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Ravenmantle's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Companion, Modules Subscriber. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 698 posts (1,554 including aliases). 19 reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.

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psyrus wrote:
Ultimately, I am still confused as to why 2nd ed psionics wasn't revisited and re-made for Pathfinder. I'd gladly play a revised, and balanced "psionicist". I had control over the direction my character grew; if I wanted damage - I went damage, if I wanted defense - I went defense, if I wanted mobility - went mobility, if I wanted utility - I would take a look at how some of the powers could be used, if I wanted a purpose... well, I as a player had already started with one.

Paizo staffers have indicated on a few occasions that they aren't interested in psionics as we've seen them in previous versions, and one of Paizo's key criteria when deciding what to produce is that it's something they have an interest in.

I'm fairly certain that the reason you're seeing this approach to psychic magic is that it's an angle that really works for Paizo and their vision for the game.

For classic psionics, you might want to check out 3rd-party publisher Dreamscarred Press' Ultimate Psionics. It's supposedly rather well done.

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Generic Villain wrote:
After reading the KQ article, I have a much better handle on him. He's sort of like Hell's druid - which is awesome. Devils rarely interest me compared to most other evil outsiders, but Barbatos has got it going on.

Aye, me too. I actually had a Barbatos storyline going in my Way of the Wicked campaign that I sadly didn't get to complete, and that storyline was all due to the wealth of information found in that article.

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Kain Darkwind wrote:
Ok, I just finished this book, and it's crap.

My jaw almost dropped to the floor, me thinking "what is this dude smoking?" :D

..that I am going to have to wait, probably forever, for a sequel. This book really packed a ton into its page count, and leaves you wanting more. Like a ton more.

Agreed. This book, along with books like Demons Revisited and The Worldwound, has shown that there's a LOT more potential in the fiends than what we've seen so far.

Every page left me asking a LOT of questions, but in that sweet "how can I expand on this in my games?" kind of way that Paizo does so well.

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Congrats on achieving the milestone! :)

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From Endzeitgeist's review:

"...Still, this remains a solid pdf, one I hope will one day be made into its own, complex, investigation-heavy horror AP..."

Oh gods yes, this needs to be a thing!

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Tyngdekraften (the gravity)? Skilpadder (tortoises)? Any more Danish words in there? :D

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gamer-printer wrote:
Think of the setting as gothic horror old west with Pathfinder, with elements of steampunk.

Er...Hells yeah!

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I'm not a fan of Numeria. I think it's great for its many fans that the nation exists, but I'm seriously contemplating removing Numeria in Heinelarion.

I don't fudge dice rolls. At all.

I like the fighter.

I play the Pathfinder RPG by the book. Seriously, my house rule document is half a page long, and not a single change has been made to the game. I like it that much.

Like The Alkenstarian, I really really really REALLY dislike musicals. I cannot stand that form of entertainment.

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Already there. :)

Slightly off-topic. Are there any plans regarding another round of open calls?

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Kvantum wrote:
Kalindlara wrote:

According to Paizo staff, the Revisited line hasn't been a very good seller. As a result, the line is effectively on indefinite hiatus.

If I'm misrepresenting the staff here, hopefully they'll correct me. Ideally in the form of a Devils Revisited announcement. ^_^

Yeah, seriously, if that's true, then BOOOOOO! I'm another big fan of the Revisited line, and we really kind of need a Devils Revisited for the next two APs (including specific half-devil adjustments.)

Also a book on Qlippoth, but that's another topic for another thread...

I was hoping for a Devils Revisited book, so this rumor/news makes me a *very* sad gamer. :(

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Normally science fantasy isn't a huge thing for me, but Legendary Games have proven themselves time and time again, and I'm in like a...yeah, I'm in. I'm sure there's a LOT I'll be able to use in my games and if anyone will be able to sell the idea of science fantasy to me, it's Legendary Games.

Jason, as always I offer to help in any way I possibly can.

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Or you could, you know, catch that winged ride to Denmark and tell me all about it. No? Well shoot.

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I'm with The Alkenstarian on this one. In my many years of gaming, I've never seen a GMPC done well. Not once.

Does that mean it's impossible to pull off? Probably not. Judging by this thread, at least some gamers have had positive experiences. And that's cool. That rocks for those gamers.

When it comes to topics such as this one, though, we draw on our own experiences as gamers, and I absolutely see where The Alkenstarian is coming from and why the opposition to the notion of GMPCs is strong in that one.

My own experiences mirror The Alkenstarian's, and I'll leave any game in which a GM introduces a GMPC. I play roleplaying games to have fun, and every single GMPC used in my time has lessened the fun I've had to a point where I felt my time was better spent doing something else.

Again, it's entirely possible that others have had great experiences, and that's great. But experience shapes us, just as it does our characters. And my experience tells me that GMPCs is a red flag.

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Jason Nelson wrote:
...this might be a fine time to inquire from you, our faithful and fervent fans, which classes YOU would like to see get the Legendary treatment!


Unchained summoner

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I'm somewhat certain that the Silver Ravens are unique to the Hell's Rebels adventure path, and as such there's not much info to be about them until the first installment is released.

The Pathfinder wiki has nothing, and a search in Cheliax: Empire of Devils didn't yield any results either.

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Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
"Wintery"? Really? I would have thought "Wintry". Oh well.

I found this odd as well, but as it turns out, "wintery" is a little-used variant of "wintry". So while "wintry" is the version you'd most often see, "wintery" works as well.

Oh, and I'm super excited by this project. Nice and short too.

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As a Dane, the name of this race made me chuckle.

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DominusMegadeus wrote:

The way I have to assume he runs Paladins from what I've read in this thread, they're exactly the kind of stick in the mud, PvP-waiting-to-happen boy scouts that people cry all day about. Completely adventure-incapable unless the whole party is Paladins.

Assume no longer.

Having played a paladin in a Nearyn-run game, I can say that is not the case.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
I'd love to see the Ultimate Armies book, along with maybe a mass combat AP or module using the rules you folks have made.

Ooh! A mass combat module! What an excellent idea!

4 people marked this as a favorite.

My top 13 (sorted alphabetically):

Advanced Bestiary (Green Ronin)
Deep Magic (Kobold Press)
Genius Guide to Gruesome Dragons, The (Rogue Genius Games)
GM's Miscellany: Urban Dressing (Raging Swan Press)
GM's Miscellany: Wilderness Dressing (Raging Swan Press)
Islands of Plunder series (Legendary Games)
Laying Waste: A Guide to Critical Combat (Total Party Kill Games)
Legendary Villains: Antipaladins (Legendary Games)
Pirate Codex (Legendary Games)
Ultimate Gladiator, The (Total Party Kill Games)
Ultimate War (Legendary Games)
Unrighteous Villains (Legendary Games)
ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution, Act I: The Investigation Begins (EN Publishing)

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Axial wrote:
What race and class is the cult master? Cleric, I take it?

Middle-aged human alchemist 6/disciple of the emerald esoterica 10.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It is my impression that at least part of the book will contain army stat blocks for GMs to use in their games. The NPC Codex of mass combat, so to speak. I might be wrong, of course, and it's something else entirely.

In my geekiest dreams, this book is a good mix of support for Legendary Games' mass combat books (stat blocks, etc.) AND support for the troop subtype.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
That's an amazing review as always, End. And I agree with the idea of a mass-combat focused AP, possibly with characters as somethng like late medieval condottieri. I know I'd buy it!

A good mix of mass combat and Heroes of Battle-style adventuring would be an instabuy for me, even if it's "only" a module.

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Your reviews have become an important factor in the way I spend my 3PP money. I may not always agree with your observations, but you have a great eye for detail and what makes a good gaming book.

If I don't own a gaming book, I almost always look for an Endzeitgest review before making the purchase. A few companies provide the exception to this rule, of course, but it is a rule of thumb for me.

So, thank you for your insightful and detailed reviews.

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Indeed they are.

Yah-thelgaad (aberration) (CR 14) - Tentacled thing with a pincer-tipped tail and six blisters on its back containing brains.

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Wrath wrote:
Juda de Kerioth wrote:
Sunderstone wrote:
I havent had the time to read Rule of Fear yet, but I've always wondered about the outside threats to Ustalav and how they would cope.

Don´t waste your time reading it. It is a worthless product to read, it has a bunch of flaws (Kavapesta). just read the CCAP or Inner Sea Worldguide.

Disagree completely here. I've read it and am happily using it to help flesh out parts of my Carrion Crown campaign. I actually found this one to be one of the best regional source books they've written.

I find myself in agreement. Rule of Fear is among the better regional books Paizo has put out. Excellent writing and a good gazetteer of the haunted nation.

Also, for those of youw who might have missed it, here's the blurb on Kavapesta that Wes Schneider was kind enough to post on the forums a while back:

Kavapesta: The largest city in Amaans and a holy city for Pharasmins, Kavapesta is a somber place possessed by a dour variety of religious fanaticism. The city takes its name from Mother Kavapesta, a Pharasmin missionary and teacher whose sermons on perseverance and suffering laid the foundations for the philosophies today known as the Pharasmin Penitence. After the priestess's death, her followers began the construction of Cryptgate Cathedral, which through centuries of renovations and expansions would become the largest church and monastery of Pharasma in the nation. The effort of constructing this monument and the tombs beneath brought droves of pilgrims to the banks of Lake Divirmis, which the faithful eventually renamed Lake Kavapesta. With the cathedral's completion, the assembled congregation lingered on, hoping to create a community based on the tenets of their faith. This community grew slowly, finally becoming the city known today.

Yet a city needs more than faith to survive, a fact the people of Kavapesta stubbornly defy. The foothills around the city are poorly suited to farming and the lake is tainted by poisonous minerals from the Hungry Mountains. A few mines in the surrounding hills scrape tin and coal out of the earth, though one has to wonder if the coin won from these efforts is worth the lives lost to cave-ins, choking maladies, and more mysterious disappearances. But worst of all are the plagues, the rampant sicknesses that seem to boil up from lake Kavapesta once a generation and burn through the city like a field fire. Scourges like the Whithers, Tol's Voice, and, most fearfully, the Black Breath have killed thousands in their beds, with lesser scares and reemergences occurring every few years. But the people claim that their city is blessed - not cursed like so many visitors say - insisting that each new calamity is a test from Pharasma and an opportunity for the citizens to experience ever greater trials, assuring greater rewards after death.

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Jason, a while back there was mention of a book about tournaments. Is that still in the pipeline?

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Endzeitgeist wrote:

And yes, there only rarely exist books that I consider utterly, completely CRUCIAL for any PFRPG-DM to have; This is one.

Even by Raging Swan Press' exceedingly high standards, this book is a milestone.

Agreed. Ever since using Urban Dressing: The Watch to great effect, as my review of that product hopefully conveys, I now have a relevant GM's Miscellany PDF open in a tab whenever I run a game. GM's Miscellany: Wilderness Dressing is, as you said, a crucial tome to have in one's GMing toolbox.

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Cydeth wrote:
A friend told me that Fires of Creation stated that rules for creating robots and getting robot minions will be in Part 6 of Iron Gods.

Your friend is correct. The robot subtype is featured in the bestiary section of Iron Gods #1: Fires of Creation, and the last paragraph in the subtype writeup mentions just that. Constructing robots, modifying constructs to be robots, and obtaining robot minions will be in Iron Gods #6: The Divinity Drive.

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magnuskn wrote:
Given that this discussion cannot have escaped their eyes (although I'd easily understand that they just have gotten into the office over in Seattle) and that they have written the book, they could then at least give us a heads-up that there is some non-absurd reasoning for this or that we simply have missed something so far.

Jason Bulmahn asked for patience earlier in this thread, explaning that GenCon prep takes up a LOT of time for everyone at Paizo. If the designers have anything to say about the game mechanics involved, it'll happen after GenCon. So, patience. :)

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Catharsis wrote:

I mean threaten as in get attacks of opportunity (as opposed to a regular whip).

I do like that crit chance! :) Is it piercing damage...? Finessable?

Slashing damage. Weapon Finesse is not mentioned in the item description.

As for attacks of opportunity, it's not specifically mentioned, but text such as "wielded like a whip" indicates to me that, except for what's mentioned in the text (rolls against touch AC, ignores hardness, no Str bonus to damage), it functions like a regular whip.

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Ambrosia Slaad wrote:
Do cybernetics add an Augmented or Cybernetic subtype to the modified creature?

Not as far as I can tell, no. Basically, cybernetics take up slots similar to magic items (arm, body, head, etc.). Each cybernetic has an implantation score, and a character's implantations are limited to his Constitution. For instance, if a character has a Con of 18, he can have 18 points worth of cybernetics.

2 people marked this as a favorite.


Cranial bomb
Cyberfiber muscles
Cybernetic arm
Cybernetic ears
Cybernetic eyes
Cybernetic legs
Dermal plating
Implanted weaponry
Thoracic nanite chamber
Wirejack tendons

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Albus wrote:
Are the aliens from the Golarion solar system or from some other planet?

They come from a desert planet named Kasath.

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A null blade is a +1 construct-bane bastard sword. When activated, the enhancement bonus is increased to +2. Also, when a null blade hits a creature or object (only the first hit in a round), the creature or object is targeted with a dispel magic/discharge spell.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Speaking of pharmaceuticals, the following are featured in the book:


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Four Craft feats:

Craft Cybernetics
Craft Pharmaceutical
Craft Technological Arms and Armor
Craft Technological Item

EDIT: It is worth mentioning that all four crafting feats require another feat - Technologist.

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Atrocious wrote:
Sounds like they're fishing for Against the Giants nostalgia here, but it is just such a generic title... Not impressed, especially not after Iron Gods.

As has been mentioned before, details will be given during the seminar today.

As for the post-Iron Gods remark, keep in mind that Paizo caters to gamers with very different play styles. Some like the weird and experimental while others like classic fantasy. Paizo tries to reach as many different play styles as they can with their adventure paths. What you see as unimpressive, a lot of gamers see as Paizo giving them some fun stuff to play with.

That's not to say that you shouldn't be unimpressed. Just that Paizo has a lot of different gaming groups to reach out to. :)

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Turin22 wrote:
Every time a "D&D" RPG comes at a certain point, it answers with introducing Tech, and that's usually close to the end of it. Dark Sun/Spelljammer AD&D, Eberron D&D ...

There's been a demand for a Numeria adventure path by a segment of the customer base since the setting was first introduced. So this is hardly a matter of Pathfinder being close to the end.

I'd suggest that you keep an eye on the Pathfinder Adventure Path line even if you do unsubscribe. Iron Gods is 6 installments and after that a new adventure path sees the light of day.

Paizo caters to a wide variety of gamers. Some like Egyptian-themed adventures, others don't. Some like planet-hopping, others don't. Some like gothic horror, others don't. Some like tech in their fantasy, others don't. Personally I think Paizo's doing an admirable job satisfying the tastes of all those many gamers with an insane range of likes and dislikes. Science-fantasy's up come August, but after that it's something else.

So, if you hate tech in your fantasy, unsubscribe for 6 months, then come back if you feel the next adventure path is more to your liking. Paizo's absolutely cool with that.

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Elorebaen wrote:
This book is chock full of awesomeness! Kudos to the writers!!

Agreed. Easily one of the best Campaign Setting books. For me, every page was an extravaganza of ideas both as a player and as a GM.

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Danubus wrote:
Read the book over the weekend and I have to say I liked seeing new feats, prestige classes, deity specific weapons, altars, gear, etc. I just felt the book was a whole lot of putting stuff in from previous books more than a lot of new information. It's nice to see everything updated and in one book, but I felt since a lot of it was previous information it really didn't warrant the price tag on this book. This is just my opinion. This book will get used a lot by our gaming group. Just think there wasn't a lot of new info.

For many current Golarion fans, a lot of the material in the book will be old news. And while it would've been great to see a ton of new material, I think we need to keep things in perspective and look at what this book does. Inner Sea Gods gathers a lot of information that's spread out over 20+ books in one single tome. Furthermore, it'll be the go-to book for information on the 20 core deities going forward, meaning that future fans of Golarion will have one single tome to reference and not 20.

Whether or not that's worth the price tag is certainly a personal matter, but as a charter subscriber, I see the value in gathering those 20 articles in one massive tome.

I just hope we'll get a Inner Sea Gods II at some point that does the same for the lesser deities that have been featured in the adventure paths (Groetus, Milani, Besmara, etc.). That'd be sweet.

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KaiserDM wrote:
I feel bad for people who started this adventure path and probably had to take a break as they finished book 1 and waited for book 2. And now, not as many, but probably several people will start book 2's pdf and will have to wait long stretches of time to run through books 3 - 6.

This is why, regardless of the company, I won't start an adventure path until I have all of the adventure path's installments as well as any supplementary material that is produced. Waiting has two advantages, as I see it: 1) You don't have to stop midway through because of delays. 2) You're able to tweak and prep having the entire adventure path at your disposal.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just above the top review there's a link named "Write a review".

3 people marked this as a favorite.
PathfinderFan64 wrote:
I love how it is for sale here before the kickstarter supporters receive it. It's even cheaper here with the 15% discount for subscribing to the adventure paths. I am skipping the current ks and will just wait and buy it here before the ks supporters.

It's been a while since the Gothic Kickstarter, but I'm fairly certain Legendary Games never said that Kickstarter backers would necessarily get the book before it went on sale.

Also, our backing the Kickstarter made this book what it is. That's what Kickstarters are about. Helping to make something happen and, once it's happened, helping it grow. You are of course free to do what you want with regard to Legendary Games's current Kickstarter, but I'm hopeful that that's something very few people will do. Because if people do skip the current Kickstarter because they didn't get Gothic Campaign Compendium before everyone else, then the current Kickstarter will suffer greatly, and that would be a shame for all fans of the mythic subsystem.

As for the 15% discount, that's a discount that's unique to AND to your subscription to the adventure path line. It's not a discount that everyone shopping in this webstore gets. It's not something Legendary Games can or should factor in when setting the price for their products.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A fine addition to the Mythic Monsters lineup. A few of these critters have already made their way into the monster roster for my upcoming Skull & Shackles game, including the mythic great white whale, the mythic draugr crew (mythic AND troop subtype!), and the new jorganth.

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Jason Nelson wrote:
Yes, the coloxus demon is really part and parcel of the Count VonKaval villain; the monster behind the man who has become himself a monster. Their story and history are combined in one awful mess.

Yeah, I realized my mistake as soon as I started reading the fluff that came after Count VonKaval's stat block. Boomer hit a home run with this one. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I mentioned earlier how the last entry in the book, a mythic coloxus, has no fluff written for it. This is incorrect. The last two entries in the book - the coloxus and a possessed inquisitor share a page of fluff, including adventure hooks. And what sweet fluff it is!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It seems I'm typing the word "instabuy" a lot these days...:)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
N. Jolly wrote:
And by that statement I was thinking from more of an optimization standpoint, which the title "strategy guide" would lead me to believe. I see strategy guide, and I'm going to assume this guide gives me an optimal strategy for playing X, Y, or Z class. And the level of optimization as shown from things like the Iconics is not high. We know that the Devs aren't the biggest optimizers, that's fine. It's a legitimate play style, same as any other. But having someone on the lower end of thing offer advice doesn't draw my attention that much. I'm interested in seeing it, maybe I'll be proven wrong, but mostly I'll just be looking forward to the artwork in this book.

It is my understanding that the Strategy Guide isn't a guide to optimization at all. It's a tool primarily for people who are new to the game, guiding them in the right direction. "Want to play an archer? Well then this feat and that feat will work well for you." "Here's how specialist wizards work and which game mechanics go well with the concept." All this from the perspective of helping people who are new to the game navigate through the monster that is the core rulebook.

For optimizers, this is probably not the best option out there, but then they're not the target audience for this book.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In no particular order:
Great Beyond
Armies of Golarion
Inner Sea Bestiary 2
Inner Sea NPC Codex 2
Dragon Empires Bestiary
Dragon Empires NPC Codex
Oceans of Golarion

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