate lost favorites like the Giff or the Thri-Kreen? Could I finally play an Illithid?


Varnhold. The private offices of Banker Verik Jarrow. 28 Calistril, 2713.

Verik's final words hang in the air between the two men for a long moment, Arkady comfortable in a fine chair opposite the Banker. Dark eyes watch Verik - they have not wavered throughout the reprimand. There is no outburst from the man, nor any show of anger as the list of grievances is pronounced. He well knows the extent of his own irresponsibility, and appears to feel no shame in it. For a time, there is no reaction at all save for a whitening of the knuckles where his hands grip the arms of the chair.

When he finally stirs, it is to pull a heavy pouch from a loop on his belt. "I have your gold. I sold a wagon," he says, the words nearly drowned beneath the sound of clinking coins as he tosses the leather sack onto Verik's desk. "If that will be all?"

He straightens in his seat, rises as if to go, but pauses. A grimace, a half-shake of his head, and as he falls back into the chair he wears the look of a man who has resigned himself to a foolish course of action.

"You know my friend Kabula, Banker Jarrow? May I call you Banker Jarrow?" There is an edge to Arkady's tone now; it is a mockery of politeness. "He cautioned me to speak to you as little as possible. To pay my fine and take my leave," he sneers, "But he has always said that I scorn wise counsel. You think to enrage me? Banker, I am already enraged. Your will be done; thank the gods." His voice raises slightly as he goes, the words coming faster.

"First you bade me join your newly-minted militia. It's a foolish man who volunteers for a uniform, and moreso in Varnhold, but men in the throes of grief are often prone to foolishness so you tried your hand. You next decided it would be simpler to just be rid of me, and tried to quietly banish me into the service of your Warden Whitestag but, knave that I am, I would not cooperate. Reluctant to leave my son's side in his hour of grief? A great moral failure, to be sure." The widower clicks his tongue in feigned disapproval of his own behavior.

"Your invitation to meet with Master Kharkarov might have been an attempt on my life, Banker. He's every bit as unpleasant as I, though your well knew that. Touchy, too. Inside five minutes' conversation he had shown me steel. Could we but have agreed on the terms of a duel, one of us would have died that day. Unfortunately I've no great fondness for swords, and he was reluctant to engage me in a bout of pugilism. Many men are, when it's to the death. Something about beating the life out of a man with your bare hands..." He trails off, but manages a smile, shaking his head. "Few men have the stomach for it. I think no less of him. And you can well imagine that he was no more eager to engage me with wands."

"Your attempt to put me back on the trail was salt in a fresh wound, your invitation to preside over citations in your temple of law an insult. So what would I have you do with me, Banker?"

Arkady's booted feet are both on the floor as he leans forward to look Verik in the eyes, his words coming quiet and slow now, fury rasping thick in his voice. "I am a student of the arcane with a knack for violence. Give me work that suits my skills, help me raise money to see my son safely from this gods-forsaken village," his dark eyes narrow, and he finishes in a menacing whisper: "Or preside over my many fines and stay far from my other affairs."


I'd be very happy with the "jump forward, flash backward" model.


Reporting for RP.


That is awesome! What's the group called? I'm not seeing anything on my Facebook account. That would be a handy way to narrow down my character concept, though. I have a vast, amorphous blob of character idea that I need help shaping.


Thanks, Verduvai! And hello, DM Barcas! Should I put that stuff in here, or PM it to you, or..? Just let me know. I'm easy like Sunday Morning.


Hey gang! I'm the buddy Shane that Steve was talking about. I love the look of the game, and am excited to potentially be a part of it. I'm getting caught up on things, and working on a character concept. Let me know what else I can or should be doing!

Thanks again, everyone!


I have a list in bullet point format of different events that took place over the course of the night. I've shared it with the Weasel, but if anyone else would like a copy just shoot me a PM here and I can get it to you.


Have fun at GenCon UK, bro! Hopefully it's a blast, and dominated by Paizo like GenCon Indy was.


She's a seven pound, fourteen ounce, twenty-one and a half inch baby girl named Olivia Jane. Thanks gang!


The baby is born, everyone is home, and I'm ready to rock once again.



Just wanted to echo what my man the Weasel had said. I'd <i>love</i> the chance to drive over and game with you. I hope we can make the times work out. Like the Dire Weasel, I probably couldn't do it regularly (not for lack of wanting to), but with a little bit of notice I can usually make little trips like that work. Let me know!



I wanted to echo ancientsensei's post thanking you guys for the feedback. This event was a joy to help plan for and write, but it was also the most challenging gaming experience of my life. There are a lot of good ideas here that I wish I had thought of in mid-July.

I'm not going to lie, lack of prep time and technical difficulties were definitely a major concern (for instance, <i>all</i> of the characters had a version of their character sheet complete with gear, but somehow about twenty-five of them failed to transfer from one computer to another before printing - then to make matters worse there wasn't really time for a proofreading phase before the game), but it's great to see a list developing of ways we could have still improved Ascension given what we had to work with.

I'd also like to add a big thank you to everyone who has posted here. The reaction we have received from this has been nothing short of awe-inspiring to me. Keep it coming, good bad and ugly, here or via e-mail. I can't wait to read every single word of it, be it compliment, criticism or tales of the eventual fate of your character.


Hey guys!

I can't possibly tell you how much I appreciate all of the feedback here. This is what will help us build a better event for you next year. I have an endless appetite for that sort of stuff.

Also, having put many (many, many) hours into the preparation of this event and having been unable to attend it in person I find that I have a bottomless hunger for stories and anecdotes from Ascension. I loved some of those characters, so I'm dying to find out what became of 'em. Feel free to PM me here if you want, or just post 'em on the forum. I'll be watching, and I'll be grateful!


Hehehe. I saw that. I think Invisible Castle may hate our party!


Hah! I posted that, and then we had a storm with 80mph winds that knocked out internet service throughout my town for two days. How's that for funny?


Sorry guys, I've been having internet issues the last two days. Things seem to be back on track now though.


Lou wrote:

Yeah, when Nick and I wrote Hellfire Congress last year, I thought no one could possibly put more work into an event. Wrong. I've been busy with Sinister things, but keeping an eye from afar on Ancient Sensei and Shane as they (and Nick) do more work than three humans should be able to Drow. More work than humans should be able to do -- I knew it! They must be demons. Bust out the exorcism kits: Logue, AncientSensei and his familiar Shane must be expunged! Pett, you're with me, right?

Seriously folks, I' ve been peeking under the skirt of this one and boy is it sexy. Hellfire, sure, but improved by all that was learned the first time 'round. Can't wait.

Let's say - just for the sake of discussion, mind you, this isn't any form of admission - that we are in fact ancient Shemhazian Demons who have possessed Sensei, Nick and Shane. You've seen the event in the works, Lou. Do you really want to exorcise us?


Hey, gang! I've been discussing this with Rob and Steve, and I'd love to join you guys! I've read the game thread, so I'm caught up on what's been happening... Is Pindara's account perchance available, so I can post with the same name and icon? Or should I make a similar but new account?

Thanks for inviting me!


ancientsensei wrote:

Hey - I don't know how many players we've worked out for this...but if there's a place, I can vouch for mr cottom. He has played some of the most gifted and memorable characters I have ever seen in action (ask him about Leon (the redneck) Caitiff), and he brings a lot to a game.

Also, his lovely (meaning 'smoking hot') wife is pregnant, and he isn't in a DND game,so he could really use a break.

Hehe. 'Trust me. I've done this before.'

Yeah, for those getting in..I amplaying an unregisered wizard/fighter with an Indiana Jones bent. Instead of 'that belongs in a museum', I'm more 'give Gondor the weapon of the enemy'.


That was Leroy, and thanks for trotting that one out to embarrass me in front of the new people. ;)

Naah, Leroy was lots and lots of fun. I had forgotten all about 'Trust me. I've done this before.' Those were good times, man.


Hey gang, hope I'm not too late! Ancientsensei just told me about this, and I was so intrigued by the setting that it finally convinced me to check out the Paizo forums. Ah well, I'd been meaning to for a while.

Anyway, I was thinking of a loyalist rogue freedom-fighter type to go along with the unregistered wizard. A very sober, serious, dutiful type. I have a few questions about prestige classes and whatnot, but I'll save those for if I'm chosen to take part in the campaign. Hope to see you all soon!

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