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Ravenmantle's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber; Pathfinder Campaign Setting, Companion, Modules, Roleplaying Game Subscriber. FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 697 posts (1,410 including aliases). 17 reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters. 2 aliases.

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Atrocious wrote:
Sounds like they're fishing for Against the Giants nostalgia here, but it is just such a generic title... Not impressed, especially not after Iron Gods.

As has been mentioned before, details will be given during the seminar today.

As for the post-Iron Gods remark, keep in mind that Paizo caters to gamers with very different play styles. Some like the weird and experimental while others like classic fantasy. Paizo tries to reach as many different play styles as they can with their adventure paths. What you see as unimpressive, a lot of gamers see as Paizo giving them some fun stuff to play with.

That's not to say that you shouldn't be unimpressed. Just that Paizo has a lot of different gaming groups to reach out to. :)

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Turin22 wrote:
Every time a "D&D" RPG comes at a certain point, it answers with introducing Tech, and that's usually close to the end of it. Dark Sun/Spelljammer AD&D, Eberron D&D ...

There's been a demand for a Numeria adventure path by a segment of the customer base since the setting was first introduced. So this is hardly a matter of Pathfinder being close to the end.

I'd suggest that you keep an eye on the Pathfinder Adventure Path line even if you do unsubscribe. Iron Gods is 6 installments and after that a new adventure path sees the light of day.

Paizo caters to a wide variety of gamers. Some like Egyptian-themed adventures, others don't. Some like planet-hopping, others don't. Some like gothic horror, others don't. Some like tech in their fantasy, others don't. Personally I think Paizo's doing an admirable job satisfying the tastes of all those many gamers with an insane range of likes and dislikes. Science-fantasy's up come August, but after that it's something else.

So, if you hate tech in your fantasy, unsubscribe for 6 months, then come back if you feel the next adventure path is more to your liking. Paizo's absolutely cool with that.

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Elorebaen wrote:
This book is chock full of awesomeness! Kudos to the writers!!

Agreed. Easily one of the best Campaign Setting books. For me, every page was an extravaganza of ideas both as a player and as a GM.

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Danubus wrote:
Read the book over the weekend and I have to say I liked seeing new feats, prestige classes, deity specific weapons, altars, gear, etc. I just felt the book was a whole lot of putting stuff in from previous books more than a lot of new information. It's nice to see everything updated and in one book, but I felt since a lot of it was previous information it really didn't warrant the price tag on this book. This is just my opinion. This book will get used a lot by our gaming group. Just think there wasn't a lot of new info.

For many current Golarion fans, a lot of the material in the book will be old news. And while it would've been great to see a ton of new material, I think we need to keep things in perspective and look at what this book does. Inner Sea Gods gathers a lot of information that's spread out over 20+ books in one single tome. Furthermore, it'll be the go-to book for information on the 20 core deities going forward, meaning that future fans of Golarion will have one single tome to reference and not 20.

Whether or not that's worth the price tag is certainly a personal matter, but as a charter subscriber, I see the value in gathering those 20 articles in one massive tome.

I just hope we'll get a Inner Sea Gods II at some point that does the same for the lesser deities that have been featured in the adventure paths (Groetus, Milani, Besmara, etc.). That'd be sweet.

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KaiserDM wrote:
I feel bad for people who started this adventure path and probably had to take a break as they finished book 1 and waited for book 2. And now, not as many, but probably several people will start book 2's pdf and will have to wait long stretches of time to run through books 3 - 6.

This is why, regardless of the company, I won't start an adventure path until I have all of the adventure path's installments as well as any supplementary material that is produced. Waiting has two advantages, as I see it: 1) You don't have to stop midway through because of delays. 2) You're able to tweak and prep having the entire adventure path at your disposal.

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Just above the top review there's a link named "Write a review".

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PathfinderFan64 wrote:
I love how it is for sale here before the kickstarter supporters receive it. It's even cheaper here with the 15% discount for subscribing to the adventure paths. I am skipping the current ks and will just wait and buy it here before the ks supporters.

It's been a while since the Gothic Kickstarter, but I'm fairly certain Legendary Games never said that Kickstarter backers would necessarily get the book before it went on sale.

Also, our backing the Kickstarter made this book what it is. That's what Kickstarters are about. Helping to make something happen and, once it's happened, helping it grow. You are of course free to do what you want with regard to Legendary Games's current Kickstarter, but I'm hopeful that that's something very few people will do. Because if people do skip the current Kickstarter because they didn't get Gothic Campaign Compendium before everyone else, then the current Kickstarter will suffer greatly, and that would be a shame for all fans of the mythic subsystem.

As for the 15% discount, that's a discount that's unique to AND to your subscription to the adventure path line. It's not a discount that everyone shopping in this webstore gets. It's not something Legendary Games can or should factor in when setting the price for their products.

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A fine addition to the Mythic Monsters lineup. A few of these critters have already made their way into the monster roster for my upcoming Skull & Shackles game, including the mythic great white whale, the mythic draugr crew (mythic AND troop subtype!), and the new jorganth.

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Jason Nelson wrote:
Yes, the coloxus demon is really part and parcel of the Count VonKaval villain; the monster behind the man who has become himself a monster. Their story and history are combined in one awful mess.

Yeah, I realized my mistake as soon as I started reading the fluff that came after Count VonKaval's stat block. Boomer hit a home run with this one. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I mentioned earlier how the last entry in the book, a mythic coloxus, has no fluff written for it. This is incorrect. The last two entries in the book - the coloxus and a possessed inquisitor share a page of fluff, including adventure hooks. And what sweet fluff it is!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

It seems I'm typing the word "instabuy" a lot these days...:)

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N. Jolly wrote:
And by that statement I was thinking from more of an optimization standpoint, which the title "strategy guide" would lead me to believe. I see strategy guide, and I'm going to assume this guide gives me an optimal strategy for playing X, Y, or Z class. And the level of optimization as shown from things like the Iconics is not high. We know that the Devs aren't the biggest optimizers, that's fine. It's a legitimate play style, same as any other. But having someone on the lower end of thing offer advice doesn't draw my attention that much. I'm interested in seeing it, maybe I'll be proven wrong, but mostly I'll just be looking forward to the artwork in this book.

It is my understanding that the Strategy Guide isn't a guide to optimization at all. It's a tool primarily for people who are new to the game, guiding them in the right direction. "Want to play an archer? Well then this feat and that feat will work well for you." "Here's how specialist wizards work and which game mechanics go well with the concept." All this from the perspective of helping people who are new to the game navigate through the monster that is the core rulebook.

For optimizers, this is probably not the best option out there, but then they're not the target audience for this book.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

In no particular order:
Great Beyond
Armies of Golarion
Inner Sea Bestiary 2
Inner Sea NPC Codex 2
Dragon Empires Bestiary
Dragon Empires NPC Codex
Oceans of Golarion

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It's located in the River Kingdoms, I believe.

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MMCJawa wrote:
While I agree with most of your points, just figured I should point out that according to James Jacobs, the "aliens" who piloted the Numerian starship are human, so the "beings so inherently different" argument kind of falls apart.

This doesn't exclude an alien mindset, though. Or at least a vastly different thought process based on current scientific theories, technological advances, and the presence/absence of magic to spur different platforms of scientific thinking.

And who's to say outsiders don't already know about that sort of technology? There are several cases where daemons for instance have deliberately spread harmful technology. I could easily see devils granting schematics for some technology just out of reach in return for a human soul.

Certainly, but that possibility doesn't necessarily mean it has to be so. As powerful and knowledgeable as the various outsiders are, they aren't omniscient. It is possible that some things remain beyond their grasp, at least until they manage to wrangle it from mortals. And, quite frankly, that adds a lot to the dynamic between outsiders and mortals. That mortals are able to construct/invent/design and have access to knowledge that outsiders may not yet have.

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Eric Hinkle wrote:
Thanks for the update on Ultimate War! That's the book I'm looking forward to the most.

Aye, that and Unrighteous Villains. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hellknight (CR 10, fighter 5/hellknight 6)
Hellknight armiger (CR 3, fighter 3)
Hellknight signifer (CR 7, sorcerer 6, hellknight signifer 2)

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Daronil wrote:


Jason & Co.; you guys are awesome.

Published just in time for my first episode of Wake of the Watcher this weekend. I've already tossed aside the two Hounds of Tindalos and put in a Mythic Hound of Tindalos instead (the PCs all have one mythic tier at the moment).

Can't wait to throw that Bilocation at them. :)

Kudos to Legendary Games once more.

Now...if you can just get a subscription system similar to Paizo up and running, I'll be signing up! :)

Yeah, this was my reaction as well when I browsed through the PDF. I'll be starting up Wake of the Watcher soon and the hound of Tindalos provoked maniacal laughter.

As for the subscription thing, I'd be on board in a heartbeat.

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If only I'd had this one now. Occult Mysteries seems like an excellent companion for certain parts of the Carrion Crown adventure path.

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criminalsamurai wrote:
Really paizo, why you do this?

This is a playtest, and as such it's meant for us to find issues in the classes before the final book is released. So, the only thing Paizo has "done" at this point is release a free document that enables us fans of the game to playtest the classes and provide constructive feedback for Paizo's design team. These are NOT the final versions of the classes.

7 people marked this as a favorite.

That's something I don't get about these complaints about a lack of race points in the Bestiary 4. Like all bestiaries, the Bestiary 4 is a GM toolkit, presenting the GM with critters of all shapes and sizes to pit against his players' characters (or to use as allies to the players' characters). It is NOT a player resource, or at least it's not intended as such, I think. So why is there a need for the race points? Does a GM need the race points to slap class levels on these critters? I'd say no. Sure, using them as playable races is an option, but I imagine that's secondary to the monster's primary function, and I'd prefer that the focus be kept on the primary function as a critter.

Player-friendly books such as the Advanced Race Guide or the Player Companion books are much better venues for these race points to be included, I think.

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It's my impression that your theory about Kingmaker's popularity is correct. However, I think there's more to it than just popularity. Since day 1, Paizo has given me the impression that they're all about telling the story they want to tell, and, while Kingmaker is very popular, there are a LOT of stories to tell. Some of those stories do not mesh well with the sandboxy nature of Kimgmaker at all, others (such as Wrath of the Righteous) might fit somewhat, and yet others are tailormade for the concepts that Kingmaker introduces.

So, Paizo will get around to another Kingmakeresque adventure path if/when the story they want to tell is perfect for the concept. They undoubtedly know it's a popular form of storytelling. In the meantime, there are many other play styles and preferences out there to cater to and tell stories for.

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Jacob Trier wrote:
That makes two Danish submissions, then (and at least three Jacobs). Just sent in mine. And yeah, accepted or not, this has been valuable practice. I'll be looking out for more open calls.

A mate of mine's also submitted his encounter pitch, so at least 3 Danish submissions. :)

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Gorbacz wrote:

Owlbear: I don't even know what I should say 'cause I'm an idiot a loser, microphone abuser...

Imrijka: Great, an owlbear with bad taste for music, just what we needed!

In this particular scenario, I'd probably help out a fellow Bizkit and kick some half-elf/half-orc Bizkit-dissing butt. :D

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Time (read: kids!) permitting, I'll have my encounter submitted by tonight UK time.

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kysmartman wrote:
Honestly, after this, why anyone is still a subscriber to anything Paizo does is beyond me. I certainly learned my lesson.

You really don't know Paizo as a company at all, do you?

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Odraude wrote:

Agreed. Though I'm still holding out for hope for an updated Advanced Bestiary.

One day my dreams will come true... one day...

One day indeed!

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Kthulhu wrote:
Kinda shows the inherent hypocrisy of the forums, don't it?

Not really, no. That is, not unless the people who blast GMs for including rape in a campaign are the exact same people who rejoice in the presence of the drakiana.

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Curse you, Legendary Games and your delicious temptations! Just upped my pledge by $80 (bringing us over $10,000, I might add :D). I simply couldn't resist having one of my characters killed by Mr Boomer.

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Drejk wrote:
Oh and more kytons obviously.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Pledged at the $50+ pledge level.

I was kind of hoping to have the opportunity to create the NPC myself but that would be tricky, seeing as how we get access to the game mechanics featured in the book when it releases. :)

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Brandon Hodge wrote:
What content would you like to see inside?

A perfect Armies of Golarion/Inner Sea Armies book would, as I see it, contain 3 chapters.

The first chapter would contain fluff about hot spots in the Inner Sea region as well as text that details the armies of the nations that have the most potential for war. Structure and organization, tactics, (in)famous leaders and other warmongers of note.

The second chapter would focus on the troop subtype, providing GMs with tools for Heroes of Battle-style encounters where the characters play an active role in the battle. This chapter would expand on the subtype, much like you've done for your home game, Brandon. This chapter would also contain stat blocks relevant to the major conflicts in the Inner Sea region.

The third chapter would focus on Golarion-specific support for the mass combat rules featured in Ultimate Campaign, providing tools for games in which the players field armies but don't necessarily find themselves in the mud, frantically trying to survive. This chapter would feature stat blocks for use with the mass combat rules.


What Golarion army units are raising their banners and demanding to be featured?

What regions are heaviest in conflict that warrant overviews of their forces?

As I see it, the regions that are ripe for warfare are:

The Linnorm Kingdoms/Irrisen
Mendev/The Realms of the Mammoth Lords/The Worldwound
Cheliax (because Cheliax)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Added to my to-get list. For me, this product will probably function as an NPC gallery for my Wrath of the Righteous game.

Oh, and I seriously cannot wait to see what else you'll bring to the table for your Righteous Crusade Adventure Path Plug-Ins line. One can only hope that one of those products will focus on the crusader nation that neighbors the festering rift in reality from which the demons pour.

EDIT: Thank you for including Hero Lab files. Very much appreciated by this GM.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Man, we really need a planes hardcover. Just sayin'. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I imagine the focus will be on starting new campaigns in the aftermath of the adventure path. Because you're right. As far as levels/tiers go, it's as high as it gets.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Sounds like this might be an instabuy for me. I'll certainly back it at some level.

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Astral Frog wrote:
The amount of awesome content (at least Swords & Wizardry) coming out of FGG is borderline ridiculous!!!

The same is true for the Pathfinder RPG. :)

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Luthorne wrote:
Overall, nice job with all the horror fuel and showing how f+$*ed up The Worldwound is.

This cannot be emphasized enough. The ooliodroo is a great example. Those eyes...

But yeah, so much delightfully demonic horror in this book. It might just be my new top-1 book in the Campaign Setting line.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Certainly. I haven't read the monster entries in detail yet, so this'll just be a rough list.

Demon, Abrikandilu - Also known as wrecker demons, the abrikandilu is born of the souls of those who destroyed art. Its special attacks are Destructive Attacks, Hatred of Mirrors, and Mutilation. CR 3

Demon, Derakni - A centauric mix of locus, scorpion, and man, the locust demon is born of the souls of engineers of disaster. In addition to a poisonous bite and sting attack, the derakni's special attack is Drone. CR 10

Demon, Gallu - Masters of strife, the gallus serve both as leaders in demonic armies but they also work endlessly to cause war in the Abyss itself. Winged humanoids with a wolf's head and hoofs, these bad boys' special abilities are Armor Plating, Aura of Havoc, Rain of Blood, and Wounding Blood. CR 19

Demon, Gibrileth - The filth demons are born from those who deliberately introduce disease into society. Their special abilities are Disease, Tumors, and Whip Specialist. CR 11

Demon, Kithangian - Born from abusers of animals, the best demon is a terrifying mix of horse and scorpion. Its special abilities are Hatred, Poison, Rasping Tongues, and Swift Transformation. CR 9

Demon, Lilitu - Similar to succubi in their approach to their demonic work, the temptation demons are masters at leading mortals into sin. Their special abilities are Branding, Create Husk, Husk Link, Profane Grace, Profane Pact, Profane Wishcraft, and Swift Claws. CR 17

Demon, Oolidrroo - Born of the souls of brainwashers and mind-controllers, the moth demon is a particularly nasty demon with the ability to plant eggs in a victim's brain. Their special abilities are Oviposition, See Thoughts, Shadow Mantle, Thought Siphon, and Tongue. CR 13

Demonic Vermin - This template is applied to vermin living in the Worldwound. CR +1

Dwiergeth - This aberration hunts demonic and mortal prey without discrimation. Its special ability is Forever Gullet. CR 13

Grimslake - This maggot feasts upon the slain in the many battlefields of the Worldwound. It's an aberration and its special abilities are Marrow Drain, Penetrating Jaws, Slashing Scales. CR 6

Plagued Beast - This template is applied to any living corporeal creature (max Int of 2), which then becomes undead. The creature gains the ability to grant demonplague with its bite attack. CR +1

Riftcreeper - This intelligent ooze has the following special abilities: Adaptive Defenses, Gelatinous Surge, and Strands. CR 15

Siabrae - This template is can be applied to any creature with druid levels (min. 11 levels), which then becomes undead. It gains several abilities, such as Blighted Rebirth, Blight Mastery, and Blightbond. CR +2

Urannag - This construct is very much a living trap. Its special abilities are Encage, Exposed Mechanisms, and Liiving Trap. CR 8

Warmonger Wasp - Serving primarily as air support in demonic armies, the warmonger wasps are constructs of flesh and metal. Their special abilities are Poison and Static Discharge. CR 7

Warped Ones - Unlike demons, the outsiders known as warped ones are not born from sinful souls, but rather by the chaotic energies of the Abyss itself. Their special abilities are Fleshwarping, Insanity, and Unstable Summoning. CR 8

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brvheart wrote:
I am a bit ashamed at my impatience when I think of all of you that have been waiting for over four years now. I think you should be first in line!

From my perspective as one who preordered through Sinister Adventures back in the day, this wouldn't have happened if so many people hadn't backed the Kickstarter project. We all made this happen, not just those of us who preordered those many years ago. :)

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3.5 Loyalist wrote:
Indeed, I've seen those old screens last half a decade with some fading. After two years, two paizo screens from two dms I know, were a bit of a mess.

I do have to wonder if those two GMs use their screens as shields for LARPing or some such thing. After nearly 4 years of regular use, mine's in pristine condition.

In a shorter amount of time and with the same regularity of use, my Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch is coming apart and the Warhammer 40,000 GM screens are rather sturdy themselves. So yeah, for me, Paizo's screens are top quality.

As far as the height thing, I'd like to throw in my support for the portrait format. It does the job very well for me and due to my RPG setup, a landscape GM screen would probably be less than ideal.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

It really is a no-win situation for Paizo Publishing, isn't it? With the dance hall incident plenty of fans accused Paizo of catering to a very conservative audience and now we Europeans are up in arms because they've chosen to use a word we might not be 100% comfortable with. To be honest, I fear we're moving slowly but steadily into baatezu/tanar'ri territory.

At the risk of sounding insensitive, I really don't understand why using a word that might contain negative qualities is such a horrible thing. Are the words "brothel" and "bastard" really so terrible than the mere notion of having the words in a roleplaying game book is offensive?

If so, then Paizo might just have to start looking into changing a helluva lot of words and phrases for their game and setting...

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Cheapy wrote:
Crystal Frasier is doing book 2.

That's fantastic news. Crystal Frasier has a talent for writing adventures, and in my opinion she deserves an adventure path installment.

Cheapy wrote:
I think Amber Scott is as well.

Excellent! Another very talented game designer. It's good to see two very talented women in amongst the adventure path freelancers.

4 people marked this as a favorite.

As I mentioned in the Reign of Winter #5: Rasputin Must Die! thread, I would love to an Armies of Golarion book. One that contains options for both types of combat - the type of combat that has the characters in the thick of it, dishing out worlds of hurt to hordes/legions/squads of adversaries (thinking Heroes of Battle'ish adventures here) and one that lets the characters be the generals, kings, and queens fielding armies but not necessarily being involved in the nitty gritty.

The troop subtype presented in Reign of Winter #5: Rasputin Must Die! would work well for the former, I think, while the mass combat rules presented in Ultimate Campaign would work well for the latter.

So, I could see this book divided into 3 chapters.

Chapter 1 would contain general advice on running mass combat encounters of both types, provide an overview of the various armies and military mindsets of the Inner Sea region, and give us some game mechanics to work with, such as the expansions Brandon mentioned.

Chapter 2 would contain stat blocks for various Golarion-specific armies and units built using the troop subtype.

Chapter 3 would contain a host of stat Golarion-specific stat blocks for use with the mass combat system presented in Ultimate Campaign.

So yeah, Armies of Golarion would be #2 on my Pathfinder Campaign Setting Wish List with a Mendev sourcebook being #1 (I haven't given up hope just yet). Hell, I could see a player-focused companion to this in the Player Companion line. Soldiers of Golarion?

1 person marked this as a favorite.
goldomark wrote:
Brandon Hodge wrote:
Cool stuff about troops and Armies of Golarion

That would be one bad ass product for the campaign line!

/send brainwaves to James Jacobs

I would love to see a Golarion-specific book that supports mass combat in the two styles that Paizo have introduced to the game - the troop subtype for Heroes of Battle'ish game play where the heroes are active participants in the battles and support for the mass combat rules (Kingmaker/Ultimate Campaign) for battles in which the heroes play the generals, the kings/queens, etc.

So the book could contain various stat blocks representing Golarion-specific units using the troop game mechanic AND unit stat blocks for use with the mass combat system from Kingmaker/Ultimate Campaign.

A sort of NPC Codex for mass combat in Golarion. Hell, throw in a chapter presenting various ready-to-use ships for the naval combat rules.

Yeah, I'd buy Armies of Golarion in a heartbeat, even if I wasn't already a subscriber.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just sent $25 your way. I hope you guys have a great time at GenCon. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

That rocks mightily. :)

4 people marked this as a favorite.

To me, Ultimate Campaign is a perfect example of the principle that guides the Paizo staff - they create books that they (the Paizo staff) want to see in the game AS GAMERS. The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game line doesn't follow any previous model for releasing game books (such as the D&D 3.X era). They simply produce books that they WANT to produce. I would not be surprised to see a healthy mix of splat books and books like Ultimate Campaign going forward. When they come up with a good idea, they run with it.

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