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Jaws's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 211 posts (215 including aliases). 4 reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 1 alias.

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Almost perfect

****( )

You can tell on the last ones of Shalelu and Orik Vancaskerkin that the images just don't line up. You can barely see white lines crisscrossing on them.

And poor Aeren is listed as only a Townsfolk.

Anyhoo, these are great and get 4.5 stars from me.


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You want info on Greyhawk City? You got it!



It came in the original plastic bag. In mint condition.

Peace and smiles :)


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PDF Download


I'm not going to review the contents of #320. This is about the quality of the PDF Download. The zip file contains 18 PDFs. They are of the following:
Cover - 1 page
Table of Contents - 2 pages
Wyrm's Turn, Scale Mail, Up on a Soapbox, Zogonia - 5 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
30 Years of D&D - 16 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Dragon PCs - 10 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Fostered dragons - 6 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Dragon Kingdoms - 6 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Dork Tower - 1 page
New in Town, fiction - 10 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Elminster's Guide - 4 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Countdown to Eberron - 6 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Silicon Sorcery, Warcraft III - 4 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Under command - 4 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
DM's Toolbox - 4 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Play's the thing - 3 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Dungeoncraft - 3 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Sage advice - 4 pages, plus 1 "cover" page
Nodwick - 1 page

No ads (well except what little that is on a page with an article). All the art is of high resolution. Paizo watermarks (a standard PDF with your name printed at the top and bottom), which I think is a good thing.

If you don't own this issue or you want a pdf version of your printed copy, then look no further.

I hope more printed issues become unavailable and can be bought here in pdf.

Peace and smiles :)


Add PDF $4.95

Printed Issue Unavailable

The Whispering Cairn


The Whispering Cairn didn't grab me until I got to the old observatory. The overview of Diamond Lake sealed the deal of having a good start to the Age of Worms Adventure Path.

The online supplement is outstanding.

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