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Sea Devil

Great Green God's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,804 posts (3,411 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 36 Pathfinder Society characters. 65 aliases.

Full Name

The Great Green God


Nigh-Deific Green Dragon


* Note: The Great Green God doesn't go for any of that "stat" stuff. Consider him "unstatted" in the White Wolf/World of Darkness sense of the word.


Colossal+ (ego)


Over 10,000 of your years.

Special Abilities



Neutral Evil (I am a Game Master after all)


Yes, now that you ask.


My Lair




The Great Green God

Homepage URL and Lair of the Great Green God

About Great Green God

Strength *

Dexterity *

Constitution *

Intelligence *

Wisdom *

Charisma *

For kicks the Great Green God has on occasion written things for the mass (human) market under various assumed aliases. Under his current pen name he has seen print in the rather shady, fetish rag, Dungeon. His articles outlining the bizarre adventures of four to six characters in search of fame and booty. His credits thus far include: The Menagerie (126; for fun and spoilers go here), Masque of Dreams (142), and in collaboration with his fellow founding Were-Cabbages in the Seeds of Sehan Arc (145-147) for which he is to be mostly blamed for the climactic, Dread Pagoda of the Inscrutable Ones. This particular adventure will most likely be remembered by future generations for the kill zone that is Room 23, and the insane alien layout of the place which has party mappers, professional cartographers, and Dwarven Forge users cursing his name already.... Hehehe. He also contributed the "Webbird" for Dungeon 148. Triple G is the originator of Ironstorm Mountain (co-written with Greg Oppedisano and Chris Wissel). Also with Greg he co-wrote The Vale of Indus for Goodman Games DCC #48: The Adventure Continues and did early design work for and contributed entries to GM Gems.

For Wizards of the Coast he did work on the Ruin Chanter and Ruin Elemental (among other monsters) for Monster Manual V and composed the slightly disturbing Witching Season for Wizards of the Coast's digital Dungeon issue 153.

For Louis Porter Jr. Design, He-of-the-3-Gs in collaboration with Greg O penned part three of the SAW (Sidetrek Adventure Weekly) The Bloody Dog's Lair.

Currently he's working on a True20 cyberpunk setting/game Interface-Zero for Reality Deviant Publishing as well as having one or two things in the works for the new digital incarnation of Dungeon with more hopefully on the way.

Any future atrocities written by this monster will likewise be posted here as a way to inform the squemish or faint of heart.

Also, for great cutting room floor snippets and other extras check out this site.

* Note: The Great Green God doesn't go for any of that stuff. Consider him "unstatted" in the White Wolf/World of Darkness sense of the word.

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