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Saanjun's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 10 posts (46 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


Liberty's Edge


Liberty's Edge

Almost ready to submit Bixby Ransom, Human Alchemist. I had talked in Raxus' original thread about getting on board with this. I'm just buying equipment now and then will throw an alias together and post again.

For now, here's a link to the sheet in GDocs... I'll work up the alias tomorrow.

Bixby Ransom

Liberty's Edge

OK, I'm waffling between a Gnome (Pyromaniac) Fire Wizard and a human Ragechemist Alchemist named Bixby. >.>

I'll sleep on it.

Liberty's Edge

Can do. How did you make Raxus? Point buy? Dice? Did you average your cash or take max? Of course I can do some adjustments based on what a GM would like, but if I make him similar to yours there'll at least be some common organization for us to work from.

I'll make something before the weekend. I'll have to dig through the Wizard and Alchemist and decide what exactly I want to do.

Liberty's Edge

I'll happily fill in as needed in terms of role. I have so many character ideas to explore that I'd pretty much take on anything. I hope we can get something together.

Hmm... Barbarian and potential Cleric, huh? I'd run a skill monkey. Rogue of some flavor, maybe? Otherwise I'm always up for a ranged blaster - Alchemist, Sorc, Wiz, something.

Liberty's Edge

Should there be one, I will pretty much follow any character creation requirements should I be allowed to play. Kingmaker is an AP that I've really been looking to get into.

Liberty's Edge

New link for my character sheet: Irijaya. I changed one of her first level spells - from "Abundant Ammunition" to "Protection from Evil." Seemed like a better choice upon reflection. I don't anticipate making any further changes.

Liberty's Edge

For your consideration: Irijaya Suchitra, Human Oracle of Lore (she changed from Cleric/Monk to Loreacle on further thought).

Irijaya grew up in Niswan, capital city of Jalmeray. Her parents were well-known and respected scribes in the Grand Chronicler's Circle, and she learned their trade as a very small child. However, it was when she was 13 that it began - uncontrolled outbursts in the Celestial tongue, strange trances that provided unusual insights, and generally odd behavior. Concerned, her parents brought Irijaya to many doctors and priests before an old sage of Irori confirmed the truth: Irijaya was an oracle of the Master of Masters.

In Jalmerayan society, this led to even greater prestige for Irijaya and her family. Being the mouth of one of the most revered deities of Jalmeray made Irijaya the center of attention - some of it unwanted. The beautiful young woman soon found herself the sexual target of unscrupulous priests and travelers, as well as a sort of curiosity to most of the people of Niswan. She tired of the stares and was scared of the possibility of rape, so she, with the help of her parents, fled Jalmeray and joined the Pathfinder Society. She's new in Absalom, but has already found some common ground with the Osirion Faction, given their motto of "Power Through Knowledge." She's ready to explore her gifts and abilities without the constant harassment she faced back home.

Liberty's Edge

Dotting. I'm working up a Cleric/Monk dip/Loremaster build and will happily post the paragraphs once I knowz them.

Liberty's Edge

Hi everyone,

This is actually my first post here, so hi! My name's Saan. I live in a small town in northern Wisconsin called Park Falls - I'm hoping some of you have heard of it or, specifically, are from the region. If you have and/or are, I have a game looking for players.

I'm currently GMing a run-through of Legacy of Fire for my wife and a friend, who are each playing two characters to have the opportunity to game. We're just in the first full module of the campaign - the abandoned Sarenrae monastery - so it's not too late to add players. Obviously, two people running four characters is less than ideal, so that's what we'd like to do.

If you're interested, you would have nearly your pick of character. My wife would be playing a Half-Orc Cavalier planning to take levels of Bard and Battle Herald, and my friend is playing a Half-Elf Rogue who may eventually go Arcane Trickster. So ideally we'd like a divine and an arcane spellcaster - at least - to join our group. I would GM for up to six players if there were really four interested souls out there, though, so there would be the possibility of doubling up on the DPS role with a Barbarian, Fighter, or something of that sort. We're still Level 1, so that would be your character generation level.

If you are interested in joining this game, please reply here, but also send me an e-mail - - so that I can get you some more detailed info about the game and where/when we are meeting. We are all adult gamers - our youngest is 25 - and so would prefer people over 18 to join us. I will at least consider all serious inquiries, but know that you would have to come to Park Falls for the majority of the gaming sessions.

Thanks for reading! I hope to connect with some other Northwoods gamers soon.


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