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Mathias Vencar's page

2 posts. Pathfinder Society character for Cylyria.


Sovereign Court

They should be lvl 3 to give them a snowballs chance. As the Worms AP uses the 3.5 xp chart (13 encounters per level) and the PF chart is loke 20 encounters, I have/am adding in side stuff like Mad Gods Key, Dymrak Dread, and bandits to even it out. I also am planning on having them find a collection of maps with notes they can have translated so I can use the cardstock, single page adventures that came in my Greyhawk boxed sets. Lots o' tombs in there.
I am figuring on the players being lvl 24 at the end. Granted, thats a rough guess, but since I tend to make things tougher since they have 6 PC's.
I should prolly post my campaign progress while it's still fresh in my memory.

Sovereign Court

Our group uses the medium track for our campaigns and it seems to work fine. I just started my Age of Worms campaign, and it seems to be on track for what I am expecting. I have 6 characters, so I have to add a few side-treks here and there though.

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