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Priyya_1's page

529 posts. Alias of stormraven.

Full Name

Priyya Surya-ka-Vahaak (the Lightbringer)


Aasimar -- born Kelesh


Cleric / 2




5'4" 110lbs Medium










Common, Celestial



Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Constitution 10
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 19
Charisma 15

About Priyya_1

HP: 15 --- Current 15
AC/Touch/FF: 15/11/14
AC w/Shield: 18/11/17
CMD AC/FF: 13/--/12

Fort: +3
Reflex: +1
Will: +7
+2 vs Charm & Compulsion

Move: 30'

INIT: +1
BAB: +1 CMB: +3

Masterwork Scimitar +4 1d6+3 (18-20/x2)
Cold Iron Scimitar +3 1d6+3 (18-20/x2)
Light Crossbow +2 1d8 (19-20/x2) 80' Increment


1/Day Cast Daylight
7/Day Rebuke Death - heal 1d4+1 HP creatures below 0 HP

5/Day Channel Energy - 1d6 HPs, 30' burst, Will Save vs DC:15
Selective Channeling - remove 2 creatures from AoE
Sun's Blessing (vs undead) - +1 to DAM, no Channel Resistance on save

0 level DC:14
Detect Magic, Guidance, Light, Mending

1st lv DC:15
Bless, Cause Fear, Command, Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, DOOM, Entropic Shield, Magic Weapon, Obscuring Mist, Protection from Evil, Sanctuary, Shield of Faith

Concentration +8

Birthmark (of Sarenrae), Focused Mind

Selective Channeling

-1 Acrobatics
+1 Appraise
+2 Bluff
+0 Climb
+4 Cooking
+4 Diplomacy
+2 Disguise
-1 Escape Artist
-1 Fly
+8 Heal
+2 Intimidate
+5 Know:History
+5 Know: Religion
+8 Perception
-1 Ride
+9 Sense Motive
+5 Spellcraft
-1 Stealth
+4 Survival
+5* Swim * w/Ring of Swimming

Traveller's Outfit
Chain Shirt
+1 Mithral Heavy Shield of Bashing [AC+3, ACP 0, 7.5 lbs]
Scimitar, Cold Iron
Scimitar, Masterwork
Crossbow, Light
(20) Crossbow Bolts
Ring of Swimming
Wand of Divine Favors (5)

-> Bedroll
-> 50' Silk Rope
-> Waterskin
-> Sack

Belt Pouch #1
-> Flint & Steel
-> Whetstone
-> Holy Symbol, Silver

Belt Pouch #2
-> Money [21 GP; 5 SP; 8 CP]
-> (0) Potion

Loads: Light - 58 lbs; Medium - 116 lbs; Heavy - 175 lbs
All Gear: 55.32 lbs

Priyya is from a typical Keleshite family (from Katapesh) but is not a typical young woman. Her celestial bloodline has shown through from the moment of her birth and her birthmark designated her as a servant of Sarenrae. Priyya has never shirked from this fate. Rather, she has embraced it wholly.

Priyya is not a typical cleric bringing comfort, solace, and the words of Sarenrae. Rather, she is one of a small order of warrior-priests and priestesses whose role is the active opposition of all evil. They bring destruction to the unholy and light to the darkness. As all in her order do, she relinguished her last name and familial bonds to take on a religious mantle, hers is Surya-ka-Vahaak, Lightbringer.

While she does bring comfort and healing where she can, believing that the spreading of Sarenrae's light is a good thing, her primary focus is battling darkness and evil wherever it may lay. Towards this goal, she is relentless, determined, and focused. As an itinerant warrior-priestess, Priyya has roamed the Inner Sea hunting down evil. She doesn't know exactly what, but something has drawn her to the town of Sandpoint.

Priyya appears as a normal Keleshite woman save that there is a slight glow about her, like a hard to discern faerie fire. The glow intensifies when she experiences strong emotions.


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