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Shocker Lizard

Geo Fix's page

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The party met Jarinov twice.

During the first meeting he and had words with one of the paladins and then challenged that paladin to a duel. The paladin avoided the challenge and threatened to kill Jarinov 'later'.

During the second meeting Jarinov was about to be killed by the barbarian but bought his life by showing the party where Belishan's treasure was and promising not to bother them again.

That was about 50 game days ago (lot's of crafting and travel to sell the palace from Belishan's treasure) and Jarinov has use that time to invite the gnolls into the crooked tower (they are now well established)and to move himself to Bard's Gate. At some point he will frame the paladin for a murder and try to instigate a trial by combat in the public street. I'm hoping to keep the paladin completely off balance and then hit him with a "remember me punk?" from Jarinov.

@ KaiserDM

Belishan has been destroyed - they staked him in his crypt coffin. Jarinov made off with the spell books after that. There isn't currently a wizard in the party so no one thought too deeply about where Belishan was getting his spells from. (oops)


As I recall the upshot of King Thraestos being free and active is that he naturally draws the ghouls and ghasts of Tsar and The Desolation to him. One of those ghasts could be a cleric who casts harm spells until The King is back to full hit points. (One could also be a tailor who makes him sequined jumpsuits.)

After that my preference would be for The King to collect his followers and head in the direction of the camp. His sense of time is probably warped and with limited food in Tsar (or anger at not being rescued) he could head out looking for the Army of Light (i.e. dinner).

After that you can wait for an opportune time for him and his menagerie to chase a caravan into camp or attack the forward base your characters have set up.

(Just reading back some posts....short form of above: what KaiserDM said)


No - they didn't find all of his coffins. They did finish him off down in the crypts but they missed the upper coffin with his spell books.

So my group finally 'finished' the Crooked Tower. Because of poor mapping and being distracted by ambushes, traps and other badnesses they did miss a fair bit.

Most of the third floor was missed. Sections of the basement. The Larder (room 22) and thereby the Exsanguinator.

They also managed to miss Belishan's main spell books - I've given them to Janirov.

@ James
I'm anxious to hear about the King. My group took him down without much trouble.

Our biggest problem with going from 3.5 to Pathfinder has been our brains. We remember that X works a certain way and then discover that we've been remembering the 3.5 version of X.

A good example is the Elves not automatically searching for a secret door as they pass it was something we just realized 2 months ago.

(Which makes room 46 of the Crooked Tower and all of it's goodies much more difficult to find.)

I started my group @ 7th. In the past we've always started at 1st level and it was refreshing for them to start out with characters that had some heft from the beginning. Also, with the lethality of Tsar it's good not to start with a character you are heavily invested in.

Don't forget: Hell Moths & Arrowhawks & Nightwing & Spitting Gargoyles & Margoyles, & Wyverns & Vargouilles & Manticores....


now I'm afraid to fly

@KaiserDM - Tsar & the desolation contains so much that, in my experience, some things will get missed.

My group has just about finished the tower - it's been 5 sessions but one of those was mostly in the camp and our equivalent of Bard's Gate.

The tower is a dungeon in itself and it's good to make plenty of notes on the maps including to & from on each stairwell, ladder, trap door or shaft. Mapping can be a challenge but it adds to the evilness of the place. (My group moved around in random manner and there are still large sections of the third floor that they've missed.)

I'd missed the mirror of opposition painting and ended up being caught flat-footed when a new character was pulled into it.

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@ Zach

Have a procession of the more evil opponents from Tsar appear in spectral form creating a line of foes well spaced and stretching into the darkness. The first announces it's name and steps forward becoming solid and attacking the cleric. If the cleric wins then the second will step forward.

If anyone else in the party joins in the fight an additional foe steps forward and attacks.

I'd suggest starting with 1 of each type of the siege undead including the centaur like ones then the Seneschal from Kirash Durgaut, then General Myac (around page 181) then a flailing dreadnaught (page 166)then Malerix and so on. Describe the figures down to Malerix and let them see or sense that there are more besides those.

Keep going until the cleric is killed and then have all the apparitions vanish.

I agree with chaos effect about the opponents represented not having an idea about the party - this is entirely a Dweller at the Crossroads thing - but I don't think you need to explain it with simulacrums. In fact I'd say you shouldn't explain it at all so as to keep things weird and creepy and WTF-like.

I'm with CWheezy on Janirov as long as he battles the party intelligently or worse: leads them up to Belishan.

@ Chaoseffet - The Crooked Tower may give your group a worthwhile challenge. It's a collection of small rooms connected by 5' wide hallways and littered with traps so having an undead menagerie becomes much less usefull - especially if they're larger than medium sized.

@ brvheart - agreed.


Sorry to hear that your text is messed up.

I've modified J's feats, pulling the Cleave and Great Cleave to give him the option of nastier critical focus feats.

@ CWheezy

Shhhhhhh!!! (Wait until we're finished the campaign)

@ James

I know what you mean about the role playing. It can spice up a night and the group I'm GM'ing for has managed to use it to their advantage a couple of times.

Last session they had an involved conversation with Grampion. It gave me the opportunity to warn them that one of the vampires is out to avenge their elimination of Belishan (As Grampion explained "She love him in vampire way") and to use Grampion to suggest that Belishan had carved a secret into the frieze of purgatory. (Has anyone else's group encountered this yet?)

Unfortunately for them they also missed the secret door to area 46.

Now that Belishan is gone I've had to revise Jarinov's spells in preparation for combat when the party returns. Reading the game play above makes me think he should be sneakier and sell out the remaining vampire - on condition the party leaves the tower to him.


Congratulations on getting married.


You're going to have to start writing them down on paper and using snail mail.

Quite epic chaoseffect.

It's neat to see the different styles of play with the different groups.

My group made it out of the Crooked Tower on Friday. We'd finished play with them in the lowest level crypt and looking down the hallway at the various colours of lights the only thing they expected was traps and death. (No one in the party can disable traps.)

They had debated their options thoughout the week via email and decided that they were going to try and dimension door out. There were fears that it would not work because they didn't know where they were and where concerned that they may actually be deep underground.

The dimension door worked but the random encounter roll on their way out of Tsar resulted in Harpies. The only failed save was the wizard's fairy dragon familiar who made it all the way to a harpy's arms where it was grabbed and flown off with. (Harpy trying to decide on frying versus roasting at this point.) Some very good rolls managed to bring the Harpy down and there was great rejoicing.

After a night out in The Desolation with a secure shelter keeping off the storms and acid rain they teleported to the campaign equivalent of Bard's Gate.

While they were there the cleric and ranger characters announced that they had been too traumatized by the time in the crooked tower for them to return to Tsar. They were replaced by a rogue and an inquisitor. (same players) The wizard, who had died from a death effect, suggested that the party not use their True Resurrection scroll and brought out an oracle to replace himself. The unintended consequence of this is that the party no longer has enough teleport slots to travel the desolation. They're going to have to leave space in the two bags of holding that they have.

While this was going on one of Belishan's vampire cohorts has travelled to the camp and is preparing revenge having recruited the undertaker. (Her description lists her as having travelled to the camp at least twice in the past.) The back story for the character that killed Belishan included Belishan having ruined the family's fortunes some 400 years earlier. My hope is to start the quest for revenge all over again. (This player's backup character is the brother of the character who slew Belishan.)

The party has returned to Tsar and is continuing the exploration of the Crooked Tower. They didn't bite on the portable hole trap and after much back and forth just closed the door and walked away.

The rogue is playing in a weaselly self centred fashion - I think this will greatly improve his chance of surviving but only time will tell - two characters where grappled by the yellow musk creeper and his response was 'I can't stealth them out of that so I defer'. In the end the inquisitor had do run into the basement grab them (luckily the where side by side) and dimension door out with his cape of the montebank.

I agree with brvheart. Except for the last sentence - there is always explaining.

A rogue's ability to fight is their greatest liablity because they become so focused on doing damage that they forget that they are no good at taking damage. Sadly, the reminders are often fatal.


(Rogue In Pieces)

@ James

One way to improve Belishan's chances would be to enhance his shield guardian so that it can absorb more of the damage he takes.

If he is warned of the group's approach by his familiar he can use the programmed illusion to have them attack a false Belishan in the entryway. Giving him the spell project image also gives him a chance to interact without being in immediate danger.

His universalist abilities means he could be ready with a quickened mirror image. That will make it much more difficult to drop him in the first round.

@ James,

Your group must be fairly low on resources for healing, channelling and spells after what they have encountered so far. I think locking them in the tower would be over the top and would probably result in a TPK.

With Belishan, his two cronies and Kroma plus all of the various traps and additional dangers I doubt that they would make it out alive.

I think the darkness or the malice surrounding the tower or as a programmed illusion could be good. You could take it one further and make it appear that the tower had been transported to the Abyss and have the party hear "return what was taken" any time they look out a window or open a door to the outside.

Thanks Gents,

I'm going to have them become free willed but leave them with spawn hit dice and abilities - not have them morph into regular vampires. Their creator nerfed them and nerfed they shall remain.

The two cohorts of the Blood Mage are my next concern. One was in vampire love with him and will be out for revenge. The other is totally self centered and needs to decide if he is going to claim the tower or loot the treasure vault and head out.

So the Blood Mage is now dead (partly my fault I forgot about the staff of power) and the surviving PC's are in his basement crypt (courtesy of a wish from the efreet who is now gone) but they don't know the way out yet and the only trap that they have activated is the wail from the door.

What happens with the vampire spawn when he 'dies'? I thought they would become free willed vampires but looking through the rules I'm wondering if I'm remembering something from 3.5 or earlier.

Kudos to Greg Vaughan and FGG as this has been the most fun we have had with the game in ages.

If you do have a single class rogue it's important to be able to get away fast. A high acrobatics score and rogue feats such as pearless maneuver or fast stealth help. Two other helpful rogue talents are major magic with Vanish and minor magic with Message (to call for help).

The Acrobat rogue is a good choice and can be useful in Tsar too.

I was going to suggest a cape of the Mountebank until I read that it's bright red and gold.

brvheart wrote:

I use Pathfinder Pawns sometimes, but usually we just use tokens for monsters in Tsar. Too many of the monsters I don't have minis for anyway.

My group has not gone to the Crooked Tower yet, but have descended the stair and are about to enter the forge.

How did the combat with the Devourer go?

@ Huntersblades

We use a wipe mat and the Pathfinder Pawns plus some 'pawns' that I've made myself. I also found it useful to have some counters numbered from 1-50 in a couple of different colour for the mass encounters (like siege undead).

For my group the lethality of Tsar meains it is more important to use the pawns and grid to make the relative positions and dangers more clear.

KaiserDM wrote:
Geo Fix wrote:
Oy - I've been misreading wraiths for years.....2d6 HP not 2d6 levels.....oops
If your party every catches that, tell them they've been fighting SUPER Dread Wraiths!

Or blame it on the Pall of Tsar?

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Oy - I've been misreading wraiths for years.....2d6 HP not 2d6 levels.....oops

CWheezy wrote:
Geo Fix wrote:
The Paladin is a Warrior of the Holy Light type and knows he can take this thing with his nymbus of light ability and it's sunlight powerlessness. Unfortunately the initiative rolls mean it goes first and it takes him from 12th to 7th which is too low to be able to use his nymbus of light. The next round it hits the Paladin for 8 more levels and that's it.
Can I ask how you rule here? I thought wraiths only did con drain if you fail your fort save

Hey CWheezy - That's how I thought it worked until I reviewed the universal monster rules.

The level drain is automatic with a successful hit. The DC occurs 24 hours later to determine whether or not it becomes permanent.

The Con damage only occurs if you fail your saving throw when hit.

(Dread Wraiths are shockingly nasty: automatic 2d6 level drain and 1d8 Con if you fail a DC 23 Fort save.)

It was the level drain that killed the Paladin

This week's game picked up where last week's game left off. I'm not going to go into all of the details because with traps & things there were over 10 different encounters.

The Dire Worgs started things off well with their reasonable damage ability and a high rate of success on trip attacks. The were waiting when the doors where kicked down and took attacks of opportunity as the Barbarian jumped through, tripping her and disrupting the group's momentum. I kept the second pair up on the balcony and they also managed a good ambush where the grappled wizard escaped because of being greased.

The cramped warren like feel of the tower came through very well and the various ability drain attacks hit hard. One of the surviving paladins (We had 3 of them until the dread wraith) ended up with a charisma score of 2 from the archers while the Wizard was taken down to 2 strength by the undead elemental (He'd gone over to the fireplace to get away from the craziness that was going on elsewhere.)

They'd explored most of the 1st level and all the upper balcony before checking out the Major Domo's quarters. They tried to deal with the flames in the bell jar by sliding it off the table and into a chamber pot filled with water. POOF: steam & Efreet. Everyone except the Barbarian (who swung & missed) held back and tried diplomacy. It demanded that they sheath their weapons and they did so I figured they've freed it and been respectful so it's time for a wish. The Efreet explains that it will grant them one wish. It is leaving in 5 minutes - what do you want? There is a lot of fast talking and some good ideas and in the end they say "We wish you to join us in fighting the Blood Mage". This annoys the Efreet because they've include him being compelled to serve in their wish so I SNAP my fingers and tell them that they are all in a different room. This gets an "oh-Yeaahhh!" type of reaction and the game ends for the night.

My read of the group is that they are expecting the Blood Mage and only the Blood Mage. I'm curious to see if any of them have started having second thoughts.

My group has also been exploring The Crooked Tower with radically different results from James' group.

Last week they encountered a group of 20 gnolls while moving through the Grunge and the Witch started to talk at them with some existentialist babble. I was having trouble figuring out what he was getting at so the Gnoll's response was a confused 'Come again?' He responded with more talk about what do you do with your dead and should you be set on fire before you're dead stuff which the Gnolls interepreted as him casting a very complex spell so they let 20 arrows fly - I roll poorly and he's just nicked. (In his defence the Witch, in real life, works on projects with budgets in the many hundreds of millions so I think he was using his work appropriate intimidation methods.)

The Witch then metagames and asks me how many HD gnolls have. I tell him that gnolls have 2 HD and make no mention of the Gnolls 5 levels of ranger. Fireballs and things fly but not a single Gnoll drops. They respond with massed arrows on the Witch and drop him to 3 hp. A wall of wind goes up, illusionary flaming pits appear and the battle degenerates into a swirling melee in which multiple fireballs are loosed, both the casters are almost grappled, and everyone gains new found respect for those 2 HD gnoll critters.

They then manage to intimidate one of the surviving gnolls into telling them a fair bit about the lay of the land on the first plateau and decide that The Crooked Tower should be their next stop.

They dimension door up to The Crooked Tower and make it too the door witout too much difficulty. Ropes & pitons and good saves help.

Since doors are there to be gone through they go through the door - or rather try to. The Paladins and their auras prevent everyone except the Ranger (who as failed his save on every symbol of fear so far) and the group ends up having to grapple and bind him.

The Barbarian tries to open the door and is hit for Con damage so the new Paladin (formerly the Summoner) decides to use a holy weapon and bash it down. Two rounds later and the door is shattered and there is a newley freed dread wraith in front of them. The Paladin is a Warrior of the Holy Light type and knows he can take this thing with his nymbus of light ability and it's sunlight powerlessness. Unfortunately the initiative rolls mean it goes first and it takes him from 12th to 7th which is too low to be able to use his nymbus of light. The next round it hits the Paladin for 8 more levels and that's it.

The Witch, who has an amulet of protection and a wand of restoration goes toe to toe with the dread wraith while everyone else uses ranged weapons & spells or unties the bound Ranger. After 4 more rounds the dread wraith and the wraith that the Paladin turned into (after 2 rounds) are destroyed and the game ends.

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We just need someone to set up an autodialler to call the number on his phone once every 15 seconds


Did you leave out the doors' Con drain from the Dread Wraith on purpose? It sounds like they were in pretty deep with the multilple opponents.

Our group managed to almost clear out the remainder of Kirash Dirgaut this weekend. All they have left is empty rooms, seige undead, skeleton archers and a nasty trap (room 4).

I've offered to draw out the remaining rooms - except those with locked or barred doors - to avoid spending gaming time on a not too exciting search.

The Iron Maiden Golem turned out to be the Summoner's doom. He had died last session and had been the recipient of a raise dead spell but had lost a lot of gear - including clothing. He saw the robes of the impaled priest with just a skeleton inside and figured it would make a good disguise in Kirash Dirgaut.

It was towards the end of the night so tiredness may have played a role as he went into the torture chamber first and started checking out the skeleton not even thinking that it might be an undead. After a couple of rounds the Golem let it's zombie out and attacked. As a caster with a strength of 8 and a poor AC the Summoner was immediately in trouble.

The party gave rescuing the summoner a good try: casting grease on the Summoner, attempting to pry open the Iron Maiden, the Paladin even used a shield other type spell to take 50 damage and they did get the Summoner half way out before he was pulled back in again. Unfortunately they ignored the Cleric's advise to use the adamantine dagger that they had been given by the Forge Wight

In the end they were convinced that he was dead and were worried about it spitting him out and grabbing another PC so they hit it with a Creat Pit and then took it out with a wand of magic missiles (5th level empowered)

@ Wandslinger,

I think the Bard will be fine, but he should focus on the period involving Low, Heros and Scary Monsters. Too much Let's Dance influence will probalbly prove fatal.

I can see Mountain terrain as a possibilty for the rift but I've told the group that the terrains in The Desolation are classified as hostile, alien and unsettling so they can't start out with any of those areas a favoured terrains. I did this for the sake of campaign flavour and not because any particular terrain aspects.

I have allowed favoured terrain Urban for Tsar. For the Citadel and Kirash Dirgaut I'd allow dungeon.

@ James,

It's a combination of teleporting back to camp once they are outside of Tsar and setting up camp outside of Tsar and once (and only once) sleeping in Tsar. It depends on how the session has gone and what objectives they've set for themselves.

Spring Attack allows a single melee attack and a melee attack is defined as an attack with a weapon. I don't see spring attack allowing a grapple.


We went through that area last week and I resorted to drawing it on graph paper. It was a hack job but none of the PC's brought surveying equipment which means it's their fault.

With all those rooms it takes a long time to get through.

@ Luz

My group did the same thing with Grug. In return he agreed to guide them to the crossroads as repayment. I had him head east after that.

I played Clantock as written and the party decided he was a bafoon and refused to have anything else to do with him.

I've been destroying loot when a reasonable chance arrives.

The first time it occurred was when a PC with a bag of holding and all of the loot from a recently killed PC was swallowed by Malerix (The PC took about 190 damage stomach damage before Malerix was killed.)

The second time was during our last game where the PC's corpse was flame struck (or is it striked?) fireballed and hit with a cone of cold. The PC had a lot of soft wonderous items that didn't fair too well.

@ James,

I'd hit the camp with a couple of random encounters, or let the party know that they'd been repulsed. The wandering monster table from the dead fields is pretty nasty.

If one of your clerics is of the appropriate alignment a lesser planar ally might be gifted to them to emphasize the good vs evil and add some more parrallels to the army of light.

@ brvheart

If Kirash Dirgaut is cleared out I could see one of the groups from G5 moving in. Most likely the hobgoblins or the Ogres. They might even send out invites to kin. How they will figure out that it is empty is another question.

The Blood Mage is the NPC that I would consider the most likely to move against the party. Although I would expect him to do it through intermediaries. After him I'd consider the Vrocks and the Harpies. Beyond the Stalker I don't see too many possibilities for alliance with the loners or the lesser denizens as they seem too squabble prone and focused on their immediate areas.

PS - just remembered the Gnolls. They don't seem very alliance friendly but I could certainly see them moving into Kirah Dirgaut.

Who were you thinking would group together?

brvheart - depends on the paladins' perspectives. He's summoning devils to be the first through the door and chopped up by undead or alien egg things. Is it really better that he impose that pain on good creatures?

As for being conflicted, they've been waiting for an opporunity for force him into the tomb - more interested in rehabilitation than judgment when the evil is an affliction and not a life style (some west coast flavour for you).

@ James,

There is a first level paladin spell: Grace that is a swift action and avoids attacks of opportunity until the end of your turn.

And you did the right thing with the spell like ability:

Go to Spell Like Abilities.

My group has been working their way down through Kirash Dirgaut having entered through the tower.

After a couple of rough surprises (juju's in armor, floating eggs etc.) the Sumonner sent his Eidelon away and summoned bearded devils to be the first through every door. This worked out especially well for the encounter with the thief in the armoury. He did get the drop on the invisible Summoner but the chopping up of his the thief's devils and the "May I help you?" reaction from the Summoner rattled him. He's now sitting at the top of the tower waiting for them to exit and figuring stealth is the way to go with this group.

The last encounter of the night was the succubus and she proved to be the Summoner's undoing. Dominated, he had his bearded devils keep the rest of the party out while he went into discuss a gift from the sucubus. This left the two paladins somewhat conflicted as the Summoner was still evil, having refused to sleep in the tomb. After a few draining rounds of discussion the Witch dimenstion doored into the room with the Cleric, the Barbarian (who was instantly charmed)and the Ranger who was not charmed and smoked the succubus with a whack of arrows.

The resulting Nefalshnee was furious and shredded the Summoner then went to work on everyone else. It was a nasty fight and I should have used the Nimbus of Light ability sooner but even when I did use it only one PC was dazed and with the Paladin's help the Defalshnee went down. (I rolled a 1 four times during the fight and they were well recieved.)

The group is no just 7,000 xp away from leveling up and their in full meta-game mode, trying to decide if they have enough umph to go for thos e last XP.

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DaveMage wrote:

I think the point that's being made is this:

If you are a small publisher, and you run a kickstarter, add 12 months to the expected delivery date.


No one will complain if you are early.

That type of worst-case thinking is the way to proceed.

The issues being discussed here are not unique to gaming by any means. I work in project management for an industrial controls company and we have to guard against similar issues with people who are working 40 hours a week, not doing something as a side project.

Little Red Goblin Games seems like they have it right - minimize the variables and then go. That one post should be the bible for small independent publishers preparing a KS.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

We have two paladins as well - as suggested I think I'll put the onus on them to ensure that 'the right thing' is done. It will give them an opportunity to up their role play skills.

I gave the cleric the XP bonus for going against the party (most of whom were suffering from sleeping in Tsar at the time) and agree with brvheart that giving out XP for destruction of evil items in general isn't the way to go.

I'm also going to steal KaiserDM's idea of some sort of credit/recognition from the churches. My group is a bit slow on the information gathering so I might have the churches give them details on Tsar's history.

Thanks All

How has everyone else handled the evil magical items such as the good slaying arrows and unholy swords?

I gave the cleric an XP bonus for destroying the arrows when another PC wanted to keep them but don't want to turn all unholy items into XP

Last week's game covered 16 days of game time which brought the party into the last week of July and the weather is becoming overbearingly hot (but it's a dry ash & bone dust choking hot) and the prevailing light has changed it's tint from grey to sepia. Now I need to remember to roll the weather and apply the effects.

A number of the group travelled to Bagdan (substitute for Bard's Gate) and sorted out business with the Medecinne (The benefactors who bankrolled the group's exploration of The Desolation & Tsar.) The experience was similar to teleporting to Acapulco from the near artic in the middle of February. The light became clear and healthy but instead of a temperature difference there was an absence of malice in the air. They've now offloaded a ton of loot and have a safe place for their gold.

After some 'because I say so' diplomacy from the cleric everyone except the summoner spent a night in a tomb located in the Ashen Waste. This undid the effects of the dreams experienced while sleeping in Tsar. It also was an opportunity for them to remember the Chain of Beguiling that they had been carrying. They used it on the earth elemental as they were afraid of killing it a leaving the tomb unprotected.

The wizard's familiar (a fairy dragon) managed the deed and was able to learn that the elemental was resummoned daily. This brought on worries of the chain disappearing with the earth elemental but some flying and invisibility and the powers of the chain allowed them to retrieve it and dash back into the tomb safely.

The next day saw the fairy dragon being killed when attempting to leave the tomb. They had been warned to fly high but 25 feet didn't count as high when the elemental's reach is included so the fairy dragon ended up being grappled by the earth elemental. An empowered lightning bolt that was intended to frighten the elemental off (or kill it) did enough damage to turn the fairy dragon into a dry-fried wonton.

The group then returned to Kirash Dirgaut and began exploring the lower levels. My favourite part was when they encountered an obvious door trap, looked at it for a bit and then opened the door without trying to disable the trap. (Woosh 10d6 fire). The group's favourite part was probably finding the secret door and associated loot.

On a side note I've always disliked the idea of there being magic shops where you could pick up a +1 sword or some wonderous items. Partly I don't like having magic be that easily available (it cheapens it) and the goods are so valuable that they are bound to attact thieves of the nastiest sort. (It doesn't matter what magical protections you have on your display case when they have your wife and children for ransom.) What I did for Bagdan (substitue for Bard's Gate) is arrange for there to be dealers in magic whom the party was able to talk to because they had a benefactor providing introductions and vouching for them. This moved the experience to the back rooms of power and gave the party access to magic that is not guaranteed.

If anyone can think of ways to improve this system or add flavour your suggestions would be appreciated.


@ James,

Think about giving him anti-life shell and blessing of fervor to improve his combat abilities and defences

Wind walk makes him more mobile.

Has the Battle Hulk been destroyed? He may be able to lead it to them if it still exists.

Has he gained a level from all his dealings with the party?

Nasty ambushing?

- leave a symbol of pain / slumber etc outside the door to the hut MS II to have a Lemure knock on the door.

- He has access to Greater Glyph. Use it to store Plane Shift on a weapon given to a MS VI demon which then attacks the party in the middle of the night. They'll likely not be buffed at that point in time. This can also be put on the false phylactery.

- MS VI: Shadow Demon & it's magic jar ability attacking in the middle of the night. Kroma may be able to direct it against fighters etc.

- MS VI: Succubus: Has the ability to stalk the party etherially and pick a likely guard for domination. A Succubus can also be sent to steal weapons or other items. Locating them while ethereal, grabbing them from sleeping characters while material and then teleporting away.

- MS V : Xill same theiving ploy as the Succubus but with the option of pulling a paralyzed character to the Ethereal plan and leaving them there. (more work for you though)

Dispel Magic on their Hut/Secure Shelter and then Flame Strike and scram hoping for random monsters. (Not super effective but very annoying)

I'm not able to locate the rules on bonuses for Wonderous Items.

For example: a Headband of Vast Intelligence can provde a bonus of +2, +4 or +6 but the item's CL is only listed as 8. Is it simply the amount of gold that is spent in creation of the item which determines the resulting bonus?

Thanks in advance.

@ brvheart

He looks much tougher than the giant ghast from the pentacle but he's only worth 1/4 the XP. That doesn't seem quite right.

It looks to me like he'd kill about half my group or maybe just use them as croquet balls.

Improved Vital Strike = 12d6 = Ouch

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