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Kenneth Evander Finley's page

547 posts. Alias of Tilnar.


Warrior-Bard of Old; Herald of Brigid


Stress: P: OOOO M:OOOO S:OOO; Fate Points: 2;



About Kenneth Evander Finley

High Concept: Warrior-Bard of Old
Trouble: Romantic Poet's Soul

Other Aspects:

  • Runt of The Litter
  • Bet You Can't Save Just One
  • Echoes of Caitlin
  • Burns With Righteous Fury
  • One Faithful Harp Shall Praise Thee..

OOOO Physical (endurance)
OOOO Mental (conviction)
OOO Social (presence)

Initial Refresh: 8
Earned Refresh: 1
Adjusted Refresh: 2
Current Fate Points: 2 (Refreshed)

Superb (+5) Lore
Great (+4) Conviction, Discipline
Good (+3) Stealth, Endurance, Weapons
Fair (+2) Performance, Investigation, Athletics
Average (+1) Presence, Alertness, Burglary, Scholarship, Empathy

Stunts & Powers
Bless This House {-1}
Your very presence enhances the threshold of a place. If your Conviction is higher than the threshold, it gains a +2 bonus while you're there. Effects stack.

Guide My Hand {-1}

  • Faith Manages: Given time to pray for guidance and provided you goals are pure and actions are selfless and in-line with your goddess, you may spend a Fate point to use your Conviction skill instead of any other skill for 1 roll. While it cannot be used for attacks and maneuvers, it can be used to bypass other obstacles.
  • Spiritual Guidance You have a semi-conscious awareness of where you are needed most. Usually, this simply means you are guided to the right place at the right time. If the GM agrees that such a circumstance in in effect, you need not spend a Fate point to stage a fortuitous arrival. Sometimes this might work in reverse, allowing an ally to show up where you already are.

Sponsored Magic: Flames of Keldare {-3; -1 Refinement [2 Focus Items]}
Kenneth, as a True Believer and follower of Brigid, has been granted magic by his patron goddess, reflecting her three-fold aspects: (1) Fire of Inspiration as patroness of poetry, (2) Fire of the Hearth, as patroness of healing and fertility, and (3) Fire of the Forge, as patroness of smithcraft and martial arts. Kenneth's access to magic is limited to Channeling and Ritual use of the Flames of Keldare as an element, rather than gaining full evocation and thaumaturgical access.
The Flames of Keldare can be used as an element for evocation, allowing evocations of righteous fire that produce effects based on Brigid's aspects. This includes the ability to produce healing effects along the lines of biomancy with less of a requirement for biological expertise in the spellcaster — the Flames know well how to purify and heal — but with an evocation spell’s methods and speed.

Inhuman Recovery {-1; Catch: Blessed Mistletoe}

  • Total Recovery: You can recover from physical harm that would leave a normal person permanently damaged. You can recover totally from any consequence (excluding extreme ones) with no other excuse besides time; simply waiting long enough will eventually heal you completely.
  • Fast Recovery: Out of combat, you may recover from physical consequences as if they were one level lower in severity. Consequences reduced below mild are always removed by the beginning of a subsequent scene.
  • Vigorous: Endurance never restricts other skills due to a lack of rest. You may skip a night of sleep with no ill effects.
  • Shrug It Off: In combat, once per scene, you may clear away a mild physical consequence as a supplemental action

Adjusted Refresh: 2

Rote Spells and Foci
Kenneth's Superb Lore grants him 5 rote spells.
His sponsored magic's access to Channeling the Flames of Kildare and Full Thaumaturgy grant him 4 focus item slots, and his refinement grants 2 more, for a total of 6.

Focus Items

  • Kenneth's Crasg Brìghde Kenneth meditated and prayed while weaving bronze and steel wire into a Brigid's Cross, dedicating the item to her. The item grants a +1 bonus to Defensive Power and Defensive Control when evoking with the Flames of Kildare. {2 slots}

Enchanted Items (3 slots traded = 6 enchanted item slots)

  • Kenneth's Claighbeag Kenneth carries a basket-hilted Scottish broadsword, commonly known as a claybeg (a Weapon 3), which he has spent time and magic consecrating to Brigid. At his command Losgadh(burn), the sword gains the aspect WREATHED IN RIGHTEOUS FLAME, which allows the weapon to bypass the Catch on creatures, or adds 2 shifts to damage. This aspect is "always on" and can be tagged multiple times until Kenneth drops the sword or deactivates the effect. {2 slots - 1 slot with Lore 5 makes 5 shifts, +1 slots = 6 shifts, halved = 3 - enough to create an always-on aspect}

  • Archer's Gauntlet Kenneth wears a leather gauntlet with woven bronze wires, which he has spent time and magic consecrating to Brigid. At his command, toiseach, the gauntlet manifests a flaming bow and fires a burning arrow at Kenneth's direction. This is a Weapon: 3 attack, aimed using Kenneth's Conviction. (2 slots - 1 slot with Lore 5 makes 5 shifts, +1 slots to get to 6, then halved to 3 to bypass the single-use restriction).

  • Potions: In the tradition of a druid-bard of old, Kenneth frequently brews magical draughts, primarily as curatives and to ward against the darkness. {2 enchanted item slots = 4 slots being kept open for potions} {Current Potions: 2x Nightowl's Brew, 2x Red Court Anti-Venom}

Rote Spells (All of Kenneth's spellcasting and spellnames are in Scottish Gaelic)

  • Dìdean (Sheild): This spell draws upon the Fire of the Forge to create a burning shield which Kenneth can place between someone he means to protect and a source of danger (including himself). This spell is tied to Kenneth's Crasg Brìghde, and uses 5 shifts of power to create a Block: 5.
  • Mailleach (Armoured): This spell draws from the Fire of the Forge aspect to create flaming armour to protect Kenneth (5 shifts of power, so armour 2, +1 duration). This spell is tied to Kenneth's Crasg Brìghde.
  • Ionnlaid {Purify}: This spell uses the Healing aspect of the Fire of the Hearth to reduce the consequences of damage on the individual. The 4 shifts of power in this spell can either completely remove a mild consequence, or to rewrite a moderate consequence to a mild, thematically related one (eg - EXHAUSTED becomes WINDED, BRUISED RIBS becomes SORE RIBS, etc.), however, it also places a COMBAT HEALED tag on the new, lesser aspect, which prevents any further magical healing.
  • Bàrdail Fèin (Bardic Ego): This spell is tied to Kenneth's Crasg Brìghde,and draws upon the Fire of Inspiration to fill the recipients with a strong sense of self, making them resistant to social manipulation. The effect is the equivalent of a Block on social tests, and the spell uses 5 shifts of power to create a Block: 5.
  • Ealaidh Ceòlraidh (Lyric of the Muse): This spell is tied to Kenneth's Crasg Brìghde, and uses the Fire of Inspiration to grant everyone within a zone the aspect DIVINELY INSPIRED. This spell uses 5 shifts of power, and ordinarily requires Kenneth to deal with 1 point of backlash.

Phase I: Background Where did you come from?
Phase Aspect: Runt of The Litter

Kenneth was born outside Glasgow, the seventh child and only son of a midwife and a miner. His sisters were all much older than he was, and the house was always filled with their friends who would use him like a doll when he was younger, and then torment him as he got older. He got no solace from his father, who spent most of his time retreating to the bottle to relive a the glory days of his youth in a band which ended when his girlfriend became pregnant. Kenneth never quite felt that he fit in at home, always feeling like he was meant for something different than the life he lived and having strange dreams he couldn't understand. As a result, he spent much of his time trying to avoid his father's drunken temper and his sisters' torments -- and thus, he spent a lot of time with his mother, the only person he felt that understood him, who regaled him with stories of the old ways, which resonated within him.

Phase II: Rising Conflict What shaped you?
Phase Aspect: Bet You Can't Save Just One...

Kenneth was thrilled to escape his home life to head to University, if only to have a moment's peace. Here, he met his first love, Caitlin McCullen, an Art History student who was deeply into New Age neo-druidic religions. Kenneth fell into the group himself, drawn in both by his interest in Caitlin and the similarities of their beliefs and his mother's stories. When his mother died, Kenneth lost his sense of direction and grounding, he dropped out of school and formed a band with some of his fellow neoDruids, randomly touring the British Isles in a van with Caitlin, Alasdair and Fiona. Things changed during that tour: when performing at a Sahmainn fetival in Kildare, Ireland, they attracted the attention of an univited dancer with cloven hooves, a dark fey attacked the group after their performance, killing Alasdair and dragging off the girls. Laying there broken next to the fire, under his smashed guitar, Kenneth began to hear music within the flames, something he remembered doing as a young child. The music shifted into a musical lovely voice, one he recognized from the stories of old and the dreams of his childhood. Here, in Kildare, on that sacred day, Brigid was strong enough to touch him -- he agreed to become her champion, to accept the threefold aspects of the Flame. His wounds burned away in purifying fire, and using his new gifts, he found the fey (a Changeling) -- though he was too late to save Caitlin, he managed to use the Flames to heal Fiona.

Phase III: The Story What was your first adventure? "Nocking Point"
Phase Aspect: Echoes of Caitlin

Attending his father's funeral, Kenneth learns that Caitlin's younger sister Sloane has gone missing. Hearing Brigid's call, Kenneth heads to York to investigate, learning Sloane has been taken by a Cult -- and Kenneth swears to rescue her. But will Kenneth succeed against the Cult, their blood rituals and their dark sponsor and save the girl, especially when his anguish and guilt over Caitlin's death threatens to overcome him or lead him to rushing into more than he can handle?

Guest Star: "Brother of the Red Court" (Trip Langdon)
Phase Aspect: Burns with Righteous Fury

A noble-born, war-weary veteran of the war in Afghanistan returns home to chaos and and begins investigating the deaths of his brother-in-law, nieces and nephews and the disappearance of his eldest sister. In the process, he discovers that vampires are real, and the police can't help him.... but sometimes, the Heralds of the Tuatha Dé Danann can. Despite the interference of Kenneth's oldest sister Molly, now addicted to Red Court Venom, together Trip and Kenneth learn that the Holy Flames of Kildare can burn through the Red Court Vampires sent to kill them when they got too close.

Guest Star Redux: "The Most Dangerous Game" (Jericho Korben)
Phase Aspect: One Faithful Harp Shall Praise Thee..

When bodies start turning up with chess pieces as calling cards, Kenneth feels Brigid's call... and is surprised to find himself running interference with Wardens and helping the prime suspect, a young Ferromancer, escape, based on only a feeling.

Kenneth stands 6'3" (192cm) tall, with the broad shoulders one would expect from the son of a long line of a miners. His thick, wavy hair is a very dark auburn, almost appearing dark brown or black if not for the reddish sheen in the light, cascading wildly around his face and down to his shoulder blades. The darkness is a sharp contrast to his fair skin and the small sprinkling of light freckles which clearly mark him as a Scot. His high cheekbones and strong jaw mark him as a handsome man, but it is the deep, electric blue of his eyes and the intensity of his which capture the most attention, revealing him both as a man of intelligence and passion. He speaks with only the slightest touch of a brogue, his accent making his words almost musical as he says them.

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